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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

The Chandlers celebrate Christmas Eve. Colby shows J.R. that her present to him is a project she's working on - the camera she hid in Josh's room. Outside, Babe and Krystal discuss how Dixie might be on to them about the secret, and what she might do. Dixie worries about Tad when she can't find him anywhere. Haunted by his memories of Greg and of his missing child, Tad is very distraught. He wanders around in the snow but does stop by Wildwind. Dixie gets through on his phone and asks him to meet her at his house. Dixie finds the priest, Father Clarence, at Tad's place instead. He seems to know all about her and her family. Later, Clarence helps out Tad when he is stuck in the snow after hurting his ankle. Dixie goes back to the Chandler mansion, worried about Tad. Krystal fears she's about to spill her secret to Adam.

The Wildwind gang - Di, Aidan, Jamie, Julia, Del, Amanda, et al. celebrate Christmas. Jonathan is still upset about Erin. Julia tells them all that she is going to have her old friends Jim and Linda over. They all open presents. Jamie shows them that he has installed a great sound system and plans to have a media room for watching movies.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Pam and Ann how dare them to come there on Christmas Day. Before she can say more, Pam comes on in when they see the children and grandchildren. However, Ridge rounds them up and spirits them out and then denounces his grandmother for the abuse she watched and did nothing about. Ann refuses to leave until she says something to her daughter. And she wants to say it again in front of her entire family. She wants to apologize again for her failings and let the healings begin. She has always wondered for thirty years what it would feel like to celebrate with both of her children for Christmas. Her cries fall on deaf ears and Stephanie tells her to just go. Eric urges her to reconsider. That was a long time ago and Ann has acknowledged her remorse. Taylor insists that Stephanie speak with her. And she wants her to listen. If she allows them to leave, then Christmas is over. Christmas is not just a holiday, it’s about love. She will be cheating herself and her children of a golden opportunity. Ann has to sit and take a rest. She is unable to forgive herself unless Stephanie forgives her first.

Stephanie remarks that her mother wants her to absolve her of all guilt and she can’t do that. Taylor urges her to get rid of the anger and animosity. Show her kids by her example. Still Stephanie’s heart is hardened and she says she can’t open her heart to her and she won’t. Taylor returns and gives them the bad news. Stephanie still wants them to leave. Reluctantly they arise to leave and Ann turns and tells them they have no idea how good it was to at least see them. Eric goes to the piano and starting singing a Christmas carol and the others join in. Soon the house is joyous and filled with the meaning of Christmas. It takes a child to lead them. Stephanie hears the music and comes out and sees Allie go to Ann and take her hand to come back inside. Stephanie walks toward them and all eyes are on her, even Eric stops singing and watches as Stephanie tells her mother alright, she forgives her, and mother and daughter hug.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby, Chelsea, and Stephanie search through the stack of Victor’s properties. Chelsea discovers a deed to a farm Victor bought using an alias and the three girls decide to look for Max and Mimi there. Abby refuses to listen to Chelsea and Stephanie’s warnings about looking for Max and Mimi on their own and doesn’t like it when they call her on wanting to find Max simply because he’s alone with Mimi. Max hurts his shoulder while trying to break through the wall so Mimi tries and makes rapid progress. They find a closet on the other side of the wall and once open, a skeleton of a civil war soldier falls out onto Mimi. Max uses the soldier’s gun to try and shoot off the lock on the trap door but it doesn’t work. Abe passes out but makes Marlena and John call Lexie instead of an ambulance when he comes to. Marlena offers to contact an ophthalmologist friend and Abe only takes Marlena up on the offer after Lexie assures him that by needing a new corneal transplant he isn’t rejecting Zack’s final gift.

