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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne laments to Taylor that he hopes Nick sells them back the company soon. He knows Ridge and his mother are up to something and it's not going to be pretty. Nick is still coolish toward Jackie and just wants to concentrate on working. The headaches, she says, she can deal with, but it’s the heartache. She begs that they need to talk. Taylor interrupts and wants to work in a family session before she goes out of town. She states that he turned out alright, it’s time to put this behind them. It’s the past, find a way to forgive his mother. Jackie did the best she could do at the time. When you put a person on a pedestal, the only place they have to go is down. With much hesitation, he tells his mother that she was like royalty to him. He can never forget what she did or condone it, but he realizes she did it for him. And that she is the woman she is now. He tells her that he loves her and has already forgiven her, they hug. George, a Marone board member, chastises Nick for mixing oil and high heels and warns him that he’d better make good on that fashion show tomorrow. Ridge and Stephanie greet Captain Kramer and fill him in on their plans, a tribute to Jackie and they feel his presence would be greatly appreciated. He’s stunned that she would still be thinking of him and he starts spilling the beans. Stephanie beams that this connection could be monumental. Then Thorne finds out, but is shocked that his mother would use this information to her advantage. He reminds them what this could do to Taylor. Still Stephanie is adamant. Jackie was a whore and she is going to tell the world tomorrow. The Marone Board will be begging to sell. She knows Taylor is caught in the middle, but that’s just the way it is. Tomorrow the fashion show and they will expose Jackie and hopefully get the company back for their dad.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena asks a still comatose John to give her a sign but he doesn’t. Dr. Tucker tells Belle and Marlena that John’s not likely to wake up from his coma. Marlena refuses to have John transferred to a long-term care facility. Bo talks to Steve about John’s warning but Steve has no explanation. They decide to visit John and John’s heart rate spikes when Steve approaches his bed. No one notices John’s fingers reach out for Steve’s hand.

Bo and Hope decide to have a contest amongst their families for baby name ideas. Seeing a picture of the devil on a child’s shirt sends Steve into another trance. Kayla insists on having Steve get a MRI. The MRI turns out clean. Kayla shares her fears with Hope about Steve leaving her. Hope suggests that Steve talk to Marlena and try some hypnosis.

Max stops Mimi from leaving after coming by to vent and they are making out just as Shawn walks in with Claire. Shawn apologizes to both Mimi and Max and insists that he is fine with their relationship. Max agrees to give Shawn his job back. Mimi takes Claire outside to play and a photographer snaps their picture. The photographer later gives the pictures to Mrs. Healy. Max and Mimi decide to resume their romantic efforts once Shawn leaves.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Kelly assures Elizabeth and Lucky that Elizabeth and the baby are okay. Maxie uses the baby she "lost" and the stray puppy she and Lucky found to play on Lucky's sympathies. Maxie tells Georgie she is going to get everything she wants. Elizabeth grows suspicious of Maxie and asks Kelly if it's possible that Maxie faked being pregnant. Carly is further detained from continuing her talk with Sonny when Mike arrives.

Colleen starts work at the daycare center where she claims to be a single mother whose husband has abandoned her. Emily sets out to transform Nikolas into a middle-class guy as part of their plan to get the jump on Colleen. Nikolas blames himself for having trusted Colleen in the first place. Nikolas and Emily realize their plan could backfire and make some adjustments. Colleen is confident Nikolas will never find her and Spencer.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava wrapped in a towel surprises Coop when he delivers food. Jeffery and Mel have lunch. Reva and Cassie have another round about Billy and Family. Alan is still locked in a jail cell when Rick visits with paperwork. Alan thinks his time in jail is over. Alex visits with news of Lizzie and Jonathan and Spading. Jonathan talks with his little daughter about life as Tammy looks on. Lizzie is watching a disk video on her computer about postpartum depression. New opening to show. Lizzie finds a place to hide video on the mantle in back a picture of Jonathan and little Elizabeth. Reva and Lillian run into each other having fun with gifts. Alex visits Alan in his jail cell to argue about his release and Jonathan. Mel and Jeffery continue their lunch and Ava' becomes the subject. Jeffery doesn't want to hear it. Mel gets a call while with Jeffery from Ava but is told not to tell him it's her. Tammy and Jonathan meet up and leave the baby alone sleeping. Lizzie comes by and sees the baby Elizabeth alone and starts cooing. Later Beth and Lizzie go at it again. Reva gives Lizzie advice about postpartum depression. Tammy overhears conversation of Reva and Lizzie and cannot believe what she is hearing. Lizzie is telling Reva that she feels she is seeing herself in a movie. Coop and Jeffery talk about staying away from Ava. Mel gives Ava advice about Jeffery. Alan still in his jail cell has a daydream bout Lizzie and Jonathan dressed like bikers talking about taking over Spaulding. Rick gives Alan the ok to go home.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad got desperate to get Whitney to come home so he had Jared hire a lie detector person to give him the test, which he passed. Whitney was satisfied, and they are back together. Once that was cleared up, Jared pressed Theresa for an answer to his proposal, but before she could answer, Ethan came in. He had pushed Gwen aside to go find Theresa, which made her feel their marriage is really over. Rebecca urged her not to give up, but it's becoming very evident he puts Theresa first in all things. He received a phone call from someone with information on Jared, and when he entered Theresa's room he was ready to tell all. Fancy kept having problems getting to sleep, but when she decided to give it up and go to the wedding after all, the lights went out and her rapist grabbed her from behind.

