Tuesday 1/2/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is beyond shocked when Stephanie tells him that Jackie was a prostitute and turned tricks when Nick was small and now he’s devastated that Taylor helped him remember this. This is too good to be true. Nick blackmailed them to get the company and now they are in position to do the same. Stephanie hedges; she wants to do this but she doesn’t want Taylor to lose her license over it. Nick kisses Taylor and then both proceed to try to minimize the situation as just a transference in patient/doctor type of thing over intimate matters. She states it is nothing romantic or sexual, but not sure Nick believes that. Stephanie calls Taylor just as she reaches home. Taylor tells her that Nick needs more time; he’s not quite there yet with selling them back the company. She barely hangs up and is on her way upstairs to Thorne when Jackie barges in railing at her for her ruined relationship with her son, for what Taylor was able to get out of him. Taylor is sympathetic and vows that he is angry and mad now, but he will deal with it in time as he does love her. Jackie states that she has to believe that; he is her whole world.

Stephanie also has a late night visit – with Nick. She says Taylor has held up her end of the bargain and she is hoping he will too. Slyly he grins when she holds up the sale’s contract. He tears it up and throws it in the fireplace and tells “Toots” that it ain’t gonna happen. It will be one cold day in Hell before he gives her anything. She warns him that was a mistake and he will remember this moment when his world comes crashing down around him, both he and his mother. One parting word, “nobody gets the better of me, Nick, nobody!"

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea is confronted by Willow when Willow learns that Chelsea has taken over her shift. Maggie takes Chelsea’s side in the argument until Willow points out Chelsea’s many flaws when it comes to being a waitress. Maggie allows Willow to prove herself by using the shift to train Chelsea but when the shift ends with arguing and broken dishes, Maggie fires Chelsea. Billie and Nick’s kiss leads to their lovemaking. Nick regrets making love to Billie and gets Billie to agree not to tell Chelsea. Billie talks Nick into making love again. Nick bails out a back window when Chelsea returns home.

Mimi and Max get called down to the police station where they learn from Abe that the soldier skeleton they found was actually a victim of a recent murder dressed up to look like an old war hero. Mimi gives Abe the skeleton’s ring. Max and Mimi discuss their feelings for each other. Sami lies to Lucas about being his sole rescuer. Kate comes by to see Lucas and pretends to be happy to hear that Sami and Lucas are back together. Roman confronts Kate as she is leaving Lucas’ room about Max and Mimi’s abduction and Kate changes the focus by warning Roman to check out the validity of Sami’s story.

Lexie meets with Tek to confirm that he really saw EJ shoot John before she makes a formal statement. Tek sticks to his claim but Lexie is still hesitant. Lexie devises a way to allow Tek to view the police lineup using their cell phones so that he can make a positive ID that she’ll then relay to Roman.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

While lying unconscious in the snow, Elizabeth dreams that Lucky is the father of her baby. Elizabeth's dream then turns dark as she envisions Lucky back on pills and back together with Maxie. As her dream continues, Elizabeth sees her and Jason happy with Cameron anticipating the arrival of their baby. Jason takes Elizabeth to the hospital after finding her in the snow. Lucky learns that Elizabeth is in the hospital. Elizabeth awakes to find Lucky and Jason on either side of her hospital bed. Sam is overwhelmed with joy when Jason tells her he wants them to have a baby. Sam explains her desire to have Jason's baby to Spinelli.

Sonny learns Carly is planning on eloping when Jax returns. Carly insists she will never go back to Sonny. Sonny challenges Carly to get married in Port Charles and promises he won't interfere. Sonny pulls Carly into a kiss and then walks out. Nikolas takes his frustration out on Emily as they set out for Denver. Emily and Nikolas devise a plan in which Nikolas will pass himself off as an average middle-class guy once they get to Denver. Emily gives Nikolas pointers on how to act middle-class. Nikolas and Emily get a possible lead on Colleen's whereabouts. Patrick is uncomfortable when Robin plans on decorating his apartment and turning it into a real home. Patrick believes that Robin is planning on moving in with him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva and Josh spend some time behind bars together because of Sheila. Eventually they have to call Cassie to bail them out. She reminds them that they need to work together if they are going to be successful in removing Sheila from Billy's life.

Gus and Harley have some trouble at the custody hearing for Sydney. They both loose their temper in front of Judge Green. He is less than thrilled with their past (especially Harley's). Gus asks Mallet to testify at the next custody hearing.

Jonathan is shocked when he returns to the island house to find it a mess. Lizzie claims that it is because she is depressed. In truth, Lizzie is using the depression to get Jonathan to stay with her just a little bit longer. The married couple return home where Rick diagnoses Lizzie with postpartum depression.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Nora thinks Evangeline is doing a fine job and she wants her to come and work permanently. This will give Nora time with Matthew. Evangeline mulls it over and then decides to do it. "Did you enjoy yourself the other night at the party?" Jessica asks Nash. Nash did and he enjoyed thanking Antonio for all his help by helping out by taking care of the bar. Jessica wants to know more about Claudia and what happened to her New Years Eve… Nash tells her to lay off that. He doesn't believe that she really wants to know about Claudia and how she was feeling that night. "I really do want to know… I know what it must be like to feel all alone on New Years Eve." Nash turns to stare at the side of her face now. "What do you want to do?" Nash asks Jessica. "We are out of gas…So now we are going to freeze." He suggests that they start walking. Even if they don't make it to the vineyards, there are summer cabins all around they can duck into if they need to. Jessica doesn't want to do this. She feels there is more danger outside the car. Nash feels they have no choice. Their cellphone don't even work where they are. Reluctantly she gets out of her car and she and Nash start walking in the blizzard. The pair come upon a cave and head in gratefully. The storm is really blowing out there. They will at least be sheltered from the storm. They find some old lanterns and try to see if they will work. BROOOOOOMMMMM! "What's that?" Jessica asks afraid. Nash didn't hear anything. They rush to the opening of the cave thinking that perhaps a plow is coming. They have their heads just outside the cave when the avalanche happens. All the snow that was at the top of the opening of the cave…falls in front of the opening of the cave. Vincent returns to the station to find out what Antonio has been up to in the investigation of his building burning down. Antonio says that he knows that the fire investigators have been tracing the accelerant used in the fire. he goes down personally to see what is going on with the investigation. He calls Vincent back to the station to tell him that he found out something very interesting about the details surrounding the fire. Turns out that Vincent is covered for the incident. Vincent says that he canceled his insurance for the building but there was a grace period before it was actually canceled. That means that Vincent will in fact get a pay out for his building burning down, from the insurance company. Now Antonio has to wonder if this really was an accident, or if Vincent really set this up to make a killing of a payoff.

