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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

After arriving home, J.R. argues with Babe about her being there. Julia thinks he should go back to the hospital because of the stress, but J.R. insists he's fine. J.R. is crabby to Jamie and Julia, but they won't put up with it from him. Adam tries to convince J.R. that Babe does love him. Babe is still upset about Simone, so Dixie comforts her. Colby packs Babe's bags, but Krystal tells her that they all have to pull together and help J.R. Dixie joins Adam in trying to convince J.R. to forgive Babe. Colby forgives Babe, and they hug. Later, Babe visits J.R.

Sean gives Erica a big kiss goodbye. She tells him that he's not the reason that she and Jack are having problems. Jeff brings lunch to Erica, so Sean makes snide remarks about him trying to steal Erica from Jack. Later, Erica tells Jeff that she and Jack are divorcing. Meanwhile, Zach tells all of the Fusion girls except for Babe that Simone died of a drug overdose. They are all shocked but refuse to believe that she was taking drugs. Zach tells them that he suspects murder. Zarf drops by to apologize for his thoughtless remarks, but Zach and Ryan start to suspect him of murder. Aidan, Jonathan, and Erin discuss Simone's death at Confusion. Erin and Aidan share some warm moments and a hug as Di walks in.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

Emma demands that Barbara keep Paul away from Meg—or she will. Katie convinces Henry to disguise himself as a cop from Leonia to get Vienna to give him information. Just as he’s about to find out about Simon, Mike walks up and blows his cover. Katie is still convinced that Simon and Carly stole the jewels and doesn’t believe that Jack will do everything in his power to solve the case if it means putting Carly in jail. Jack questions Carly about the necklace and asks to have it examined. Simon tells him to get a warrant so Jack says that’s exactly what he’ll do. Carly worries that they will be caught and will make Jack look like a fool in the process. Simon assures her that they will get away with the heist because they disposed of all the evidence. The two of them are unaware that the evidence is sitting in Sages pocket.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Stephanie discuss what a big, emotional ordeal this has been with her mother. She lovingly thanks him for being with her and for his support. The children are gathered at the house and he tells her all will be fine. Brooke and Taylor bond over the situation and both find it hard to believe - this good father, the pillar of the community, yet he abused his own child. Taylor says Stephanie has acknowledged it now and her life will change dramatically. Felicia can't eat a thing, she is sick to her stomach. She laments she misses Dante in Italy and Dominick is sleeping through the night.

Parents home, the children rally around and there is a regular Forrester lovefest. They love and appreciate their mother all the more knowing what she went through and why she was so protective and controlling all these years. Eric extols again what an amazing woman Stephanie is and she thanks him. The children join in and tell him their mother isn't the only one they are proud of today. Brooke seeks out Stephanie and also gives her support and understanding and Stephanie graciously accepts it. Taylor needs to speak to Stephanie privately. Stephanie explains how difficult it was to once again be turned aside by her mother, but she did feel it was cathartic. Taylor offers her to do the same for her father. Though he is dead and isn't there, she can still tell him how she feels. Stephanie has doubts but does tell her dad that she loved him, but was afraid of him and now she thinks he was a coward and just plain wrong. She feels better and Taylor tells her that see, she can protect herself.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve tells Kayla the truth. Kayla admits that she had her suspicions. Kayla puts on a brave face in front of Steve and they decide to be simply friends. Steve lies down to take a nap and his memories about having to hide from Victor in this same hotel come flooding back so fast that he assumes it is the present situation when he wakes up. Feeling the need to save Kayla helps bring back the rest of Steve’s memories. Chelsea tells Billie about meeting her soul mate online and shows her the picture that Nick sent and the IMs he wrote. Stephanie shows Abby and Nick the picture Chelsea received of her online beau and Nick secretly gloats in hearing Stephanie unknowingly gush about him. Nick ignores Abby’s worries that Chelsea will turn him down when she finds out the truth. Nick tries to hit on Willow but when she sees that he’s with Abby and Stephanie, she assumes it’s being done as an insult. Nick claims to Abby that he only hit on Willow to make it look like he’s not Chelsea’s online beau.

