Monday 12/4/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Annie and Ryan have a date at Confusion. Kendall insists that the Fusion girls go with her to the bar to celebrate that she and Zach are buying a house. Bianca tells Zarf that she's gay, but it doesn't faze him. Simone insists on staying at Fusion to clean things up while the others go on ahead. Zarf also stays, and hits on Simone, but she declines to sleep with him. Kendall is annoyed to learn that Ryan and Annie took Spike and Emma to see Santa without her. Zach wonders why Kendall is upset about Emma.

Josh gives Babe a scrapbook of pictures of Little A. He tries to get her to leave J.R., but she insists on staying. She loves Josh but wants to forget him. Dixie tells Tad that Krystal swears her baby is Adam's. Tad thinks David was lying, but Dixie is not sure. She hopes that Krystal's baby is his. Adam doesn't want J.R. to get acupuncture, but Joe tells him that it is J.R.'s choice. Krystal goes to the hospital with contractions, but it is a false alarm (Braxton-Hicks contractions), much to Adam and Krystal's relief. Later, Babe finds Simone lying dead on the floor of Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna arrives in town as Simon and Katie are having a heated discussion; her arrival peaks Katie’s interests in his extra curricular jewel interests even more. Carly seems tempted to talk to Jess about her troubles, but Jack arrives and quashes that desire. He tells her about Katie’s mission to stick it to her and Simon, even if she has to make up something they did. He admits to calling Vienna over her accusations, but she informed him the jewels are checked regularly. Lily continues to worry about her weight and Holden’s strange behavior. Emily is optimistic about her and Paul being on the road to reconciliation. Meanwhile, Meg and Paul secretly decide to marry that night. Vienna confesses she knows that Simon has been a bad boy and stolen the crowned jewels, but she is willing to forgive and forget – under one condition – he comes back to her. Paul and Meg tell the family about pushing up the wedding; there are concerns at first, which are voiced, but then everyone settles in for a celebration. Craig learns that Meg and Paul are secretly getting married that night; he shares his frustrating news with Emily. She is furious and vows to never let Paul use her again. Holden makes plans to meet with Tea again the next day. Seeing no way out of this, Simon agrees to dump Carly and leave town with Vienna. They seal it with a kiss, which Carly witnesses. Meg prepares to get married. Paul opens Lily and Holden’s front door thinking it is Barbara or Will, only to come face to face with a furious looking Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie ponders on what Taylor said – that she had to go to Chicago and confront her mother. Reluctantly she calls Pam and makes arrangements. Ann Douglas tells Pam that she is happy Stephanie is coming, especially if she is coming to make amends. She will forgive her and welcome her with open arms. Taylor encourages Stephanie to be completely truthful with Eric. He is devastated and angry that this is one more secret she has kept from him, but he listens as Taylor fills in the abuse story and he’s sympathetic and wants to go with her, not for her to face this alone. She leaves it to Taylor to tell Thorne and the others.

Ann is giddy with delight and looks through her box of happy memories. She’s looking so forward to the visit, but she won’t allow unhappy words or thoughts like the last time she saw Stephanie. Stephanie confesses to Eric that her mother turned her back on her father’s guilt so she turned her back on her mother as well, she was dead to her. She never looked back. But, she is tired of being this person filled with anger and rage. He tells her that her mother will listen to her, he’ll make sure of it. All children need to be heard.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo insists that his mistakes with Billie are solely his fault. Bo is angry that Roman orders him to do nothing for the investigation while he’s out on bail. Hope asks Patrick to drop the charges against Bo but Patrick refuses. Hope persists and Patrick agrees only if Hope will go away with him. Bo refuses to take Patrick’s gesture. Bonnie alerts Patrick to the fact that she took his money by accidentally naming the correct amount. Bonnie pretends to be offended at the accusation. Mimi asks Bonnie for the money to fly to Atlanta and when Bonnie turns her down, Mimi calls Bonnie on taking the money from Patrick so she’s forced to agree. Mimi tells Bonnie about Shawn working as a courier for EJ and Patrick and Bonnie decides to confront EJ. EJ offers to pay Bonnie for her silence and Bonnie gladly pockets the cash. Bonnie gives the money to Lauren and Lauren threatens to keep the child to get more money. Max has decided to go to Atlanta and Abby criticizes him for choosing to go because of Mimi. Mimi lies to Max about how she got the money for airfare.

