Tuesday 11/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

There's still a big unrest at the Valley Inn Thanksgiving dinner. Erica and Jack are making it obvious to everybody that they are having serious problems. She is antagonizing Brooke. He is antagonizing Jeff and Josh. Bianca wishes they would reconcile. JR tells Jamie that he wants to clean up his act and get his life back on track. Kendall finds out from Annie that she had an anonymous donor get her pregnant with Emma. And she concludes it must have been Ryan. David tells Babe he is leaving town. He sends a video where he puts everybody in their place and mourns the loss of his infant daughter, Leora and his adult daughter, Babe.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The morning after, Ridge and Brooke tease each other that the Genie was real in his dream and he vows never to ever let her down again. Eric, Sally and Felicia reminisce about a fashion show in Italy. Stephanie eases into her personal problems to Taylor about her marriage to Eric. She doesn’t want to be the old Stephanie anymore. Taylor warns her that changing will be hard; it’s accepting your own faults and doing something about it. Brooke comforts Bridget about losing the baby. Nick asks Donna to sign an employment contract. She stood up to Stephanie and helped with Jackie and that’s the kind of person he wants on his team.

Bridget admits she still cares for Nick, but she could never love him the same after he took away the company. And she is tired of playing second fiddle. Nicks calls and wants to see her. She lights into him for treating her family this way and nixes being in his life when he says she still matters to him and he values her opinion. Stephanie portrays her family as sort of a Norman Rockwell painting, beautiful mother, handsome father, the perfect life with one big difference. Her father always wanted a son. She has flashbacks of her father and his strict toughness, but tries to pretend to Taylor it was a typical happy home.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate comes to the penthouse looking to confront John but instead finds Marlena home alone. Kate and Marlena argue about EJ’s innocence. Roman and Abe talk John into joining their undercover operation of going to Italy to try and infiltrate the Dimera family’s plot and John agrees only when Abe and Roman promise not to tell anyone especially Marlena. John returns home and lies to Marlena about having to go to Italy on a business trip.

Patrick shows Billie the photo of her and Bo in bed together he was emailed and they make Chelsea admit to sending it. Hope and Bo’s attempt at lovemaking is interrupted when Hope receives the same photo in her email. Bo explains to Hope and then heads over to confront Chelsea. Chelsea refuses to listen so Bo throws her computer out the front door. Kate advises Chelsea to re-energize her efforts and continue pursuing her goal. Patrick argues with Hope about her still wanting to be with Bo and gets so physical that he backs Hope into a vase of flowers that go crashing to the floor. Bo returns home and is so outraged to find what Patrick did that he storms out looking to confront him. Stephanie shows Steve and Kayla the photo that had been emailed to Steve and it upsets Kayla so much that she hyperventilates forcing Steve to cancel his lunch plans with Billie.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason hides when Lucky comes to Elizabeth's studio. Jason suggests that Elizabeth should tell Lucky the truth about then sleeping together but an uncomfortable Elizabeth maintains that some things are best kept secret. Lulu ends up getting dragged into Spinelli's dangerous situation. Spinelli and Lulu are grabbed by Alcazar's men.

