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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Iris interrupts Gwen and Adam at the studio causing Gwen to react angrily. Afterwards, she feels guilty and is mad that she can’t sing; Adam comforts her with a hug. Jade calls Will and tells him to come to the studio. Meg worries Craig is going to die. Paul calls Barbara to celebrate. Barbara threatens that Paul had better not have had anything to do with manipulating Dusty going over the edge because she thinks of Dusty as a son. Paul promises he didn’t and assures her they will stand united to support him. He tells Barbara he and Meg are marrying next week; Barbara is happy. Lucy, Margo and Katie lament over Craig’s actions just as Craig awakens. Jess tries to defend Dusty, but he isn’t making it easy by making comments about how he hopes Craig dies and that it was premeditated. Will finds Gwen and Adam in an embrace; Gwen explains about how she was feeling with her mom’s untimely arrival there. Will and Gwen leave and Adam calls Jade on her phone call to Will over her supposed concern; this leads to an emotional confrontation which then turns physical. Craig makes some suspicious comments to Margo and then Lucy. Lucy goes to see Dusty in jail and wants him to fight for Johnny, but she has to say good-bye as well. Meg arrives at the Lakeview to see Paul and is worried about Paul’s reaction to Craig living. Meg seems to talk him down, and later after he leaves, Meg shares her concerns about Paul and Craig to Barbara. After Will makes Gwen feel better, she worries about leaving Adam to do all her work at the studio while she has fun now with him. Paul sneaks into Craig’s room and puts a pillow over his face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While boxing up all her personal things at Forrester’s, Stephanie has more flashbacks of her angry father. Taylor interrupts because Stephanie has not returned her phone calls. She surmises she doesn’t think the marriage will survive if she doesn’t deal with her past and make amends with Eric. Nick tells his mother that he owns Forrester Creations now, but his marriage is over. Brooke chose the Forrester’s; she chose Ridge. Stephanie tells Brooke selling her stocks to Nick is a gesture she won’t forget. Eric says, “a lifetime to build and two days to haul it all away.” Stephanie gives genuine thanks to Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Sally and Taylor until only Eric is left. She tells him that she needs his forgiveness. He states she is his wife, he will never not love her. She declares she is proud to be Mrs. Eric Forrester and they take one last look around the dismantled office before moving on. The workers unite and give Eric and Stephanie a rousing, tearful good-bye. He vows that someday he will get this company back.

Nick steps into the office – into this hollow victory. Bridget finds him sitting quietly at the desk. She asks why is he doing this, not just to Stephanie as Nick says, but to her father and entire family? He won’t presume that they can re-capture what they once had, but he does want her to be part of the business. He needs her help, but she declines. She tells him her entire family is downstairs saying good-bye and that’s where she should be. Stephanie catches Nick alone and they have their little showdown with her looking at the ornate initial F’s on the windows and taking a poker and slowly one by one knocking them out – F stands for freighter……fraud……something we can’t use in polite company….but he will never have the true Forrester spirit. He picks up the poker and tells a smirking Stephanie that Forrester Creations is his now and will be until she draws her dying breath.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie stops by to apologize for Chelsea’s actions but Hope declares that should something happen to Patrick or Bo, she’ll hold Billie and Chelsea responsible. Billie insists that the picture was not as it looked but Hope doesn’t believe her. Billie shows Kate the picture and asks her to talk some sense into Chelsea. Instead of lecturing, Kate applauds Chelsea’s efforts and suggests that she start a blog. One of Chelsea’s first blog viewers is Nick. Chelsea complains to Abby and Nick about losing her computer and Nick offers to give her his spare laptop. Abby reprimands Chelsea for using Nick for her own gain. Nick ignores Abby’s warnings about pursuing Chelsea.