Lucas and Sami’s plans of pizza and movie watching turn romantic right away. Sami makes Lucas promise that nothing can mess them up before finally consenting to lovemaking. EJ suggests to Kate that they hire Sami for their company but Kate is adamantly against it. EJ decides to pull rank and offer the job to Sami. Calls from EJ and Victor interrupt Lucas and Sami’s lovemaking. Lucas wants Sami to call EJ and tell him that she quit working for him and insists on accompanying her when she decides to tell EJ in person that she’s quitting. Sami assures Lucas that she wants only him and he lets her talk to EJ alone. Sami declares her plans to quit to EJ but is intrigued when EJ offers full partnership of Mythic with him and Kate.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Colleen interrupts Nik and Emily's picnic. Carly strives to reassure Jax that she will continue to be interested in him. Ric and Alacazar begin to search for Lulu and Jason. Jason gets Carly to invite Sam to the hotel so he can say good-bye before going to look for Spinelli. Sonny takes Lulu home and puts her into Milo and Max's care. Milo seems terribly interested in their charge. When Patrick rants about Robin's moodswing, Professor Marquez tells him they should go pick up some women. Nik shows Emily proof that Colleen is probably trustworthy. However, her possessiveness is leading him to dismiss the nanny. He then asks her to stay for Christmas. Colleen overhears and begins melting down. Carly is on the edge of ballastic when Jax tells her he needs to rescue Jerry. Lulu manages to sneak out of Sonny's and run into Lorenzo. Fortunately, Sonny catches up with her before Lulu can be forced into Alcazar's car, but she still becomes a hostage. Nanny Colleen kidnaps Spencer. Alexis freaks when she sees herself in a wig. Ric's plan to nab Jason and Sam together falls apart.

GL Recap Written by Beth 

Jeffery finds Lizzie and the baby Reva doesn't tell Beth where Lizzie and the baby went to. Doris is caught having lunch with Alan and talking about Lizzie and the baby's whereabouts. Ashley hears a discussion between Alan and her Mother, Doris about Jonathan and stick up for Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd gets up and shouts that Marty can't be allowed to testify on Spencer's behalf. The judge doesn't care about the connection between Marty and Todd. He only cares about the connection between Marty and Spencer, and he finds none. Marty is sworn in and takes the stand. John tells that he can't see how anyone would want to be with another person who is going to be ill for a long time. Michael tells his brother that they gave Natalie the ring in spite of him not having given it to her himself. John understands… He needs a favor. He wants his brother to tell him how it really is. He needs to know more about the burns and see his face. Spencer doesn't like that his lawyer is trying to make him sound crazy. He shouts that he isn't a murderer, or crazy. Marty testifies that Spencer has had a break from reality and that it isn't uncommon considering the pressures that he has been under, even from before all this started. His pressure of having people's lives in his hands all the time and then the women in his life letting him down…She feels that he is a perfect candidate for this. Evangeline tries to stop this line of questioning but the judge allows it. The judge calls a recess and puts Spencer on Suicide Watch. Blair finds that Todd is taking this very well. Later he goes to Mark Casey and tells him that he is very clever handling the case the way that he is, but that it isn't going to work. Mark tells Todd not to hold his breath. Todd stays alone in the courtroom and makes a call. When he is finished, Viki comes to see him. She heard that Marty was there and some things happened in court. She hopes that Todd won't be doing anything about this. "No, there's nothing that I can do about this." Todd walks off leaving a confused Viki staring after him. Michael asks John is he still is planning on getting engaged to Natalie. He also tells how their mother gave the ring to Natalie because they thought that is what John would have wanted them to do. John understands. As for getting engaged, he can't understand how anyone would want to be stuck with someone who is sick like him. Jessica and Antonio take Bree and Nash out to eat. While they are at the table a man thinks that Jessica is Tess. Antonio tells that he is her husband and Jessica says that her name isn't Tess, and the man walks off. He thinks that she is just a wife who took a walk on the wild side. Marty goes to see Spencer. He chuckles. He tells that he has secrets that could blow up the lives. Marty says that she is only doing her job, but Spencer knows that she would love to make trouble for Todd and Blair.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Gwen chatted about their marriages and love, with Gwen telling her friend she needs to tell Luis she still wants him. This upset Sher, causing her to attack Gwen about her own shaky marriage, and stomp out in a snit. Gwen wasn't sure whether her fever was causing her to hallucinate or Sheridan is losing her mind again. Ethan tracked Theresa and Jared down at the hotel and tried to get his true love to come back to the office to see proof Jared is playing her and isn't who he says he is. She refused, reminding him he never believed her about his wife. He stood in the hallway listening to them making love for a couple of minutes, then burst in the door and slugged Jared, starting a fight that had them crashing around the room. Fox watched Kay and Miguel arguing because he won't admit he made love to Charity, which infuriated her enough so she slapped him, and wished he didn't have to hurt her just to keep her. He knows he'll be better for her than Miguel will, however, so he feels justified in what he's doing.

