Tuesday 12/26/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/26/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Zach and Ryan fight over the train set that Zach got for Spike. Later, they take Christmas photos with Spike and open presents. Ryan gives Spike a present from his Aunt Erin. Kendall invites him to stay for Christmas, but he has plans with Jonathan. Annie and Emma takes Ryan and Jonathan to church for Christmas. Bianca and Miranda drop by Jack's place with presents, including one for Erica. Erica chats with Myrtle about the gifts that Jack keeps sending her. Erica wants an apology from Jack, but Myrtle advises her to forgive him anyway. Palmer takes Myrtle out for a date. Sean helps cupid along by telling Erica that Jack misses her. Erica is touched when she receives a gift that is engraved with their wedding date. Josh drops by to say hi and says something nice about Erica and Jack. She insists that he come with her to Jack's. Erica arrives at Jack's place and they kiss. Colby and Sean are joyful about their plan working. Julia gets worried when her friends Linda and Jim don't arrive at Wildwind, so she makes a trip with Jamie to their place. They find a car accident on the way there, which turns out to be her friends and their little girl.

The Chandlers open their presents. but J.R. is still not cozying up to Babe. He thaws when she gives him a picture of a place they went to in France. Colby is a little down when Liza phones, but J.R. cheers her up. Later, J.R. dresses up as Santa for Little Adam. Stuart and Marian drop by, too. Krystal fears that Dixie is about to tell Adam about the baby, so she tries to keep Dixie from saying anything by lying to Adam that Dixie is just there because she is upset about Tad and their missing child. Adam is very sympathetic to Dixie, since he missed so many years with Colby. Krystal gets misty-eyed over how kind Adam is being (not like he used to be). Dixie gets Krystal to admit that she's carrying Tad's child. Dixie is unnerved when Krystal says something very similar to what Father Clarence said. Dixie promises not to say anything to Adam over Christmas and that she will tell Krystal before she says anything. Tad finds Father Clarence and his church after he hurts his ankle walking through the snow. Father Clarence observes to Tad that the baby is missing from the cache. Tad shares his pain with the priest and confesses to murdering Greg. Tad asks for God's forgiveness, while Dixie asks God for a sign.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen has another run in with Iris, who has been drinking again. Emily wants to help Dusty get out of jail, but he is not very receptive. Faith seems bothered by something and neither Holden nor Lily can get through to her. Paul and Meg talk about his near death experience. Paul tells Meg he has changed since his near death experience and now he knows what it truly means to love someone; he wants them to try again, but Meg can’t. Emily tells Dusty that she and Meg plan on changing their stories to get him out of jail. Holden and Lily bring Faith to their dance lesson with Tea. Iris toys with Gwen about being weak in front of Will. Adam buys Jade a dress for their date on New Years Eve. Iris pretends to slip up when she tells Jade that she saw Gwen and Adam kissing. Craig sneaks in to see Paul and taunts him about Meg. Dusty is sure Emily won’t be able to go through with her plan to put Paul away in order to get him out. Craig tries to get Meg to have dinner with him. Faith disappears while Holden and Lily are dancing. Lucinda covers for her by claiming she took her shopping, but suggests later that Lily and Holden find out what is bothering her. Faith talks to Tea about dancing, but thinks she is too fat to dance. Jade confronts Gwen about her and Adam kissing. Gwen is guilt ridden about being a hypocrite. Gwen admits to Will that Adam kissed her. Barbara goes to see Dusty, but tells him about Paul’s possible brain damage; Dusty decides not to tell her about Emily’s plan for Paul and then chooses not to go through with it since hearing of his accident and Craig’s possible connection. Emily tells Meg they need to put Paul behind bars in order to save Dusty. Meg prepares to tell her about Paul’s accident. Paul awakens agitated as something goes terribly wrong.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie fusses with some models and carps to Nicky that the designs are not special enough to start over Forrester Creations. He’s only half listening as memories of Jerry Kramer keep cropping up. He calls Taylor and wants to see her immediately despite Jackie telling him that this was a man they hardly knew so why worry about it? Taylor agrees to meet him, he wants it to be the boat. Stephanie stops by and remarks that there is a world of difference between being a shop girl and a fashion house owner. If she releases these things, she will be the laughing stock of the business. She shares her opinion of Taylor but repeats she doesn’t think Taylor can do him any good. Stephanie calls her a fraud and maybe Taylor will figure that out too.

