Tuesday 12/19/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Jamie dresses up like a Christmas elf for the kids at the hospital, thanks to Julia. Jamie kisses her under the mistletoe, grossing out the kids. Jamie then tells a great Christmas story to make the kids happy. Jamie tells Julia about the family tradition of wishing on a Christmas star, so he wishes that they would find Kate. Julia wishes for a child of her own. Dixie visits Tad, who is not feeling the Christmas spirit because of Simone's death. She chides him for giving up on hope and throwing away precious Christmas keepsakes. Dixie tells him that she thinks Krystal's baby is his and that Krystal is lying. Dixie cheers up Tad as they take out the Christmas decorations and act silly.

Adam gives Krystal a silver rattle for their new baby. Babe comes in from shopping, so Adam asks her to keep Krystal company so he can get another surprise for her (rather than visit J.R.). Adam brings in a big Christmas tree for them to decorate. He and Krystal keep making goo-goo eyes at each other. Babe is hopeful for the future. Adam wheels J.R. in so he can help with the decorating. Adam and Krystal leave the couple alone. J.R. is touched that Babe got him a gift that he wanted when he was little. Little Adam heads down to check out the tree, so they hide all his gifts. Later, Adam surprises Krystal with a party for her and her trucker friends. Bianca tells Zarf that she's not afraid of him. In fact, she sees herself when she looks at him. Zarf tells her that he needs her help. He tells her about his childhood in Indiana and how he wanted to be someone else. Miranda's nanny beings her there early, interrupting their chat, so Bianca invites Zarf to go with them to pick out their Christmas tree. Ryan and Annie's kissing is interrupted by Emma running in, thinking she heard Santa Claus. Ryan insists they get a tree right now. Stuart helps them pick out a great tree. Annie and Emma are surprised to find the apartment all decorated when they return, thanks to Ryan's preparations. They decorate their tree.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor urges Nick to dig a little deeper, try a little harder until he remembers more about this Captain Jerry Kramer……why he wanted him to stop dropping by. Nick maintains he can’t do this. He can’t sit around yapping about himself all day. Perhaps it was just as simple as the guy stopped bringing presents by. Ridge doesn’t think Taylor should be playing mind games with a nut like Marone. With all due respect, Thorne doesn’t think that it is his call, he doesn’t need backup. Jackie asks Nick how was his session with Taylor? He says he doesn’t feel any differently, but it’s interesting. She laments good times they remember and the bad ones, who cares? She is startled though when he brings up the name, Jerry Kramer, and asks if she remembers him? She basically dismisses it, but confesses she does remember the earrings and she kept everything Nick ever gave her so she is sure she still has them. She tells Nick that some of the men were vulgar and taught him to drink, but his childhood was healthy and how he got here now doesn’t matter. Taylor should be helping him with more important things like getting over the pain of losing Brooke. She’s highly distressed as she leaves. Thorne asks Ridge to be his best man and he accepts.

Jackie makes a beeline to Taylor and asks how the session went? Taylor can’t answer that because of patient confidentiality. Jackie laments there is nothing wrong with Nick and she strongly urges Taylor to help Nick get over Brooke is some other way, stop concentrating on the past. Taylor realizes she seems too concerned. Probing deeper, Nick realizes something is missing. What did he do? All he can remember is him asking Captain Kramer to leave and never come back.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope tells Steve and Kayla about Max and Mimi being missing so they join the family at the Pub. Billie anxiously talks with Hope about seeing Steve again but Hope avoids telling Billie the truth. Billie hugs Steve when she sees him walk in. Billie finds out that Kate is traveling to Canada with Victor and accuses Kate of traveling with Victor with romantic intentions. Marlena finds the death card John left in his pocket and John tries to downplay the threat. Marlena pleads for John to give up the investigation and he finally agrees.