Julian, very drunk by now, listened as Eve confessed what she'd done to Grace. She told her she'd kept quiet about Ivy's lies that caused her to leave Sam and leave with David Hastings, and Grace wasn't very happy about that. She told her she hates her and never wants to see her again. Eve was crushed, and Julian tried to comfort her, but ended up trying to force her to make love to him. TC, who'd come to the bridal shower to surprise Eve with his ability to walk, pulled him off her, for which he was slugged and knocked to the ground by Julian. Eve called him a horrible person and said she never wants to see him again as she helped her sickly ex-husband off the ground, and even Julian's apology didn't help. He realized he's lost her forever now. Luis and Fancy still had trouble finding somewhere to make love, since the B&B they were at had a false fire alarm and they couldn't get back in their room. They decided to duck behind some bushes and finish the job, but Sheridan spied them and took a picture of them on her cell phone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Amber shows up at the apartment with a gift for Lauren and the baby. Kevin and Jana happen to be moving out, and Gloria and Michael are there. Amber tells Lauren she needs a job. She went to Indigo but they're not hiring. She is $200 from sleeping in her car. Lauren has a great idea. She will hire Amber to work in the boutique. That will solve a lot of problems. Lauren makes the necessary calls and it is all set! Gloria tells about her position on EXTREME CATWALK. Everyone's excited and they all help her practice. It isn't long before they realize that Gloria is a natural! Ashley comes home mad. She was just in a meeting about the problems caused by Jack stopping the tie-in of NVP and Jabot. Jack says that he is handling things. She feels like he is undermining Jabot. She has warehouses full of stock that she has no prayer of moving now that NVP won't be distributing for them. Jack asks her to just trust him on this, he wouldn't hurt Jabot. She tells him that it seems that he already has. She throws a file folder on the table in front of him to emphasize her point. He picks it up, slams it on the coffee table, sending the candy there flying and he shouts, "Why would I hurt Jabot? I OWN JABOT!" Jack and Ashley don't realize it but Abby is at the top of the stairs and she sees and hears everything going on downstairs. Ashley has to get to work. She takes Abby with her and drops her off in Victor's office. Abby draws a picture of a brother and sister arguing. She tells Victor about her mummy and uncle fighting and how Jack said that he owned Jabot. Nikki enters the room and Victor has Abby tell her the story as well. After Abby leaves, Victor and Nikki realize that they were right with their assumptions about the man all along. And what is worse is that Ashley is in on it. She had to have been. She was there when Jack made his outburst. While they are talking, Ashley enters the room and thanks Victor for watching Abby for her. He was glad to do it and he tells that he is a little surprised that Jack did what he did with the tie-in. She says that Jack has been in a very difficult position lately and he felt that he had to do this. Victor thought that Jack wouldn't ever give up on Jabot. "Well he has to Victor. He doesn't own Jabot, Mr. Kim does. Well, I gotta go. Bye you two. Ashley leaves the house and goes home to find Jack waiting for her. He can tell that she is still mad at him. She is. "You have put me in a very difficult position. I just lied to Victor…" At the office, Victor tells Nikki that he never thought that Ashley would deceive him this way. He has to figure out how to handle this.

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