Monday 12/11/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/11/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Zach checks into Zarf's past, which Kendal overhears and questions him about. Later, Aidan interrogates Zarf about his past as Freddie Luper. Amanda finds Josh punching a bag and figures that he really wants to punch J.R. They talk about love. Di sympathizes to Erin about Simone's death and they make peace about Aidan. Zarf flirts with Erin. Erin goes to the Fusion office alone and hears a sound. Later, Josh finds Erin dead on the Fusion rooftop, decked out the same way Simone was with ribbons and flowers.

Erica is still reeling from Jack's wanting a divorce. Jeff asks her what she really wants. Erica frets that Jack doesn't know who she is after all this time. Jeff falls suddenly ill with fever, so she makes him lie down so she can take care of him. Jeff has malaria and becomes delirious, thinking he and Erica are still married. Meanwhile, Babe tries to get J.R. to forgive her and give their marriage another chance. Stuart brings Little Adam in as they are arguing, so they have to play nice. Babe then asks him to try for their son's sake.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Mike disagree on how the case with Carly and Simon is being handled; Mike thinks Jack is stalling to help Carly. Carly is tried of the whole ordeal with her diamond; she takes off the necklace and tosses it down on the couch. Sage holds it next to hers that the bag lady gave her. She thinks it is a magic crystal. Katie convinces Henry to help her break into Carly’s to steal the diamond to find out of it is real. Lucy show up at Barbara’s to take Johnny for an overnight with Craig. Lucy is able to let her in on her plan to exact her revenge on her father. Barbara is hesitant to believe her and almost blows Lucy out of the water when Craig comes looking for her and Johnny. Craig lets Paul and then Meg know he overheard them talking about Paul’s attempt on his life, but let’s them know he doesn’t plan on doing anything with this. Craig goads Paul about losing Meg. He implies he can get Meg. Paul tells Meg he is using her to get to him. Paul begs Meg to come back to him, but she can’t compromise the person she is to be with him. Sage may have mixed up her and Carly’s jewel when she leaves. Carly agrees to meet with Simon even though she wanted space. This paves the way for Simon and Katie to break into her home. Vienna and Mike team up; Vienna agrees to call the Prince. Carly and Simon make up. Katie and Henry find the diamond, but are inside the house when Carly and Simon come home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie laments that taking over Forrester was supposed to bring Nick and Brooke together. Instead she is with Ridge. And Eric is a candidate for sainthood still stuck with Stephanie. She urges Nick to get out there and be a bachelor again but find companionship. Taylor shows up in peace with a small olive twig. He doesn’t feel they have anything to talk about and wants nothing of therapy. However, she does urge him to call her sometime and make an appointment. Even Jackie advises him to call Taylor. He states that Taylor is marrying Thorne to make it up to him and Ally though she is not in love with him. Donna wants to clear the air with Thorne before the air gets poisonous. Thorne advises her to get a million miles away from Nick as it’s revenge for him and he’s nothing but trouble. Phoebe confides about Shane to Bridget and is concerned when Bridget tells him that he came to the hospital for his head wounds. He suddenly shows up and won’t leave until he talks to Phoebe. He apologizes and wants her to give him a chance for him to show her how he feels about her. He hears a siren and bolts before he can say more. Thorne and Ally have moved in with Taylor, but now he wants to set a wedding date. She proudly accepts his ring. Nick twirls the olive twig and remembers an earlier time with Taylor, drunken but they bonded, and he ponders giving this therapy a try.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow gloats to Belle about living with Shawn. Belle storms out and returns to Hope in tears when Shawn doesn’t deny the claim. Hope convinces Belle to let Shawn be a father to Claire despite his romantic choices. Shawn follows Belle to the Brady home, announces plans to make Willow move out, and professes his love to Belle. Bo packs his bags to leave because he doesn’t want to live with Hope when she doubts his innocence. Hope gets him to stay by swearing her belief in his innocence. Bo asks Hope to stay away from Patrick and Hope vaguely promises to do what’s best for her family. Kayla has a hard time believing that Steve truly got his memories back until he shows her that he remembers how to use sign language.