Patrick’s attempt to get in touch with Shawn to send EJ a message fails so he’s forced to call EJ directly. Bo orders Patrick to stay away from Hope including during doctor’s appointments but leaves Patrick’s home without further incident. Shawn decides that Willow no longer needs to hide their new living arrangement. EJ visits Shawn to reprimand him for not taking Patrick’s call. Shawn explains that he stopped doing Patrick’s bidding because Patrick stopped paying him so EJ pays Shawn extra to make up for it. EJ confronts Patrick about not paying Shawn and though he hands Patrick more cash, he beats Patrick up to teach him a lesson. Patrick calls Hope to help him and claims that Bo was the one to beat him up. Bo gets arrested and calls Shawn for help. Shawn takes Willow’s suggestion and uses EJ’s latest payment to buy his dream car.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Robin needs an ear, Sonny is there for her. They share memories about Stone and he reassures her that she did right by Laura. Lulu is not afraid while Lorenzo has her and Spinelli captive, confident that her relationship with Skye will protect her. Ric tries to convince Sam not to use Alexis as her attorney, for Alexis' health's sake. The doctor backs him up. Dillon is really worried about Lulu. Lucky refuses to believe Ric is bad news and tries, unsuccessfully, to avoid dealing with Maxie. Spinelli overhears Lorenzo telling his men to kill him and Lulu. Skye goes to Sonny, trying to bring peace in the war. Patrick promises Robin he won't give up on her or let her give up on herself.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia take off looking for Buzz. Finding him. He goes off on how much he loves her. Olivia then tells her little daughter how much she loves her. Olivia goes down memory lane looking at her old room. She even is in a situation in where is is put in the same room as the younger Olivia, who is talking to some woman. Olivia is remembering the night of that a date to a dance. Reads her diary. Olivia goes to where the dance was held in San Cristabal. Still having flashbacks of that night. Olivia is looking in on what happened to her as if she were still there in the room. She tells the young Olivia to go. The young Olivia is not listening. Back to reality of today, Olivia then leaves the building as she does someone comes to the doorway, Jeffery. Jeffery now also tells a young olivia and jeffery to stop drinking and take the young olivia home that it is wrong. The younger two leave. Jeffery talks to Dinkins about all of this. Then the older and younger Jeffery talk. Jeffery then tells Olivia (both older) he is sorry. Olivia cries is Jeffery's arms. Olivia talks to herself. Then Jeffery interrupts her. They talk, but Olivia goes angrily at a speech Jeffery made about what could have been. Olivia says in a speech to stay clear of Ava. Back home Olivia hears a knock at the door. Tells it to go away. It turns out to be Buzz whom she hugs the stuffing out of. And she tells him what she just went through and that she is angry... They flashback to that night of dancing again while music
plays. Then returns to Olivia and Buzz. 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair is doing better and dressed to go to the courthouse. Todd can see that she is doing well. She likes that he checked on her while she was sleeping but is sad when he tells that he wanted to make sure that she was ready to testify against Truman that morning. After she and Todd leave the penthouse, Starr comes downstairs and grabs her knapsack. Natalie hugs Michael and Marcie outside John's room. She is thrilled that John is alive and she can't wait to see him again. Michael wants her to be patient now that they know the truth and John is fine. "Natalie, have you thought about the possibility that John might not be the same person when he comes out of this?" She thinks that he means physically, but he means emotionally. Michael has had patients like this and either one of two things happens. The patient either becomes bitter over their situation or they get stronger from it and are determined to live a great life. Natalie thinks about this and has to admit that anyone who has been through what John has been through might be a little different. Blair is on the stand and she is questioned about her relationship with Spencer. "How many times a week did you make love to the man?" Evangeline objects but the judge allows the question. Blair says that she would have relations with the man about 2 to 3 times a week. Next the defense attorney asks if she was in fact, in love with Spencer… Bo is in the office when Paige arrives with breakfast. She is so happy. She will be seeing Hugh's beautiful face that day and she can't wait. Bo sits her down and tells her that there is news. He says that John was misidentified and that he is alive. She is so happy to hear that. She sees in his eyes that there is more. There is, but he doesn't have to explain cause she can see it in his eyes. She starts crying now. She sobs and shouts, "No! No!" as Bo holds her tightly. Blair says that she only told Spencer that she loved him because she needed to find evidence that he was a killer. She says that she loved Todd and has always loved Todd. Mark asks her if she is lying now, or if she was lying to Spencer way back then. Blair says she knew he was a killer when he tried to kill her. Spencer shouts that she is a liar but Evangeline has the smoking gun…it is the newspaper with the picture of Spencer getting arrested at his apartment. Todd and Blair are outside the courtroom. Todd understands that Blair had to say some things that he didn't like while on the stand. When Spencer is being brought out. He lunges for Blair shouting that she betrayed him. The guards get the crazy bastard under control and drag him off.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan was very upset at seeing Fancy and Luis making out while she looked into Tabitha's water bowl. Tabby had Endora zap the images away, leaving Sheridan feeling as if she's losing her mind. She remembered to give Tabby the painting she'd brought with her, which was a portrait of Tabby herself during the Pilgrim era. She remembered that it used to be inscribed with her curse of the Crane family. Luis and Fancy made it to his house and stripped down, beginning to make love on the living room sofa. However, Pilar chose that moment to come home. Fancy dressed and ran out while Luis pretended to be asleep, causing Pilar to chastise him for it. She ended up warning him to stay away from all Cranes, and made him promise he would. Fancy, who was snooping as usual instead of leaving, heard his promise and ran out, crying. Sheridan, who had walked over to his house, saw Fancy run out, then Luis running out after her, and her curiosity was piqued.

