Tuesday 12/5/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/5/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Jonathan finds Lily at the boathouse; she tells him that thinking about him hurts a lot less than it used to. She also thanks him for saving her from Terry and for being her husband. Amanda decides to move in to Wildwind, even though Del keeps hitting on her. Jamie also decides to move in, and Di invites Aidan to move in as well. Tad talks to Krystal about her baby; he assures her that he'll take her word over David's. They also discuss Dixie. Adam asks them what they are talking about, so they have to lie to cover.

Bianca asks Josh to cheer up and be nicer during the holidays. Babe tells them that she found Simone upstairs, so they rush up, and Josh declares her dead, while the ambulance is called. They are all shocked. Derek arrives and wonders why Zach assumes Simone was murdered. Derek questions everyone.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tries to comfort a nervous Stephanie. She maintains again that she thought she had good reason to tell everyone her mother was dead. It hurt her as a child that her mother turned a deaf ear to her pleas for help with her abusive father. Taylor and Thorne kiss and can’t keep their hands off each other. In Chicago, Ann fusses around the apartment trying to make everything just right for Stephanie’s visit. She plays her favorite album with Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be). Stephanie remembers too her childhood, hearing that song constantly and remarks that her childhood wasn’t that terrible. Her mother was always there and loved and treated both her and Pammie the same. And now she is an old woman, so what is there to be afraid of? Eric tries to be optimistic that maybe she has changed. Stephanie doubts it, she was always controlling and in control of her emotions. She’s just afraid she is going to be so cheerful in that pathetic, vacant sort of way and just deny everything. Hector tells Taylor and Thorne that he is getting out of her life. He realizes he has caused her some real problems. Thorne offers his Malibu place for free. Hector will be doing him a favor by looking after a vacant place.

The song is still playing when they arrive at the apartment and her mother welcomes her cheerfully. They spend the next few awkward moments with her mother chirping like a bird, extolling all the happy memories of her sweet little perfect family. She laments that it’s funny they go thirty years without seeing each other and then pick right up where they left off. She serves the chocolate angel cake, ordering Pammie to go get honey for Stephanie’s tea, although Stephanie says she doesn’t want any. Then she remarks that she doesn’t know why they want to live in L.A. where it is so hot and with actresses and actors and all those insincere people. She’d like to have some photos of her grandchildren and is shocked when Stephanie tells her that she told them her mother was dead. When she tries to tell her there are issues they need to discuss, her mother says she wouldn’t know about that. Things are very simple around here. She says she tires much more than she used to and says it was good to see Stephanie but pretty much dismisses her daughter. Again, she sweetly asks Pammie to go turn on her electric blanket. ….she likes it nice and cozy. Stephanie says she likes everything nice and cozy, but that isn’t the way life is. Ann says life is what you make it. Stephanie says Que Sera Sera. Ann tells Eric it was good to see him and take care of her daughter. She starts to leave but he holds her back. He tells her that her daughter has something to say and she’s going to hear her whether she wants to or not.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman convinces Bo to accept Patrick’s offer of dropping the charges. Hope allows Bo to come back home though she won’t say what she had to agree to to get Patrick to drop the charges. Billie confronts Patrick on framing Bo and using the situation to get closer to Hope. Patrick threatens Billie and Chelsea should Billie get into his business again. EJ offers Sami all of Austin’s old stocks and full partnership with him and Kate. After convincing Lucas that she wants nothing romantic with EJ, she accepts EJ’s offer. Victor orders Lucas to prepare a flight to Montreal for him and ‘Andrew Spivey’ for next week and pretends to be in a meeting while Belle waits with Claire at the diner for one of their visits. Belle leaves Claire alone while she takes Victor’s phone call and someone takes Claire while her back is turned. Mimi and Max fly to the military hospital in Atlanta and learn from other patients that Andrew Spivey was transferred in the middle of the night last week. When they try to inquire more from the hospital administrator, they are told that the information is now classified.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny manages to force Alcazar to leave without Lulu. Lulu calls Dillon in order to throw him off her trail. Sonny insists that Lulu accompany Jason to Tennessee to track down Spinelli. Skye is horrified when Alcazar confesses that he planned on killing Lulu. Alcazar accepts the fact that he's lost Skye and Lila Rae forever but Skye offers him a surprising deal. Carly and Jax help Sam fend off Ric.

