Thursday 12/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Kendall lingers at Fusion, not ready to leave behind the memories of Simone and Erin. Bianca and Jack share a moment and declare that they are still going to be there for each other, no matter what happens with Erica. Later, Bianca also shares a close moment with Zach. She can tell something is bothering him, but as usual, he keeps his secrets to himself. Later, Zach surprises Kendall with Christmas decorations at their place, including a railroad set up for Spike. They start kissing. Jeff denies to Erica that he got her the gift she found. Spurred on by Colby, Sean confirms to Erica that Jack sent it to her. Colby keeps plotting, but Sean doesn't think her plan to get Erica home for Christmas will work. Jack wonders what they are up to. Sean realizes that Colby is actually very smart - she just doesn't apply herself in school. Jeff invites Erica to go see the Christmas oratorio "The Messiah" with him.

Krystal entertains the sick children at the hospital. She is dressed up as Mrs. Claus. Adam helps her reluctantly, dressed as Scrooge instead of Santa. They put on a good show for the kids. Babe begs Dixie not to threaten Adam and Krystal's marriage over a lie. Dixie keeps on her case until Babe sort of lets slip that it's awful living with the lies. Later, seeking different answers, Dixie asks Bianca how she was able to forgive Babe for kidnapping Miranda. Bianca tells her that she didn't forgive her. Meanwhile, Babe warns Krystal about Dixie. Tad tries to work in his office, but he's haunted by memories of his lost daughter and of burying Greg. Livia drops by and tells him that she knows he killed Greg. They have a chat about his soul being gone, and about religion and faith. Tad concludes that he is lost and goes back to having his haunted memories.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With the little kids enjoying all the merriment, Ridge laments to the Forrester’s how lucky they all are. Stephanie thanks them for going with her to the women’s shelter and handing out the gifts. The wayward college son, Thomas, is welcomed. Felicia urges Eric to scrap his plans to bring Ann and Pamela there for Christmas. He opines if they can’t all forgive and forget at Christmas, then it can’t ever be done. Pamela opines to Ann that it’s been thirty years since they spent time at Christmas with family; she thinks they should not be critical of Stephanie but focus on having a good time. Ann wails that she wants Stephanie back in her life so much, but she knows she hates her and she’s hoping for too much. At Bridget’s beach house, Shane and Phoebe share a quick Christmas before she joins the others. He vows to make something of himself for her. Stephanie tells Eric that look at their family – a very tough year for all of them, yet they have come out stronger than ever. She’s delighted when she hears he’s going to give her a very special Christmas present. With the help of R.J. and Hope, Ridge shanghais Brooke and explains to them the story of the mistletoe as they kiss. Stephanie gives Alexandria a photo album of her mommy Darla, Thorne and Alexandria and then some new pages for her to put in the back of the book of Taylor and Thorne so she can make new memories. Darla is the spirit of Christmas says Stephanie. And indeed Darla silently speaks to Allie that she is sharing this Christmas with her.

Without knowing what is to come, Stephanie tells her family that any wound can be healed and any mistake can be forgiven and any wrong can be righted. She thanks them for their support these last couple of weeks – they are her family….the only family she has ever wanted. She answers the door with Ann telling her Merry Christmas. Stephanie feels ambushed again and tells Ann she is not welcome. She was not invited. She is spending the day with her family and she beckons Pamela to take her mother and leave.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve surprises Kayla with tickets to see Clay Aiken’s concert but Kayla doesn’t think they can go since Alice has picked Steve to read the Christmas story at the hospital this year. Steve promises to take Kayla to the last half of the concert after the party. Hope doesn’t want to leave with Patrick during Christmas so Patrick threatens to press charges against Bo. Hope calls Patrick’s bluff by dialing the police for him but Patrick yanks the phone out of her hand. Hope stands her ground so Patrick gives in. Shawn decides that he’s going to make peace with Mimi and ask Max for his job back. After talking with a fellow patron, Shawn and Belle decide to use the remainder of EJ’s payments for good and buy gifts for the children at the hospital. The patron turns out to be another person working for Victor. Mimi and Max come close to kissing but pull away. Max finds a sledgehammer and hatchet but the attempt to break through the trap door using the tools doesn’t work. The stranger passing by on the ground floor insists on being paid for helping. Max makes a deal with the man to give half the money currently on them upfront but as soon as he passes the cash through the cracks, the man bails on them. Max realizes that there is an opening behind the wall.

