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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Zach has more memories about a woman, this time with her falling over the balcony of his old house. He is spooked when he sees Bianca, who is there with her bodyguard. She can tell something is wrong and asks Zach to share. He says he's just worried about them all being targets, but eventually Bianca gets him to admit that he keeps having dreams about a woman dying, and he can't save her. He tells her that he may be the only one who can stop the killer. Kendall plans a picnic for her just her, Ryan, and Spike, but Annie and Emma show up. Ryan goes skating with Emma. Annie tells Kendall that she is in Ryan's life to stay, whether she looks like Greenlee or not. They come to an understanding. but Annie wonders why Kendall seems to be so worried about Emma being in Ryan's life. Ryan and Annie go skating. Josh tells Kendall that he has the DNA results. Josh and George find Babe in the parking lot, where she is startled by a noise. Josh can tell that Babe is not feeling well, so he insists on taking her back to his place to check her out. Sean and Colby see them there, but not the bodyguard, so they assume they are cheating. Babe knocks the camera down by accident. Colby wants to go fix it, but Sean stops her from getting into trouble. Babe tells Josh again that she's staying with J.R., but then she finds a Christmas gift from Josh that says "You are loved". Colby and Sean make plans for New Year's.

Tad meets Kathy at the hospital, and they hit it off right away. Julia informs Linda that her husband Jim didn't make it. Linda tells Julia that she and Jim have no other relatives. Julia brings Kathy in to see Linda. Jamie and Tad joke around with Kathy until she sees her mom. Tad feels sad when Jamie tells him Kathy's story. Tad tells Jamie that he's happier now. J.R. worries when he can't get Babe on her cellphone; she is supposed to be out with Zarf. Meanwhile, Zarf visits J.R. to size him up. J.R. is clearly unnerved by how weird Zarf is. Zarf tells J.R. that he last saw Babe at The Valley Inn. J.R. gets sick of Zarf's weird comments and orders him out.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sadly Jackie reveals that she did sleep with Kramer, Mays, and a few more – no first mates for her, just Captains. She admits she was a very sheltered, spoiled, English girl who rebelled. She married a man whom her parents didn’t approve. When he died, she had Nick but absolutely no idea how to get on in this world. So yes, she slept with those men for the money. They’d said buy something for the boy, and it didn’t seem so wrong. He rails into her for taking the easy way out. Kramer pimped her. Nick states that she didn’t just sell herself, she sold him too. And this isn’t about forgiveness, he sees her for what she is. He made a promise long ago that he would always love her and be there for her, but that was to someone that no longer exists. Jackie leaves with a broken heart. Taylor jumps all over Stephanie because she is so thrilled to learn that Jackie was sleeping with the entire Navy. And she heard all of this eavesdropping at her door. This is a way to get the company back! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Nevermind, Taylor says that she could lose her license. Stephanie can NOT use this information to blackmail Nick. Stephanie still feels this is an eye for an eye. Taylor says if she reveals this, their relationship is over.

Taylor visits Nick on the boat to see how he is and hopes he won’t engage his mother about the circumstances. Too late, she just left. Smugly he says he has no children, no lover and no parents. He’s just a stray heap of DNA. But one thing he has - at least he has his pride. He advises her to go, go help someone who has something that deserves to be saved. She doesn’t. She hugs him instead and this helps him break down in tears. Jackie drops in on Taylor but only finds Stephanie who needles her about her sordid past.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe visits the ophthalmologist and learns that he truly is rejecting the corneal transplant. Abe doesn’t want to pursue other treatments. Tek slips into Lexie’s car and begs her to hear him out. Lexie drives long enough to hear Tek’s appeal for them to be together and then makes him get out by the side of the road after pledging her love for Abe. EJ makes John call Roman and claim that he is fine. EJ, believing John will soon be dead, admits to him that Steve and Bo will be the other two men to die. While on the phone with John, Roman gets a call from Bo who has found Patrick’s car at the warehouse. Roman informs John that he’s leaving to go help Bo. John tries to get the gun away from EJ but gets shot. Tek sees EJ shoot John and runs back to Lexie for help. Tek obliges Lexie’s request for him to leave so they aren’t seen together when help arrives only after Lexie agrees to claim she was the one who saw EJ shoot John. EJ hides out of sight until Lexie and Tek leave the car and then drives off in it.

