Wednesday 12/6/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/6/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Kendall, Bianca, and Zach are reeling from the shock of Simone's sudden death. Zach wonders about the ribbon and gardenias that Simone had, then goes to the morgue but finds Derek there Zach wants to find out how Simone died, but Derek tells him he has to wait for the tox screen. Derek still thinks it's suicide. Kendall and Bianca discuss Simone's death; Kendall doesn't think it's suicide. Josh insists on walking Babe to her car because of it, then he comforts Danielle about Simone's death. Babe tells J.R. about Simone, but he seems unmoved by her grief.

Julia, Di, Aidan, Jamie, Del, Jonathan and Amanda celebrate that they are all going to be living together now. Ryan and Annie return from their date, where he took her on a helicopter ride to a concert. Erin decides not to tell them about Simone, since they are all so happy, but she breaks down crying and ends up telling them anyway. Danielle, Erin, Kendall, Bianca, and Babe all share a grief-stricken hug at Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Simon are heading into his room kissing, as Vienna is in there naked waiting for Simon. Adam realizes Casey is deep in debt because of online poker. He agrees to pay off his debt for him if he stops. Casey reluctantly agrees. Craig asks Lucy to move back in with him once he gets custody of Johnny. Emily comes back and he is curious whether she stopped the wedding? Meg arrives downstairs at the beginning of the ceremony, but her face does not show joy of someone about to tie the knot. Meg and Paul leave to talk. Simon pretends he is trying to break things off with Carly; he needs a little while longer. A snippy Vienna heads back to her room while Simon intends on celebrating some more. Carly worries about what Vienna will do once Simon dumps her. Meg tells Paul she got a visit from Emily. Does he want to tell her the truth now? Paul tries to deny things, but then admits to his crimes but offers up that he would do anything to protect her and to keep Johnny from Craig due to a deathbed promise to Jen. Gwen goes to talk to Adam. Vienna catches Carly and Simon going at it again; Simon tells her that he isn’t leaving Carly and she can do what she wants about the jewels because she has no proof. Vienna threatens payback causing Carly to be greatly concerned, but Simon is convinced they are ok. Adam and Gwen work things out. Adam convinces Elwood to play more poker with him so he can double his money and pay back the people he owes and his brother. Holden comes upstairs to ask if everything is ok? Meg doesn’t tell him what she knows; she tells Paul it is because she sill loves him. Paul assumes that means they are going to get married afterall, but Meg shatters him when she says she can’t live with what he is capable of. She doesn’t want to talk or see him ever again! She takes off with Paul in hot pursuit. Emily tells Craig she is done with Paul and him; Lucy overhears Emily reminding Craig of his role in Dusty’s set up. We see someone pull Carly’s necklace out of the river. Meg and Paul’s family realize there is not going to be a wedding after all when Meg rushes out with Paul right behind her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor assembles everyone and tells them their mother wants them to hear the truth. Their grandmother Ann is not dead. And Eric and Stephanie have gone to Chicago to see her. The kids are shocked since they felt their mother adored her mother. Taylor tells them her mother was abused as a child and she asked for help and never got it. She hopes they will now understand why she always overprotects them and tries to control; the protection she never had. Felicia cries that now she gets it and she hates being such a brat and for resenting her mother. Ridge laments they only saw what Stephanie wanted them to see, her in her glory.

Stephanie confronts her mother and begs her to tell her why when she knows she saw the bruises and she put lotion on the welts, why didn’t she stand up for her when she couldn’t do it for herself? Her mother twists everything around and wants to know what happened to Stephanie, who has she been talking to? She tells her IF her father ever struck her, she must have deserved it. Pam admits she knew about it too, but nobody paid attention to her, didn’t expect much from her. Ann’s heart turns cold and she glares at Stephanie while Stephanie hugs her sister. It wasn’t her fault, it was her mother’s. Ann still denies it, this fantasy of hers about abuse. Her memory is playing tricks on her, not Ann’s. And she won’t allow it! Stephanie says she is the one that won’t allow it. Her mother turned her away as a child and now she’s still doing the same thing. Why is she lying? Was she afraid for herself? Stephanie admits she inflicted on her children the things she never got from her own mother. How could she do that?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami wants to pick up with Lucas where they left off romantically but Lucas is still mad at Sami for taking the job with EJ. Lucas eventually gives in to Sami’s seduction but they are interrupted by the news of Claire’s kidnapping. EJ admits to Kate that he wants Sami to have his baby. Kate passes on the information to Lucas but Lucas laughs at the notion and accuses Kate of making it up to break up him and Sami. EJ calls Kate on telling Lucas of his plan. Lucas tells Sami about EJ’s comment and turns down her renewed attempts at seduction.