Jax points out to Alexis that Sam will always put Jason first. Sam is surprised when Alexis defends her to Ric. Nikolas is relieved when Colleen returns with Spencer. Nikolas informs Colleen that he is letting her go. Colleeen is holding Helena captive. Maxie stirs up trouble between Georgie and Dillon when Georgie defends Elizabeth. Maxie is secretly wearing a pillow to appear to be pregnant.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus gets huffy toward a strange lady. Ava sees Olivia and Jeffrey together and thinks it's Family Time. In Court, Reva and Alan spar toward each other. Lizzie and Jonathan are a no show at the hearing. Cassie sees Billy and disrupts his date. Cassie think Billy can help her find Jonathan and Lizzie. Mel calls Rick to the stand. Alan disrupts court. Remy and Marina have a drink together. Marina thinks Remy is wasting his time on Tammy. Billy finds out where the kids are and tells Cassie. Jeffery gets a band gig, but finds out it is due to his publicity and knocks the guy out. Olivia and Ava have a drink together and talk about an "arrangement". Olivia gives Ava her birth certificate. Ava sees the date of birth is wrong. Olivia says that maybe her adoptive parents pick that day as the day she came home with them. Ava says maybe. Alan makes his speech to the Judge. Reva blows up Alan says Beth knows what he is saying is true. Beth says that Alan is telling the truth about Jonathan in telling Jonathan about the custody hearing. Josh disrupts the judge by saying he hasn't been heard. Josh tells the court his version of being a parent. Cassie admits pressure. Ava runs after seeing Jeffery hit the guy. Gus and Harley meet up with a lady named Bailey, who worked for Ross. And helped Ross when Gus went missing. Seems a file was sealed as if Bailey never existed. Blake knew. Bailey says there was no "relationship" between her and Ross other than professional. Harley is angry that Gus wouldn't remember ever meeting Bailey before. Josh pleas for Jonathan and Lizzie. Both Reva and Cassie smile at Josh as he is speaking. The Judge rules it Jonathan and Lizzie's favor. Alan is angry yelling his head off.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair is mad that Spencer might get off. She knows if that happens, it will be because of Marty. She turns and sees Marty is standing behind her. She rushes at the woman and pushes her to the ground. The media is there getting pictures, and Bo controls the crowd. Blair fumes that she isn't sorry that she pushed the woman and she would do it again. She holds her head in pain as she goes off. Spencer is at the front of the courtroom and sees that she's in pain. Viki is concerned that Marty is in town to cause trouble. She assures Viki that she isn't there to do that. She reminds Viki that she help Todd out long ago when she didn’t have to. Viki hopes that she can believe that Marty means well. Starr returns to school after being home a long time. Langston is glad to see her friend but not happy that she is still hung up on Cole. She warns Cole not to mess with Starr's head. After Langston is gone, Cole goes to Starr and tells her about school and what happening with him, but what he really wants to talk about is her. Layla calls Adriana. Vincent has showed up at the gym and Layla is feeling insecure about talking to him. Adriana will be right there and she will bring Rex with her. When they arrive, Vincent reminds Layla that she has faith in herself and he leaves. Evangeline's expert witness says the exact opposite of what Marty said the day before. He believes that Spencer is fit for trial. The judge takes his recommendation over Marty's and the trial is continued. Both Evangeline and Mark do their summations to the court arguing the matter of whether the man should be convicted or not. Blair sees that Todd is a tad too calm and asks him about it. He hasn't got an answer for her. Marcie finds Starr and Cole talking together and interrupts. She asks Starr to baby-sit for her sometimes, and Starr is glad to do that. Marcie dated a guy was did what Cole kind of did once and she tells Starr to remember that even though Cole might have done some bad things, he might not be bad himself. John and Natalie talk about the ring. John is sorry that he didn't get the chance to do things right before the accident. She starts talking about the ring, but he stops her, telling that he already knows about his mother giving it to her. "I think that it was a mistake." She cries now, but she says that she agrees. He doesn't think that they should pretend like nothing has changed. She puts the ring on his bedside table so that he can return it to his mother as she chokes the tears back. Nat calls Viki and gets the news that the trial is still going. She tells John that at any time there could be a conviction.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan tried to get Theresa to listen to his reasons for saying Jared is not the man for her, but she was so upset at the fight the two men had she didn't want to hear anything. Valerie went to get Chad to help with Ethan, causing Whitney to get upset because she thought they were having an affair, and after that was straightened out - sort of - they all went to help. Once at the hotel, Val was in danger of losing her job for helping Ethan, and he managed to figure a way to get the information to Theresa without her going to the office. He used Jared's Crane Industries laptop to connect to the office computer. Fox was glad his ruse, using a fake Charity and Miguel to make love where Kay could see them and get angry at Miguel, worked, even tho it hurt Kay. She continued to cry to Simone, who wanted to confront Miguel, but Kay wouldn't allow it.

