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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Ryan tells Bianca that Simone made him the executor of her will and that she left everything to Miranda. Amanda shows Del and Jonathan at Confusion that she has brought Santa gear for them all to wear, but they don't like the idea. Josh reports Erin's murder to the police. Worried, he phones Babe. Exasperated that he is phoning, Colby tells him sarcastically that Babe is dead and hangs up. Josh phones Kendall but gets Zach. Josh tells him to make sure Kendall and Bianca are safe because Erin is dead. Annie arrives outside, looking for Ryan, but Zach insists she come in and keep Kendall company. Zach rushes out, not filling them in about Erin, but he does get security for them. Zach phones Ryan to meet him at Fusion. Jonathan begins to worry when he sees police around Fusion. Zach arrives and points out to Derek that Erin's murder is tied to Simone's. Derek is still suspicious about what Zach knows. Jonathan gets very upset when he sees Erin dead on the rooftop; he talks to her like she's still alive. Ryan arrives and helps his brother to see that Erin is dead as they put her in a body bag.

J.R. decides that Babe can stay. Adam and Krystal are hopeful that the two can reconcile. Josh barges into the Chandler Mansion to make sure Babe is okay, but everyone tells him to get out. Josh finally tells everyone that someone is killing Fusion women and that Erin is dead. They are all shocked. J.R. comforts Babe a little as Adam and Krystal escort Josh out. Babe cries on his bed as he pretends to sleep. Zarf visits Bianca and gives her a kaleidoscope as a gift, and they chat to get to know each other better. Bianca suspects he's hiding something. Annie and Kendall chat about Ryan, Spike, and Emma. Annie confides that she's falling for Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is reduced to some frustrating details of the fashion business. He laments more rats are jumping off the sinking ship. He tells Jackie that he wrestled with his demons last night and he won, but she is still eager for him to be a confidante to Taylor. Thorne and Taylor bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking and she teases him that she thinks she can get Forrester Creations back for him. He thinks Nick can be a challenge, but doesn’t think Taylor is the one for the task. He doesn’t want the woman he’s going to marry to be hanging around this guy. Nick calls and schedules a professional meeting tomorrow in his office. Jackie only wishes it were in a more romantic spot. She thinks something really miraculous is going to happen. Taylor vows to Thorne that she is going to get Forrester Creations back for him. Phoebe thinks lovingly of Shane. She tells Ridge that she is okay with Taylor’s engagement to Thorne and his moving in with them. She defends Shane to her dad who calls him a stalker and he doesn’t want her to have anything to do with that bum. A bloody Shane shows up again at Bridget’s saying he had been mugged by his buddies on the beach for his last few dollars. She tends to his wounds and broken ribs. She calls Phoebe to let her know. She convinces Bridget not to call the police and let Shane stay the one night with her. Shane apologizes to Bridget for getting her involved and promises he doesn’t want to get Phoebe involved and will be gone tomorrow. Phoebe calls for Shane and he is thrilled that she doesn’t want him to leave town.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max and Mimi bring their information about Philip to Kate and ask for her help. Kate convinces the hostess at Chez Rouge to give her Victor’s coat long enough for her to swipe his keys and leave a note alerting him to the fact that she knows about Philip. Victor rushes home and reluctantly allows Kate to see Philip when he finds her outside Philip’s door. Shawn and Belle request that Victor cut back on his visits with Claire so that they can bond as a family and Victor gets so angry that he threatens to come after Shawn. Max and Mimi talk about what it would be like to be parents. They almost kiss but are interrupted by a call from Bonnie.

Rico picks the lock on John and Marlena’s hotel room and tries to stab them to death in their sleep. John and Marlena were expecting Rico and are able to hold him at knifepoint long enough to get answers about Stefano’s true whereabouts. Marlena begs John to be allowed to go with him to talk to Stefano and John reluctantly agrees. Steve and Kayla talk about their relationship and Steve pledges his love to Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Lulu convince Spinelli to come back to Port Charles with them. Jason pulls a quick driving maneuver to outsmart Alcazar's men and he, Lulu and Spinelli head home. Alcazar is pleased to learn that Jason and Spinelli are headed back to Port Charles. Carly insists to Sonny that she is better off with Jax than with him.