Bo talks Roman into letting him search Victor’s mansion without a search warrant. When Bo learns Steve has his memory back, he enlists Steve’s help in the search. They find Philip’s makeshift hospital room and are able to grab Philip’s used bandages from the trashcan before having to slip out the back to avoid Victor’s security team. Chelsea gushes about how Max and Mimi probably ran off together and an angry Abby comes close to blabbing about Lonely Splicer’s true identity. Chelsea confronts Abby until Abby admits her true feelings for Max. Chelsea later apologizes to Abby crediting her changed demeanor to her online beau. Max and Mimi are tied together in a basement.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lucky insists to a disbelieving Elizabeth that he isn't back on drugs. Lucky gives Elizabeth proof that he tested negative for drugs. Elizabeth makes it clear to Lucky that she wants him out of her and her children's lives. Ric confesses to a priest that he's committed sins to get what he wants. Sam and Jason deal with their new living arrangement when Lulu calls in her favor and asks Jason to let Spinelli move into the penthouse.

Colleen anticipates a life closer than ever before to Spencer. Jax and Carly make up as they look forward to spending the future together.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Cooper family gets ready for Christmas pictures. Mallet and Dinah have some fun until he gets a call. Dinah spots a small hand held police scanner. Lizzie and Jonathan are home, and Lizzie wants to make love. Jonathan thinks back to making love with Tammy. Mallet's call was about 2 kids in need of Christmas. Marina brings Tammy over to see Harley and Gus' new addition. Lizzie is pretending she is having a romantic time with Jonathan. Alan and Beth have a fight over Lizzie and Jonathan. Beth says she will not go with any plan of Alan's, until he threatens her.. Marina and Tammy have a talk about Jonathan. Jonathan says to Lizzie he cares for her. Marina gives Tammy advice about Jonathan. Beth and Alan still argue over Jonathan and Lizzie. Tammy runs into Jonathan and Lizzie, who makes it like she and Jonathan are going home to make more love.. Ava talks to Coop about Christmas. At home, Jonathan and Lizzie share a tender moment with their daughter while in bed. While the song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is being sung, it shows the cast getting ready for Christmas.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Antonio and Jessica are making love, when the phone rings. Antonio hates to do it but he answers. Jessica goes to the window and sees Nash and Layla walking. They are smiling and familiar. They laugh and then hug. Antonio comes to Jessica at the window to tell that he has been called into work. Jessica ventures to the window again after Antonio leaves but the baby starts crying and so she tends to her. Jessica dresses the child and gets in the car to see the Christmas lights. She finds Nash walking and offers him a ride. He accepts and wonders what she is doing there. She tells that the baby wouldn’t sleep. She asks about the date and learns that Nash and Layla hit it out of the park and will be seeing each other again. "That's great," Jessica manages to say. Blair is wheeled off for her surgery. "Is it mine or Truman's?" Michael tells Todd that he has to do this surgery or Blair could possibly bleed out on the inside. He follows Blair's gurney out of the area. Bo starts walking to Todd again to cuff him. Todd tells the man that his family is on the line right now and he begs to be allowed to stay at the hospital. "Blair's pregnant!" Bo had no idea. Spencer is laying nearby on his stretcher and he overhears Todd talking to Bo. "Blair's pregnant? Then we're gonna have a family," Spencer says. "I got to tell Blair how happy I am that we are going to have a baby," Spencer smirks from his gurney. Todd's face turns lethal and it is a good thing that Bo is there to stand before him and stop him from taking the couple of steps over to the man to fix his wagon again. "Dad! Dad!" Starr shouts running in. "Where's mom? Is she going to be alright?" She looks up into her father's face frantic with worry. He isn't pleased to see Marty and her son there, but Bo explains that he left Starr with Marty when he got the emergency call and that there isn't anything to worry about. Starr overhears Spencer ranting about Blair having his baby and he turns to her father horrified that this could be true. Todd can't answer her. He doesn't know. Michael lets Todd go and see Blair but only for two minutes. Todd comes to Blair now. He touches her hand. "We have to talk Todd. We have to talk about the baby," she tells him in a small voice. Starr is upset and so Cole sits with her and tells her that this might not be a bad thing. Maybe it will be something that brings your parents back together again. Todd goes in to see Blair before her surgery. She is weak but glad to see him. "I have to talk to you. I did a DNA test. The baby is yours." Todd breathes a sigh of relief and Blair is wheeled away for surgery.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