Taylor delves into Nick’s mind about why he did like but suddenly didn’t want Kramer in their lives. Concentrating, he grimaces as he remembers being a little boy and they are coming and going at all hours, someone is behind her door hurting her but damn it, he can’t remember the details. She asks him to close his eyes, breath deep and focus and think again. Could they have been making love? What was it about the ship’s horn? He finally remembers it was Kramer’s boat horn that he always blew when he got close to their apartment. He recalls looking through the keyhole and seeing strange men with his mother and always giving her money. Then profusely sweating and almost choking on his words, he states that it was sex and money - his mother was a WHORE.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo asks Hope not to go away with Patrick and she agrees. Max decorates the basement for the holidays and his dance with Mimi ends in a kiss. Abby returns alone despite the dark to continue the search and figures out that Max and Mimi are in the church. With Max’s guidance, Abby finds the trap door and rescues them. Abby doesn’t like seeing Max and Mimi kiss out of relief. Everyone rejoices when Max and Mimi walk into the Brady family celebration. Chelsea feels sad and ostracized while attending the Horton family tree-trimming party but is surprised when Hope reaches out to help Chelsea hang her ornament. Everyone hangs his or her own ornaments on the tree and Hope needs Bo’s support to get through hanging Zack’s ornament. Steve has a hard time reading the Christmas story directly from the Bible so he tells the story in his own words. Bo plays the role of Santa to the kids. Kayla and Steve arrive too late for the concert. Steve offers to give Clay a ride to the airport in exchange for a private concert for him and Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Nikolas is frantic when he discovers that Spencer has vanished. Helena makes her presence known as she explains how Colleen held her captive in the parapet room and has now kidnapped Spencer. Nikolas remains convinced that Helena has Spencer. Colleen takes Spencer home to Denver with her and plans on raising him as her son. Helena is determined to find Colleen and Spencer.

