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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Paul believes Meg is going to be poisoned. Vienna flirts with Mike, but then admits truthfully that she is lonely, so they decide to head out on the town. Jack is forced to arrest Carly when he looks in her purse after she shows up at Henry’s room with money and a passport. Katie tries to stop Henry from implicating himself with Simon and Carly, but he is furious with her when he realizes what she did. Barbara calls Meg to Paul’s room when she can’t calm him down. Jack pleads with Carly to save herself by giving up Simon and Henry, but she can’t do it and Jack is forced to bring her in. Katie and Lisa witness Carly in handcuffs; Katie is saddened by Carly’s words and look. She then sees Mike and Vienna out on the town. She tells Mike what happened with Simon and why. She asks Mike to hold off the divorce proceedings until after Simon has been caught and he is not so upset about things. When Meg goes to see Paul, he is frantic when he sees her drinking a coffee and is desperate for her to get to the ER because he is convinced she is about to be poisoned. Meg calms him down by suggesting the head injury is confusing him, but remains worried. Holden is worried about Paul pretending to be losing his mind in order to reel Meg back in. Carly asks to see the kids to be the one to tell them. Henry tells Simon what happened to Carly; he desperately wants to go to her, but Henry convinces him it will make things worse for her. Simon is devastated when Henry reminds him that he blew Carly’s life apart. Carly tells her devastated kids she did something wrong and has to go to jail to pay for it. Parker is furious knowing it was because of Simon. Jack tries to hold his family together, as Carly and her children share an emotional goodbye. Simon decides he has to risk it all and go back for Carly. Paul has a vision of a well being part of the vision of Meg’s demise.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie gloats, Jackie emotes. She’s only too happy that Eric doesn’t know about this farce. Stephanie assures her that he will. On the runway, Captain Kramer is hounded by Nick and the snapping reporters firing questions about his pimping days. Taylor is livid at the Forrester’s role in all of this – Stephanie, Ridge and even her beloved Thorne. Clarke also states that he thought Thorne was his friend. If Thorne had told him what he was up to, Clarke might have also been in on it. Jackie is also beyond mad at Taylor for betraying her. Likewise, Taylor feels as if Stephanie stuck a knife in her back. She doesn’t know where her loyalty really lies, but she hates what they did to Jackie and Nick. If this is what friendship is to Stephanie, she wants no part of it.

The Marone board is going to call an emergency meeting and Ridge asks them to call him if they want to divest themselves of the company before it goes bankrupt. He lords it over Nick as well, who promptly tells him to go back doing what he does best – hiding behind his mommy’s skirts. Ridge taunts Jackie and argues that she has no one to blame but herself, so now she will need some new offices. Make it real cozy so she can meet her new sea captains there. Kramer is insulted when Stephanie asks if he wants money? When it comes to pure nasty, he doesn’t feel he can hold a candle to her. Nick takes his turn too and wonders why Stephanie couldn’t have just come after him and left his mother out of it. She does tell him that Taylor had no part in any of this. Nick wastes no time in telling Taylor that he guesses she finally made it up to Thorne – his mother for Thorne’s dead wife. Even if Stephanie found out by accident, he blames Taylor for not warning him. She confesses she let her feelings for him become more important to her. She doesn’t know how, but she will make it up to him. Kramer tries to explain to Jackie but she ends up slapping him and ordering him out of her life. Stephanie apologizes to Thorne for involving him in all of this and hopes he won’t lose Taylor over it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Connor claims he’s destined to ride in the rodeo rather than finish school. Connor gives Mimi a card supposedly from their dad. Mimi overhears Bonnie yelling at Connor for doing that when he was brought back to Salem to deal with their “family secret” that Mimi is the only one not to know. Connor covers by claiming that the secret was he not passing the GED test. Abby questions Nick about flaking during his attempt to tell Chelsea the truth. Abby offers to tell Chelsea the truth but Nick stops her. Stephanie cautions Chelsea against pursuing Lonely Splicer but Chelsea is sure she’s more of an expert on guys than Stephanie. Chelsea bugs Nick about finding Lonely Splicer’s address so Nick decides to stand up to her. Billie refuses Kate’s offer of a place to stay. Sami and Lucas offer Billie the chance to move into Lucas’ old apartment and she accepts despite Kate’s tries to talk her out of it.

