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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Bianca is surprised that the Kane-Montgomery Christmas went so well for a change, but Josh insists that she go with him to Confusion. Sean worries that Jack and Erica will figure they were set up, but Jack and Erica make love, and Colby is not worried because she knows her plans did the trick. Colby and Sean make snowmen; she is cheerful that her plan worked. Later, Erica figures out that Sean has been doing some matchmaking, which makes Sean nervous. Erica and Jack share some very romantic moments. Zarf acts mysterious at Confusion when Babe meets him there. He tells her that he's ready to find his destiny. Josh and Bianca walk in just then, so Babe thinks that Zarf and Josh set her up. Babe assures Josh again that she wants J.R. Her bodyguard keeps Josh away from her, but then he can't find Babe. Babe goes to the parking garage alone and then seems to hear something. Meanwhile, Bianca doesn't seem very happy to see Zarf, either. He talks a lot about destiny.

J.R. plays with Little Adam, with Krystal and their bodyguard nearby. J.R. tells Adam that he wishes he could just trust Babe and not use Colby's nanny-cam. Julia waits for word in the ER about her friends Jim and Linda, who were in a car accident with their little girl, Kathy. Jamie waits with her as Jeff gives her the news that Jim is dead and Linda is stable for now. They have no next of kin that Julia is aware of, so they try to find out from Kathy, but she does not mention any names. They build a snowman with her and then take her back to see her mom. Linda is headed into surgery; Julia assures her that she'll be fine. Tad drops by the Chandler household as they open presents. He tells Dixie that he has hope again that they will find Kate, thanks to his visit with Father Clarence. Adam pities Tad, since he has a child on the way and Tad has lost his. Dixie is evasive when Tad asks why she wanted to see him so urgently. Adam and Krystal ask Tad and Dixie to be baby Charlotte's godparents, so they accept. At the hospital, Tad meets Kathy. Dixie reassures Krystal that she won't tell Tad the truth.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul sees a vision. Gwen and Will talk about her and Adam kissing. Simon won’t let Carly go, as he pleads with her to not walk away from him, but she is convinced it is the only way to keep her kids. Katie tries to convince Mike she is over her vendetta of trying to prove Simon and Carly stole the diamond. Jade doesn’t let on with Adam that she knows about his and Gwen’s kiss in LA. Paul tells Susan that green pills are the wrong ones. Mike tells Katie they should start divorce proceedings. Meg and Emily talk about their plan, but decide to continue it later at the farm when Emily later decides she can’t incriminate Paul when he is lying in critical condition; they come up with another plan to free Dusty. Susan stops a nurse from giving a patient the wrong medication, which could have killed him – the green pills. Susan is confused as to how Paul knew this ahead of time; he explains he just saw it. Gwen quits after she and Adam’s betrayal hurt Will. Mike thinks Katie is always creating dramas to cover up her real feelings. Jade and Gwen have another run in, as do Adam and Will. Carly tells Sage they aren’t going to be seeing Simon anymore. Bob shows Kim the diamond that was found in the hospital trash, as Katie catches a glance of it as well and suddenly she is smiling ear to ear.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is devastated as he remembers that his mother kept the money – from Captain Kramer and all of the men. She was their whore! Taylor asks if he feels like it’s a false memory? He says no, it did happen but he doesn’t know why he is just remembering it now. He remembers practicing staying still and just waiting, waiting for them all to leave. His mother had choices but she chose this as her work, and he knew it was wrong. Taylor extols this may be the reason he holds people to such high esteem, wanting them to be better. And he thinks the reason he left as soon as he could at sixteen, going on eighteen, the quickest route to get the fartherest away. She says he lost control as a child and power became very important to him. Holidays and vacations, he didn’t go back. He didn’t explain and his mother didn’t ask. Taylor tells him she is sorry for the pain he is feeling, but the past is the past and he can use it to not let it affect his future. He can see himself in a new light. He confesses to Taylor that it’s nice to know that she cares about him. Stephanie taunts Jackie that Taylor is going to figure out everything about her and Nicky. And what everyone else already knows, that she is a slut.