Jason and Sonny confront Father Ruiz and learn he is Mateo, Manny's identical twin brother. Father Coates backs Mateo's story of being a reformed ex-con who became an ordained priest and is now working with troubled teens. Sonny and Jason remain suspicious of Mateo and plan to keep an eye on him. Maxie exploits her "miscarriage" to guilt Lucky into spending time with her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley, Gus and the kids open gifts. Lizzie is with her baby opening up a gift. Jonathan says he has a problem at the his bar he can fix later. He want to spend time with Lizzie and their daughter. Marina is on the phone with her mother, Elainie. Then spends time with Buzz. Beth and Alan talk in Jail. Alan wants out and wants Beth to talk to Lizzie. Alan tells Beth he knows about Jonathan and Tammy. Beth tells Alan she has a gift for him. It is Rick to examine him to see if he is sane. Jeffery visits Gus and Harley's to tell them about the adoption hearing. They invite him to Christmas Dinner. Olivia visits Gus and Harley's for Christmas Dinner meeting up with Buzz. Tammy is at the Hotel's bar and Beth arrives. Beth thinks Jonathan is on his way there. Beth thinks that Tammy was expecting Jonathan when she arrives at the bar. Beth and Tammy continue their conversation about Jonathan. Beth tells Tammy that Alan still thinks Jonathan and Tammy are seeing each other. Back at Jonathan and Lizzie's, he tells Lizzie there is only 2 women he wants to spend Christmas with, his daughter and Lizzie and that the best present of all is Alan in jail. Beth threatens Tammy again. Olivia and Buzz talk about Jeffery. Harley and Jeffery talk about Olivia. Olivia's gift to Buzz is to be a better person. Buzz's gift to Olivia is telling her he wants to marry her. Rick wants to examine Alan. Alan goes crazy. Tammy gets advice from a stranger at the bar. Beth stops by Jonathan and Lizzie's for Christmas presents. Lizzie asks Beth about Alan and his arrest. Beth says she knows and just visited him and that maybe it is best for him to be locked up. When Lizzie leaves the room with the baby, Beth gives Jonathan his Christmas presents, his rings. Buzz announces that he asked Olivia to marry him. The family is happy. Coop, who was supposed to be on a flight to England barges in looking for Ava. Everyone is shocked to see him. They all thought he and Ava were on the flight. The stranger still is talking to Tammy about affairs. Jonathan tries to lie to Beth about where he left his rings. Beth tells Lizzie what she found. She lies to Lizzie about where she found Jonathan's rings. Jonathan plays along asking Beth why she was at the bar. She says she was lonely. She then leaves them all. Jonathan take off too saying that something is going on at "his bar". Back at Harley's, Coop tells all what went on at the airport. He says he went for coffee and when he came back she was no where to be found. Coop blames Jeffery. Jeffery leaves At the bar, Jonathan meets Tammy there, who is drinking a glass of white wine. They leave together. Buzz reads the Christmas Story of Jesus as Jeffery sees Ava at the bar.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd and the kids hover outside Blair's door, waiting for her to get up. Todd wants the kids to go in and open gifts with Blair and later he will tell her about the baby. Todd sends the kids to the cafeteria, and that is when Evangeline comes. She wonders what is going to happen to Todd when the cops start looking at this closely and try to lay blame. Todd say that Spencer was responsible for all of this and right now he feels like killing someone. Spencer is in his room and a guard warns Marty to be careful when in the man's room. He is still considered dangerous. Marty goes in and Spencer tells her not to worry, that she has nothing to worry about from him. He says that Todd is the one who is dangerous and that she has to know that. He also tells Marty that she has to stick to his story now that he isn't fit to stand trial or she will be ruined in this town. She knows that he played a part in this incident but she doesn't know how much of a part. She will have to figure that out. He knows that she must want revenge. He warns her also that she is his victim and taking his side will be difficult for others in the town to watch. Viki is taking down her decorations and she gets to the mistletoe over the front door when she pauses for thought. She remembers the kiss that she and Clint shared in that very spot. DING-DONG! Clint is on the doorstep. He is surprised to find her taking down the decorations. She tells that there is no need for them after Christmas. The house isn't full like it used to be and so she finds no need. Clint has been reevaluating his life and has decided that there are things that he wants to do and now is the time to do them. He will go skydiving and skiing and he invites Viki to go with him. She will think that over. They are at the door now and they joke about who kissed how the night before. Dorian walks up and isn't pleased to hear the two were kissing. Clint quickly leaves and Dorian enters telling Viki that she wanted to thank her for talking to Adriana about patching things up with her mom. Viki was glad to do it. Dorian asks about the kiss now and if Viki had plans to get with Clint. Viki says that Clint can decide to be with who he wants. That tells Dorian all that she needs to know. Blair wakes and looks around her room confused. Todd is soon with her and she seems to remember the fall. All she cares about is her baby and how he is doing. Todd skirts the question and tells her instead that she is going to be fine real soon. She knows that he is avoiding and asks him again to give her the answer to the question she asked. "I'm sorry," Todd says. "He's gone."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad and Whitney were married, with one slight hitch when Rebecca told Gwen what JT Cornell had done and she yelled "NO!" as Father Lonigan asked anyone who thought they shouldn't marry to speak up. It seems JT, after slipping the memory card with all the dirt on everyone he blackmailed on it under the door at the tabloid, left town before it was made public and his duplitcity was uncovered. Many people will have their secrets revealed, including Gwen and Rebecca, Theresa, Jared, and Chad. As JT was making his get away, however, Santa fell in behind him, brandishing a gun.

Norma and Edna made nice with Tabitha after their appearance scared her into a faint. They simply wanted to spend Christmas with her and Endora, they said, and had no intentions of hurting Tabby....this year. The question is, can they be trusted?

Sheridan spent the day at home with Chris and James, but dreamed of being with Luis and Marty. Meanwhile, Luis spent the day at the hospital with Fancy, gifting her with "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" gifts. She was glad for the company, especially since it was him, but couldn't help thinking about what had happened to her. Luis did his best to keep her mind off it, tho. Tabby gave us a nice montage of Timmy clips as she remembered her sweet boy.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

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