Wednesday 12/20/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Pine Valley residents gather for Erin and Simone's funeral. Tad, Kendall, and others speak up about the two and share stories. Aidan and Tad try to pressure Derek to find the killer. Amanda tries to cheer up Jonathan; they go to the boathouse. He worries about giving her the wrong impression, but she is fully aware of his feelings. He asks her to stay with him. Dixie pleads with Krystal to help Tad by giving him his child. Later, she gets Babe alone and tries to get the truth from her about the baby. J.R. talks to Stuart about how he feels about Babe. Stuart tries to help him get past his anger. Adam and Krystal continue to have their party with the truckers.

Miranda and Emma go to Fusion, cheering up Bianca and the others who are there for the memorial reception. Erica offers some words of comfort to Ryan about how she dealt with her mother's death. Livia suggests to Jack that he and Erica get back together, since time is precious. Livia also advises Erica not to get the divorce. Jack and Erica admire each other's children, especially their strength through this crisis. Josh picks up Ryan's glass so he can test his DNA; then he gets Emma's DNA by having her sip on a juice box. Ryan makes a speech at the reception. Zach wants to hire Tad to find the killer, starting with investigating his past. Zach explains that he thinks the killer is someone from his past. Sean agrees that if he helps Colby with her plans, she will go with him to New York City on New Year's Eve. Erica finds a gift on her desk.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Elwood tells Casey about his visit from the man from and how they have supposedly flunked out. The man comes looking for Casey and Elwood and asks Will and Maddie if they know them? Adam and Gwen share a thrilling moment, which leads to a kiss, seen by none other then Iris. Jack gets an unpleasant visit from Prince Adolpho, who shares that his jewels have been stolen. He wants Jack to find the thief or he will ruin his career. Jack tells Carly the gig is up, but Carly tries to cover by still claiming she knows nothing. Jack thinks the only way Carly won’t end up in jail is if she walks away from Simon. Paul comes looking for Meg and ends up on the business end of Emma’s shotgun. Meg shows up and agrees to talk to him; she won’t take him back and shows him that Craig played him again. He pleads with her, but Meg won’t budge and it looks like Paul is going for good, as Meg breaks down. Gwen and Adam talk about the kiss on the plane ride home but he chalks it up to the events of the day and essentially blows it off, as Iris sits close by. The man from the poker site confronts Casey and Elwood and tells them they have been tracking them and are in serious trouble. Maddie and Will interrupt, but Casey claims it is about Elwood needing a tutor. Later, Adam interrupts and the man tells him about Casey and Elwood’s extra curricular activities. Adam pays the man the $2,800 he is owed. Jack tries to convince Carly how she needs to save herself, but she doesn’t seem to be jumping at his advice until Jack is ready to leave; Carly decides she won’t go near Simon right now, but Jack explains that it needs to last forever if she wants to keep her family and freedom. Adam tells Gwen in order for her to be a success she needs to leave school for a while. Gwen and Will share a happy homecoming and they share their good news, but things go downhill when Gwen mentions Adam’s suggestion of her leaving school, just in time for Will to start. Adam tells Casey he needs to tell their parents about his problem. Iris toys with Will about Gwen and Adam’s new relationship. Paul becomes enraged while driving about Craig and soon he loses control of his car.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Stephanie cajole over some old Christmas traditions. He says her mother’s love may not have been what she needed then, but perhaps it is what she needs now. Stephanie is surprised that he’s seated in his mother’s rooting section. They liplock until Felicia catches them. No mistletoe, are they having sex again? She reveals her Italian Stallion is coming home for Christmas. Stephanie wants to push her into a wedding, but Felicia tells her to content herself with bossing Thorne and Ridge around for now. Eric laments to Felicia he wishes he could think of something extraordinary to get Stephanie for Christmas. Ridge reads a story to the kids and his happy family reflects on Alexandria’s sad Christmas without a mommy. Thorne and Taylor help Alexandria decorate her house, even putting up her Mommy stocking. Thorne tells Taylor that having Christmas alone in his house would have been terrible, but here in a new house surrounded by everyone, it has to be better. They share their philosophy that with every ending is a new beginning. They share that they are having a new beginning.

Ridge and Brooke get amorous but are interrupted by Stephanie who wants to speak with Brooke. They wax poetic about their differences in the past but going to be daughter-in-law and mother-in-law again, and Stephanie’s glad they are going to have a second chance. The family is going to be re-united and it wouldn’t have happened except for Brooke. She’s happy that the house is peaceful again this year – brothers and sisters, fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, the ability to forgive. But, she can not forgive her mother. As far as she is concerned, she died thirty years ago and is dead and buried and she never wants to see her again. Eric calls Pamela and speaks with Ann too and invites them there to his house for Christmas dinner. He will send the jet and make all the arrangements and they will be very comfortable. He hopes because she tried once and it didn’t work out that she’s not going to give up. Felicia tells her father this could have been the nicest Christmas ever, and now it’s going to be a train wreck.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ calls Patrick down to Talladega and announces his plans for them to return to Salem together despite John having figured out their plans. Patrick refuses to return to Salem so EJ threatens Bonnie. EJ orders Patrick to kidnap Hope but Patrick refuses. EJ tells Patrick of his plans to kill three men in Salem, the first being John. Patrick wants to know the names of the other two men but EJ refuses to tell him. Mimi and Max work together to stand up while still tied back to back An attempt to turn face to face ends in them both falling to the floor. Mimi fishes for a pocketknife out of Max’s pocket and is able to cut the ropes that bind them. After discovering that they are in a church basement, they find that Victor has left them a couple days worth of provisions.

