Thursday 12/7/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Tad is upset to find that Simone died; he goes on and on to Zach at the morgue about how special she was. Zach suggests to Tad that Simone may have been murdered. Tad says goodbye to Simone's corpse while Zach tries to get the autopsy results. Meanwhile, the other Fusion girls share Bloody Marys to toast Simone's memory and share fond stories of her. Zarf comes in and can tell by their auras that someone died. He does not seem very sympathetic, which pisses off Kendall, so Bianca escorts him to the roof. Zarf apologizes to Bianca for what he said. Kendall insists to Babe and the others that Zarf no longer work with Fusion, but they all disagree and over-rule her.

At the hospital, J.R. is not happy when Adam refuses to kick Babe out. Krystal tells Dixie that she told Tad the truth - that her baby is Adam's; Dixie doesn't believe her. Sean wants to leave town because of Erica and Jack breaking up, so he asks Colby to come with him. She tells him that it's not his fault. Jack drops by to see Erica about their fight on Thanksgiving, but each seems to expect the other to apologize. Jack brings up divorce, but Erica just wants some time. They argue. Later, Sean visits Erica. J.R.'s family welcomes him home, but he still wants Babe gone.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Vienna reports the stolen jewels to the police and Jack confronts Carly about Vienna's claims she and Simon stole the crown jewels. Simon gives the copy of the necklace to Carly before Jack can question her anymore but Jack may find out the truth anyway because a homeless woman found the necklace and gave it to Sage because the kind hearted little girl gave her a cinnamon roll. Sage put the necklace in her pocket and runs inside Java eager to show the pretty rock to her mom and Dad. Lucy knows the whole truth about what Craig did to Dusty and is determined to make her father pay for what he has done. Casey continues to gamble online with the money he borrowed from Adam and when he wins big he gives Maddie some expensive presents. Lucy moves back home to take care of Craig and he couldn't be happier. Craig asks Lucy to help him take Johnny away from Dusty. Dusty is stunned when Lucy tells him how Craig set him up and he also vows to help Lucy expose Craig before the custody hearing which is a month away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Firmly, Stephanie questions her mother why did she not defend her little girl all those years ago? Thorne puts his daughter to sleep and laments to Taylor how could his grandmother do that? Ridge explains to Brooke. Ann opines that Stephanie was very much a disappointment to her father, he wanted a son. He wanted her to be strong and a leader of men. She sees that Stephanie wants to blame her and her dead father, who can’t speak, for her own stubbornness. Her answer is the same now as it was then – shame on Stephanie. Eric chastises her and she thanks him to stay out of this. She vehemently denies it, “it did not happen!” The sisters have a tearful parting, and Eric tells Ann that the next time they hear about her it will probably be Pamela telling them of her passing. He hopes she spends her time wisely before then. Ann turns her back, but can’t help but shed a tear.

Hope practices her dance routine for Ridge and Brooke. He leaves a voicemail for his mother that he loves her and thanks her for being the amazing mother that she is. On the return flight, Stephanie snuggles with Eric and says she still can not forgive her mother for sticking her head in the sand, she never felt safe until this moment. They joke about keeping their quarreling down to once a week maybe, a little more loving. Ann tells Pamela that she forgives her for the things she said. Her sister is so domineering, and she will never forgive her. Pamela says whatever it takes for them to co-exist and she leaves her mother with her music, alone and pondering. Que Sera, Sera.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick sends Chelsea IMs under the alias “Lonely Splicer” and his words relate to her so much that she becomes infatuated with this online persona yet in real life treats Nick like dirt. Nick admits to Abby that he’s the one behind the alias but doesn’t want Chelsea to know just yet. Nick sends Chelsea a picture of his boss, Dr. Rebert claiming it to be “Lonely Splicer’s” picture. Max and Mimi confront Victor with the information they’ve learned about Philip and Victor gives them a fake story about Philip being involved with the CIA. They promise Victor not to blow Philip’s cover but secretly agree that Victor was lying and plan to pursue the case further. John surprises Marlena with a wedding on the spot but their marital bliss is cut short when the mystery man watching them turns out to be a Dimera informant named Rico. Rico will only state that Stefano is dead and Tony is in jail leading John to believe that Stefano is truly alive and sent Rico to throw John off the trail. John wants to exhume Stefano’s body to see if he’s really buried there.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason has his hands full as he and Lulu hit the road on their way to Tennessee. Lulu is affected by a young mother she sees at the cheap motel she and Jason stopped at. Lulu ends up breaking down in Jason's arms as she talks about getting pregnant and then having an abortion. Sam and Alexis are shocked by Robin's actions. Sam sees Alexis in tears but is unable to go to her side to comfort her. Lucky backs away from nearly kissing Elizabeth under the mistletoe.