***BONUS OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

Michael and John argue about John's obsession to get revenge against Spencer at the risk of John's own health. Spencer shocks Natalie with the news that John came to his hospital room and threatened to kill him. Natalie and Michael give John the news that he can go home but not before they set some ground rules and turn his apartment into a secure, sterile environment. Spencer is confident he'll beat the charges against him and wants Todd prosecuted for attempted murder.. Nash and Jessica are forced to pull off to the side of the road to wait out the snowstorm. Nash and Jessica are trapped in the cave after the entrance becomes impassable. Evangeline is happy for Layla, who hopes the lingerie line will be a success. Evangeline accepts Nora's offer to stay on as the Assistant District Attorney. Lindsay encourages Cristian to pursue a career as a photographer. Vincent demands to know what Antonio is doing to catch the person who set fire to his warehouse. Antonio grows more and more suspicious of Vincent.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Dreams abounded at the start of the day. Sam dreamed Grace was finally home, but ended up making love to Ivy. He wasted no time kicking her out of bed and out of his house once he woke up. Ethan dreamed he burst in after Theresa agreed to marry Jared, kicked him out of the kitchen, then began making love to her on the table. Gwen awoke to hear him passionately calling Theresa's name, took her ring off, and left with instructions to give it to his real love. Kay dreamed she was making love to Miguel, who ordered her to marry him instead of Fox, then awoke to an empty bed and a marriage she's not sure she wants to get into. Off she went to the Crane mansion anyway, dress and vail in hand. Fancy dreamed the rapist was after her, but awoke to Luis, who'd come running when she screamed. She insisted he go to the wedding, even tho he offered to stay with her, and then took a pill to go to sleep, unaware someone was watching her.

Miguel was intent on stopping the wedding with the news Fox isn't really dying, but Endora froze him so he couldn't. Once she was down for her nap, however, Mummy Dearest unfroze him, and he was on his way. Grace was still stuck at the airport, waiting to get home, and the priest with the bomb was still there with her. Ethan headed straight to Theresa once Gwen left, and got there after she'd told Jared she needs more time to think and got an angry demand to tell him by the end of the day in return. As Ethan arrived, Gwen called, and heard Theresa's voice as she found Gwen's ring. Eve faced Fox down with the fact he's lying to Kay and asked him to tell her the truth. He wants none of it, since he loves her and knows she will leave him for Miguel if he does. He told Eve if she lets on that Miguel is telling the truth, he will ruin her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael is making a connection. He has gotten Paul's location from the tracking device on Paul's car and he is now at the door of wherever… The door is locked and so Michael uses tools to get the door open. It is dark and quiet in there. Michael closes the door behind him. CLICK-CLICK! The muzzle of a gun is put to the side of his head and Michael is told to slowly turn around. Michael is angry to see that Paul is the one holding the gun. "Get that thing away from me!" Someone starts screaming Michael's name and he recognizes the voice as Phyllis's. He goes running to the voice and turns a corner to find her best friend behind bars. "Oh Michael. Save me! Get me out of here!" Phyllis cries. Michael orders Paul to get her out of there. He doesn't believe Paul when he says that this is Sheila. "You said she was dead!" Michael phones Lauren and has her put Phyllis on the phone. "Where was it that we liked to have sex when we used to go out?" Phyllis doesn't understand the question but gives the right answer. "The swivel chair? In your office?" Michael breathes a sigh of relief. "It's not that cold out there," Phyllis says to Lauren as she tries to convince her to come out with the baby. Lauren is clearly frazzled and comes up with excuse after excuse as to why she can't leave right now. "This is exactly like Fen's nursery…Which means…You were in my house," Michael realizes. "Weren't you? What were you planning you SICK FREAK!" Sheila just smiles at him with her arms crossed. "You were going to kidnap my son and bring him back here weren't you? ANSWER ME!" Sheila says nothing. "Why didn't you tell me?" Michael asks Paul. Paul says that he didn't see any point in him worrying about Sheila too. What good would that be? "Lauren was already worrying herself sick. The best way to give Lauren piece of mind was to show Lauren that Sheila was dead. I even gave her proof." Sheila tells how Paul put her on a slab in a morgue and put a gun to her face to get the picture. "I altered the photo on my computer," Paul shares. Michael gives the detective all his attention now. Paul had to do what he did, he feels. Somehow Lauren knew that Lauren was near. They could all see that. He had to make sure that she believed that Sheila wouldn't ever harm her again. "Oh!" Ashley says when Victor suddenly comes to her at the elevator. "I didn't see you there!" He could tell that she was distracted just now. "Bad day?" She says that she has been experiencing a bad 'everything'. He asks her into his office for a minute to have a talk and they walk off together.

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