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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Erica tries to get Jeff medical help from Josh, but he's not home. Jeff, delirious, insists on carrying Erica over the threshold. He babbles on while she worries that he doesn't have proper medical attention. Eventually, Jeff comes back to reality. Jonathan is very upset and angry while at Confusion, about Erin's death. Ryan, Amanda, Aidan, and Zach try to console him. Derek arrives to question everyone. Zach fills Aidan in on what little he knows; Aidan concludes that there is a Fusion serial killer. Amanda comforts Jonathan, who is out of his head with grief. Derek gets suspicious when learning that Zarf was with Erin before she died. Aidan tries to force his way into the police investigation. Amanda begs Derek to let Jonathan see Erin's body to say goodbye. He objects but then relents. Di comforts Aidan.

Annie continues to chat with Kendall about falling for Ryan. Kendall gets irked when Annie is able to easily calm Spike when he is fussy, so she shows her a picture of Greenlee and hints that Ryan may like Annie just because of the resemblance. Zach arrives and tells them about Erin. Kendall freaks out in disbelief. Annie remembers Erin with fondness. Bianca asks Zarf what his secret is, but he's not ready to share it yet. He does hint that they have a lot in common. He asks her to take him to a place where she feels most like herself, so she takes him to the boathouse. He guesses some things about Maggie and then asks Bianca to kiss him again. Bianca is annoyed that Zarf expects something from her, but she does admit that his kiss moved her. Ryan meets with Bianca to tell her about Erin. She gets upset. Zach goes to Confusion but sees the police there and leaves.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade is upset that Adam and Gwen are traveling alone to LA. Adam promises to make it up to her by taking her away somewhere warm and sunny when he comes back. Iris makes sure Gwen knows she is upset. Gwen offers her support when Iris tells her that Candace died and she wants to drink. Gwen begrudgingly lets her mom stay at her and Will’s house while she is in LA - hook line and sinker, Iris reels Gwen in. When Will finds this out, he is not happy. Lucy goes to see Dusty and learns he still wants to kill Craig, and he wants her to get him out of jail. She is in a lose-lose situation since she doesn’t want Johnny with Craig, who planned to set up Dusty, but Dusty is aiming to kill her father if she gets him out; she forms a plan. Adam asks Casey where he got his newfound money? Casey answers that it is from bonds. Elwood wants to continue their online gambling activities, but Casey wants space from it. Elwood attempts to ask Maddie but Casey stops him. Elwood claims to know how to gamble and never lose. Emily goes to see Dusty to offer her help. Dusty knows how she stabbed him in the back and doesn’t want it, but Emily tries to convince him otherwise. Gwen and Will leave Iris alone at their home so she snoops and finds the account details of Will’s trust fund. Lucy convinces Craig he needs to go to the hospital because his wound looks infected. Once he leaves, Lucy takes a large amount of money from the safe. Lucinda shows up before Lucy can leave with Johnny. She tries to get her to leave but Lucinda knows something is up and that she is lying to her. Will catches Iris going through his papers and tells her to get out. Craig finds out from Bob that his wound is actually healing well. When Lucy drops her purse with the money inside, Lucinda figures out Lucy is kidnapping Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shane is touched that Bridget fixed him a breakfast. He states that she is alone and they have a lot in common. Ridge daydreams while Thorne and Eric slave over starting a new company. He’s still worried about Phoebe’s feelings for Shane. Eric wants to talk to Jackie, but Ridge doesn’t think Nick is going to budge. Thorne tells them Taylor has a plan and is working on Nick. This could be the answer to their prayers. Lt. Baker tells Phoebe that only the D.A. can drop the charges on Shane. He agrees without her testimony there is no case, so against his better judgment, he’ll talk to the D.A.

Nick flippantly takes on the probing of Taylor into the deeper meanings of his mind. But he feels like she is preaching to him, not teaching, so why should he take on her value of his life? She feels it is probably a waste of her time, but she goads him into continuing – just talk to her, she is on his side. Wherever he wants to start is okay. He has some resentment and helplessness about how he grew up alone with his mother, not knowing his father. He hits a dark spot about his mom and abruptly wants to discontinue the conversation and session. Phoebe shows up at the beach house and tells Shane he doesn’t have to run. Everyone has been unfair to him. He calls her an angel for calling off the police. Does that mean she will let him back into her life again? She talks Bridget into letting him stay a few more days until he is well and on his feet again. He vows he will be the man that is worthy of her. Ridge says he will do whatever it takes to keep Shane McGrath away from his daughter.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie denies EJ gave her any money and Patrick threatens to call the cops on Bonnie. Mimi finds a wad of money in Bonnie’s purse and returns it to Patrick. Bonnie rats out Mimi’s use of Patrick’s money for plane fare. Bonnie tries to claim that the money was for Alice’s Bar. Mimi finds Bonnie’s ledger that proves that no bills were ever paid for the bar. Bonnie treats Lauren to a lobster dinner and convinces Lauren to lay off the demands for more money. Patrick brings Hope tickets and travel information for a different trip destination of Mexico. Hope insists that they are going to Chicago, will have separate rooms, and will spend the trip as nothing more than a business transaction. Patrick refuses to take Hope’s claim as the final word. Bo returns home and Hope decides tonight’s the night to make love.