Elizabeth tells Emily she is hesitant to give Lucky another chance. Robin slaps Patrick when he accuses her of having survivor guilt because she's alive and Stone is dead. Colleen informs Nikolas that she is resigning effective immediately.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus and Harley talk in the car about his decision to go back to work. Jeffery and Buzz talk about a necklace and Ava. Jeffery tells Buzz to butt out. Dinah and Ashlee have it out. Ashlee thinks Dinah needs her for the tv station. Dinah says she is not that desperate. Malet and Marina have some fun kidding each other at the police station. Jeffery and Olivia meet again. Buzz goes to Olivia's to finish unfinished business, but she is not there. Jeffery meets up with Harley. It starts out as a shouting match ends in Harley asking for a deal. Gus and Rick meet. Gus then meets up with some guy from the Bureau. Camera crew visits the SPD and Marina and Malet are the subjects. Dinah runs into Gus and talks to him (Not sure what about). Jeffery, Harley and Dinah have a discussion, Jeffery and Harley leave. Buzz cleans up and Dinah catches him. Dinah wants Buzz on her tv show to talk about relationships. Buzz leaves Olivia a note about helping her to move on with her life. Harley wants Jeffery to help Gus with some gov't stuff. Gus meets up with Williams, a gov't agent. Then Gus phones a doctor. Gus gets bad news Ashlee meets up with Dinah. And Dinah agrees to hire her. Dinah want news of what is going on in Springfield. Mallet and Marina are still being followed. Mallet cuffs someone on camera. Olivia meets up with Buzz and he gives her a kiss that would curl your hair. Mallet and Maria meet up with Dinah and Marina tells her of the arrest Mallet made on tv. Gus' news is that he will never father a child. Gus lies to Harley saying he is never better.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer is angry that he has been deemed unfit and he starts getting to his feet. "I am not crazy your honor! My attorney is the one who thinks that I am incapable." The judge decides that Marty Saybrooke should return to the stand and tell the court of her recent findings. Evangeline wants equal time for her doctor to see the defendant. Marty goes to the stand. "Please remember Dr. Saybrooke that you are still under oath." Marty tells again how she finds that Spencer Truman is unfit for trial. He has a head wound and has been using the blood from it to write the words, 'mother', and 'Blair' on the walls. It's over. Viki sees that Todd is dealing with this too well and doesn't like the calmness that she sees. Jessica goes shopping and Reg the perv sees her but this time she is alone. He goes over to her suggesting that they sneak off for a lover's rendezvous. She isn't interested but he doesn't give up. When she threatens to call her cop-husband and commissioner-uncle for a game of, 'Who's the Prison Bitch?' Reg pretends to back off but when she leaves the bar, he follows her to Nash's vineyard. She stays for a short while, and then realizes she has to pick up the kids. She leaves Antonio and Nash to head out and outside the door, Reg is there to pounce on her. He clamps his hand over her mouth and drags her off. Her purse happens to drop before Nash's door though. Todd sends Blair to her appointment with Dorian and he goes off alone. He goes to a picture that he has on a wall. He removes the painting there and opens a safe behind it. He pulls a gun out and loads it. "Well, Spencer…Say hello to Mr. 9 millimeter." Dorian takes Blair to the hospital and she demands to know what is wrong. This Dr. Pembrook is a neurologist and Dorian knows that this visit could be serious. Blair says that this is just stress. Dorian says that if this is stress, then came from the men that Blair keeps ending up with. Blair says that the only person who could give her this much stress is Spencer. Marcie can barely calm Michael down. He doesn't think that he can go to John and give him this news. "I just don't know!" John has put off getting his surgery so that he can hear what is happening in court. He and Natalie get the remote and surf channels for information, but all they hear is that the jury has been called in again. When Bo comes to see Natalie at the hospital, he gives her the news and she gets upset. She thinks that this is going to be bad for John's future and recovery. Evangeline and Nora know that this verdict ruins everything. If Spencer is unfit for this trial, he will be unfit for all of them.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan kept trying to make Theresa see Jared is going to hurt her, but she told him to go away and leave her alone. Jared was glad she took his side of things. Whitney told Chad she needs some time to figure out what she wants to do, saying if she could depend on her feelings and hunches they'd be through. He was upset, but not enough to stay away from his lover. He, Ethan, and Luis all met up by accident at a bar, but while Ethan and Chad were feeling low, Luis was flying high because of his love for Fancy. They decided to stay away from each other until she graduates, something neither one finds easy.

