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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor finally gets Stephanie to admit that her father got abusive when he drank and hit her. And his home was his castle; she was a little girl….powerless. Reluctantly, she admits her mother is not dead and she knew about the problems and did absolutely nothing about it. Stephanie cut her out of her life thirty years ago and wants nothing to do with her. Nick lines up his staff and about half are loyal and will stay, the others bolt. Clarke is eager to come aboard and get this new opportunity in the inner sanctum. Jackie and Donna are also at his side ushering in a new era. Ridge and Thorne say Nick may have won the battle, but not the war. Eric tells the boys he is not throwing in the towel. He knows they have other lucrative offers and he won’t influence their decision. They vow to rally around and stay with him, designing only a few quality pieces a year, quality, not quantity.

Through more probing, Taylor finds out Pam did not cut her mother out of her life and she lives with her mother in Chicago. She advises Stephanie to confront her now if she wants to save her marriage. This is the root of all of it, the control. Stephanie balks, but finally makes the phone call when Taylor tells her she is lucky her mother is still alive. She wouldn’t wait too long. It’s short and sweet and she quickly ascertains that all is alright. Pam tells her mother that Stephanie called and even asked about her. Immediately Stephanie has regrets and tells Taylor this was a big mistake. But Taylor stands by her claims that she needs to confront her, get out of denial and the “time has come.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John asks Bo to cover for him with Marlena but Bo insists that he get to go to Italy in exchange for helping John. John turns him down but Bo still agrees to cover for him. Marlena comes by to grill Bo about Johnís true travel plans. Bo reluctantly gives in and tells Marlena the truth. Billie comes to the jail to pay Boís bail. Marlena joins John on the plane but John tries to talk her into staying home. Marlena admits that she knows the truth and wants to work together to catch Dimera. John gives in and lets Marlena come along. Abeís vision becomes blurry. Tek requests a job recommendation from Abe. When Abe turns him down, Tek threatens to fulfill the state prosecutorís request for insider details on the departmentís performance. Abe gives in and agrees to have Roman write up a letter for Tek. Abe is forced to admit his worsening eyesight to Lexie but refuses to go see a doctor because the department will force him out. Lexie agrees to keep Abeís condition a secret so long as Abe sees a doctor after the case with EJ is over. 

Kayla admits to Lexie that she thinks Steve is lying about getting his memory back. Kayla decides to take Steve to a travel destination special to them as a couple to prove whether he can remember it. Lexie insists on going with them. Kayla tells Steve of her desire to have them visit the mountains together. Steve tries to talk Kayla out of going. Kayla gives Steve the chance to admit the truth but Steve agrees to go away together to avoid telling the truth. Steve visits Billie to confess his true feelings for her and learns that she feels the same. Billie warns that if she canít have Steve totally committed to her, and then she doesnít want any part of him. Steve vows to make things right for them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nik arranges for himself and Emily to be locked into the stable, to Colleen's utter dismay and Alfred's satisfaction. They are able to work through and past their issues and admit they love each other again. Sam and Liz argue about Jason, until Lucky comes into the studio and sees Sam there. Dillon and Carly continue to look for Lulu. Dillon and Professor Marquez seem to resent each other's interest in Lulu. Sonny is not receptive to Skye's pleas for an end to the mob war. Lulu and Jason escape and make it back to Sonny's. Jason decides the two of them need to go after Spinelli, to Oakfield, where he said he was headed. The cops continue to watch Sam, hoping she will lead them to Jason. Lucky asks if they can name the baby, if it's a girl, Laura.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie is there when John opens his eyes the next morning. She thought that his mother would have been there already. Natalie leaves the room to call her. Vincent is walking to the room and bumps into Natalie. She thanks him for what he did and for bringing John home to her. They hug. John watches them hugging from his bed. Spencer is put on the stand and he gets extremely angry when his very own lawyer seems to be asking him questions that are going to torpedo his case. He brings up the reason that Spencer came to town and how the man who he thought was his father really wasn't all these years. He goes over how it was his mother, on her deathbed who made Spencer promise to find Asa and make him pay for discarding her the way that he did. "Now Mr. Truman…Didn't she turn out to be a lying whore?" Spencer flies out of his seat and tries to get to the man to punish him for talking about his mother this way. The guards hold him but then something unexpected happens. Spencer starts pointing at Blair when he sees her staring at him and he starts talking to her as if she were his mother. "It's all your fault. It's all your fault ma. DID YOU KILL MY SON TOO?" The crowd becomes quiet. Todd doesn't buy it and neither do Nora, nor Evangeline. The judge calls a recess and Spencer is taken out. When court resumes a couple of hours later, Spencer has composed himself and he calmly sits beside his counsel. His head lolls around like a toy dog in a car window, and he just can't seem to get his eyes off the ceiling. Mark moves to have his client declared unfit. "I call my next witness…Marty Saybrooke!" All turn to and see Marty walking in. Vincent bumps into Natalie in front of John's room. She thanks him for helping her and they hug. John watches them through his window. She tells about the kiss and John remembers Vincent talking about it. Natalie tells Vincent later that she can't tell if John remembers that he was going to propose to her. Michael talks to John now and asks him if he remembers wanting to propose, and if he still wants to do that…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve asked Julian for help with Sheridan and her obsession with Luis and Fancy, fearing something terrible might happen if someone doesn't stop her. He decided it's not his problem after blasting Eve for her own shortcomings. Kay watched Miguel and Charity in the shed and listened as he professed his love for her over and over again. She can't believe he lied to her about wanting to marry her. Fox watched her as her heart broke, wishing he had never set this up, but Julian reminded him he would have lost her to Miguel if he hadn't brought Charity back. Sheridan realized that stalking Fancy and Luis was not a good thing and went to Gwen for a heart-to-heart about it. Gwen advised her to get over Luis once and for all, but Sheridan isn't sure she can. Ethan and Valerie were stunned by what they learned about Jared online, but when he tried to tell Theresa about it, she told him to bug off. She and Jared were making love after getting back together and she's not interested in starting things over with Ethan since he will never leave Gwen to be with her.