Alcazar lies to Skye when he promises her that he won't seek revenge against Sonny and Jason. Skye offers to have Lila Rae baptized and give her Alcazar's name. Alexis convinces Sam to hire her as her attorney. Sam warns Lucky that Ric is setting him up to go head to head with Jason because Ric wants Elizabeth for himself. Carly arranges a romantic surprise for Jax and asks him to marry her on Christmas Eve.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffery is cleaning out his campaign headquarters talking with Frank when Doris stops by with a bottle of bubbly. Reva gets a helping hand from Alan after falling in the snow. Lizzie goes into labor in the truck. Coop and Ava talking Olivia a Buzz marrying. Doris (drunk) tells Jeffery that his time as Acting Mayor are over. A drunk Doris runs into Olivia. Beth and Lillian spend some time together (outside) when Mel comes by. Josh wants to start another tradition with R.J of getting a Christmas Tree. After Alan helps Reva, they start arguing when Beth and Lillian walk by. Tammy helps Jonathan with Lizzie. Lizzie gives birth in the truck. (a lot like when Harley had that girl she gave up.). It's a girl. Lizzie becomes unconscious. The ambulance arrives just in time to take them both to Cedars. Ava and Coop get a knock at the door, Frank is at the door to tell them about Jeffery. Mel and Rick talk mainly about Lizzie and her baby. Billy brings in an injured party. Cassie and Josh arrive at Cedars. Seems he's got a cut. Finally Jonathan, Lizzie and Tammy get to the hospital. Reva comforts Jonathan. Lillian and Mel take Lizzie in to surgery to see if there are any complications due to the fact she fell unconscious. Though when going in she was awake and alert. Alan, Beth and Reva talks about Jonathan and Lizzie. Even getting into a fight about it. Rick gives them an update on Lizzie's condition. Saying she has lost a lot of blood. Tammy and Jonathan look in on the baby in the nursery. Reva comes by to see her grandchild. Cassie tells Tammy is so proud of her for handling the situation well. Billy is also proud of Tammy. Alan argues with Billy. Jeffery and Olivia have another short talk. Jonathan gets to hold his newborn daughter with everyone looking in. Mel says all is ok with Jonathan's new daughter. Coop thinks Buzz proposed to Olivia. He didn't. When she comes by. Jeffery lands in the snow. Jonathan visits Lizzie holding their daughter in his arms. Remy brings refreshments for the family. Josh brings the families together to say they have a lot to be thankful for. This ends the Thanksgiving Holiday and the episode.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd tells Blair about how he came home and found Starr with Cole in the house. He also tells that he has taken Starr out of the school. They call Starr to come down. She does and is angry that her father is being so hard on the boy when he did something much worse to the boy's mother. Todd is furious that Starr is even starting to forgive the boy for what he did and orders her never to see the kid again. Starr tells Todd that he thinks that he is the only one who can make mistakes and get away with them. Bo tells Clint about what Natalie has been saying about John. Bo will not tell Paige anything about this until he knows more. He is investigating even as they speak. Paige arrives and has champagne. She is thrilled. The prognosis for her son's recovery is good and she will finally get a chance to be a mother to Hugh. She says that the very next day, she will get to see Hugh open his eyes and talk with her. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up. Todd isn't happy with the way that Starr's spoken to him and he starts heading to the stairs, but never makes it. Blair collapses before him and he has to give her all his attention. He holds her as she is falling, and seeming to go unconscious. She refuses to go to the hospital, so he gets her tea and aspirins for her head. Michael is not happy with Natalie when she continues about John being in the bed instead of Hugh. He thinks that she is losing it. She tells that the man in the bed has blue eyes, while Hugh has brown. This makes Michael listen somewhat. It is when she brings up Vincent's involvement as Hugh's friend that Michael starts listening. He doesn't like Vincent but it isn't just Natalie saying this. Michael turns to the window and looks in at the man on the bed inside. "John…is that you?" Michael will work with Natalie to find out what is going on but he warns her to be respectful and let him take the lead. Natalie asks a nurse who comes out of the room to bring her the man with the soccer team in the room. When she gets that picture, Natalie and Michael wait for another nurse to come by. They ask her to look at a picture of John and Hugh and tell who was having the skin graphing done that day. The woman says that she has no idea since she didn't see the patient without his bandages. She has an idea on how she can help though. She tells that if Michael and Natalie scrub up and put on masks and gowns, they can come in and watch as the bandages are being changed. They go for the deal and hover impatiently while the bandages are taken off. When the final strip of fabric is removed, Natalie and Michael are frozen in time. "It's him!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Luis, on Love's Fast Track, said they each love the other, then decided their first date should be in bed. Unwilling to wait for the bed, they tried and failed to get the job done in her sports car. Sheridan kept flashing on them kissing, and after walking into Tabitha's kitchen while she was watching the goings on in her water bowl, managed to catch a view herself, of the two lovebirds getting hot and heavy. She was not very happy about that. Earlier, when Simone remarked about her seeming upset that Luis is moving on with her niece, Sheridan verbally attacked her, leaving the girl wishing she'd kept her mouth shut. Kay and Fox watched Miguel's never ending kiss with Charity, and while Fox enjoyed it, Kay was angry. She realized Miguel had been lying to her and he really does still love Charity, not Kay.

Gwen, suffering with the flu, was upset when she learned her mother is on her way for a tryst with JT, and that she is helping him blackmail Harmonyites. Rebecca wasn't bothered, and went on her way to meet him. JT was pasting together one of his blackmail notes when someone knocked on his door. Looking out the window, he was upset by what he saw, and got his gun, pointing it out the door and shooting wildly. Whitney confronted Chad with what the fortune teller told him, and he swore on Miles' life he isn't seeing another woman. Whitney wasn't convinced, however. Theresa and Jared kissed on the wharf, but while she thought the fortune teller's words meant they should stay together, he realized it would never work because she'll never get over Ethan, and he walked away.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Fenmore is sleeping and Lauren can't believe that he is awake. Gloria is there and suggests that Michael and Lauren go out to the reopening of Indigo. The baby is sleeping and Gloria will sit beside him all night and never leave his side. Lauren freaks out shouting that she isn't going to leave her baby to go to some stupid club! Later she returns and is sorry for her freak-out. Michael tempts her with going out again and this time she bites. They head to the club and find that things are in full swing. Lauren sees someone that she knows and goes over to talk with her. It is Amber. They are old friends and Amber just came to town to check things out. She is a singer and tried hitting Neil and Drucilla up for a singing gig but they were fully booked. Michael tells Neil and Drucilla how Brad was on the surveillance tape as well as Devon. He said that he was over there on business but he never did see Carmen that night. At least that is what he says. Dru likes this as the more they can show that someone else could have murdered Devon, the better things will go for him. The line to enter the club is around the block. Neil should be thrilled but he can't help thinking how Daniel said to them that people might just be going there to be in a club where a dead woman was found. Things are going well until Neil gets word that the band canceled. They don't want to play in a club where a dead woman was found. Neil and Dru scramble around trying to think what they can do to keep this full house happy. The girl who had asked for a job earlier…Amber…She heard that there was trouble and offers to help. She sings and is a raving success. Neil and Drucilla thank her for what she did to help them out… Neil and Drucilla just about fall on the ground when they see Will and Jill sitting at a table in their establishment. Michael gets to the table first but Dru jumps in and does a marvelous job of keeping her temper and welcoming the two to the club. They are even given champagne on the house. Lauren can't pretend that she is having a good time anymore. She rushes out of the club with Michael. They see that Fen has been an angel the entire time and the only excitement was a little boom-boom in his diaper. Lauren takes the baby who starts to cry. Lauren holds the baby promising never to leave him again. Adrian is at the club and he meets Amber. They are attracted to each other. He gets them drinks and drills the bartender about the murder. The man answers some questions but then throws his hands up when Adrian pushes for details. " Professor Korbel." It is Will who has come up behind him…

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