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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen is very angry when her mother arrives and ruins her concentration for her recording session but her day gets worse when she later catches Adam and jade making love at the studio. Katie tells Jack she thinks Carly and Simon stole the crown jewels Jack doesn't believe the story and thinks Katie is just out for revenge against Simon and Carly. Katie is determined to find proof that her therory is right so that she can finally get Simon out of her life. Emily catches Paul trying to smother Craig with a pillow and later figures out that he switched the blank bullets for real bullets and is determined to go tell the police. Vienna swnds Simon a note saying she knows he stole the crown jewels.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie and Eric take a leisurely moment at home with no more business to look after. She just wishes Eric would have taken Nick’s bluff as she thinks a jury would have let her off as it being an accident. She knows his heart was in the right place, but he should have fought – it wasn’t just a business, but their lives. They are fighting when Taylor walks in and Eric walks out. He goes directly to Jackie and unloads his anger about Stephanie on her. Stephanie follows Taylor to her office and Taylor wants to treat her professionally, not girlfriend talk. Taylor reminds her that people aren’t born angry, so where does her rage come from? Did she feel she had ever done anything wrong as a little girl growing up? Ridge and Ridge languish in bed all day, she hasn’t lost her touch.

Reluctantly Stephanie shares childhood memories of her father; Pammy was the girlie-girl, Stephanie was her father’ daughter, more of a tomboy. Her father’s home was his castle. But, she rankles when Taylor wants to hear about her mother. Taylor digs further and Stephanie flinches when she remembers a really stupid little accident where she broke the fabric of the pool table and her father hit her. She was devastated then, and even now. How could a father do that to a little child?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Lucas help Will pack for his ski trip. Sami and Lucas fight the temptation to make love. John confronts EJ about being the one to beat up Patrick but EJ denies it. Abe insists on following procedure when it comes to Bo’s arrest but gives John permission to search for proof about EJ’s guilt. EJ asks Sami for forgiveness and Sami agrees to be cordial with EJ. Bo gives Shawn a note for Hope about having faith in him. Hope visits Bo at the station but tells him that their relationship is over. Roman asks Hope to try and convince Patrick to drop the charges. Patrick asks Hope to be his friend though he is open about his love for her. Bonnie steals Patrick’s cash from his pants but lets Patrick continue believing it was stolen by one of the nurses. Abby argues with Max about Mimi having feelings for him. Max and Abby are able to find out that ‘Andrew Spivey’ did get sent to war but was brought to a hospital in Atlanta after being firebombed. Mimi wants to rush right to Atlanta and decides exactly who to get the money from.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason risks his own health when he sets out to rescue Lulu and Spinelli. Alcazar's thugs force Lulu and Spinelli to drink tequila in order to make their deaths seem like a drunken accident. Lulu refuses to give up without a fight but makes a very costly mistake. Ric allows Sam bail in the hope she will end up leading him to Jason.

Robin vows to never give another patient false hope and is brutally honest with the parents of a young boy facing surgery. Patrick warns Robin to stay away from his patients.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Lizzie and Jonathan spend some time with their baby. Jonathan gives in to one of Alan’s demands. Gus and Harley find a disk with some interesting information on it. Gus still can’t figure out what it is that Blake has on him. Dinah and Mallet argue over who will be the next WSPR star. Tammy is heartbroken after a visit to the hospital. Jonathan and Lizzie find out their baby has a medical condition, and make a run for it. Alan realizes that he may have been outwitted by Jonathan.  Gus vows to get to the bottom of his supposed secret.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bo goes to see Spencer who has been sitting in jail and stewing in his juices over Blair's testimony in court. Spencer covers well, telling Bo that he is going to get out and that his only regret is that John will not be around to see it. Bo says that John just might. He tells the man's alive. Spencer couldn't care less, and doesn't understand why Bo thinks that this matters to him. Bo tells that this matters because another man was misidentified. Spencer is suddenly quiet. "The man in John's grave…is Hugh…" Spencer is quiet at first but then he gets angry and thinks that this is a cop trick. He thinks that Bo wants something from him and he asks what that is. Bo tells that he wouldn't play a trick like this. He too had to bury a son once and wouldn't want to see someone else go through that. Besides, he wouldn't hurt Paige that way. John talks with Michael and Natalie and is filled in on how Hugh was the one who died. He hears about Tommy being in the family now and how it looks like Spencer is finally going to get his. John has something that he wants to talk to Natalie about, but they are interrupted and he doesn't get it out. He says that it is about how he feels. Natalie calls Cristian and tells him to let Evangeline know that John is alive. She is thrilled. Later she has a private moment with John and he tells her that he wanted to say something to her before but then he had the accident. He tells her that he loves her. He wanted to have this conversation some other way but he is just glad to have a second chance. He hopes they don't screw things up this time. It couldn't get screwed up as far as she is concerned. He came back to her and nothing could be more perfect. Blair is supposed to be going to the doctor but when Kelly comes to get her, she tells that she is going to be helping Todd get his baby back. Kelly isn't happy that Blair has played this trick on her but she agrees to help. They go to see Todd. Kelly thanks Spencer for helping her have her baby. She shows him pictures and he smiles like a proud uncle at the sight of the little tyke. Blair knows that he must still have a part of him, that cares about people. He admit that he has that. "Well then why don't you tell me where Todd's baby is?" Rex has come into the area, but hides when he hears Spencer talking to Kelly and Blair. He listens to Spencer's answer about where Todd's baby is. He tells that Hugh is dead. Kelly gets immediately upset. She had no idea and starts to cry. Spencer shouts that if he can't have his baby, then neither will Todd. "You tell that filthy rapist that his baby is gone! Just like Hugh is gone! Just like you are gone!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