John brings Marlena to a romantic historic spot for couples in Italy and surprises her with an impromptu wedding. A mystery man watches John’s proposal. Shawn rushes to the diner but instead of comforting Belle, he accuses her of being irresponsible. Sami rushes to Belle’s side and defends her to Shawn. Jesse Faraday returns to the diner and the cops stop him at gunpoint. Jesse claims that he came back to help search. Hope accompanies Bo as he bursts in on EJ to accuse him of Claire’s kidnapping. EJ denies taking Claire but offers to donate money for a reward, which Bo turns down. Despite Claire’s safe return, Bo refuses to believe EJ didn’t orchestrate the kidnapping. It is revealed that the female patron took Claire and that she is taking orders from Victor. The female patron returns Claire to the diner and claims that she simply found Claire in her backseat. Belle accepts Hope’s offer to bring Claire and spend the night at their house. Bo invites Shawn to join them but he turns him down.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye tells Sonny about her bargain with Alacazar and that Lulu is safe and can be sent home because of it. He's not buying it and decides to send her and Jason to look for Spinelli. Liz and Epiphany notice Emily's glow of love and she confirms that things are more than wonderful between her and Nik. She then invites Liz to join her, Nik, Spencer, and Lucky in decorating Wyndermere, but Liz demurs. Alexis is not thrilled when Sam shows up unannounced with Lainey, further scaring Kristina who has just seen her mother's lack of hair for the first time. The following therapy session does not go well. Carly pushes for a splashy wedding until Jax reminds her what is important. Their plans to go on vacation for Christmas get killed by the boys' desire to stay for the play they are supposed to be in on Christmas Eve. Max has to remind Milo, again, that Lulu is off limits. Dillon notices and is angered by Professor Marquez's apparent interest in Georgi. Robin admits to Patrick that she was wrong to injec their personal issues into her work.

If Sonny will help Lulu prove Laura's innocence, she agrees to go along with his plans to find Spinelli. Jax arrives at a compromise that should satisfy both him and Carly and the boys. It does not please Sonny, who fears Jax will replace him in the boys' affections. Lainey tells Alexis that Kristina's biggest problem may be her mother. Alexis is not amused, but does try to help the girl understand what is going on. Lulu insists in doing the driving on her and Jason's roadtrip.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Later at court, Dorian sees Clint sitting with Viki and it doesn't take a genius for Dorian to see that the woman is jealous. She enjoys bringing that out of Dorian. Clint thought that Viki was above all that. She tells him that he overestimates her. Michael is surprised by the way that he feels. He is a doctor and yet, if Spencer gets off these charges, he thinks that he could choke the life out of the man if he gets the chance. Marcie knows that Michael couldn't ever be capable of a thing like that. Michael doesn't know what she thinks that. "Spencer was a doctor and look at all the terrible things he did." Starr comes to see the baby. She thinks that Tommy's gorgeous and he reminds her of Jack as a baby. Michael gets news, along with other parties to go back to court. No one knows why. Todd and Blair get the news. Blair hopes that Marty hasn't done something to screw this up. Evangeline feels that maybe the jury is being brought in to get instruction of some sort. John and Natalie wait for news on the verdict. Natalie hopes that Spencer gets the death penalty for what he has done. The doctor wants to do another operation on Spencer since his condition is getting better everyday, but he doesn't want to be under when the verdict is read. He wants to know the second that there is something to know. Natalie tries to sneak the remote so they can watch the television and get any bulletins that may air. Adriana gets a call from someone who would like to invest in her company. She knows that company that wants to partner with her. It was featured in Craze. She sets up an appointment to discuss the details. Rex is comfortable in his decision not to tell who Tommy's real parents are. He feels that he is saving the child from years of therapy. He is sure that Starr and Jack are headed in that direction and if he can spare Tommy that fate, then he will do it. Adriana feels that Tommy should be with his siblings. "Adriana, just because you are related to someone, doesn't mean that you have to live with them…like Dorian?" Adriana sees his point. Dorian sees Adriana and compliments her on her choice of nail color. She knows that one day the girl will be calling her 'mother' again. Spencer is brought into the courthouse and he is acting erratic as ever. Todd finds Spencer's crazy act pointless. He will make the man pay one way or the other. Blair wonders what is going on with Todd. She finds him acting out of character. The doctor is really annoyed that John is refusing the surgery that has been set up for him. Natalie begs the doctor to just hold off for a while, till the verdict comes in.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan's schizophrenic actions continued today as she first gloated in sending the picture she took of Luis and Fancy making love to the tabloid, then regretted it and wondered why she'd done it. The truth came out later, tho, when she admitted to herself that she still loves Luis and doesn't want him with Fancy. Chris is just confused as to what his wife is doing wandering around the house when she should be sleeping. Kay and Simone talk about what a rotten guy Miguel is, and Kay finally decides to go face him down with what he did to her. He seems not to know why she's mad, saying he was running errands instead of being with Charity. The answer is that he did nothing, since the couple Kay and Simone watched making love were imposters, made up to look like Miguel and Charity. Fox paid them of, very happy with the results of their little ruse.