Steve pulls Billie aside to tell her that he’s staying with Kayla. Before he can get the words out, Kayla’s return speaks for him and Billie refuses to hear any explanation. Kayla convinces Steve to send Billie a letter of apology. Chelsea surprises Billie when she comforts Billie and suggests getting a job so they can find an apartment for just the two of them. Hope isn’t angry with Bo for breaking into the mansion. Roman fills Bo and Hope in on what John and Marlena learned in Italy and gives in to Bo’s request to join the renewed investigation after Hope sticks up for Bo. Roman asks Abby and Chelsea to use their knowledge of young people’s hangouts to find places where Max and Mimi might be stashed. Bo gives Abby the idea of visiting city hall to see a list of properties Victor owns.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky asks Lulu to help him regain Liz's trust. Later, he accuses Maxie of planting the drugs. Patrick's refused a lease in an apartment, probably because he treats AIDS patients until he threatens a lawsuit. Jax sees Carly in her wedding gown. The charges against Sam are dropped. Spinelli tries to find Jason another girlfriend, via the net. Jason is not pleased. Michael decides to accept Jax. Alexis has a bad reaction to the chemo. Liz moves toward deciding to tell Jason the truth. When Maxie and Lucky argue, she falls.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The show opens with Jonathan & the baby & Lizzie in the same bed. Tammy daydreaming of her and Jonathan. Opening Credits. Tammy now talking to herself until Remy walks out of the shower. Tammy then goes to town. Still talking to herself about being the other woman Beth and Mel have it out again this time though with Tammy a few feet away. Tammy hears Beth and Mel yelling at each other about being the other woman. Tammy then goes to spy on Jonathan and the baby in town talking to Santa. Tammy goes up to them and they talk small talk about Christmas. Later Tammy gets a text message from Jonathan??? to meet at the barn. Lizzie now is talking to herself about being a good wife and mother. Later on Reva catches Lizzie trying to cook.. Lizzie asks Reva to try it. Reva says it stinks (smells), and looks worse. Reva gives some advice to Lizzie about being herself. And that she has a chance with Jonathan. Jonathan tries Lizzie's dish and pretends to choke on it. But says, "It's pretty good." Lizzie and Lillian later go Christmas Shopping and Lizzie gets her Gram a piece of jewelry. They talk about Jonathan. At home Lizzie finds a letter in an old magazine, reads it and sees it is from Tammy to Jonathan and tears it up and tries to vacuum the pieces of paper. Lizzie then reads a text message to meet Jonathan. Jonathan still is at home talking to the baby. Later, outside, near his bike he hears the baby cry on the baby monitor, picks her up and starts talking. Jonathan goes to Josh's to find Tammy but runs into Josh, who gives him some fatherly advice and praise. Later alone Jonathan gets a text message. At the barn Jonathan, Lizzie and then Tammy meet up. Lizzie blames the meeting on Alan. Lizzie then goes to see her Alan and tells Alan he was right about Jonathan and Tammy. Seems Alan is the one that set it up. Jonathan plays with the baby Tammy daydreams about Jonathan. Tammy gets a package for Cassie. When she tries to stop the delivery guy to get some info on it Jonathan appears at the door, they kiss. Lizzie gets angry at Alan and punches him in the mouth for setting her up. Jonathan tells Tammy he can't leave Lizzie and the baby right now. Lizzie comes home finding Lillian babysitting.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Michael's peers are worried that he shouldn't do this operation. They know that this could be a terrible mistake. Michael tells everyone that he will be fine. He wants the crazy bastard to live. Vincent has gone to the station to report the fire. Something is wrong. A man died in the fire. It was Ted. Vincent feels that this was deliberate and that a full investigation is needed. Cristian thinks that Vincent set this fire himself. He feels that this is an insurance scam for money. Trouble with that is Vincent hasn't got insurance on the building. Money was tight and he couldn't afford it. Antonio is skeptical and tells Vincent that he will call him if anything comes up. Vincent can see that he won't be getting any help from the cops. He leaves frustrated and drives around for a while, ending up at John's room. He tells the story of his troubles and tells that he only came there to talk. That was where he used to come to talk when he thought that he was talking to Hugh. John is willing to listen and at the end of it all, John sees that Vincent is really there to get some help with his case. "I want you to get Vega and the boys in blue to start helping me…If not I might get help from a certain little redheaded forensics expert." John knows that will never happen. He knows that Natalie knows better than to stay away from him. John asks Vincent some questions about his building but Vincent is pretty tightlipped. Vincent finds that John is that way when questioned about his family. He finds it interesting that they have this trait in common. "That is all that we have in common," John assures him. Natalie returns and Vincent leaves. He watches Natalie talking to John through the window to the room and knows that they have more in common than just keeping things to themselves. Blair and Spencer go under the knife. Michael is warned over and over not to do the operation on Spencer, but he insists. He is a professional, and even Marty is strongly against this. Michael ignores everyone and does a splendid job. Spencer's life is saved. Michael wishes for the first time in his career that he hadn't been successful at an operation. "What about my baby?" Spencer asks when he comes to. Paige tells him that Blair is still being worked on and that just for the record, the baby isn't his. Dorian arrives and Todd walks up to her cuffed. "Is it true that Blair got a DNA test and that the baby is mine?" Dorian confirms that is true. Starr is thrilled and she and her father go to the chapel to pray. Blair's operation is over. The surgical staff have managed to save Blair's life for as for the baby…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan waited in vain for JT Cornell to show up with the proof he needs to show Jared is a bad guy. JT ran to his room after being shot at, and left later, dressed in drag. Rebecca saw the "woman" leave his room and gave chase, angry that she was messing with her man. What a surprise when she caught "her" and found it was JT. Ethan decided to go find the guy himself, and Gwen, worried of what JT might tell him, followed. Jared maintained his innocence of any sordid past, by Theresa seemed to wonder about it, although she assured him she does trust him. Chad, hinding his own blackmail note, agreed with Jared's thought that JT probably does need to die. Julian and Ivy argued about him helping Fox get Kay to marry him, since she can't stand the girl. That all fell by the wayside, however, when they were notified of Fancy's attack and her condition. They went to the hospital together.