While Ethan waited at the Seascape for JT Cornell to bring him the information he gathered on Jared, he couldn't help but tell Jared, Theresa, Chad, and Whitney about it, and that he was finally going to prove Jared is a really, really, bad guy. However, JT was having problems getting into the restaurant, first because of a phone call from Rebecca and Gwen begging him not to give Ethan the info, and lastly because someone shot at him before he could get in the door. He beat a quick retreat to this room, where he barracaded the door and thanked God for the briefcase that had stopped the bullet meant for him. Meanwhile, Ethan waited, Theresa kept telling him he had nothing, and Jared tried to say he's done nothing wrong. Chad got a letter from the blackmailer, AKA JT Cornell, and Jared couldn't help the "I told you so" remark. Miguel continued trying to get Kay to talk to Charity, but she wasn't interested. She told him to get lost, then ran away, and when he tried to follow her, Simone stopped him. Fox managed to get the faux Miguel and Charity out of the house, unseen by anyone else, and was thrilled when Kay said she wanted to move up their wedding yet again.

At the church, a Christmas party for needy kids was underway, with Jessica, Eve, Sheridan, Chris, James, Spike, Noah, and Paloma there to help Father Lonigan. Spike kept bugging Chris, who wanted him to stay away from him, but the pest had to remind him to keep the Crane money pouring into his offshore bank account. Eve was pleased Sheridan now seemed to accept Luis and Fancy being together, but soon wondered about it when Sher began running Fancy down and saying she and Luis would never last together. Noah kissed Paloma under the mistletoe, and Jessica worried about what Grace would say when she came home. Luis kept trying to wake Fancy up, who seemed to be dying from the slap on her face and rape. The perp got away by jumping out a window, but not before he almost knifed Luis. He left his blood on the glass when he went, tho. Tabby was still trying to tell Kay about the fake Miguel and Charity, but Endora kept giving her literal frogs in her throat, so she soon gave up. She tried to hurry out of town before Norma and Edna paid their annual Christmas visit, but was stopped by a beautiful doll sent to them from the two. They decided it needed to be tossed, even tho it seemed harmless.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is told of the accident and she and Nick go to see Daniel nearby. He has fractured ribs and will be fine. Phyllis isn't happy that she didn't know right away that he was hurt. He could have died. Phyllis gets a visit from Victor and Nikki who are glad to meet their new grandchild. Victor is thrilled. Phyllis calls Michael and Lauren to come and visit. They get ready to go to the hospital and are ready to go out the door when Lauren suddenly decides that she should really stay home instead. Michael heads out alone. Lily is with Daniel and she fills him in on the fuzzy memories that he has of the night before. He has fractured ribs and a pnuemo-something. He has a tube in him that helps him to breathe but otherwise he is going to be fine. Joanna and Gloria Victoria tells Brad that her father was asking questions at Indigo and she told him that Brad had a brother who died and that Brad took over his identity. Brad is furious. "Do you know what you have done?" He tells that this is only going to peak Victor's curiosity now and he will have more questions than ever. He and Victoria head out to the hospital to see the new baby. Brad and Nikki go for coffee and Victor and Victoria sit and talk. Victor says that he likes Rebecca and asks how she is. Victoria says that she is a wonderful mother-in-law. "You should bring her to the Christmas party. The more family there the better," he says. Nikki and Brad are returning from getting their coffees and Nikki tells him that she had no idea that he had a brother. "I don't like to talk about that," Brad says. Nikki says that she understands but the second that she is with Victor again she tells him how Brad shied away from the question when she brought it up. They know that both Brad and Victoria are lying to them. That is unacceptable to Victor. JT and Colleen show up to help Victoria with her rescheduling of the event. Adrian is there and ignores Colleen the entire time. He doesn't even look at her. He leaves before the work is done, telling he has some exams to take care of. JT and Colleen go home later and he is feeling amorous. She tells him that she is too tired. He understands and decides to go and have a shower. He promises to make breakfast for them when he gets out. He calls Michael and tells him that he wants him to look into something. He wants Brad investigated. "He has been living under an assumed name for some years now. He supposedly had a brother that had the name and that died." Michael feels that this is something that Paul would be better at handling. Victor doesn't want anyone else to know about this aside from Michael.

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