Miguel whined to Noah about Kay's sudden change of heart towards him, but Noah found it hard to believe she'd simply turned against him for no reason. He had no real help for Miguel except to urge him to talk to her about it. Sheridan arrived home to find Chris trying to be Mr. Househusband, and she tried to act as if she were thrilled about it all, but her mind was on Luis and Fancy, and the plot she'd come up with to make them pay for falling in love. She faxed the photo she took of them making love in the bushes to the tabloid that made a big deal out of their fake porno movie. Luis and Fancy returned to their room and began making love again, then took a bubble bath, then hopped back in bed.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki wants to go and tells Katherine about what Jack has done or get Michael to start finding the documents to prove that Jack is the owner of Jabot. Victor says that for now they should do nothing as they only have Abby's word to go on and that wouldn't stand up in court. He can hardly wait to smell that goose cooking in his pot this Christmas. Nikki sees Katherine at another table and goes to her in the club asking how she is doing. Katherine tells about the dreams with the ring in it and now the new dream where she is running through the woods carrying a baby. She was so drunk back in those days that she can't put her thoughts together. Later at home, Kay tells Jill about the dream and it gets her upset. She is sure now that the baby wasn't Jill. It was a boy. They have to get this figured out. Soon Katherine and Jill are questioning if Jill really is Katherine's daughter. They went on faith that this was the case, but maybe they should have done some testing. They call a doctor and head to the office to fill out forms and get a DNA test done. Jack is in the office when he overhears Victor telling Victoria that they have to come up with some other projects now to make up for some things that didn't work out as planned. Jack gets concerned over what he hears and he calls his sister who is still angry with him and asks her if she is sure that Victor bought her story when she talked to him the day before. She thought things went fine. Nikki is behind Jack and hears his concerns. She goes back to Victor's table and tells him that they have to be smarter. Jack has his spidey senses tingling, and might not believe that Victor is honestly being a friend. When he returns to the office, Victor calls Jack to the office and when Jack gets there, Victor introduces him to Sackhiko. She is a Japanese woman who is there because of the cancellation of the tie-in deal. Jack doesn't understand. "She is here to help you relax, seeing as you are under so much stress. She will be introducing us to the fine art of Flower Arranging…" Jack tries to get out of there but Victor takes his jacket off and coaxes Jack to do the same. Jack ends up staying and at the end, Victor insists that he take his arrangement home to meditate on it. Jack takes the plant out and goes to the lunchroom where his sister is. "Hey Ash! Remember I told you that Victor was back to work? I was wrong. He is still in his own little world." Ashley looks to the doorway and sees Victor standing there smiling at her. He waves like a child and then walks off to his office where he picks up his arrangement and drops it in the wastebasket.

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