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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Bianca and Kendall are chatting about the new year when Bianca gets a phone call from Maggie. This upsets Bianca, so Kendall comforts her. Kendall is delighted to hear that Bianca has a date, but she's shocked to learn that it's Zarf. Kendall thinks Zarf is too weird for Bianca to date, plus they both agree that it's strange for Bianca to be with a man on a date. Bianca doesn't know how she can have attraction for him. Kendall thinks he's either just trying to bed a lesbian, or he's the serial killer. Ryan, Annie, Spike and Emma share ice cream after skating. Ryan sees Josh and thanks him for helping to keep the Fusion women safe. Josh and Ryan have a short chat about how great Emma and Spike are. Annie invites Ryan to spend new year's with her and Emma, so he accepts. Jonathan arrives and he is invited, too. Kendall and Josh get annoyed at each other for not telling Ryan about Emma being his daughter. Zarf gets ready for his big night out with Bianca, while she gets ready for the date, too. Bianca is shocked to see Zarf show up dressed as a woman.

Di prepares to be bait so they can catch the killer. Amanda gets into a little argument with Del. The Wildwind gang make Kathy feel welcome while Julia and Jamie worry about what will happen to her if Linda dies. They all have fun with Kathy. Tad tells Zach at the Boathouse about the research he did and what he found out about Zach's past. Tad thinks that Zach has a lot of enemies, but Zach doesn't think any of them are the killer. Tad is frustrated that Zach is not giving him more information. Jonathan comes in and wonders if they know who killed Erin. He is not happy to hear that they were just speculating. Later, Tad gets a tip on the phone that might get them answers. Tad tells Zach he knows about Amelia's death.

ATWT Recap Written by

ATWT does not air today

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Another festive occasion in the Forrester living room. Soft music playing, lights and candles a’glowing and drinks a’flowing galore with the ladies dressed in their glamorous gowns. Ridge asks Felicia how things are going over at the guest house slumber party and she muses whatever they are paying Catherine to watch the kids, it isn’t enough. But Thorne won’t hear of missing his first New Year’s Eve kiss with Taylor to go help out. Stephanie expresses her mother and Pam’s best wishes for a happy, happy New Year. Eric reflects what should they drink to and Ridge says to the new success of their fashion venture. Stephanie announces that she knows they have lost the company, but she feels they are going to get it back sooner than later. Taylor looks on in shock as Stephanie says she thinks this is the perfect moment to tell them all about it. Holed up in a darkened room in his house, drinking booze, Nick tells Jackie he just wants to be alone when she tries to apologize – having sex for money. Taylor manages to spirit Stephanie away before she can say more. Thorne likens it to her taking his mother to the woodshed, but why? The more Jackie tries to justify what she did and how she turned her life around, the more turned off Nick is. He knows she is sorry now, but their relationship will never be the same.

Stephanie begins to tell the group that Nick has had a breakthrough and while it hasn’t happened just yet, she is sure he is going to give them back the company. She won’t rest until she gets it back for Eric. In the midst of this, Nick calls Taylor and asks if she could possibly come over, it’s terribly important. Thorne is shocked that she would leave him on this night, but she vows to be back soon. Felicia reveals to Eric that the longer Dante is away, the more she is beginning to think this commission means more to him than his family. Nick admits to Taylor that his mother did something he doesn’t think he can get past; he can’t even look at her. He gives Taylor a small crystal ball – since she pretty much gave him a whole new world. He thinks he has a long way to go, but he feels a whole lot better because of her. He wishes her a Happy New Year and kisses her. She lets him without pulling away.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo bursts into the warehouse and calls for help once learning Hope is in labor. Bo and Patrick work together to help deliver Hope’s baby girl. Moved by the moment, Patrick admits that Bo is really the baby’s father. Lexie tells Roman that she saw EJ shoot John but avoids having to make a formal statement especially after Abe joins her. Steve and Kayla dine with Benji and wife Sonya at Chez Rouge. John is rushed to the hospital where Marlena joins him. Kayla and Steve interrupt their dinner and rush to the hospital when they hear about John. John comes to long enough to call Steve “killer.” Benji catches up with Steve at the hospital and gives him the devil tarot card. Bo tries to comfort Marlena but she blames him for John getting hurt.

