Wednesday 1/3/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen find a crying Iris who gives Gwen a ceramic cat of Candace’s that Gwen used to love. Gwen can’t help but feel for her, but Will is skeptical and makes a call. Jess tells Dusty about the new evidence and Dusty tells her the story that he and Emily made up about Craig changing the blanks to real bullets. Tom arrests Craig as he realizes Meg helped to set him up. Jack tells Carly he found her earring in Simon’s room; she tries to lie, but Jack calls her on it. She helped Simon get away…that is aiding and abetting and against the law. He doesn’t know who she is anymore. He warned her for their children’s sake. When Parker sees them fighting, Jack offers to go home with them, but after he does it is obvious that he is there only looking for Simon. Carly and Jack fight some more and she blurts out that she and Simon love each other but then quickly apologizes. Carly asks him if he is going to arrest her? He tells her that he won’t - tonight. Jack secretly puts Carly under surveillance. Simon has let himself into Henry’s room. Katie almost catches Simon with Henry. Craig, Emily and Meg are questioned. Meg admits to Craig her part. Craig is still attracted to her. Will tells Gwen that the cat was only just made in 2005 and he talked to Candace, who is not at all dead. Gwen turns her back on Iris and Iris vows revenge. Katie needs to find Simon to prove to Mike that they can move on, but Henry comes up with an excuse to get her to leave after she almost finds Simon in Henry’s closet. He hopes Simon will follow suit, but he wants a favor; he wants Henry to get Carly a message. Carly admits to Parker that Simon has an arrest warrant issued for him because he made a mistake, as did she. When Craig’s lawyer shows up looking confident, Meg and Emily worry about Craig coming after them; they also worry there were surveillance cameras at Fairwinds. Craig confuses and stuns everyone when he admits that what Dusty and Emily said about him switching the blanks for bullets is true.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie laments that the changes in the designs are still just not right. Clarke and Donna both think it is alright, and the showing is day after tomorrow. Jackie says they only get one first impression and this must be flawless, fix it! Stephanie slinks in and warns her bail as hard as she can, but there is nothing she and Nick can do to save this sinking ship. She tells Jackie that she’s right. She heard the conversation with Donna and Clarke and she doesn’t want to put on this show; it’ll be a bad joke. Jackie asks her to get out, but Stephanie stays to heap more humiliation upon her. Stephanie mentions Nick’s agreement with Taylor and that revelation has come to pass. Jackie tells her that is none of her business and again asks her to leave. It isn’t until Nick comes in and says he will throw her out himself that she does leave. She leaves a word of warning to Jackie – “don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Stephanie tells Taylor that son of a bitch lied. He has no intention of giving the company back. His mother is a whore and she has to use that information; she just has to. Taylor rails at her that she can’t use this information. Stephanie has to be more patient. Let Taylor work with Nick a little bit more. And Jackie’s past is off-limits, it stays between the two of them.

Things are tense at work between Nick and Jackie. He informs her that the Marone Board is breathing down his neck. They expect a profit from this collection. Taylor interrupts but Nick says he has no time nor patience for a group session right now. Taylor reminds him he is at a very crucial point in his therapy. He’s like at the top of the crest on a hill and if he doesn’t find a way to get over it, then he’s going to slide backward down the slope. He wonders if he should just forgive his mother. He just wants the least amount of conflict the next few days and he doesn’t want Stephanie marching in there talking about HIS breakthrough. He doesn’t want her hassling his mother or asking him to make good on his promise to Taylor. Taylor agrees that this is none of Stephanie’s business. However, Ridge and his mother discuss this Captain Jerry Kramer. It’s crucial they find him. They do some digging on the internet and find such a person and Stephanie calls and makes plans for him to come see her in Beverly Hills. She exclaims that Jackie Payne speaks so highly of him and she thinks this can be beneficial to both of them. She gloats to Ridge that the showing is in two days with the entire Marone Board there, she thinks this Jerry Kramer can be the key. If they can pull this off, this could be the most devastating day of Nick and his mother’s lives.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Bonnie visit Patrick in jail and Bonnie makes Mimi tell Patrick about the skeleton. After sending Mimi out of the room, Bonnie begs Patrick not to tell anyone their part in making that man a skeleton but Patrick refuses to protect Bonnie. Bonnie asks Mimi not to pursue the skeleton investigation and then calls Connor to come back to Salem. Billie hides Steve’s letter and blames the mess on her falling asleep on the couch. Nick overhears Chelsea badmouth him to Billie but decides that he can try and change her mind about him. Chelsea finds Nick’s belt and demands that Billie give up her lover’s identity. Billie claims her lover was a random guy she picked up and refuses to give out any details. Nick sneaks out to the living room when Chelsea leaves but she catches him when she returns unexpectedly. Nick allows Chelsea to believe that he had just arrived to tell her that he’s uncovered the name of Lonely Splicer.

