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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

As Zach sees the newspaper article about the killings, he remembers seeing a young woman with the same type of ribbon and gardenias that Simone and Erin had when they died. He doesn't share all this with Kendall, but she can tell he's hiding something. Derek drops by to see Zach, so Zach asks Kendall to go visit Ryan. Derek questions Zach, but he doesn't get much info. They wonder if Zarf is involved in the murders. Annie helps Ryan make funeral preparations for Erin. Kendall visits and tries to comfort Ryan, but he is trying to be strong and just tells her to go home to Spike. Kendall goes home and shares her frustrations with Zach. Zach gets a drawing from one of his men of a young girl with a flower, so he leaves suddenly. Annie tries to get Ryan to open up so he can grieve. He can only see that he let Erin down. Later, he does break down crying in her arms. Jonathan goes to Fusion to get Erin's things. Danielle is surprised that Livia is back in town. Livia offers her support and sympathy but tells Dani that she's staying with her and Tom for now so that Derek won't worry. Livia gets flustered when she meets Zarf because she knows his work and is a fan. Jonathan and Amanda find a collage that Erin made of photos from her life, and some comics that Ryan left her a long time ago. Zarf tries to offer words of comfort to Jonathan about how much Erin loved him. Later, Zach confronts Zarf about the drawing and asks why he killed her.

J.R. is not happy that Josh was standing behind Babe during the Fusion news conference. Colby suggests that he move on with his life, but he says he still loves Babe. He hopes that Babe is being honest now, but if he finds out she's not, he plans to make her pay. Colby wants to help him, but J.R. warns her to stay away from Fusion. Josh is surprised to find most of the Fusion women have left, but he's not happy that Babe has gone to the roof. He finds her sleeping and thinks she's dead at first. She assures him that she's safe. They share some close moments, and she asks him to hold her when she gets upset. Josh promises that he's only there to protect her. A man named George arrives and explains that J.R. hired him to be Babe's bodyguard. Zarf chats with Josh about Babe. Meanwhile, Colby pretends to be Josh's girlfriend so she can get into his room so she can plant a hidden camera. Josh finds Colby there on this bed later, writhing around. Babe and J.R. argue when she gets home.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ann stands before Stephanie and tells her she knows what she did was wrong and that she failed her, but now she’d like Stephanie to forgive her. She laments she had no idea how much she had missed her over the thirty years until she was standing in front of her. Stephanie’s heart is hardened and she doesn’t care or want to hear her apology. Ann pulls out the guilt card – that she is an old woman and ill, but before she dies she wants to be forgiven by Stephanie. Felicia talks to Pam while Stephanie talks to Ann alone. Over and over, Ann begs for Stephanie’s forgiveness. Stephanie doesn’t think she deserves to be part of any of their lives. She is a Douglas, Stephanie is a Forrester. Taylor has a quick encounter with Jackie on her way to see Nick. Jackie deems Taylor must really like a challenge as Nick likes to keep everything to himself. Taylor opines that perhaps she will dig it out of him; something in his mysterious past. To get him to relax, she tells him that it doesn’t have to be about his childhood, which she senses he doesn’t feel that comfortable with. He can tell her about the sea and why he loves it.

Nick tells Taylor that Frank Payne was a loser, always gambling and coming home drunk. They were better off without him when he died, although they were poor. Suddenly in the middle of a sentence about Jerry and some earrings his mother loved, he shuts off and conveniently remembers another appointment. Stephanie tells her mother as much as she wants to she can not forgive her, it’s too late. Ann wants a chance to be get back in and be the mother she wasn’t. Stephanie reaffirms that she can accept her apology, but she can not forgive her. She tells her mother to leave, and then tells Felicia it’s just too late.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena stops John from entering Stefano’s hospital room because she recognizes it as the same hospital she saw in her dream. John insists on going in anyway and leaves Marlena down the hall out of sight. Rico sneaks up on John and aims his gun at John following orders from Stefano to keep John away. Seeing this from down the hall, Marlena grabs her gun and sneaks up behind Rico forcing him to let John go and to let her go in to talk to Stefano. Rico gets permission from Stefano to let solely Marlena come see him. Shawn breaks in the door to his apartment and uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames until the sprinkler system turns on. Shawn notices the pile of charred baby toys and pictures and realizes that Willow deliberately set the fire. Shawn rats Willow out when she tries to lie to the firefighters. Hope helps assure Bo that they both are to blame for their family’s current troubles and that Bo is a good parent. Shawn calls Bo and Hope over to help and they help convince the landlord not to sue. Shawn takes Bo and Hope up on the offer to return home with them.