Jackie goes to the boat and quizzes Nick about the session with Taylor. She doesn’t feel he is being himself. Cynically, he asks about her pride and why certain things were beneath them back then. He demands to know more about Captain Kramer. Was he good to her? She feels this is being unfair but he demands to know. Tell him what she couldn’t tell him as a child. Don’t make him ask. Anything she says would be better than the word he is holding back. Taylor returns to her office and transcribes her session with Nick on her recorder. Stephanie walks in and overhears – she is shocked - Jacqueline Payne was accepting money as a whore?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick, Chelsea, and Abby watch as the investigators remove the soldier’s skeleton. Chelsea complains that Nick hasn’t found “Lonely Splicer” for her yet. Abby convinces Nick to tell Chelsea the truth but he chickens out. Hope tells Patrick that she won’t go away with him after all and Patrick pulls a gun on Hope to force her to go. Hope begs Patrick to turn himself in but he refuses. Caroline comes downstairs to see what is causing the commotion but Hope sends her away. Hope maces Patrick and tries to get away but he grabs her. Bo finds Hope’s can of mace at the Pub. Patrick calls Chelsea to insist that she give him an alibi but Chelsea refuses. Chelsea calls Bo to warn him about Patrick, leaving John to participate in the plan with Roman to trap EJ. EJ sneaks up behind John with a gun at John’s back and uses his own technology to jam John’s wire connection with Roman.

Lucas and Sami get snuck in a snow bank on their ski trip and are forced to stop at a deserted cabin. Sami decides that tonight is the night for making love with Lucas. Sami and Lucas argue about Sami’s original attraction to EJ but decide to always be honest with each other from now on.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The search for Spencer and Colleen continues as the nanny sets up housekeeping in Colorado. Emily is convinced that Helena has no idea where the baby is. Spinelli's evidence points to Alan as Rick Webber's killer. As Dillon and Georgie are beginning to reconnect, Monica interrupts with a phone call telling him that he needs to do something about Lulu's association with Spinelli. Sam announces she plans to work at the hospital and to have a baby. The latter will wait until Jason is ready, though. It is confirmed that Mateo is not Manny. Maxie suspects Pete like Georgie romantically. Over Ms. Sneed's objections, Alan hires Sam as a file clerk. Later, she runs into Mateo. Epiphany finds Maxie's good humor incomprehensible in light of her "miscarriage".

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava shops for postcards gets a call from Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael asks her if she is ignoring him because of the job offer. Ava tells Alan-Michael she never got it. Ava walks the streets looking around remembering when she was a girl at Christmas with the woman that raised her. Ava winds up at Rick's looking in. Rick sees her and invites her. She says no. Later at a bar Ava runs into a stranger and talks and orders a drink with a candy cane. Ava runs into Jeffrey there and he asks why she isn't with Coop. Just as she is about to leave Jeffrey stops her. Coop sees them talking. Jeffrey runs into the stranger that was talking with Ava. Words are said and Jeffrey slugs at him. But he is the one that lands in the hospital. Coop asks Ava why she ran. Ava gets a call from Frank to go to the hospital. Jeffrey has been admitted. At the hospital Ava and Frank talk. Ava sees her Dad asleep. Jeffrey then wakes up to see Ava at his bedside. Later Ava and Frank talk again. He gives her the gift that Jeffrey had among his possessions. Frank tells her about him and Buzz's relationship, that Buzz and he didn't see each other for over 20 years. Just as the guy involved in the fight is wheeled by. He gloats about the fight. Ava opens the note that is with the package. She then opens the package, it is her birthstone. Ava is later seen with Coop, she tells him about Jeffrey. Coop tells Ava he saw Jeffrey at the airport and told him to leave but not before Jeffrey tried to give Coop the note and present. Then they get into a a big fight. Later Ava and Olivia have a fight. Ava goes to see Alan-Michael about that job offer.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair is upset. Todd can see that she blames him for losing her baby. He leaves the room and Evangeline is there to help him when he starts feeling down. He calls Viki to come to the hospital. Rex and Adriana are on Dorian's living room floor making love. Rex wants to get up and get dressed before the dragon lady returns but Adriana wants more of him. He can't resist and they are at it like rabbits again before the fireplace. Dorian was out at Viki initially thanking her for helping to get Adriana to come around, but now she has returned to her home and she hears raucous laughter in her house. She flies through the door. "Adriana! What is going on?" Adriana and Rex are on the couch dressed and snuggling but that is all. "What did you expect?" Adriana asks sarcastically. "Did you think that we would be making love on the living room floor?" Dorian says that she has been thinking that they should go and see Blair She tries to dismiss Rex from the house but Adriana will not allow it and they all go to the hospital to see Blair. When Todd tries to go into the room, Dorian shouts at him to get out. He won't go though unless Blair tells him to. "Please leave," Blair says quietly. "I want to be alone with my family." Those words sting and Todd leaves the room quickly. Bo goes to talk to Spencer to see what his story is about the roof incident. "Well, I was tied up, Todd was torturing me he was talking on the phone and that is when he found out about the baby. He thought that it was mine and he snapped! He got Blair over there and then pushed the both of us off the roof," Spencer says. Bo doesn't believe him but Spencer knows that there is no way that Bo can prove anything different. Bo meets with Rex in the hall of the hospital. Rex heard about Blair losing the baby and he asks if there are any leads in the case. Bo says that unfortunately, everything that he digs up in this investigation makes Todd look guiltier and guiltier. Marty talks to Evangeline and crosses the line when she accuses Marty of not taking the case with Spencer personal enough. She tells how she was there when Todd flatlined and thought that he was going to be killed on death row. Marty gets offended when it appears that Evangeline has forgotten that she has been raped by Todd and has had to do her job and push her feelings aside. Evangeline apologizes for being insensitive. She tells that John is in the hospital right now and they need to get this case finished before John gets out. She gets a call to go and see John and assess him for release. Marty refuses to release John and he has no idea who he was just talking to.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis tried to get Fancy to remember her attack so she could tell him something that would help find the rapist, but she didn't want to do that. She got very upset, but Luis managed to calm her down. Chad and Whitney's wedding celebration moved to the Crane mansion. Simone caught the bouquet, then bemoaned the fact that unless the law is changed, she won't be able to marry anyone. Julian and Ivy, waking up in the same bed and scaring each other senseless, went down to see what was happening dressed only in blankets and sheets and caused quite a stir. After they left, Chad and Whitney tried to cut their wedding cake, but something inside kept them from doing it. When they tried to see what it was, a dead body fell out. Jared tried once again to propose to Theresa but they were interrupted again.