John tells Abe, Roman, and Bo that he plans to retire from helping the police. John retiring simply to please her bothers Marlena. Abe agrees to give Bo back his gun and badge. John shows Roman, Abe, and Bo the death card he was given and Marlena allows John to join the discussion about the investigation. Lucas has to convince a scared Sami to tell the police what she overhead from EJ. Sami apologizes to Marlena for all the hurt she caused trying to get Roman and Marlena back together. John suggests using a decoy EJ trusts to give EJ a fake warning about the police being on to him. Roman reluctantly agrees to let Sami be that decoy and though Sami agrees, Lucas is against the idea.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Maxie succeeds in making everyone believe she suffered a miscarriage. A guilty Lucky blames himself for Maxie's "miscarriage" and vows to make it up to her. Jason tells Elizabeth he believes Ric planted the drugs in Lucky's desk drawer.

Carly insists that Jax go rescue Jerry even though it means postponing their wedding. Sam convinces Alexis to try smoking marijuana to get some relief from her pain. Alexis ends up getting high with Spinelli. Colleen heads back to Port Charles.

GL Recap Written by Beth

 Reva spies on Billy and new girlfriend buying gifts. Olivia consoles Buzz on Coop's leaving. Coop and Ava talking about England via cellphones. Josh and Cassie having a tender moment until Reva comes to tell them about Billy and his Girlfriend buying gifts. Reva wants Josh and Cassie's help in saving Billy from his new girlfiend. Ava tries to talk to Jeffrey again this time about England. Ava's present to Jeffery is her jack-knife. Buzz's gift to Coop is Comic Books for his trip. After seeing Buzz, Olivia goes to Ava's but doesn't knock. She looks in seeing Ava pack. Coop and Buzz say their goodbyes. Josh sees through Reva. Reva has second thoughts about Billy's new girlfriend, Sheila. Josh, Reva, Billy and Sheila meet up. Josh and Reva ask Sheila about herself. Sheila tells Reva what she wants to get Billy and asks if he'll like it. Billy tells Josh what he is giving Sheila. Josh and Reva compare notes. Josh is now worried about Billy. Coop tells A-M off about Ava. Ava and Buzz have a nice moment. Ava wishes Buzz was her Dad. Jeffrey tells Olivia he saw Ava again and she tried to give him and it didn't turn out the way Olivia is thinking. Coop overhears the fight of Olivia and Jeffery. Cassie finds out Sheila has a criminal record. Coop intercepts a letter from A-M to Ava about a job offer.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Jessica sees Claudia and Nash talking and goes over to see Nash. Jessica explains to Nash why she has more gifts. She went shopping to get Bree more things. She looked under the tree and didn’t feel that there were enough presents there. "Well, why shouldn't she get twice as many presents? I mean, she has two daddies and two mommies right?" Nash and Jessica stare at Claudia silently, surprised by what she's said. "What?" Claudia asks. "Did I say something wrong?" Nash joins Jessica at a table in the restaurant and they talk about Bree. She gives him a copy of some photos of the child and she arranges to drop Bree off the next day for his visit with her. She and Antonio will be celebrating that night for Christmas and Jessica invites Nash to come but he is getting used to being alone and begs off. Spencer is back to his old self now that he has had his anesthetic wear off. He lays chained to a bed and hooked up to tubes. Clint and Bo come to see the crazy bastard and they tell him that it is finally over. He will never be free again. He can't hurt anyone anymore. That is the message that they have for Spencer from their father. Spencer doesn't care what Asa says. He will get out of the hospital and he will get out of prison and he will have his revenge. Bo warns Spencer that he had better not hurt anyone ever again. Bo vows to stop him himself. Vincent pushes Antonio and Officer Sahid to find out about his fire, and so the report from the fire department is sent over and the fire is found to have been deliberately set. Now Antonio can look into this. Vincent still thinks that his case will not get attention that it deserves. When asked for a list of enemies, Vincent calls out Antonio and Cristian's name to Officer Sahid who will be taking Vincent's statement. Todd is at the hospital with Marty in a private room at the hospital. He has been denied access to Blair and that angers him. Marty tells him that nothing sinister is going on. It is just the rules of the hospital. She assures him that he will be able to see her the next day or so. He tells Marty that she really screwed things up by telling everyone that Spencer was insane. She wonders if he has ever really taken responsibility for anything in his entire live. While they are talking, Paige comes to the room. She tells that Blair has made it through but the baby is gone. The placenta got dislodged due to the fall and the baby just didn't make it. It was a boy and he was 4 months old. Todd is sad at first but then he shakes it off. He didn't plan his kids. He realizes sadly that he has one kid lost or dead and one dead for sure.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan continued searching for JT Cornell, and Gwen continued to urge him not to. She even brought out the pity-me card by saying he's trying to prove Jared is bad because she can't give him a son. JT was at the seedy Safari Motel with Rebecca, dressed as a woman and afraid for his life. Never fear, proximity to Bex soon had him worrying about getting to his room with her. Jessica watched in horror as the fake Charity and Miguel removed their masks and talked about Fox's plan to force Kay to marry him. She ran straight to Tabitha's to tell everyone the truth, but her story of aliens taking their faces off and it's all Fox's doing lost something in translation due to the fact she was drunk as a skunk. Miguel became suspicious, but no one else paid any attention. Tabby figured the truth is coming out at last, but was too worried by having Norma and Edna caroling outside her front door to care much.