Luis waited and worried about Fancy, and only got bad news from Eve. It seems the girl may not make it. Sheridan, who still wants Luis for herself, was moderately worried about her niece, but more worried about Luis' obvious love for her. Fox put another part of his plan in motion to convince Kay Miguel is cheating on her, but Jessica stumbled on his actors rehearsing their parts in their Miguel and Charity masks. After drinking, tho, will anyone believe her? Kay put her marriage plans in high gear, causing Miguel even more angst, as Noah, Paloma, and Jessica decorated Tabitha's home in Christmas finery as a surprise for her. She was worried about Norma and Edna showing and wasn't aware of what was going on, but she did manage to get a hint to Miguel that more is going on with Kay than he's aware of without Endora catching on.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Colleen tells Lily about sex with Professor Korbel. Lily joked that her friend might have kissed the man but she didn't expect to hear anything like she is hearing now. Lily tells Colleen that she should just forget about this and get on with her life. She worries that Korbel does this all the time with his students. Colleen is sure he doesn't. She tells Lily that if she knew Professor Korbel the way that she did, she would know that he couldn't do a thing like that. She has to address this. She feels that she should tell JT but it is going to hurt him so much. "I have to do the only thing that I can do. I have to break up with JT." When JT arrives at the loft, Colleen is alone. She is quiet and doesn't want to go out to dinner or get in her sexy pajamas for him. When JT tries to touch her, she backs away. He can see that something is wrong and waits for her to explain. "There is no way to tell you this so I will just come out and say it. I think that we should break up." JT senses that this has to do with Professor Korbel but Colleen denies it. He noticed that since she started working for the guy they have been arguing, but she says that this is about the both of them and not Adrian. She hurries out of the loft even though he calls to her to stay. JT heads to the boutique to talk to Lily about this but Lily won't say what is up. Amber listens in from a few feet away and learns that JT and Colleen are breaking up and that JT thinks that this has to do with Korbel. Lily admits that she knows what this is about but she can't talk about it. JT returns home and finds Colleen standing by the tree. She stops him when he starts talking about her wanting to break up with him. He doesn't want to talk about breaking up. It is Christmas Eve. He tells her that he background check on Korbel has come in and that she should be glad to know that the man checks out okay. JT tells that Korbel actually blew the whistle on another professor who was having an affair with a student. Colleen smiles. JT gives Colleen her present and she opens the box to find a ring inside. "I love you Colleen," JT says. At the Athletic Club, Adrian has a drink with Jack and both men are feeling blue as they talk over drinks. "Have you ever done something that was wrong, regretted it and then knew that you would do it again if given the chance?" Adrian asks. Jack knows exactly what that feels like. Adrian leaves and Will enters. Jack is surprised to see the man in the club again so soon. "What are you doing? Getting toasted for Christmas?" Jack jokes. Will is actually there to see him. "I need a sample of your DNA."

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