Miguel suspects Fox isn't really dying but that he knows Kay was going to dump him and is playing a trick on them. Noah isn't so sure. Norma and Edna continued to have a wonderful time with Tabitha and Endora, but once the little one went to sleep, their real plan came out. They chased Tabby around the house with a knife and a hatchet and it was all she could do to stay out of their way. Finally, Endora woke up to the commotion and, once she figured out what was going on, helped her Mommy get the upper hand. The two were sent for a visit to The Boys In The Basement. A reporter from the tabloid came to find JT Cornell and told Ethan that he found the envelope with the note saying to publish everything on the memory card in the morning paper, but the card itself was missing. No surprise there.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Devon and Neil are with Michael at the house talking about the trial. Michael can deflect most of the way that the case looks if he shows how others could have been responsible for the crime. He finds that Dru is the best person to use, but Devon won't allow it. Michael has other options. He has other names that he can use. Brad is a great substitute. He could make Brad look as guilty as Devon does. "They are still running tests," Michael shares. At the ranch, Victoria, Brad and his mother are in front of Victor ready to tell him what has been going. Victor isn't sure that he wants to hear what they have to say since they have been lying to him this whole time. Finally, he gives in and Brad starts with the fact that he doesn't have a brother but he does have a sister. They tell of the history of the family and the murders and the reliquary, but when it comes to the murder of Oscar Volkmann and his henchman, Brad lies and says that the man was hit by a car soon after the kidnapping of Sharon was dealt with. Victor is sorry for all that Brad and his mother has been through and he offers to help them in anyway that he can. Later, Brad and Victoria are at home and Victoria is sad. She knows that they lied to her father again by not telling of the murders that Brad committed but she feels that they had to handle things the way that they did. Gloria asks Lauren why she doesn't just kick her mother out. she can tell that Lauren is stressed. Lauren has no idea why she can't do that. She can stand up to anyone else but when it comes to her mother, she just folds. When Lauren is out of the room, Gloria tells Joanna that she is moving in and that every night the both of them will have slumber parties together. Lauren smiles as she listens from the other room. Joanna hightails it out of there leaving only a note to explain why she is gone. Colleen can't concentrate. She wants to text Professor Korbel. She is concerned that he is mad at her for quitting on him and leaving him without an assistant. He sends her a message reminding her to bring the slides to class. Colleen tries to read into the message but Lily tells her to leave it alone and remember that she is in love with JT. Colleen tries to get on with her day, but she can't help it. She sends a text message to Korbel and then is disappointed when he doesn't send one back. Colleen calls Lily and tells what she did. Lily starts getting irritated with Colleen and suggests that Adrian isn't returning her message because he is clearly the mature one. Michael gets word from Will. He has gotten the results of the testing and he has a match…Jack Abbot!

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