Belle spots the patron from the café watching them and goes after her. She discovers that the woman works for Child Protective Services and her suddenly unfriendly demeanor makes Belle fear that Mrs. Healy is secretly investigating them. Marlena apologizes to Bo for blaming him and questions Bo and Hope about John’s “killer’ warning. Bo offers to talk to Steve. Dr. Tucker warns Marlena and Belle that while they were able to remove the bullets, John may have suffered brain damage. Hope leads the family in a prayer for John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nik and Emily try to figure out how to find Spencer without Colleen catching wind of their plans. Their first query has no success. Liz has nightmares about her secret's revelation, but her baby is fine. Carly is angry that Sonny kissed her at midnight. He is not repentant at all. Later, the police show up at both bosses' homes to investigate the latest turns in the mob war, but get nothing. Lucky and Maxie adopt a puppy. Liz tries to reassure Edward that Jason will be okay in life. Lulu, Spinelli, and Dillon continue their investigation at the hospital until Epiphany catches them. Before they are busted, Spinelli gets the evidence they are after. Carly tries to teach Milo how to romance Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Springfield goes nuts when Zach finds a satchel of money on Main Street. Dinah tracks down the man who has left it there as a story for her show. As Dinah follows the story she realizes that one persons kindness really can change society for the better. In the end, Dinah uncovers that it was a very young Springfield resident who began the string of good deeds. Dinah begins a website, urging others to be as kind and giving as they possibly can. Mallet sees the possible good that Dinah's show can accomplish. He then drops out of the TV ratings competition.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Clint spent the night. He and Viki looked after kids at her house. They almost kissed. She feels that he must have something else to do but he would like to stay longer. He knows that there is something between them and he gets her to admit it. The doorbell rings but he holds her back, telling her that the staff can answer the door for a change. He would like to talk more about them. He wants to know what she feels about the both of them together. Viki hasn't any idea what to say to that. she feels that first he has to establish how he feels about Dorian. "Yes, I too would like to hear the answer to that question," Dorian says in the doorway. Antonio comes to Claudia's hotel room and knocks. No one answers. He sees a housekeeper and flashes his badge to get in the room. He finds Claudia passed out on the floor. She admits that she had a rough night and that she was sad about not being able to make it with Nash. But she feels that she is over her drinking now. She understands that she will never be with Nash. Antonio knows that this is more serious and that Claudia has a disease that has to be treated. He arranges for her to be put in rehab that night and she willingly goes. While she is packing, Antonio gets a call that gives him cause for concern but he isn't all that worried. Jessica is missing but she is with a friend… Meanwhile, Nash and Jessica are trapped in a cave. An avalanche of snow has fallen in front of the opening. There are some lanterns in the mineshaft and so they light them and sit quietly. It is cold in there. Jessica wants to start a fire but Nash says that is dangerous as there isn't anywhere for the smoke to go out. To keep warm, he suggests that she come sit by him for body heat. She looks at him like he is crazy at first but then it seems like a really great idea and she scoots up to him where he holds her in his arms. Todd and Blair say goodbye to their baby. Todd wants to get back to living as a family with Blair and the kids but she can't do that yet. She needs to say goodbye to the baby first. She says that she was going to call the baby Liv if a girl, and Geoff if a boy. She tells the child that she is sorry that she wasn't able to protect him. Todd too is sorry. He is sorry that he won't get to be amazed by the everyday. Blair instinctively looks behind her and sees that Marcie is there with Tommy. She goes over and Blair is glad to hold the child. Rex and Adriana arrive and they see the four together. Adriana thought that they were doing the right thing by keeping this lie, but now she isn't so sure.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Kay got ready for her wedding to Fox, she couldn't help feel it should be Miguel. However, Simone reminded her why she's not marrying Miguel and Kay realized he's no good for her. That didn't make her love him any less, however. Sam, after some urging from Grace, went to tell his daughter he loves and forgives her, and will be walking her down the aisle. She's thrilled, and almost happy about her wedding. Grace was still stuck in the airport, waiting for a flight to take her back to Harmony for the wedding, but the priest with the bomb knows she's never going to make it home. Miguel tried in vain to find Kay, while Fox searched for him in order to stop him from ruining his wedding day. He got a gun and sought him out, finding him right after Simone had stopped him from getting to Kay, and before long Miguel was locked in the pantry, trying hard to get out.