Lucas imagines seeing Kate and Will at the cabin. EJ has Sami drive through the roadblock while he dons a disguise and pretends to be asleep. EJ forces Sami to have sex in exchange for helping Lucas. EJ sticks around at the cabin long enough to move the beam off Lucas’ legs but leaves Sami and Lucas stranded at the cabin after threatening to claim Sami was working with him on the gloved hand crimes should she report him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Though Sam fears and Spinelli hopes he won't, Jason makes it home in time to spend New Year's Eve with them. Carly stops by to ask Lorenzo not to continue the war and warn Skye about him. She then goes home and shares the holiday with her boys and Sonny. An accident eerily reminds Liz of her own baby situation.

GL Recap Written by Beth

 GL does not air today

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer is sleeping. He feels light on his face and wakes to find John in his doorway. "You are not on my guest list," Spencer tells John. John comes deeper into the room and closes the door. John has some cloth and he wraps the fabric around and around his knuckles keeping the piece between the fists tight! "Guard!" Spencer shouts, but no one comes. He knows what this is. The boys in blue protect each other and this is part of that. Marty has come to John's room and finds that he isn't there. She asks a nurse where John is but she too has no idea where the man is. Marty is beginning to have a good idea though where John has run off to. Marty gets to Spencer's room in time to find John over Spencer choking the life out of him. Spencer struggles but John is too strong. Marty pulls John off the man and drags him out of the room. The guard comes in and Spencer starts telling how John just tried to kill him. "What man?" the guard asks smiling. He walks out. John goes to the stairwell and is trying to climb the stairs. Marty follows him and the door closes behind them. He wants to be left alone but Marty will not leave him. She feels that his behavior must be due to the mixture of drugs that he is taking. He orders to leave him alone and tries to make it up the stairs. He takes two steps and falls to the stairs in pain. He is in bad shape and passes out. When he wakes, he is back in his bed and Marty is standing over him. She tells him that he passed out and that she saw to it that he got back to bed. Todd is with Blair and he talks to her about how sorry he is for all the trouble that he has caused. Bo comes in with Paige and wants to talk to Blair alone. Blair insists that Todd be allowed to stay. She tells Bo that the accident wasn't Todd's fault and that the incident was just an accident. Bo has no choice but to lighten up on his charges. Todd will still be charged with not telling Spencer was hurt and at the scene, and kidnapping… Todd pours his heart out not to Blair and asks her if she thinks that they will ever be a couple again. She smiles that that reassures him that everything is going to be okay. At UV, Claudia is supposed to be taking care of the bar, but she has gotten herself into the bottle instead. She calls her sponsor and is driven home. Adriana has her fashion show and Cristian takes pictures as they model at the club. There are guests lined up around the block to get in. Nash takes over with a little help from Rex and things run great! Evangeline sings and brings the crowd into 2007 with a little Boogie, oogie, oogie!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Miguel was caught rifling through Eve's patient files when she arrived from Whitney's wedding reception. He grilled her on Fox's condition, but she wouldn't tell him anything, citing confidentiality. He grasped on to her reaction to his statement that Fox is supposed to be dying as proof he is right, tho, and left to tell the world. Kay let Fox know she is aware of his condition, telling him she overheard him talking to the doctor. He said he didn't tell her because he didn't want to lose her or have her marry him out of pity, but she said neither would happen. He tried to cancel their wedding, but she wouldn't hear of it, although she thought it was a very sweet thing for him to do. Ethan and Sam talked about his obsession with protecting Theresa from Jared, but when Sam told him to forget her and concentrate on his marriage and Gwen, Ethan told him he can't do that. He won't leave Gwen, but he won't let Theresa move on, either, which Sam said is just wrong.

Luis walked in on Fancy raking Sheridan over the coals, calling her all kinds of bad and ugly names, but she played it off as just her nerves from what she's been through. He was glad she has Sheridan to rely on when he's not around, he said. Once he went back to help Sam investigate JT Cornell's murder, however, Fancy was right back at it again. Sheridan explained why she told her she and Luis would never make it, saying there is a history of problems between Cranes and Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and Fancy seemed to accept it. However, once Sheridan left, she made it clear she didn't buy a word of it and will do whatever it takes to keep Sheridan from ruining what she and Luis have together, since he's hers now. Whitney told Chad it's over because he cheated on her, and then went to Theresa, who was in the middle of being proposed to by Jared. Talking it all over, the two women decided maybe Jared does have secrets like Chad and neither man should be trusted.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis

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