After locking Miguel in the pantry, Fox went out and began his wedding to Kay, sure he had beaten Miguel at last. Kay seemed happier about the wedding, but still hesitant, and she kept seeing Miguel's face when she looked at Fox. Ivy was desperate to find someone to stop the wedding, and when she heard Miguel trying to get out of the pantry, she opened the door and felt her Knight in Shining Armor had arrived to save the day. He rushed into the room where the wedding was going on and told Kay she can't marry Fox because he's a liar. Tabitha, attending with Endora, quickly left before her daughter could freeze him again, or do something else to stop him from keeping Kay from marrying Fox. Grace finally found a way to get home when the airport bussed them to the other side of London where the fog was thinner. However, the priest put his bag with the bomb in it on the bus, then got off, turned it on, and when it was far enough away, set it off. As Grace went up in smoke, Sam got a strange feeling of dread back in Harmony.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki gets a call. The man wants Victor but won't say who he is. Victor is familiar with the voice. "What? There were no 'Hit and Run' accidents that day? No police report? No one admitted to emergency? Check the morgues then! That is why I pay you for!" Victor barks. Victor tells Nikki that he has been looking into Brad's story and so far it isn't true. He has hired someone to follow Brad and Victoria and see what they are up to. At the office, Brad works with the door open. Something makes his look up and stare at the open doorway. Soon he looks down and gets back to work, but not for long. He looks up and happens to see a dark figure walk by his office. Brad gets up and goes into the hall. He sees no one there. Soon he feels someone behind him. He turns with the lightness of a cat and grabs the culprit by the esophagus to control the situation before it occurs. "Brad!" It's Victoria! Brad has scared his wife half to death. He removes his hand from her throat and pulls her in for a hug to make up for his mistake. Brad tells Victoria in the office that someone is watching them and that they are not to be alone in the office or anywhere from now on. Victoria finds this all silly, but Brad orders her to do it. She complies. While working together out of the same office, CLICK…they hear a noise. Both sit up and turn to the door. "Aw… Victoria, can you have a look at these figures for me?" Brad asks in a professional voice. "Yeah sure Brad." Victoria Keeps talking as if Brad is still at the desk with her but he has tiptoed it to the door. He FLINGS it open and finds a man there. The man starts running but he is no match for the ex-Navy Seal. Brad soon has the man flat on his face. He pulls him up by the collar little a bad little kitten and puts him in a chokehold. It is very easy at this point to get the man to reveal that he has been hired by Victor to watch them. Brad releases the PI, and he and Victoria confront the moustache at the ranch. Victor ponies up to what he did, and when Victoria defends Brad, he stops her. Brad confesses that he is a murderer and that the men he killed, he would kill them again. Victor listens to the story and realizes that he would have done the same thing. "I am going to help you and your mother get to the bottom of this." And so, Brad and Victor become allies. Kay calls Nikki over to her house to help her get the word out to Jill. When Kay starts talking about her days of drunkenness, Jill doesn't want to hear it but when Kay tells that she switched Philip with another baby, Jill can't turn away.

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