Max tells Roman what he and Mimi have found out about Philip so that the cops would be aware of what they’ve been doing should anything happen to them as a result of the investigation. Roman advises Max to back off from the case. Roman contacts Bo with the theory that Victor could be connected to Nancy Everett, the woman who took Claire. Bo begs Roman to let him work on the case. Victor admits to Kate that he’s had Philip at the mansion all along. Philip stops Kate from calling Roman and the hospital. Victor tells Kate of his plans to file for sole custody of Claire on behalf of Philip. Kate agrees to keep the plan quiet and help Victor keep Max and Mimi on ice. Max and Abby watch as a mysterious black van keeps driving up to the garage and then leaving over and over again. Max offers to give Abby a ride home so she’ll feel safe but Abby argues with Max about his feelings for Mimi. Kate calls Max to meet at the garage with her and Mimi. Mimi tries to call the police after learning about the strange black van but the line is dead. Before Mimi can use her cell phone to call, someone breaks through the garage door and Max fights with him or her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky discovers that Lulu's obstetrician is not Doctor Lee, who is Liz's doctor and friend. When Jason, Spinelli, and Lulu return, Lulu is placed into Carly's custody while Jason and Spinelli work on getting Sam cleared by turning themselves in. Carly and Lulu warn each other about bad boys. Spinelli and Jason give evidence proving Sam was framed. Ric counters Lorenzo's anger over being surveilled with a warning that coming to visit his office is foolish. Skye tells Sonny that Lulu can come home. Georgi takes on a project for Pete. She then tries to convince Maxie to give up on Lucky. Lulu asks Spinelli to dig up all information tied to her mother's case. Sonny cons Carly into coming to the mansion and locks her in a room with himself.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley and Gus talk about keeping the baby girl. Harley argues her point. Gus starts to tell Harley he can't give her children the normal way when there is a knock on the door. Then while taking a stroll he starts again with a story to try and tell her he can't have kids. Harley gets it and tells him, "Its ok, they can adopt." Dinah offers to do a story on them and the baby. Frank and officers come to their house to take the baby but changes his mind. While Gus and Harley are talking about Christmas gifts with her boys Harley shows the boys the baby.  Frank brings them good news. They can keep the baby for now, but a social worker will be seeing them. Rick checks out the baby. Gus and Harley's house gets filled with guests, Rick, Frank, Buzz, Marina when the social worker arrives.  Rick starts to put his foot in his mouth while trying to help Harley and Gus. Frank knows the social worker from doing some cases with her.  The social worker was about to deny Gus and Harley but changes her mind when she sees the support system around them. And knowing Frank was alot of help too.  In a quick court ruling Mel is able to help Gus and Harley start adoption proceedings. Gus and Harley bring the baby home.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Evangeline nearly falls over when she gets the news that Todd might be involved with Spencer's disappearance. She shutters when she thinks of what he might be doing to the man. Bo says that Todd had better be careful or he may just end up back on death row. Chris starts drawing a picture and it looks good. He hears someone coming and covers his paining to hide it. Antonio arrives and he asks if Chris is painting again. Cris denies that. Cris is glad to see his brother. He has been thinking about asking Evangeline to marry him but every time that he wants to do it, he changes his mind. He hasn't got money, or a career and he feels he should have something. Antonio tells him that this doesn't matter but Chris can remember a time when Antonio had issues like this with Jessica before he got his trust fund. Antonio admits it but now he knows that life is too short and if you have someone that you love you have to grab on to them. Evangeline comes home later and Cris puts on the music and gets the wine going as he gives Evangeline a massage from head to toe. Bo goes to the hospital and tells Natalie, John and Michael that Spencer has disappeared and that he thinks that someone has run off with the man…namely Todd. John smiles. He knew it. He wants the doctors to speed up his recovery so that he can get the hell out of there. Natalie gets angry and tells that he will not be allowed out of there. Michael asked the doctors about a speedier treatment and they said no. John grows restless now. A nurse checks him out and sees that his blood pressure is out of whack. She goes running down the hall to get help from a doctor. John doesn't care. He will convince the doctor to let him out sooner rather than later. Natalie isn't happy but neither she nor Michael can change his mind. Michael goes to talk to the doctors again for his brother and Natalie quietly agrees to help John if she can. "Just tell me that you are not going to leave me." John says nothing. Todd tells Blair that the problems between the both of them has always been secrets and lies. He doesn't want to do that anymore. He tells her that he has something that he has to confess to her. "I kidnapped Spencer and I am torturing him." Blair is stunned. She feels that he has made a terrible mistake and that they should go and release the crazy bastard into woods or something to stop this. Todd can't let the man go free. "Not until I get my kid!" Todd figures that Spencer will either tell him where his kid is or go crazy. If he goes nuts then Todd will just call the cops, tell them where Spence is and they will put him in an institution. It's all win-win for him. Blair sees that she can't change Todd's mind, so she offers to help if she can.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