Sonny arranges for Carly to come over the following evening and is clearly up to something. Ric orders Lucky to keep Alcazar under surveillance but his cover is quickly blown. Alcazar realizes Ric set out to double-cross him. Elizabeth adamantly tells Ric that they will never get back together. Ric resolves to win Elizabeth back. Elizabeth warns Lucky not to trust Ric.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee gets a tape for Dinah's tv show. Coop gives Ava a birthday gift. Ava says Birthdays suck. Jeffery gets drunk. Mallet visits Harley. She asks for a favor concerning Gus. Harley thought Gus was working nights. Mallet says he just saw Gus. Gus is babysitting. Gus gets a visitor. Mallet asks Harley if Gus has a habit of staying out all night. Dinah visits with Mallet and Harley asking them to do her tv show. Harley says no. Mallet and Harley tell Dinah about Gus. Gus' visitor is A-M Spaulding. Gus tells A-M that he is babysitting. A-M finally gets the truth out of Gus. Gus tells A-M that he fell in love with the baby girl and wants to keep her. A-M calls in a favor for Gus. Coop has news for Ava about school. Jeffery gets a visit from Mel. Mel tells Jeffery that she and Rick have separated. Jeffery gives Mel advice. Mel makes a date with Jeffery for Towers at 8 pm. Coop and Ava get a Christmas Tree. Ava forgets her 1 yr anniversary with Coop. Dinah sees A-M leave Gus' apartment. Ava and A-M have a meeting. A-M tells Ava she is a good worker and offers her a permanent job. Ava tells A-M that she is moving with Coop to England in the New Year. Jeffery now sober meets up with Coop. Coop tells Jeffery of is plans to go to England to study writing and that Ava is going with him.  Along with reading Jeffery the riot act about being a father. Jeffery tells Coop he didn't even know until a couple of weeks ago he was a father. Coop leaves and Jeffery is heard telling himself that he will stay away from Ava if that is what she really wants. A-M is happy with Ava's work.. Ashlee and Dinah see Mallet and Marina together and think something's up. Rick meets with Mel and wants to come home. Mel tells Rick about her and Jeffery. Gus finally comes home. Gus tells Harley about the baby girl. Jeffery realizes it is Ava's Birthday. Mel tells Rick she wants a leave of absence from Cedars to work with Jeffery. Rick isn't happy. Mallet thinks Dinah is upset with him. Gus tries to tell Harley about the baby girl he kept as police knock on the door. Gus and Harley take off.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer curses as he tries to free himself. He vows to kill Todd. His wrists are bloody from trying to damage the structure that holds him, and that water constantly dripping on his forehead is driving him crazy. "I'm fine! I'm fine!" he shouts to himself. Soon a bright light has flooded the room. "You came. I am so glad to see you!" It is Blair…she wears a gold trenchcoat and when she takes it off, she has a skimpy, sexy dress on underneath. She swings her hips as she walks towards him and she undoes his cuffs, kissing him. "I hate what Todd did to you." He is so glad that she hates Todd. They go to a corner in the storage room and fall to the floor to make love… It has all been a dream. He has hallucinated the whole thing. No one is there and he is still tied up with duct tape. "Blair?" he calls out quietly. No one is there. Todd is at the police station and he is told that Spencer is missing. Todd fakes anger at that. Marty comes to the office and overhears Todd and Bo talking about Spencer. "What happened to Spencer?" She learns that he is missing. Bo is interested about why Todd has come there. He says that he came there to ask about what the hell went on in court. He leaves the office now to go. Marty follows him and asks if they can talk for a minute. "We both have to live in this town, so we have to learn to co-exist." He orders her to stay away from him and to keep her kid away from his. Antonio and Bo are watching the two talk through the blinds and their Spidey sense tell them that Todd is all involved in this. They could pick him up as a person of interest, but they decide instead that they can learn more by leaving Todd alone and putting a trace on him. Marty returns to Bo's office, and Antonio looks like he smells something bad when he walks by her and leaves the room. "I get that a lot," she explains. Bo thinks that she shouldn't be surprised. She has come to the station to tell Bo that she has applied for a job there as Profiler and with the way that people have been treating her, she thinks that it would be better if he just teared up her application. "Are you sure you want me to do that?" She is. She leaves the office and once alone, Bo gets out her application and reads. Spencer sees Blair again. This time she has a black leather coat on. "Help me!" She asks him why she should when she hates him. He reminds her that it is Todd that she hates. She denies it and he chokes her while she struggles… It's all a dream, but still he calls for Blair while his hands are not balled up into red little fists. "Come back Blair!" he shouts angrily. "Come back!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Hearing Sheridan wail to Gwen that she's "lost him", meaning Luis, he and Fancy assumed she meant Marty, and Fancy urged him to go help comfort her. He refused, thinking she blames him for Marty's death and he'd only make it worse for her. Gwen realized her friend is having more problems than she can help with, so she took her to Eve. Ethan almost beat JT Cornell to a pulp while trying to get him to admit he lied about who gave his paternity information to the tabloid, but JT wouldn't budge. He knew Rebecca was in the bathroom listening, so he was afraid to say anything. When Ethan used the bathroom, Rebecca hid outside the window, hanging on to a ledge, until he closed the window and she fell into a garbage bin. Arriving at Gwen's room, the smell almost choked her daughter as Rebecca told her what Ethan was doing, and swore JT would never tell him the truth. However, at the same time, Ethan promised JT help with his IRS problem in exchange for info on Jared, and he agreed. Can the info that Gwen and Rebecca sent the info to JT be far behind?