Bonnie tells Patrick about blackmailing EJ. Patrick warns her to stop before she gets all of them killed. Bonnie meets with EJ claiming that Patrick lost the money EJ had given him and she’s here to offer her body in exchange for more. EJ hands over another wad of money in exchange for Bonnie never to contact him again. EJ threatens Patrick and Bonnie should Bonnie ever come asking for more money. EJ brings Bo the expunged arrest record of the woman who took Claire in an attempt to prove to Bo that he is not responsible for Claire’s kidnapping or the gloved hand crimes. Bo confronts the female patron who took Claire but she won’t give him any answers. Hope questions Belle about her reluctance to let Shawn spend time with Claire and Belle admits that it’s solely because of Shawn’s relationship with Willow. Shawn decides that he has to tell Belle the truth about everything but Willow tries to talk him out of it. Willow eavesdrops as Belle complains to Shawn about how he chose Mimi and Willow over her. Willow interrupts before Shawn can finish telling Belle about living with Willow. Patrick visits Hope to insist she live up to her deal of going away with him. Hope asks Patrick to let her be the one to tell Bo about their trip. Hope begins to doubt whether Bo really beat up Patrick. Patrick is anxious to take this trip so he can prove to Hope that he’s the man for her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason listens to Lulu's angst as they travel. Emily backs up Colleen's choice to leave before Christmas. Before leaving, Colleen pays her captive, Helena, a call, to let her know she will probably starve to death. Sonny confronts Robin on the fact that she is suffering survivor's guilt about Stone while Patrick tells Noah that he knows he can never hope to compete with Stone's memory. Robin goes to Coleman's bar and gets sloshed. Ric claims to Alexis that Sonny tried to kill him. Nik consents for Spencer to be in Morgan and Michael's school play. Lulu gets pulled over by the cops.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is still on Josh's case about Lizzie and the baby. Jonathan, Lizzie, and the baby show up. Jonathan announces they have named the baby, Sarah after Reva and Cassie's mom. Everyone but Alan is happy with this. Gus and Harley talk about having a baby. Gus is keeping his secret that he can't help Harley with having a baby. Frank gives Harley and Gus some news that makes Gus take off. Mallet, Vanessa, and Dinah have dinner and talk about the TV Station. Mallet tells the ladies that due to Dinah's show the SPD has solved some cases. All the Lewis, and Lillian and Beth get to hold baby Sarah including Tammy, who is starting to wonder about her decision to not see Jonathan. Jonathan calls Reva "Granny", which makes Reva laugh. Alan wants to see Sarah, but Jonathan says no. Dinah makes a stand about her TV show and tells Mallet he doesn't have to bribe Vanessa. Vanessa makes her decision to go ahead with the show. Gus asks about a girl in foster care. Ashlee has some info for Dinah. Mallet catches Ashlee ad Dinah talking. Jonathan brings baby Sarah home to Cross Creek. Josh helps out by looking for some old baby clothes up in the attic. Reva is already making plans for Sarah. Tammy and her mom, Cassie have lunch in the same place as Beth and Lizzie. Cassie reminds Tammy that she is the one that she is the one that broke it off with Jonathan. Lizzie is talking to Beth about Sarah. Beth talking to Lizzie has nice things to say about Jonathan as father. Beth agrees that Lizzie's actions were justified when she and Jonathan took off. Lizzie tells Beth she isn't happy with Jonathan and tells her that she is Jonathan's wife only on paper. Dinah tells Mallet the only reason Ashlee is helping is so they don't do the same kind of tv show. Mallet decides he doesn't need a tv show after all or does he? Frank, Gus and Harley talk about a baby in foster care. And Frank says he'll make some calls. Gus makes his own calls. Jonathan and Josh talk about Sarah and Josh compliments Jonathan on what a good job he is doing. Lizzie tells her mother that Jonathan is getting attached to her and Sarah. Tammy tells her mother that Lizzie is using the baby to stay with Jonathan. And that she'll prove it.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Jessica is taken to a secret location and Reg tries to get it on with her but she fights him. Another arrives and Jessica runs to him thinking that he will save her from Reg. It turns out that the man is the man that Tess ripped off when she first met Nash. They are going to force her to have a threesome. She plays the game like Tess would and asks for a drink first. Reg runs to the car and gets a bottle of vodka that he was saving for just such an occasion. While he is gone, Jessica purposefully spills the other man's drink on his clothes to get his attention away from her. She then turns her back on him and sends Antonio a text message. 'Taino' Antonio knows this means that Jessica is in danger and he and Nash swing into action. They track her to the shed where Reg and his friend have let her stall enough. Nash and Antonio enter the building and knock the men out. Reg isn't completely out and so when Antonio's back is turned, he makes a swing at Antonio's head with a two by four. Jessica is there and whacks the psycho before he can harm even a hair on Antonio's head. "I don't know about the both of you, but I really need a drink!" she says. Vincent comes to the hospital. He notices Natalie ring is gone, and thinks this has to do with the kiss they shared. She isn't worried about that. She leaves the area and John calls to Vincent. "I know that you have feeling for Natalie, but I am back now." Vincent leaves the room knowing that he might not be able to stay away from Natalie. The van transporting Spencer comes to a sudden stop. There must be something wrong with the road the guards check things out and try to start driving again. The window on the passenger side breaks and a masked man pushes a gun in the window at the guards ordering them to keep still. He overpowers them and drags them out of the van one by one and drops them face down and motionless on the ground. Spencer goes back to the van now and drags the cuffed Truman out of the vehicle and to his knees beside the two guards. This is when Spencer recognizes the masked man's voice. At this point, the masked man really doesn't care. "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way! Oh what it will be to make Spencer Truman pay!" Todd is driving fast, with his head out the window, feeling the wind in his hair and singing the carol with his own brand of Christmas spirit blended in. He is happy and it shows by the maniacal smile on his face. Spencer struggles to get the hell out of the back seat, but Todd has him in there good. "I don't hear you talking about you 'mommy' anymore." All Spencer does in response is chuckle like the sane Spencer Todd knows. "Where are we going?" Spencer asks. " We are going to the scene of the crime…"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Luis, and Miguel went to Mama's house for breakfast and to discuss their love lives and problems. Miguel ate like a pig, earning razzing by his siblings, and when Theresa made plans for her day that seemed uppity to the others, she got razzed too, along with starting a food fight that left Pilar's kitchen looking like a war zone. All the kids left, leaving Pilar to do the clean up, as usual. Fancy awoke to find flowers from Luis in her room. When Sheridan arrived, she became upset at the flowers, as well as the syrupy sweet and suggestive conversation between her niece and her true love over the phone. She dumped salt in the flower water, causing them to wilt, then told Fancy an old superstition says a couple's love will last one year for each day the flowers stay fresh.