Luis and Fancy got caught by Sam after the editor of the tabloid Sheridan sent the picture to called to say he'd killed it out of respect for Sam. He went right to the B^B room they were sharing and had it out with them. He threatened them with being fired, but changed his mind and kept them on. Now they need to learn how to ignore the vibes coming from the other. Ethan tried very hard to convince Theresa Jared isn't good for her, saying he stole the retirement pensions. She checked it out and found that Chad agrees with him and said he was in on it from the first. The look between the two men after Ethan leaves, however, says there's more to it. Simone and Noah talked about Miguel and how heartbroken he is, but Simone won't hear it. She can't see anything good in Miguel at the moment.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Katherine and Jill wait for the results of the tests. Esther tries to find out what is going on but Katherine and Jill will not tell. When Esther tells that she is heading to Fenmore's Boutique to get some things for Kate, Katherine and Jill go along. They do some shopping and then they go to the Club where Esther immediately recognizes Sylvia Browne. She gets in a conversation with Sylvia, who is more interested in telling Kay of her bad pair of shoes, and Jill of the predatory woman who is trying to take the man that Jill is interested in. Katherine and Jill find that this stuff sounds like a whole lot of spooky crap, but strangely enough when they start leaving, Kay stumbles. The heel on her shoe has broken. Esther knows that this is a sign that Sylvia is legit. She told Kay that her shoes were worn! The adoption goes through without a hitch. Michael gets the necessary signatures and arranges for the hearing with a judge when there is a cancellation that day. Everything goes through but then Michael has bad news. He doesn't want to spoil the day with his news but Neil insists. Will is pursuing the perjury cases against Neil and Drucilla. Michael leaves the Winters, promising to check if Lauren will want to come out that night to celebrate. Gloria goes to the boutique. Lauren thinks that she is checking up on her but Lauren says that she is only there to get something to wear for the show that she is going to be on. Jack and Ashley talk about Gloria and how she will be dragging their name through the mud to do this show. They meet with Gloria and try to talk her out of this. When she refuses to listen to them, they remind her that they asked her nicely at first. Next, Jack and Ashley get Miss Sinclair the lawyer to put a Temporary Restraining Order into effect. The order demands that Gloria cease and desist using the name 'Abbot' until further notice. Lauren is fighting sleep and Gloria forces her to hand over the baby and go to have a nap. While Gloria is playing with the child, someone comes to the door. Gloria is served at Michael's apartment. Jack and Ashley have a celebratory drink. They have finally gotten the stink of Gloria Fisher off their hands. "We should have thought of this before." They know that at any moment now Gloria will be getting served the order to Cease and Desist. Paul discusses with JT how he will be still checking into the Michael's case even though he has quit. He is concerned about Brad and whether or not he really does have something to do with this murder. He kept Brad's secret before, but he will not do be quiet this time if Brad killed Carmen.

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