Lucas heads to Talladega to secretly watch Sami but EJ spots him. Lucas refuses to let Sami know he’s there and is forced to take EJ up on his offer to keep quiet should he leave right now when Sami approaches them. EJ breaks his promise and tells Sami about Lucas following her to Alabama. EJ asks Sami, claiming it is purely for business, to join him in his hotel suite to celebrate their recent success at the conference. Before they can head up, Rico calls EJ to relay orders from Stefano about leaving town. EJ angrily refuses to obey the order and Sami overhears him referring to Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly panics and decides to head to the island so that she can retrieve Sonny and the boys will not be disappointed. Jax is freaked at the notion. Lulu, Dillon, and Spinelli continue to probe Laura's case. Jason and Sam decide to start over, now that they have hope. Emily works to keep Nik from feeling lonely. Lulu and her cohorts realize that Laura may have witnessed a murder, not done one. Jax tells Carly that if she goes after Sonny, there will be no wedding. When Lucky suggests that Maxie put their baby up for adoption, she says Liz should as well.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd has his gun to the Spencer's chest, trying to convince him to tell where his boy is. Spencer will not do it. He doesn't care about the gun. "Go to hell!" is how he responds. He fiddles with the cuffs behind his back. Todd decides to go home and give Spencer time to think. "Wait! I will tell you where your brat is." Spencer says that he wants to tell about the boy but is afraid that Todd will kill him afterwards. He wants Blair there to witness this. Todd laughs. He tells that Blair knows about this and told him to cut off some body parts. Spencer doesn't believe it. Todd gets a call and turns his back on Spencer. Spencer takes the time to work on his cuffs. "Blair sends her love," Todd jokes. Spencer keeps working while Todd's back is to him. Blair is telling Todd on the phone that she has something to tell him. He wants to know now; she wants to tell this in person. "Come on, tell me now. " THWACK! Todd is hit over the head. "I am pregnant," Blair says, but Todd is on the ground and the phone has flown out of his hand. He never gets the news. Spencer overpowers Todd and stands over him. He hits him a couple of times with a two by four and kicks him repeatedly. Blair hears scuffling and asks what is going on. Spencer picks up the phone, telling that she had better go and empty her account and bring the money to the warehouse, or Todd will be in trouble. He kicks Todd twice more to emphasize his point. Blair will do it. Meanwhile, Spencer holds Todd's gun over him and gloats. Todd manages to hurt the man from his position on the floor. Spencer bends to grab his leg in pain and while doing that, he drops the gun. Todd is regaining his strength and Spencer knows that this isn't good. He makes his way out the door, only to find that he is on a rooftop. When he turns, he finds that Todd is behind him. "Where is my son?" Spencer says that Margaret gave birth to little TJ and he felt that he had to make sure that the kid didn't turn out to be anything like his father. "So I killed him! I killed him! I put him in a plastic bag!" he shouts at Todd. Todd rushes him and they wrestle. Spencer gets control and manages to drag Todd to the edge of the rooftop in an effort to toss him over. "Todd?" Blair has arrived and she runs to the edge of the rooftop to help her man. Spencer proves to be a formidable opponent and he manages for a while to keep Todd and Blair at bay, but then Todd finds a surge of energy and makes one great push. The crazy bastard goes flying over the edge of the rooftop, and unfortunately, Blair goes over with him! "Blair!" Todd looks over the edge at the both of them.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

