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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All abuzz backstage at the fashion show, Clarke reminds them that it looks like it’s show time. Jackie reminds him their clients need to see sophistication, elegance and class – most of all class. In his Texas drawl, George tells Nick that this fashion show better prove to be an asset or the rope will turn into a noose. Nick smoothes feathers by telling Jackie it’s been a rough couple of days, but all is forgiven and their future is together. He tells the press this is all due to his mother being in charge. Today will be a day to remember because of her. Ridge assures Stephanie that Rita and Davis are on board and all is in place. They mention that Eric knows nothing about this; he would never approve. Captain Kramer arrives and he and Stephanie leave for the showing with Ridge staying behind. Taylor comes back from her conference early and decides to stop and cheer up Eric. Talking with Ridge she figures out that Stephanie is sabotaging the show.

The show seems to be a success, lots of applause. Nick gloats to George that he thinks they have a hit. Congratulations, they have beat the Forrester’s at their own game. Rita and Davis tell Stephanie they just want her and Eric to get the company back. They are instrumental that everything backstage goes according to her plan. Thorne sucker punches Clarke out cold and Rita informs the models of an alternate plan, one Jackie would want. Stephanie continues to BS Kramer that he keep his eyes on the prize at the end of the runway – Miss Jackie. Donna pulls him on stage whereupon Jackie immediately recognizes him, and then Nick. He leaps on stage and pummels him by the lapels with the press and cameras recording it all. Over the loudspeaker Stephanie gleefully announces the real show-stopper is Captain Kramer and Ms. Marone is his Number One prostitute. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the new owner of Forrester Creations is no more than a common whore.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max and Mimi stop their lovemaking efforts in an effort to find a more romantic place than the garage. After exhausting all possibilities, they decide their passion is more important and resume their efforts in the garageís office. Their efforts are interrupted when Abby walks in. Abby claims that she is mad because Max never properly thanked her for saving his life but becomes furious when Max refers to her as being like a little sister to him. Bonnie kicks Billie and Chelsea out of her house. Caroline suggests Billie ask Bo to use his old room at the Pub but Billie doesnít think thatís a good idea. Caroline allows Chelsea to temporarily use the spare guest bedroom above the Pub. Bonnie complains to Mimi that Connor didnít show up at the bus station like planned and Mimi is sure Connor used the cash Bonnie sent him to skip town. Bonnie and Mimi get word that Connor has been arrested.

Marlena remains devoted to John despite Romanís attempt to convince her John is gone. Roman tells Marlena that E.J. got away and vows to get him any way he can. Marlena refuses to believe the doctorís second test results when they come out with the same grim prognosis. Roman gets Marlena to go home to rest and she just misses hearing John call her name. Barbara Healy from Child Protective Services (CPS) arrives to take Claire based on Victorís petition for custody but Shawn barricades himself with Belle and Claire inside the hospital chapel. Steve and Kayla convince Shawn to let them inside where they talk Shawn and Belle into allowing Barbara take Claire rather than run away.


GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie tries to encourage a romance between Georgi and Professor Marquez, though Georgi has no intention of pursuing it. Alexis refuses Ric's offer of a ride home, fearing he will use it against her, then comes home to find Spinelli teaching Kristina how to hack and delivering weed, which she refuses. Nikolas and Emily's search for Colleen and Spencer goes nowhere. Lorenzo tells Skye how much of a problem Sonny's lastest moves have been for him and gives her his will leaving her everything and a ticket to Switzerland. Jane lets Carly know that Jerry is in worse trouble and with the mob, delaying Jax more. Georgi keeps Maxie from turning Lulu in for misusing a hospital computer. Carly encourages Jason to start a family. Sam convinces Alexis to smoke pot, right before Ric arrives to work out a compromise on custody, thanks to Liz's advice. The niceness does not last and they both get hostile within seconds. Liz goes to see Jason and start telling the truth. Skye refuses to go to Switzerland. Lorenzo goes to see and kill Sonny, but Carly walks in causing a distraction as shots are fired.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Josh go to the cabin in search of a missing Reva, and no one is there. Cassie then gets a text message that doesn't make sense or sound good. Lizzie again tells Beth what she saw between Jonathan and Tammy. Beth tells Lizzie to go for what she wants: Jonathan. Josh and Cassie both think that Alan has something to do with Reva's disappearance. Mallet and Vanessa talk about the change they see in Dinah. Meanwhile, Dinah and Marina are in the midst of a fight. Marina thinks Dinah is threatened by her friendship with Mallet. Tammy goes to the cabin to find it empty-- no one there. She picks up a picture of Jonathan and sees a tape of a movie. She plays the movie and cannot believe her ears as she is thinking back to her last time with Lizzie. It was taken from this movie. The Beth shows up and threatens Tammy. Tammy tells Beth she has proof that Lizzie is faking her post-partum depression. Beth doesn't want to hear of it. Cassie tells Josh she found out Alan is out of jail and that he and Reva crossed paths. Cassie tells Josh the clock is ticking and Alan has the head start on Reva and ruining the Lewis family. Jonathan tells Lizzie he can't figure her out. Lizzie thanks Jonathan for standing by her while they have a romantic dinner. Tammy tells Beth about the movie CD she found and watched. Lizzie drugs Jonathan enough so that he is groggy and makes love to him. Josh goes to a church to find it empty, then he looks shocked.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Miguel faced Fox down, holding up his wedding to Kay, in an effort to convince her Fox isn't really dying. Julian tried to get him out, but calls for security went unanswered, and Miguel continued to urge Kay to drop the liar and marry him instead. She isn't sure what to believe, so Miguel calls for Fox to have another round of tests to prove if he's dying or not. Fancy's attacker got more than he bargained for when he attacked her again, since she fought like a prize fighter. However, when Luis and Sheridan showed up, no one was there, and there was no evidence anyone had been there. They found it hard to believe it is anything other than a dream on her part.

Jared tried to get Theresa to marry him, but Ethan wouldn't allow it, telling her JT Cornell had Jared's name in his possession when he died. Jared came up with an excuse, but neither Ethan nor Theresa really believed it, and he decided he was going to leave town for real this time. He stopped by Chad and Whitney's room to say goodbye and they talked him into staying and fighting for her, while Ethan and Theresa began to make love back in her room. She stopped him, saying she wants marriage and family or nothing, and just when he began to tell her he wanted more than quick sex when he had time, Jared and friends entered and said he's there to reclaim the woman he loves. Sheridan still wants Luis for herself, and she told Eve that if something were to happen to Chris she doesn't want him tied to anyone else, leaving Eve with the distinct feeling she means to kill her husband.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill can't believe what her mother is saying about stealing Philip. She thinks that Katherine has drunk herself silly and now she is losing her mind. She wants to get a doctor to have Katherine thoroughly checked out. Nikki knows this story and tells Katherine to tell Jill the rest. Katherine says that she remembers everything now. She knew a woman named Violet and she was the one that Katherine gave the baby to. That ring that Kay was constantly dreaming about was what Katherine used as payment for the switch of the children. The trouble with all this is that she has no idea who it was that Jill raised or where he came from. Jill wonders if the child had been stolen but Kay knows that wasn't the case. She remembers the face of the baby that was taken from the house. She saw him in the backseat of Violet's car. Then they just drove away. Jill begs her mother to tell her that this all really didn't happen. She can't do that. Amber is at Korbel's and they make love and forget about dinner for a bit. She finally goes to her laptop and finds the message that came in about Katherine's problem. 'My mother's name is Violet Montgomery'. Amber waits a bit and soon 'Mr. Searcher' returns. He thinks that Amber asking about Violet and Genoa City means that she knew his mother, but that isn't the case. he is searching for his biological parents. Amber tells that she is looking for a child who is somehow connected to a friend of hers. He tells her that it will be difficult but that she should keep trying. She tells him that they should keep in touch and that he can contact her if he wants in future. He is offline before she can ask what his real name is. Adrian has been quiet. He has been sketching a picture as he sits across the room from Amber. She comes over and sees that picture of her that he has been working on. It is really good. When she moves away from him, he goes back to the other picture that he was working on. The picture of a sleeping Colleen with her hair all sprawled out around her head like an aura. Adrian gets a call from Colleen. She was out with JT when Lily text'd her to remind her that this was the day that she had to have her application in for the scholarship that Professor Korbel recommended her for. She needs to get her paperwork together and pick up a paper from Korbel that night. She and JT arrive at his place after calling and he gives Colleen the paper she needs. When she gets home, JT heads into the bedroom so that she can do her work. She opens the documents Adrian gave her and finds the picture of her inside…

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