Hope uses her cell phone to call Bo expecting Patrick to knock it out of her hands. Knowing Bo can still hear her through the phone, Hope gears her conversation with Patrick to include tips on their location. Hope tries to convince Patrick to stand up to EJ and defy his orders of killing her but Patrick refuses. Hope tries to knock Patrick out but he catches her. Roman arrives at the warehouse and convinces Bo to use the trained negotiating techniques to save Hope. Patrick asks for a helicopter and money but Bo refuses. Patrick decides to try and use Hope as a human shield but her water breaks as he’s pushing her toward the door. The fire in the cabin goes out so Lucas burns some books to reignite the fire. The heavy snow makes the roof cave in and a beam traps Lucas’ legs. Sami rushes out to find help and unknowingly flags down EJ’s car. EJ holds a gun on Sami, ignores her plea to help Lucas, and demands that she help him get past the roadblocks.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Cassie talk more about what Sheila is doing to Billy. When Cassie leaves Reva appears to welcome Josh home. Ava and Coop have an argument over coffee. Jonathan spends time with Sarah as he tries to figure out what Christmas gift to put together. Jonathan and Lizzie talk about their life. Jonathan tells Lizzie he doesn't want her to give up on the things she loves to do. She says she is with the things she loves. Jonathan then calls Tammy when he is alone. He wants to meet at the Beacon. Tells her or more over her phone that they won't have to sneak around anymore. Lizzie meets up with her Mother, Beth to ask for help. Beth is not paying attention. She is thinking of a talk she had with Jonathan about his rings. Lizzie is telling Beth that they are not sleeping together. Ava wants to start work with Alan-Michael. Cassie is shocked that Tammy spent Christmas alone at a bar! When Cassie tells Tammy that if she continues her affair with Jonathan she could be ruining a marriage. Tammy shoots back saying, "Isn't that what you did with Aunt Reva and Uncle Josh's marriage." Josh and Reva enlists help from a friend in Tulsa on info about Sheila. While looking through a box, Josh finds an old picture of Reva. Coop is talking with Buzz about Ava and her job and Jeffery when Olivia overhears the Jeffery part of the discussion and get upset. Buzz asked Coop if he apologized to Alan-Michael and Ava. Coop says no. Ava and Alan-Michael talk about Coop. Alan-Michael tells Ava she shouldn't work in her state of mind. Ava leaves. Tammy is now alone in her bedroom making it romantic. Lizzie shows up at the Beacon Bar with Sarah and her things to go to an Island. Jonathan calls Tammy when Lizzie leaves the bar. He has to leave a message, as Tammy leaves her phone and room. Buzz tells Coop he is making the same mistake with Ava as he did with Olivia. Josh finds a document/Will that leaves all to him, Mindy and Reva if Billy dies if he doesn't remarry. Reva is hopping mad and wants a "Piece of Sheila". Ava visits her father in the hospital. Olivia just happens to be there too. Lizzie and Jonathan make it to the Island house. Jonathan tells Lizzie that she should be with someone who gets her ways. Lizzie tells him she is. When Lizzie goes to do a chore, Jonathan tries Tammy again, but she shows up instead. Jeffery tells Olivia he is not leaving Springfield as long as she is there. Buzz overhears this conversation. Coop goes to see Alan-Michael and is about to knock on the door when he looks in. Josh and Reva talk about what they are going to do about Sheila. Tammy and Jonathan kiss as Lizzie looks on.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie and John argue. John didn't take his sleeping medication the night before and she is getting frustrated. She guesses that he is doing all this to rush his release from the hospital so he can go after Spencer. He is quiet when she suggests that. She thought that he was all over this stuff and was going to live a different kind of life when he gets better, but instead, he is more focused than ever on getting to Truman and making him pay. That seems to be the most important thing. Marty is at the door listening secretly to their conversation. She moves away quickly when she senses that Natalie is coming to the door. Natalie sees Marty walking off and she calls to her. She wants to know what Marty was doing there. Marty doesn't get a chance to answer her question because Natalie sees the nurse come by and she asks about John's medication. When Natalie and the nurse are out of earshot, Marty goes into John's room. He isn't friendly and becomes curious of why Marty wants to know about Spencer. Soon Marty realizes that she is being insensitive to him and she leaves. Jack has gone off while unattended and has ended up in the crazy bastard's room. He asks Spencer if he did the things that his family has been saying he did. He says that he and Todd have a strange grownup relationship that Jack can't understand. Jack senses that he is being lied to and gets angry. Just then the door flies open and Starr comes in with the guard and they drag Jack out of there. "I hate you!" Jack shouts at Spencer. Todd is furious when he hears that Jack went to see Spencer. Starr tells how Jack shouted that he hated the man. Jack tells his mother that he wants the man dead. Blair tells him that they have to be better than that…Better than Spencer. Starr goes to see Bo to keep her father out of jail but to knows that things are not going to be that easy. Spencer's guard taunts him for being a psycho. "Just do your job and make sure that no one else gets in here," Spencer shouts. Paige is upset. Hugh's adoptive family sent her an email of the tombstone for Hugh's grave. Bo gives Paige permission to go and see Spencer to show it to him. She goes in there and Spencer is immediately saddened when he sees the picture. "When I get the charges dropped and get out of here, I will go and see my son here…" Paige says that he was never a father and that she will not allow him to go anywhere near her son! She will stop him at any cost! Martin returns to John's room to talk to him again. She is sorry that she ran off the way that she did when they were talking earlier, but when she goes into John's room, he is gone.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