Belle and Shawn rush to Hope and Bo with the news of Claire being taken away. Bo and Steve barge into Barbara’s office and insist that Victor has tricked her into thinking Claire was ever in danger. Steve asks that Claire be released to Bo and Hope’s custody but Barbara refuses. Bright light from a desk lamp makes Steve flashback to being conditioned under a bright doctor’s light. In a trance, Steve rages at Barbara. Victor tries to settle their dispute by approaching Shawn and Belle with an offer for Claire to live at the mansion with Philip named as primary parent along with Belle and Shawn being allowed to visit Claire whenever they wanted. Belle insists that Philip has no claim to Claire so Victor threatens to portray Belle as an unfit mother. Caroline, Shawn, and Belle throw Victor out of the pub. Belle and Shawn get subpoenas to appear in family court.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Tracy expresses concerns about Lulu hanging around with Dillon and Spinelli, Lulu reassures her on that score and on the fact that Luke still loves Tracy. The police take Sonny and Carly downtown following Alcazar's shooting. Lorenzo is rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his head. Carly tries to help with the cops, but when Jason talks to her, they realize all she can do is damage Sonny's case, so it is suggested that she marry Sonny so she won't be able to testify. Nik and Emily come close to finding Colleen.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet, Dinah, Marina, Remy are viewing a tape of the TV cop show. Josh finds Reva just in time to prevent her from shooting Alan and threatens to call the police if Alan doesn't leave them alone. Jonathan is asleep while Lizzie makes love to him with Tammy watch from outside at a window until Lizzie sees Tammy and closes the blind. Tammy knocks on the cabin door yelling for Jonathan. Josh asks Reva what the heck she was thinking. Lizzie goes outside the cabin to have it out with Tammy, but it is Tammy that tells her off. Jonathan wakes up dizzy and is found walking around when Lizzie comes back into the house. He says he doesn't remeber anything. Remy saves Dinah from being run over by a bicycle. Flashback for Reva of the gun pulling on Alan. Reva tells Josh that she wanted to, "Erase Alan from the face of the Earth." Tammy runs into her mother, Cassie and tells her the latest of just what happened. Also tells Cassie she wants to leave town. Jonathan tells Lizzie he loves Tammy. He thinks she is still outside. Lizzie cries and tells Jonathan it's too late, Tammy left. Though Lizzie does tell Jonathan Tammy was there. Dinah and cameraman film Mallet taking a sliver out of Marina's finger. Reva tells Josh what she first intended to do before things got out of hand. That Alan pushed her to go further. Alan offers Spaulding stock if Jonathan leaves. Reva says, no. Josh tells Reva that he wants in on the fight with Alan. Cassie later sees Alan and asks him what he is up to. Reva gets Jonathan's text message about taking care of Lizzie and Sarah. Mallet walks in on Remy and Dinah. Jonathan causes Lizzie to going into one of her crying fits. After Remy leaves Dinah and Mallet have a sexy moment together. Mia tells Marina since the viewing of the last ep of The Cop Show that the phones have been ringing off the hook. Josh tells Cassie the latest concerning Reva's gun incident. She looked shocked. Reva walks in on a dark room and crying of Lizzie when she enters the cabin. Lizzie tells Reva to turn the lights off, but Reva ignores that order and starts to ask why Lizzie is in the dark in the first place. Reva gives Lizzie advice in saying that it is, "Hard to follow your heart sometimes." Jonathan enters a room expecting Tammy there and calls out for her. With no answer. Last we see Tammy................

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Miguel pressured Fox to have tests done to see if he's really dying, which Fox finally agreed to do, thinking Kay would never allow him to do it. She was willing to go along with it, however. Miguel then changed his mind and wanted him to have Eve tell everyone what she knows about his condition, and realizing he could do nothing else, he allowed it. When Kay heard Eve say he's not dying, she slapped him and ran out of the room to talk to Simone. After Miguel had fun making fun of Fox for losing Kay, she came back and handed Fox her ring. Sam and Ivy talked about why her kids turned out so wrong. She tried to blame it all on Julian, but Sam let her know she's just as culpable as her ex, so she blamed it on the fact she loved Sam. She doted on his son, Ethan, while ignoring Julian's kids, and that's why they're no good.

Fancy tried to convince Luis and Sheridan that her attacker had really been in the room with her, but without proof, they wouldn't believe her. They thought it was mixing her medicine with wine, which caused her to blow her stack and attack Sheridan verbally. She told Luis Sheridan has been trying to keep them apart because she still wants him for herself, but he wouldn't believe her about that, either, making her even angrier. She finally threw them both out of her room. Luis apologized to Sheridan, who accepted it by saying she knows her neice isn't thinking straight, but when Luis left, Sheridan opened her hand to reveal the button Fancy had ripped from the attacker's shirt but had been unable to find for proof he was really there. Jared took a lie detector test, and although a couple of his answers seemed to be false, Theresa was willing to accept he isn't lying to her, to Ethan's dismay.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Paul comes to see Sheila and on his way out, he tells that he will be back at lunch. When he opens the door, Michael is there. Paul is angry to see him. He pulls the man in the house. Michael says that he had to come back. He thought that he imagined the whole thing about Sheila being held there. Paul tells that he didn't. "Michael, please save me. He's crazy," Sheila shouts. Michael can't stop staring. She looks like Phyllis and that affects him. Paul tells Michael to leave and never return but he can't do that. He would like to pretend that he never knew but he can't help being concerned. Michael says the best thing to do is to figure out what they should do with her. They both could lose their careers over this. Michael leaves. Lauren's having a meltdown. Phyllis and Michael have shown up unexpectedly and plan to hustle her off to her doctor's appointment. Phyllis told Michael that Lauren is having postpartum depression and needs to see a doctor, so this is the plan. Lauren is fine until she gets to the door. She starts gasping for breath and can't make it over the threshold. Michael calls Dr. Okamura who comes over and prescribes pills that will turn everything around for Lauren. Paul sits across from Sheila outside the bars. She tells him that she has concerns that Michael may come back on his own and kill her. She knows that he was like that at one time. Paul says that Michael has changed and wouldn't kill anyone now. BANG! Paul jumps to his feet. Sheila tells that he lamp dropped. She pushes her arms through the bars of her cell and he cuffs them so she can't attack him when he enters. He goes into the cell feels that Sheila broke the lamp on purpose for some reason. "YA!" She swings her body around as much as she can doing a half spin-kick. She nails Paul in the head, giving him a bruise around his eye and knocking him off his feet. He is furious with her for doing that to him. He gets out of there and leaves her cuffed to the bars. She shouts for him not to leave her like that but he is long gone. Detective Sullivan sees Paul at the coffeehouse and asks about the bruise but Paul is mum about it all. Soon, Paul returns to the 'house' where Sheila is still standing where he cuffed her. He goes into her cell and sets up her new lamp. This time she doesn't try to attach him. After he has locked the door behind him, and he is safely on the outside of the bars, he warns Sheila not to try anything funny when he undoes the cuffs. She doesn't. She tells him that she can actually be nice to people when they are nice to her.

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