Ethan walked in to Jared's office to find him and Chad talking about Theresa. He got angry and again warned Jared he will find the proof that he's not what he claims to show to Theresa, and he'd better not hurt her before then. Jared snidely told him he needs to concentrate on his own wife and leave "Tess" alone or he will end up with only a cat to keep him company while Jared will be making love to Theresa. Another fight erupted, and Chad had his hands full trying to keep them seperated. Kay told Tabitha that Miguel and Charity had made love, which caused the old witch to faint from fear. However, once she got her wits about her she realized that can't be true and went to see what's really up. Fox realized Charity can't just disappear and went to do something about it, while Miguel showed up in Kay's bedroom and jumped her, pinning her in a kiss.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT comes to meet Colleen at the coffeehouse. She is furious with him. She knows that Paul dropped the case for Devon and that angers her that JT didn't tell her. He couldn't tell her. It was Paul's decision. She doesn't want to know everything, just about cases involving her friends. "You are going to be upset with every case if you can't understand this. Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around you." He leaves and heads to Indigo. When he walks in, he finds Victoria sitting alone. He sits with her and ends up telling her about his fight with Colleen. At the front door, Neil and Drucilla are there when Colleen arrives. She is looking for Lily but is told the girl isn't there. "But your boyfriend is here." Colleen heads in the direction where JT is. She hears him before she sees him. He is sitting with Victoria and talking to her. "I am so glad that I ran into you tonight Victoria. It is so funny how I can't talk to my girlfriend but I can talk to you." Colleen doesn't let on that she is there and she leaves immediately. She goes to work with Professor Korbel at the school, and he can tell that something is wrong. Soon he sees the tears rolling down her face and he gets her to tell about the fight with JT and how he was with her stepmother who he had slept with before they got together. Professor Korbel understands and tells her that she shouldn't feel guilty for wanting more out of her relationship with 'TJ'. He knows that any man would be lucky to have someone as beautiful and smart as she. She takes two steps towards him and they kiss. Amber is at Indigo. Neil still has no space for her to sing at his club but he will keep her in mind. He sends her to the bar for drinks. She later bumps into JT who she met at the university and remembers as Colleen's boyfriend. She can see that he is upset but he doesn't feel like confiding in her. Nick goes to his sister's table and finds it interesting that the second JT has a problem with his girlfriend, he comes running to Victoria and lays it all on her. Victoria denies that there is anything in JT's mind about them. The siblings talk about the troubles that the murder of Carmen has caused at the office. Everyone whispers and gossips and management has a hard time doing the damage control that they need to. Nick is especially surprised that Brad was caught on tape after being so knowledgeable about protecting his identity all these years. "Are you sure that he isn't involved in this murder Victoria? I watched that man kill two other men with his bare hands. I am your big brother and it is my duty to take care of you.

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