While Theresa and Jared rekindled their relationship by searching for a spot to make love in, ending up in a hotel room and then promptly setting it ablaze, Ethan was searching Jared's office for proof he's not what he says he is. Valerie caught him and threatened to have him jailed, but Ethan talked her into helping him instead by reminding her if Jared causes harm to Theresa and she did nothing to stop him, she would lose her job. They struck paydirt, learning that Jared is, indeed, not the person he claims to be.

Kay and Simone continued to watch Miguel make love to Charity, with Simone urging her friend to confront him about the lies he told her. Kay refused, and thought things would be fine when she heard him remember her. However, he simply had to come clean to Charity about the fact he'd been planning to marry Kay before Charity came back. As Sheridan tailed Fancy and Luis to see what had happened between them that upset Fancy so, Eve followed her, and lectured her when she caught up to her. Sheridan turned on Eve after hearing Luis swear his eternal love to her niece and couldn't find enough vile words and insults to hurl at her. Eve was hurt, but more horrified that Sheridan sounded like Alistair come back to life. Luis explained why he told his mother he'd never have anything to do with a Crane again, including Fancy, and they ended up embracing on a city park, with a seething Sheridan watching and itching for a fight.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon comes to talk to Nikki about the ad campaign. Nikki shows surprise at that. It seems that lately the only person that Sharon consults about the campaign is Jack. Sharon looks sheepish over that. Jack and Ji Min talk about their tricks in the office. Ji Min makes fun of the way that Jack is paranoid all the time. He thinks that Jack jumped the gun when he canceled the tie-in deal. Jack feels that he did the right thing and the decision stays. Neil and Drucilla are not happy that Daniel hit a kid in anger over Devon. Dru wants to call the school but Devon tells her not to because he isn't going back there. Michael calls the Winters parents and tells them to meet him at Will's office right away. When they arrive, Will offers them a plea offer. He wants Neil and Drucilla to testify against Devon and in exchange, he will make sure the kid gets a light sentence instead of life. Neil and Drucilla will not even think about that for a second. They call the kids at home and tell the story. Devon worries. Things are really looking grim. Daniel and Lily try to lift his spirits but they don't seem able to. Devon awaits a message from his mother. He wants to tell Yolanda that he is okay, as he is sure that she has heard about the charges. He has left voicemail and emails for his mother but she doesn't answer. Dru isn't happy to hear that Devon has been trying to contact his mother but when she realizes that Yolanda may be on the junk again, she says nothing and just gives him a hug. Michael, Neil and Paul brainstorm over the details of the case to find an answer to get Devon off. When asked, Neil tells about the industrial garbage bags. They Michael finds it very strange that they have no prints on them. Gloves may have been worn it seems. The bags were held closed with tape. Neil did buy two rolls of tape. The one roll that the police found at Neil's place had all the family's prints on it, and Kevin's prints were on it too. That was because Neil was at the coffeehouse after he purchased the tape and he left the roll, and Kevin found it. Michael wonders then were the other roll is. Neil tells that he went to Newman after leaving the coffeehouse and he put it in the utility closet. The three jump to their feet and get over to Newman where Neil finds the tape exactly where he left it. "Don't touch it! It's evidence!" Michael shouts to his client. Neil stands back while Michael and Paul search all the cupboards in the room to see what else is there. And then Paul find it! It in a cupboard… He pulls the door wide so the others can see. It's Stalwart industrial garbage bags…Tons of them! Michael smiles. "Men! We have a strategy!"

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