Luis and Fancy tried to find someplace to be together, finally deciding on a new hotel, but a mugging right in front of them put a crimp in that plan. After arresting the punk and getting the old ladie's purse back to her, they finally headed out for their tryst, and everything seemed to be going right for a change. Ivy answered the phone when Grace called and got an angry earful for her trouble. She shot back with her own poisoned arrows, however, but Grace missed the point, thanks to Sam's arrival. When the connection with him was broken, she called her friend Eve, not realizing she had played a part in Ivy's scheme, also. Eve seemed about to confess all. Sam tried to get Grace on the phone again before she learned about Eve's betrayal from someone else, but her conversation with Eve kept him from doing so.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad can't help being concerned about this interview that his mother will be doing with Adrian. They spent most of their lives hiding and now Adrian will be opening all that up, asking questions. Victoria sees that Adrian is reading NAZI LOOTING. She read it herself. Adrian says that he was just boning up for his interview with Rebecca. He tells that there are two diptychs coming from Germany and they will be shown soon. He asks if Rebecca has ever been to Cleveland. "Cleveland?" Victoria asks gingerly. She is surprised that he mentions that place. She says that she has no idea if Rebecca has ever been to Cleveland or not. Victoria trips over her words trying to come up with an answer. Turns out that he knew that Rebecca had been in Cleveland before as Colleen told him that. Adrian decides that he will ask Rebecca about all this stuff himself. He tried to find information about Rebecca on the internet but couldn't find anyone by the name of Rebecca Carlton who is a researcher. Victoria says that she has another name that she uses. "What is it?" Victoria looks at Adrian strangely, telling him that she doesn't feel that it is her place to tell what Rebecca's pseudo-name is. Brad finds Paul in the lunchroom, and asks if the man is working. Paul only says that he is there for the coffee. When Brad finds Paul still in the room after a while, Paul tells him that he is there guarding some items in the room. He will be testing some bags and duct tape for fingerprints. "Paul, my fingerprints are on that duct tape." Paul finds this too strange a coincidence, and why would he be touching duct tape? The company has a full custodial staff to handle such things for him. He says that he needed that duct tape as he had to fix the armrest on a chair. Paul throws his hands up in the air. Brad, Victoria and Rebecca talk in an office and he tells that things are getting complicated for them because his fingerprints are about to be found on some tape that might have been used in Carmen's killing. In that case the cops will go digging until his secret is out. When Victoria tells of Adrian's inquisition, the three of them see they can't let this interview go on. Adrian is analytical. He will check out everything that he is told and they can't risk that. Victoria goes to Adrian and cancels the interview. He offers to reschedule it or restrict his questions but Victoria tells that Rebecca is just too overwhelmed by the past when she starts talking about it. Michael and Will go to a judge and argue their points of view. Judge Russell decides that the items at Newman need to be tested and he signs a warrant.

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