Sheridan spent the day eavesdropping on them until she could no longer stand it and walked into the room as if she hadn't known they were there. Luis left, and after a daydream where Sheridan told Fancy she wants Luis back and choked her, they chatted about Fancy's new love. Paloma showed up and Sheridan left, but stayed to listen at the door. Kay almost told Miguel she'd seen him making love to Charity and that's why she's angry with him, but was too humiliated to do so. He wanted to tell Fox the truth, and almost did until Noah arrived and stopped him. Fox is happy his plan worked so well, but had a start when he thought Miguel would tell him about Kay and him, which would ruin it all. Paloma is still infatuated with Noah, and he seemed to be falling for her, too.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael reads the order and tells his mother that for the time being she can't use the name Abbot. She panics. That name is on her driver's license, her bank account. She dreads having to go back to the name, 'Fisher'. Michael might be able to change this but not right away. A letter comes to Gloria. It states that due to the order EXTREME CATWALK will not be able to have her on the show. They are afraid of getting sued. Gloria tears out of there to get to work. Jill is with her mother when she gets her call to be a judge. Katherine is thrilled and tells her to accept. Ashley too is happy to hear this and is glad that Jill will be representing the company instead of Gloria. Jill feels that Gloria would have done a wonderful job. Ashley just knows that Jill will give the company the respect that it deserves in the public's eye. Gloria arrives at work and sees the deliveryman who is looking for Jill Abbot. "I'm Jill Abbot." When alone, Gloria tears the package apart and sees that Jill has been invited to the be a judge on EXTREME CATWALK. She goes to see Jill thinking that she was the reason that there was a change in plans for her to be on the show. Jill has no idea what Gloria is going on about. Gloria knows that Jill doesn't care about the show. She has Jabot and money…but Gloria. She has nothing. This means everything to her and she will not let Jack and Ashley ruin her. Jill thinks that she is being over-dramatic, but that is only because it is clear that she hasn't heard the news yet! "They got a restraining order. I have to cease and desist using the name Gloria Abbot." Jill had no idea. She calls Ashley to her office and tells her that she is a hypocrite. "You think that the show is a good idea if I do it but a bad one if Gloria does it." Ashley says that she is worried about the way that the company will look if Gloria does the job, but Jill knows that this is just about Jack and Ashley persecuting John's widow. "I am sorry you see things that way Jill." Gloria tries to get Jack on the phone but she can't reach him. Paul is with Sullivan when Jana comes over, asking about Carmen's car being outside the coffeehouse the night of the murder. Michael finds this strange that Paul quits and then donates 'a tip'. Gloria arrives at the Abbot house. Ashley can't ignore her. Ashley says that she only is letting her in the house because of the spectacle she's causing. "Well you weren't worried about that when you threw my things in the street! Michael has filed an Answer to your 'Cease and Desist'. Wait until you see me drag your precious name through the mud!"

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