Chelsea asks Nick to help her find her online beau and despite refusing at first and hearing objections from Abby and Billie, Nick finally agrees to do it. Billie advises Chelsea to pursue Nick as a boyfriend but Chelsea can’t fathom being with someone so geeky compared to her more romantic online love interest. Marlena and John break into Stefano’s crypt and find it empty. John decides to let the Dimera family know he was there by leaving the crypt open and writing “John Black was here” on the wall. Rico watches them leave and upon getting further instructions from EJ, follows the couple to their hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Edward tries to "ground" Skye to keep Lorenzo out of her life. She refuses to leave Lorenzo's and Alcazar also voices his objections to her moving back to the Q manor, so Edward slugs him. Nik has qualms about Spencer's acting debut as Baby Jesus. Alexis asks Sonny and Ric to make peace. Colleen dyes her hair. Patrick breaks his hand in a barfight. Lulu and Jason arrive at Spinelli's grandmother's place. Lulu claims she is pregnant with Spinelli's child and Jason is her brother. They win Granma over completely. Sonny continues to claim that Carly and Jax will not marry. Emily gives Nik and Spencer Christmas stockings. Ric and Lorenzo reaffirm that they want Lulu and Jason dead.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Dorian has done the math and she knows that this child could easily be Spencer's. Blair will not entertain that thought. She can't have that happen. This man tortured her children and Todd and if she ends up pregnant for Spencer, Todd will never forgive her and all that she has built in the last little while will be over and done with forever. Spencer wants to know where Todd is taking him. Todd will not tell him. It's a surprise! The only clue he gives is that he isn't going to Atlantic City. "You know that whatever you do will not change the fact that I had you strapped in for execution and Blair was my woman." Todd smiles as he drives. He drools at the thought of how Spencer is going to wish he were dead. They get to the location and Spencer is pushed into a small, dark room. It is the room where Spencer kept Margaret. He kept her there until she popped with Todd's baby. Spencer says that Todd probably didn't want that kid then anyway. Some of the mother's psychosis might have been passed down to the child. "WHERE IS MY KID?" Spencer says that he doesn't know. THWACK! Spencer pistol-whips him. "Wrong answer." Spencer laughs. He knows that Todd won't kill him. He knows that Todd knows that this kid will never be found if he is dead. Todd knows that the man is right. He has another idea. He duct tapes Spencer to a chair and rigs the crazy bastard's head so that it faces the ceiling and has to stay that way. Todd is going to do the Chinese Water Torture. He rigs the machine to drop water on the man drop by drop at an even rate of speed. "Soon you will go stark raving mad." Spencer smiles. He finds this absurd. Todd leaves him alone now. He has some things to do. Bo tells an officer to go and check on the transport of Spencer to the mental hospital. That soon returns and reports that the guards were found unconscious beside the van and Spencer is gone. Antonio and Bo head out to talk to the guards. Seems like someone busted Spencer out but Bo knows that the man's associates are accounted for. Bo and Antonio find that there are fresh tire marks showing a vehicle drove in there, did a U-turn, and drove back the way it came. "Wait a minute. What if this is someone who was mad with the trial was handled and took matters into their own hands?" Antonio knows that could be anyone. "Are you talking about me?" Bo and Antonio turn to find Antonio standing in the doorway casual as ever. Spencer is fine at first and smirking, but soon he can't help but look up into the hole where the drop comes from. It falls on his face and he looks down. He looks up again, the drop falls and he looks down…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Ethan's jealousy raged out of control again today while watching their former - and rejected - lovers with their new loves. Noah gave Ethan good advice, and good information to act on it, so he took off to confront JT Cornell again. Sheridan talked to Gwen about her fears over her jealousy, but couldn't keep from getting upset again at the sight of Luis and Fancy kissing in the park. Theresa, Jared, and Little Ethan had fun in the snow under the angry gaze of Ethan, before he left to find JT, but had no idea they were being watched.

Rebecca tried to get JT to tell her who his blackmail targets are so she, too, can start raking in the big bucks, but he doesn't trust her. She then tried to find his electronic memory stick, but got caught with it. When Ethan arrived she hid in the bathroom, hoping he won't come in and find her there, blowing her and Gwen's cover. Miguel entered Kay's room, kissed her, and started stripping, but she stopped him cold. He can't understand why Kay hates him now, but when she says it's because of Charity he tries to tell her he feels nothing for his ex now. Having seen him making love to her, however, Kay feels she's being lied to blatantly, and slaps him once again, telling him she's marrying Fox and that's all there is to it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad gets a call from Paul. He hasn't gotten word yet about the results of the testing that was done on the tape. Brad knows that at any minute now his prints could be discovered. He hangs up and starts heading back to the table where his mother and Victoria are. Sharon sees him and they talk. Jack is with her. Jack goes to get a table and that is when Sharon learns that his mother is there as well. She meets the woman. Jack comes to collect Sharon and meets Brad's mother. Brad was married to his sister for a while and he never mentioned his mother all this time. Jack has questions and Rebecca tries to answer. Brad tries to intercept but Jack ignores him. "So how long have you been in town?" It is Sharon finally who drags Jack off to a table. Later, Brad thanks Sharon for keeping her mouth shut about his mother when Jack came to the table unannounced. She was glad to help. Michael gets the results. Devon's prints are on the tape as they suspected it would be but Brad, Jack, Kevin the Winters' family and one set of unidentified prints are on it as well. Jana learns that her getting her prints done would help the case and she is out of there in a flash, even though Kevin warns Jana that she should really talk to Michael first. Paul talks to JT about the report. He isn't working on the case anymore and can't get ready access to the it. He sees Detective Sullivan inside the coffeehouse and decides to see what he can get from her. He offers her the next lead that he and JT get for some information on the report. She tells him about the fingerprints on the tape. He still wants to know more though. When Michael arrives at the coffeehouse, he isn't terribly friendly to Paul who tries to strike up a conversation with him. Michael tells Paul that he must already know that Brad's prints were found on the tape. Paul points out that Kevin's were also. Difference is that Michael can give a good reason for Kevin's prints being on the tape. Paul says that Brad can do the same. "Look Paul the bottom line is that I will still pursue the investigation and if that makes you and Brad uncomfortable, then that is just too bad. Sharon is in the hall when the search team arrives. She overhears them talking about waiting for Victor to give permission for them to do a search. She is confused. Jack arrives and tells her that some evidence was found with prints of several of the employees on it. He tells that his prints were on the tape. "See Sharon. You are dating Jack the Ripper," Brad says walking up. Jack knows that brad's prints were on the tape too. Brad has a valid explanation for that, he says.

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