Thursday 12/14/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/14/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Amanda, Jonathan and Ryan say goodbye to Erin at the morgue. Ryan vows that they will get the killer. Aidan tries to figure out who killed Simone and Erin, using his contacts. Jamie, Julia, and Di offer their help and sympathy. All of the Wildwind gang hang together later for comfort and share stories about Erin. Meanwhile, Annie comforts Ryan when he gets home. At the hotel, Erica fills Jeff in on how he acted the previous night when he was delirious from malaria. She gets him breakfast.

Zach objects when Kendall wants to go to Fusion. J.R. asks Babe not to go, either. Both women insist on going, and Bianca tells Kendall that she will go with her. Bianca tells them that there is plenty of Cambias security, but Zach does not think it's enough. He insists on going with them to Fusion and also hints to Kendall that the killings might have something to do with him. Meanwhile, Dixie chides J.R. for not telling Babe that he is just worried about her; they argue a little about Babe and their marriage. Josh waits outside for Babe, and Colby sees them leave together, so she tells J.R. about it. Josh insists on staying with Babe at Fusion. Kendall and Bianca arrive, with Zach. Danielle and Derek arrive. They all pledge to get along and stay strong until the killer is caught. Jack arrives and wants them all to leave so they'll be safe. Jack, Zach and Derek confer about the serial killer. Erica and Jeff arrive. Erica agrees with the girls that they should stay and not be scared off; Jack argues with her. Di decides she wants to help the women of Fusion. The women have a press conference about the murders.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Thorne via phone that he’s glad he’s at the house now. With the charges against McGrath dropped, he’s liable to be dropping by. Ridge has a flashback/fantasy of Brooke in black teddy which proves to come true as she greets him for real and asks how lucky does he feel? Hungrily he kisses her and says he’s the luckiest guy in the world. He will gladly be her sex slave any time she wants. Felicia tells Stephanie that it really sucks being separated from Dante. Stephanie offers for her to fly to Italy and she will keep the baby. Felicia tells her mother now she really understands her and appreciates her for being a royal pain in the you-know-what. They both vow they don’t ever want to see Grandma Ann again. The doorbell rings, Stephanie answers and there stands Ann and Pamela. Steph slams the door in their face, she wants nothing to do with them. Felicia opens it again. Steph feels Pam ambushed her. Ann wants to talk so Steph tells her to talk, then get out.

Taylor relays to Brooke and Ridge that this kind of lifelong pain with Stephanie just doesn’t go away overnight. Taylor says she will continue to work with her, but without Ann’s input and her in denial it won’t be a real healing. Stephanie wants no small talk. If her mother can’t acknowledge their past, then she has wasted her time. Ann continues with the sweet past until Stephanie tells her to stop pretending. Finally she confesses she knew about the beatings and she did nothing about it. She always convinced herself that each time was the last time, and she hated herself for it. She begs for Stephanie’s forgiveness.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby calls Nick to the garage when she finds it dark and quiet. Nick fixes the broken fuse but once inside they find the place ransacked and both Max and Mimi missing. They call the police and Roman brings a group of officers to help check out the place. Abby admits to Nick that she and Max had been fighting because he admitted to liking Mimi and not her. EJ insists that as partner, Sami must join him on a trip to Talladega. Lucas objects until EJ offers to let him come along. Sami convinces Lucas to stay home as a sign of trusting her.

Bo finds Hope’s travel itinerary but Hope convinces Bo to let her go away with Patrick without his protection. Shawn breaks up with Willow to be with Belle and Willow vents to Hope trying to get her to talk Shawn into changing his mind. Hope refuses and Willow decides to set fire to Shawn’s belongings while inside his apartment. Shawn meets with EJ to ask to be let out of being EJ and Patrick’s messenger. EJ allows it only after Shawn doesn’t back down despite EJ’s false claim that the envelopes merely contain business figures. EJ makes Shawn promise to keep their business a secret but Shawn vows to tell all to Bo should he find out that the true contents of the envelope were of an illegal nature.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny tries to convince Carly that they belong together. Carly gives Sonny the chance to tell her how he really feels about but he can't do it. Sonny laments to Jason that he's too stubborn and proud to tell Carly that he loves her. Jason and Spinelli are released and the charges against them dropped. Ric learns of Alcazar's plan to blackmail him.