Theresa, Jared, and Little Ethan continued to have fun in the park, although when mother and son decided to go ice skating, Jared was out of his element. Whitney and Chad argued about whether she will stop doubting him and make a real family for their son or not, and Chad finally said she either marries him by Christmas or he's gone. She ran to talk to Theresa about it, while he took off for a tryst at the motel. Luis and Fancy keep having a hard time staying away from each other, but when he went back to work, she went home and talked to Esme, who called her for help getting out of jail. The ditzy friend urged Fancy to drop the cadet job since that's what's keeping her from making love to Luis, but Fancy wants to see it through. She's worried about how quickly her flowers from Luis died, thinking it might mean a short relationship with him, if Sheridan's warning is true.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will wants to do a search of the premises, and Victor tells that the cleaning staff has had their hands on everything in the offices and that this will not be helpful to him at all. The alternative is for Will to get a warrant if Victor isn't going to comply with Bardwell's wishes. "That won't be necessary," Victor assures. Lily goes to her father and tells him that Paul quit the case. "Paul didn't tell me that." Lily says that he just gave up on Devon. Sullivan tells everyone to head to another part of the hall to give the officers a chance to search the area The execs are all together in an office. "Anyone want to play Texas Hold'em?" Jack jokes. Paul arrives. "Now why am I not surprised?" Michael sees when he arrives. Paul is put in the room with the execs. Paul tries to explain to the Winters and Michael that he just had to quit. "I get it," Devon says. "You had a chance to work for me or a big corporation and you picked the corporation." Will is kind to the Winters and thanks them for cooperating. Dru even offers he and his people refreshments. Michael knows that Jack and Brad's prints are going to be on the tape and that can only help his case. Jack thinks that he can go back to his office but Sullivan tells him that he can't. The team hasn't searched his office yet. Victor appears and tells Jack that they should go and do something relaxing. Jack doesn't want to do that but Victor insists. Jack turns once more to look to the door to his office. He sees the officers standing before the door talking. He slowly turns away from the door and gets on the elevator with Victor. They go to the Athletic Club and have drinks. Victor makes a suggestion that they take bongo lessons together sometime soon. Jack isn't that keen on that idea but Victor knows that it will be fun. Then Victor moves to other topics. "Who do you think did this killing?" Jack says that he doesn't believe that Devon did this. He thinks that Neil or Dru did it. He is sure that Nikki didn't do this, and as for Phyllis Newman, he isn't sure what she wouldn't do. He definitely feels that Brad could have killed Carmen though. "Interesting," Victor says. "I heard a rumor that your prints were on the tape." Jack's mouth drops. He says his prints should be on everything. He sometimes needs to get his hands on tape, markers or paper… "Jack! We are friends. If you need something, you should come to me. I'll lend you mine!" Detective Sullivan comes to Will. "The crew is going to have a long night. They found evidence in the parking lot. The same parking lot where the Winters, the Newmans and the Abbots park their cars…"

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