Sheridan watched Luis watching Eve work on Fancy as her heart stopped, and wasn't happy to hear him urging her niece not to leave him because he loves her. Once the girl was ok again, Luis, Julian, and Ivy went in to visit, then left, and Sheridan got her turn to go in and urge her comatose niece to forget Luis. Julian and Ivy seemed to bond over their daughter's health scare and ended up at the mansion, kissing passionately. Theresa, Jared, Chad, and Whitney were at the mansion, planning Chad and Whitney's wedding set for the next day. Jared tried to propose to her again, but was interrupted yet again, and left. Theresa presented Whitney with her dream wedding gown while Chad ran off to the seedy motel to meet his lover.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad has been notified that he has to take a DNA test, but he isn't all that worried. He knows that the cops only want to main his past, he thinks. Victor tells Nikki that he is not pleased that Victoria has been lying. Brad is hiding something. Victor tells that he has hired someone to look deeper into Brad's murky background. Kevin and Jana wake to find that Gloria isn't in the apartment. Kevin gives Jana her present. It is a book on serial killers. "How did you know?" she shrieks with glee. "Well you did drop a few hints," he jokes. They get ready to be with the family at Michael and Lauren's place. When they arrive, Kevin is introduced to Joanna. She tells him that she loves it there and is planning on staying. She doesn't see a need to get an apartment. Why should she when she can stay there? Kevin overhears Jana lying to his mother about her family, and suggests to Jana that they go downstairs and get some presents that they left there. When they get to the apartment, Kevin asks Jana why she lied to Gloria just now. Jana tells that she didn't see a need to tell her that she isn't with her family for the holidays because she can't get along with them. She didn't want to spoil Christmas. She is disappointed. She thought that he had brought her down there to make love to her again like he did that morning. He didn't plan on that but that is what they do. At Nick and Phyllis's place, Sharon comes over while Phyllis is upstairs with the baby. They both talk nicely and honestly about their wishes for the best for each other. Phyllis comes to the top of the stairs and listens as the two talk and say Merry Christmas. Nick and Sharon lean in for a kiss but it is strange as they don't know whether to go in for a peck on the lips or cheeks. "Oh hi Phyllis," Sharon says afterwards when she turns and heads for the door. At the ranch, Victor and Nikki have decided that this year everyone will be getting present from the past. Nikki gets the first piano piece that she ever played…Victor gets an old McCloud-like coat that he used to wear around the ranch. Victor gets an essay that she wrote in elementary school. "You lied about it. Remember? You said that you lost it on the school bus, but the important thing is that you eventually told the truth," Nikki says. Ashley gets the first perfume that she ever put on the market. She is thrilled. Jack and Brad gets stationary. It is Newman stationary and it has Brad and Jack's names at the top. Jack finds that to be a strange sort of gift. "I get a kick out of it," Victor says smiling. "It is to remind me of how you and Brad almost got one over on me."

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