Spinelli hacks into the police department computer in his effort to help Lulu prove Laura didn't commit murder. Colleen rents an apartment and plans on living there with her "son." Sonny tells Jason he's going to the island until after Carly's wedding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva, Jonathan and Lizzie get invitations to Cassie and Josh's Christmas Party. Tammy has a dream of years later when Sarah is older and She and Jonathan are together. Reva says she is looking forward to Cassie's Party. Ava and Coop plan their future. Reva and Lillian meet up at a meeting. Reva finds out it is a Cancer Survivor Meeting. Reva bumps into a guy at this meeting. Tammy and Cassie talk about the dream Tammy had. Cassie tells Tammy that Jonathan and Lizzie are really trying to make it. Jonathan makes excuses to Lizzie as to why he is taking off. Cassie gives advice to Tammy about getting in the middle of a marriage. As Reva leaves the Cancer Survivor Meeting, Josh shows up. Jeffery and Olivia talk about Jeffery's trashed room. Jonathan runs into Tammy. Buzz and Coop talk about Ava. Reva tells Josh that the party they are at is a Cancer Survivor Meeting. And that Lillian put her up to it. Ashlee and Lizzie get chummy. Jonathan runs into Tammy. Tammy says she didn't come looking for him. Tammy dreams a dream of Jonathan giving her a passionate kiss. Buzz and Olivia hug as Jonathan looks on.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Layla calls Rex to come and see her. She wonders if this person who is interested in investing in Adriana's company is Vincent. Rex assures her that it isn't. Adriana is at Kelly's place with Dorian having a visit. Adriana hates it when her mother starts talking about forgiveness and leaves. Rex shows up and says that he has figured out that Dorian was the one who set up the 'investor' call to Adriana. Dorian admits it. She set up a holding company to enable her to donate money to companies. She isn't ashamed of it. Rex feels that her idea was to put Adriana in situation where when she figured out who was giving her the money, she would just forgive. Dorian admits it. She is desperate to have her daughter back. At the apartment, Layla and Adriana hit the sewing machines to crank out boxers for her company. Layla learned to sew in college, while Adriana learned from the nuns. Adriana starts telling of how things went with her mother at Kelly's place. Dorian is spewing love and she wishes that the woman would go back to fighting and arguing. Adriana can deal with that better. She hopes that Layla will not be going home to see her folks this Christmas so that they can work on more pieces and have a lot to show people. Then her mother will find out how wonderful her things are and she will finally see that she isn't needed. Layla tells Adriana to stop this. It is okay not to want to have anything to do with her mother but to plan to get back at her is just wrong. Rex arrives and asks how things went saying goodbye to Kelly at her place. "You know, every time that I see my mother I realize how much I am glad to be rid of her." Jessica and Antonio are wrapping presents at Viki's place. Claudia shows up the same time that Nash does. She is there to drop off the previous nights receipts, and Nash is there to visit with Bree. Claudia is surprised that he can just come and go as he wants. She watches in awe as Nash and Jessica run upstairs to see the baby while Antonio remains in the living room. He can tell that she's been drinking. She promises to see her sponsor. Antonio is on a call and so Claudia leaves the room. She finds Jessica alone in the hall. Jessica is quick to tell the woman that Nash is off limits. Claudia finds it rich that Jessica wants to keep the man on a string while married to another. She threatens to tell Antonio. "If that were true, why would I be setting him up?" Claudia knows the only person that Nash is interested in is that nutty chick inside Jessica. Nash comes down and Jessica unveils her idea. "It's time to get you dating, what kind of woman do you like?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad and Jared are at the jewelers, picking out an engagement ring for Theresa, while she's in her office telling Ethan she has no plans to marry Jared now. Chad is waiting for Whitney to answer his ultimatum, but she's not ready to commit just yet, as she still has trust issues. He realizes this, but won't give up his lover. Ethan wanted Theresa to dump Jared based on the fact he knows the man is not a good guy, but she refused. She did offer to accept his fears as fact without proof if he would do the same about Gwen and Rebecca being the ones who outted him to JT Cornell, but he won't do that. After arguing about it all for a while, they began kissing, just as Jared was walking back into her office with ring in hand.

Kay and Simone talked about whether Kay would forgive Miguel if he admitted he slept with Charity and then promised never to do it again, and she said she would. Meanwhile, he was at the police station searching the internet for Charity, and he finally found her. He wants her to tell Kay they are not in love any longer so she'll accept the fact he's in love with Kay and dump Fox. Fancy did a striptease for the imagined Luis as the stakeout cop and the peeping Tom both watched, fascinated, from the front yard. The peeping Tom knocked the cop out, then readied to go in and claim his prize, the scantily clad Ms. Fancy. Luis tried to call her, but thinking she's Christmas shopping and not knowing she's the bait in the sting, he's not real worried when she doesn't answer.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria calls Brad to warn him that Victor has been asking questions about him. Brad will handle it. Word is getting around that Phyllis has to have a C-section that night. Noah is only told that he will have his baby sister by the end of that night and not of the breech birth. Phyllis has gone into the office, much to Nick's dismay. He waits and waits for her to get off the computer, and has to finally turn it off while she is working to get her to stop. They have to get to the hospital. She gives in to him but then realizes that she forgot her bag. Nick offers to get her new stuff, but she really wants her special pillow. Nick offers to get her to the hospital and then get the bag but she doesn't want to be at the hospital without him. He decides then that he should go ahead and get the bag and then come back to get her. She likes that idea best of all. He takes off. Dru and Neil realize that the band won't be coming due to the bad weather and she vows never to use them again. There is a loud bang and when Neil returns from checking it out, he tells that a car skated on the ice into the building next door. Colleen and Adrian finish their last class and are about to head over to the benefit when JT calls to tell to be extra careful. Professor Korbel and Colleen are still going to leave but then an announcement comes over the speaker of the university telling of the hazardous conditions and so the teacher/student duo settle in. Soon the lights are off and it starts getting cold. Adrian rubs his hands together for heat as he walks towards Colleen. He takes off his scarf and puts it around her neck. "Sometimes you are just so nice," she says smiling up at him. Gloria is in the middle of telling Lauren the story of how she beat Jack and Ashley in court when there is a knock at the door. Lauren opens it and her mouth drops. "Mom?" Dru calls Lily at the boutique to tell her not to bother coming but Lily insists. The lights go out. Soon Daniel is there to get her and it isn't long before their car goes sliding out of control. Sharon's tire is bad and so Brad gives her a ride home. They arrive safely. Nick is in his car alone and gets a bulletin of all the roads that are closed. Jack and Phyllis are both heading out at the same time. They get on the elevator. The door closes. The car shakes and the lights go out. "Oh no!" Phyllis exclaims. The emergency lights go on but no on is around to hear Jack shouting for help. "Uh!" Phyllis says. "No now!" Jack looks at her strangely. "She can't come out now Jack! She can't come out! She is all turned around and she can't come out now!"

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