While Kay and Simone waited to see if Miguel would apologize and promise never to see Charity again so Kay could dump Fox and marry him, Miguel was busy trying find Charity so she could tell Kay there's nothing between them any more. He managed to find her and got her on the phone, and she is willing to help him win the woman he loves. However, Fox got a tip from a cop at the station where Miguel was doing his searching and got the faux Miguel and Charity to come to Tabitha's and put on another show to derail Miguel's plan. He clued Kay in to the fact "Miguel" was on the phone with "Charity", and she just had to listen in, as he knew she would. Eve told Whitney to give Chad a chance, since she really has no proof he's cheating on her and he really, truly loves her, but whether Whit does or not is still in question. Chad pressures her for an answer, but she still can't come up with one. Julian saw Eve at the Seascape, and when Chad and Whit left to talk, he came to her table, only to recieve a nice slap for his trouble. When he saw the envelope JT sent to Eve he reacted, and she thought he sent it, but he showed her the one he, too, received, and both determined to stop whoever was blackmailing them.

Luis worried about Fancy, but figured she was out shopping for Christmas. She was, however, at the mercy of the peeping Tom, who had put her "body guard" out of commission and now wanted to do more than peep. Taking her to the bedroom, he began to fulfill his wishes, as Fancy screamed and struggled. Theresa and Ethan kissed passionately, and almost got discovered by Jared, who was bringing his newly purchased engagement ring to give to her. He had something else to do at the last moment, however, and walked away without finding the two in each other's arms. Theresa came to her senses and told Ethan to leave and not bother her again until he has the courage to leave Gwen, or the proof Jared isn't a good guy. He hightailed it to JT, who had exactly what Ethan was looking for, and gave it to him after a Q&A session about why Ethan worries more about Theresa than his own wife. Jared returned to Theresa's office and decided it was the perfect time to pop the question.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Lily's car has come to a stop. They are in the car laying very still. Daniel has his head back on the headrest. He can't move. "It's my chest." When Lily touches him, he grimaces and cries out. He tells her to get out of the car and go and get help. She won't leave him. Brad and Sharon call Miguel and Victoria from Sharon's house. They hear about the advisory not to drive. Things are more serious than they thought. They have to stay at her house until the storm blows over. Brad learns from Victoria that the benefit had to be canceled. He is sorry. At the university, Adrian and Colleen try to keep warm in the cold room that they are subjected to. She smiles at him while huddling under a blanket shivering. He tells her that he isn't going to cuddle up to her and make that mistake again. "That is how I ended up at this school." She pushes him for more information and learns that Adrian pulled the plug on a colleague who was sneaking around with a student. The school was in the middle of a campaign and tried to send him out of the country for a while so that he couldn't testify but he did and that made him very unpopular with the school who refused to renew his tenure. He left there and then ended up in Genoa City. Phyllis is about to make contact with Nick who is in the car making his way to her. She tells him that she is stuck with Jack in the elevator and that they need to be rescued. When she starts telling him that she is going into labor, the line is dead. Nick makes his way in the car and comes across Lily flailing her arms at the side of the road. She tells that Daniel is hurt and at the bottom of the ravine. They both climb down to where Daniel is in the car. He can't move and has his head back. His arm is stuck and his chest hurts. Nick tries to pull him out of there but he can't. Nick gets under the car and looks around with his flashlight. Phyllis is going into labor and Jack hasn't any idea what to do. They get into a discussion about the position of the child and how they have to hope that the umbilical cord doesn't come out first, or the baby's arm doesn't come out first or the child may be deprived of oxygen. She cries as she tells Jack that there is a bolt in her brief case and if necessary he is to remove it to get at the blade that is in there. "My baby must live at any cost!" she cries. Jack reluctantly agrees to save the baby, no matter what. Sylvia tells Kay that Philip's spirit if there. He wants Katherine and Jill to have peace and not blame themselves for his drinking and death. He leaves a final message before leaving. 'The money went to violets'.

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