After a promo for tonight's Biggest Loser finale, thanks to Tabitha and Endora, Tabby got to thinking about why evil isn't in trouble since Charity and Miguel did the deed. With Endora's help, Tabby looked at the water bowl scenes more closely and realized they were fakes, not the real things. She got so excited she wanted to tell Kay the truth right away, but when she tried, Endora took her voice away, and made her writing so much nonsense. Endora wants Kay to marry Fox, not Miguel, no matter what Mummy Dearest wants. Miguel and Noah talked it out while being fitted for their tuxedos, and Miguel decided to find Charity and have her tell Kay she doesn't want him any more than he wants her. Fox overheard and determined to stop him in any way he has to. Kay finally decided to get into the spirit and be happy about her upcoming wedding.

Fancy and Luis can't wait for her graduation day, which is right around the corner, so they can make love. However, when a chance came up for Fancy to do undercover work to catch a peeping Tom, Luis nixed it. Fancy found a way to sneak into it, however, and ended up alone in a house, with another policeman outside and the peeping Tom lurking in the bushes. Theresa and Whitney talked about Whitney's fears over Chad'd faithfulness, and about his ultimatum that she either marry him by Christmas or it's over. Theresa offered to have her P.I. tail him again, but Whit doesn't feel right about it. Jared and Little Ethan appear to have bonded, and the boy wants him to be his new daddy. He tells Ethan as much later, which makes the man even more determined to get Jared out of Theresa's life. He ordered JT Cornell to hurry with his investigation and give him something showing Jared isn't the good guy he claims to be.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Kevin, Michael and Gloria get ready for the hearing. This is the day that Gloria will have to face a judge who will decide if she is allowed to use the name 'Abbot'. It is raining but she doesn't care. "It was a year ago today that I married John for the second time, so let it rain." Michael warns Gloria that the fact that she didn't legally marry John is going to be a problem. Jack is salivating over the prospect of having Gloria become a Fisher again. John appears and tells that he can see that his son hasn't learned a thing. Jack feels that he has to do this as 'that woman' embarrasses them and makes a mockery of the name every time that she uses it. John doesn't believe that and he tells Jack not to be too sure of himself. Things could go another way. Jack and Ashley are at the courthouse when Gloria and her sons arrive. "Well if it isn't Vampira," Jack shoots. Jack starts hurling the insults and doesn’t stop until Michael reminds him that they are in a court of law. Court starts and Kevin goes to the stand where he tells how anyone that ever saw these two could tell that they were in love. Michael goes on the stand next and tells that he had seen his mother and John together many times. "They slept together, used the same credit cards and he referred to her as his wife." Michael also puts into evidence stationary and business cards that were used by Mr. and Mrs. John Abbot, as well as bills with Mrs. John Abbot written on them. Jack and Ashley say their fear is that Gloria is going to embarrass them with the use of the family name and they want this stopped because she isn't the man's widow. Gloria gives heartfelt testimony about the name and how it is the only thing that she has left of John. She begs the judge not to take her name. She doesn't use it to embarrass John, she uses it because it makes her proud and it is his gift to her. Jack tries to give the testimony he wants but his father is there and talks to Jack while other people are talking. John pushes Jack to tell the truth when he is asked if he had heard John referring to Gloria as his wife. "Now tell the truth Jackie!" John warns wagging his finger. "Yes," Jack tells quietly. "He referred to her as his wife many times." The judge goes to her chambers to think things over and Miss Sinclair tells her clients Jack and Ashley that there is no way that they can lose. The judge returns and finds that although she understands Jack and Ashley's feelings, she finds no evidence that Gloria is trying to embarrass the Abbot's in anyway. She stops the temporary restraining order and Gloria is free to use the name Abbot!

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