JT Cornell was identified as the dead body in the wedding cake, and Rebecca's display of grief masked her attempt to find the memory card that was missing from the envelope he stuck under the tabloid door. Sam and Luis wondered who killed him and why, and realized there were many people who had reason to want him dead. Others, including Chad, Jared, Theresa, Eve, and Gwen were relieved their secrets seem to be safe. Chad made he mistake of talking to his lover on the phone, however, and Whitney overheard, leading to a huge slap across the face and what might be the shortest wedding in Passions history.

Noah jokingly told Miguel to sneak into Dr. Eve's office and find Fox's medical records to see if he's really dying or not, but sneaky Miguel took it seriously and did just that. However, as he was looking through Fox's file, someone was watching. Kay and Simone talked about whether she wants to marry Fox or if she still wants Miguel, even tho he's a liar and a cheat. Kay seems uncertain at this point. Luis and Sheridan took Fancy home to recuperate, and while he went to help Sam, Sheridan stayed to help her niece. However, once Luis left, Fancy turned from a helpless victim to an attacking shrew, having heard what her aunt had said to her in the hospital when she was supposed to be in a coma. She wasn't happy to hear Luis is not the man for her and they'll never last, since that's not what the Little Princess wants to hear, and she ripped Sheridan up one side and down the other.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

There are some bars. A woman has a crib behind those bars, and she winds up the musical toy mobile over it and listens to the childlike music. Paul arrives and hands the woman with the face of Phyllis some take-out. "Did you remember my stuff from the drug store?" Paul did. "Where is my hair dye?" Paul tells Sheila that no one is going to see her hair so she doesn't need it. "Do you know what happens to kidnappers?" She suddenly remembers that he doesn't know as he has never been to prison. Paul says that he will never be caught so it doesn't matter what happens to kidnappers. She says that she could always just tell the truth about how he imprisoned her when she gets out this place. "With your history?" Paul asks. "Who do you think they are going to believe…me or you?" At the Baldwin place, Gloria offers to babysat while Michael and Lauren go out. Lauren doesn’t want to go. She wants to stay home with Fen. Michael will not hear of it. He orders her to go get dressed and he will take her out. Nick and Phyllis call and ask for the couple to come over with Fen. Michael says that they have somewhere to go but that they can drop by for a visit. When he gets off the phone, Lauren tells him that she really doesn't think this is a good idea. Michael takes Gloria to the coffeehouse to spend the evening and while he is gone Lauren calls Nick and Phyllis and cancels the visit to their house. "Fen is sleeping and it is too cold out." Nick and Phyllis decide then to bring the party to Michael's place. They show up unannounced and are surprised to find Fen awake. Michael soon returns and is glad to have the visitors. "Let's go to dinner!" Phyllis pipes in. Lauren says that she would rather eat in. Michael will get takeout then. Later in the evening, Phyllis becomes quiet. She watches as Lauren clutches on to Fen and refuses to give him to Michael who offers to relieve her of the child to give her a break. "Something's wrong," Phyllis says to Michael off to the side. Michael thinks that Lauren is still getting used to being a new mommy…that's all! Adrian and Amber arrive at the Chancellor party and Adrian is surprised to find that Colleen is there. She told him that she was going out but they had no idea that they were going to end up at the same place. He asks what her resolution will be for the coming year. She says that she will be trying not to make a fool of herself next year. He assures her that she never made a fool of herself. Sheila paces the space in her cell and she tells herself that she can beat Paul at his own game. She has been in tighter spots before. She smiles now.

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