Kay cried to Simone about Miguel having promised to love her and have nothing to do with Charity, yet when she came back, he ran to her and told her he loves her. Simone suggested she go talk to him, but when they followed the trail of clothing they found Miguel and Charity making love out in a shed. Fox and Julian followed the girls after Julian talked his son out of confessing he brought Charity back to get Miguel away from her. Jared told Theresa he was leaving town, but after talking to Chad he went back to the wharf to find her. She had talked to Whitney about losing him, and was glad to see he had come back. Ethan couldn't work for worrying about Jared and what his real story is, and decided to do some investigating. JT thought he'd killed Rebecca, but a well-placed kick let him know she was alive and well. She wants to know who he's blackmailing, but he isn't telling.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Devon, Daniel and Lily enter the coffeehouse and see that Will is talking with a student alone at a table. Daniel eavesdrops and learns that Will is asking questions about Devon. Devon starts thinking immediately that he shouldn't have returned to school now that he sees that Will will be interviewing the kids. Gloria sits with Jill at the coffeehouse and Jill asks about the flowers that she received the day that she also received her flowers. Gloria tells that her son bought them for her one day when she was sad about John. Jill goes for a refill and asks Kevin about the 'nice thing' that he did for his mother. At first he has no idea what she is talking about but then he sees his mother making hand signals over Jill's shoulder, and he figures it out. Jill asks where he bought 'them'. "Oh the flowers? I don't remember," he answers. Will heads to NVP. He asks Phyllis about her son's friendship with Devon. She tells they used to hate each other but now they are great friends. Will talks to Jack next about Devon. Jack tells of the huge confrontation in an office between Devon and Carmen. The door was open and they were shouting. At the university the kid that Will was interviewing about Devon sees the teen and his friends and starts shouting about how the kid is a killer and shouldn't be allowed in the school. He warns Devon to stay away from him. "You hear me? Oops. Wrong choice of words!" Daniel unleashes his fury and punches the kid, sending him to the floor. Phyllis and Nick are just about to get it on in the office when Nick gets the call that the campus police needs Phyllis to come down there right away. They arrive and find that the campus police will be making a report, but that it will be up to the kid who was punched to decide if there will be charges pressed or not. Kevin and Michael hack into Jack's files and see the transfer to Carmen. Michael tells Victor. He then goes to Will's office and demands to have all the information that the DA has regarding Jack and this transfer. JT makes a call, trying to get information on Professor Korbel. He pretends that he is from a committee interested in giving the man a position. Soon a fax arrives in his office. He reads…'From Prague to Caracas'. It is an article that Professor Korbel wrote that was published. It tells of his family. JT reads and then calls Colleen. He arrives at the university and tells that it seems that the professor and his family emigrated from Czechoslovakia. Colleen finds nothing wrong with that. "Problem is…the time of the emigration was a time with a lot of war criminals were emigrating as well…"

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