EJ checks up on Sami’s claim of Will being sick by stopping by confronting Will when he’s home alone. Will backs up Sami’s lie and locks EJ out long enough to use the first aid kit to make a fake appendectomy scar. EJ gets back into the apartment, insists on seeing Will’s scar, and angrily searches the apartment before storming out. Lucas demands that Sami can only participate as the decoy if he gets to call the shots. EJ meets Sami at Dune and Sami admits to EJ that she left Will alone to go to the police. Roman and Bo work with undercover officers to keep an eye on Sami during the meeting. Sami pretends to take offense at EJ’s accusations of her lying about Will and threatens to leave without telling him about the police’s leads. EJ stops her from leaving and Sami admits to overhearing EJ’s phone call and that the police plan to arrest EJ right after Christmas. EJ questions Sami’s motives and she claims she’s tipping EJ off because she has feelings for him. Sami tells EJ to meet her at a boathouse after Christmas promising to help him steal a boat and sail away. As part of the plan, Lucas angrily interrupts and drags Sami away from EJ. EJ calls Patrick with orders to keep Bo distracted on the day after Christmas while he takes care of everything else.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Since neither Jax nor Sonny is supposed to be at the church play, Jason and Sam show up to support the boys and Carly. Ned comes to town for Christmas and stops to see Alexis. Monica overhears Lulu and Dillon discussing the case. Sonny shows up at the last minute to see the play. Bobbi gives Lulu Laura's ring, sent by Luke, to keep for her mother. Lucky comforts Maxie. Kristina speaks and wishes Alexis a Merry Christmas. Jason brings Cam a present that Liz was desperate to find, but could not. Edward allows Lorenzo to come by the Q manor, since he's part of the Skye and Lilah Rae package.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The show opens with Alan and Alan-Michael talking. Ava visits Olivia and her little sister. Coop and Marina spend some time together. Jonathan is on the phone. Lizzie looks at him through a window while he is on the phone, then she comes in and grabs the phone from him to talk to who she thinks is Tammy, but it is dead air. Tammy and Marina talk about Jonathan. Jonathan tells Lizzie the phone call was a Christmas surprise, and he gives her half of her present, a motorcycle helmet. Jonathan tells her he is now going to get her the other gift and leaves. Marina talks to Coop about Ava, and her "parents". Alan visits Lizzie. Lizzie is upset and tells him he is ignoring the restraining order. Alan says it is lifted, thanks to Doris. Lizzie tells him to get out. Jonathan and Tammy meet at the barn and get caught by Cassie. Marina and Remy bump into each other doing Christmas shopping. Olivia watches her younger daughter open Ava's gift. Alan-Michael and Mandy talk about the job proposal she was to leave for Ava. Coop and Ava are about to depart for England when Jeffry stops Coop to give him Ava's Christmas present that Jeffrdy just got her. Ava is in the ladie's room during this time. Jeffrey leaves without giving Ava her present after finding Jonathan and Tammy. Cassie says she'd be a hypocrite if she told them to stop seeing each other since she and Josh are doing the same thing. Lizzie calls Alan's psycho doctor to have Alan committed. Ava shuts her cellphone off as Alan-Michael tries to call her. Jeffry runs into Olivia at a bar. Looks like the flight to England is delayed for Coop and Ava. Ava turns on her cellphone for messages and finds out about the job offer. Alan is led away by the doctor's assistants. Jonathan has left his wedding ring in the barn; Beth finds Jonathan's wedding ring when she goes to the barn to spy on Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer didn't realize that Paige had gotten her license back and could practice medicine again. He still feels that she shouldn't be working on him. She doesn't think it makes a difference since everyone wants to kill him anyway. Bo has posted a guard at the door just in case anyone wants to kill him. Michael and Marcie come to see John and are surprised to see that Natalie isn't wearing the engagement ring. Michael sits with John who tells Natalie she should go and be with her family. She tells that she and Michael has a surprise. John is going to be transferred to Llanview hospital where Michael can look after him and John can be closer to home. Natalie does go to see her family and is surprised to see Roxy there. "You were the one who invited me," Roxy says. Natalie forgot. Roxy knows that all that the girl has John on the brain and not much else. Natalie says his to a few people at the Christmas celebration at her house and then she is gone again. She goes to the Llanview hospital to see Spencer. At first the cop doesn't want to let her in the room but then he knows her uncle so he lets her through. Spencer immediately wants to know what she is doing there. "Oh I just came to give John his Christmas present," she says grinning. Natalie tells that she has just there to see that he is as bad off as she thought. She can't wait to tell John that. Jessica finds an extra gift under the tree with her name on it. Viki watches as she opens it. It is a gold locket with a heart at the bottom. Jessica isn't as thrilled as Viki would expect and so she guesses correctly that the gift was from Nash and not Antonio. Jessica finds it to be too personal and heads out to Nash's vineyard where he is visiting with Bree. She tells him that she can't accept it, she says to him. She doesn't know what it means. He can see that she hasn't even opened it yet. she opens the heart and finds a picture of Bree inside. She gets it now and they laugh. Antonio arrives unexpectedly and is happy to find the two. John and Natalie exchange gifts. She gets him a jewelry piece…it is the patron saint of lovers. Her gift will be dinner at the palace as soon as he can make it there. "It won't be any old dinner either. I wish that I could kiss you now. I love you Natalie," he tells her. "I love you John. "Talia relieves the cop watching Spencer's door. She looks in the man's room and sees that he is asleep. She closes the door and goes back to her post. He isn't really sleeping and he Spencer talks to himself. "Don't worry Spencer, Christmas will just be coming a little late this year… Ain't that right Santa?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney and Chad began their wedding today, with TC managing to get there to walk his daughter down the aisle. Earlier, Jared had gone to get Chad from the seedy motel where he'd been with his lover, and it seems the lover has threatened to tell Whitney if he marries her. JT Cornell and Rebecca played one of their sex games, and then he dressed in drag and left her behind after refusing to let her keep the memory card that has all the information about everyone he's blackmailing on it. He went to his old tabloid office, put the card in an envelope marked "Merry Christmas", and slipped it under the door, hoping they will print all of it and make a ton of money for him, as the largest stockholder of the paper. Someone watched him doing this, but didn't show themself.

Ethan is determined to get the information he paid JT for to prove Jared is no good for Theresa, much to the dismay of Gwen. She also wasn't too happy to see the way he was staring at her enemy as she participated in Whitney's wedding. Fox was sure Jessica's story about the fake Miguel and Charity pulling their faces off was dismissed as drunken rambling. Sheridan paid her niece a visit and found Luis there, very upset at the news his new love had slipped into a coma and might not wake up. His ex listened as he begged God to wake her up, and when it happened, she left quietly before being seen. Luis was thrilled Fancy woke up, but she still worried about what had happened to her and whether they will catch the guy or not. A huge crate arrived for Tabitha from Norma and Edna, saying it was to bring "piece" between them. She opened it, with Endora standing by to magically stop anything bad that might come out, and it turned out to be the two women themselves.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

No recap due to Christmas!

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