Fancy couldn't get to sleep, even after taking a sleeping pill, and the person in the closet watched her the whole time. Luis visited and was almost slashed by the knife she'd put on her bedside table because she thought he was a prowler. He tried to calm her down, even searching the closet for whatever made the noise she thought she heard, and then left for the wedding. Fox and Julian both warned Eve not to tell anyone what Fox's medical records showed, and Julian even tried to seal it with a kiss, much to her dismay. Ivy came in after Eve stormed out, and begged Julian to keep her son from marrying Grace's daughter, but he refused. Theresa wanted Ethan to tell her whether Gwen left him, but all he wanted to talk about was her staying away from Jared. Gwen realized he was with her rival and ran over to try to keep him from her clutches, but found it was him not wanting to let Theresa go.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Ashley thinks that it is terrible what Jack did to Jabot by ending the tie-in. "There is something that I have to talk to you about." Victor tells Ashley that he believes that a man must find his own path in life and so he doesn't want to hear anymore. He knows that her telling about Jack would spoil his chances at getting NVP back. Brad finds Victoria walking down the hall and turns her around. "The meeting can wait!" he says taking her into an empty office. "I think I am being followed," Brad says. "You were selfish. You lie," Ashley says. " I think you manipulated dad to get him to sign the will. And I think that you tricked Victor into giving you money." Jack defends himself. "I wonder what you would do if I told you I was gonna tell Victor the truth?" Jack's tells her that she is bordering on the ridiculous. "Am I being ridiculous? Carmen found out. And she is dead." Nick wants to talk to Brad. "Not now." Nick has to talk now. "I told Phyllis everything!" Nick says. "You did what?" Brad asks turning to Nick in fury. "Yes, I told her everything…including how you murdered those two men with your bare hands…" Victor tells Ashley that she shouldn’t let Jack push her like this. "I have a solution. You need a change of scenery. Didn't someone suggest you go and solve the company's problems?" Ashley knows that he is referring to the Hong Kong trip. "Nikki and I would like someone over in Hong Kong that we can trust to handle Jabot." Ashley isn't sure that she can do this…even temporarily. "Would you do me the favor?" Victor asks. "Nick just told his wife, that's all!" Victoria says to Brad when he tells of Nick and how stupid he is for bringing yet another person into the mix. He thinks that there is no way that Phyllis will be able to keep her mouth shut and Nick will be responsible for that if anything about he and his mother gets out. "Hey! Don't insult my family!" Victoria shouts at him. "If anyone is to blame for what has happened here, it is you!" she points out with her finger in his face. Brad finds it rich that he finally, really knows what side she is on in all this. She told him that she would always be there to support him but he really shouldn't push her to decide whether she should be on his side or her family's when it comes to all this. Phyllis finds Brad in the hall. She tells him that he may have pulled one over on the Newmans, but when it comes to her, things are going to be handled a differently. She walks off. In a darkened, nearby office, someone has been watching through the blinds and has seen the exchange just now…

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