Monday 11/27/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/27/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

There's a big fiasco at the Valley Inn Thanksgiving dinner. Erica and Jack are very confrontational when he brings Brooke and she is more focused of Jeff and Josh than on him. Bianca asks her mother what is up. She knows that Erica has something or will be having something giong on with Jeff and asks how she can do that to Jack. Kendall has just been told by David that Ryan is Emma's biological father. She wonders how that could be. JR is very upset while stuck in his hospital bed. Babe is also distraught. Dixie tells her son that he cannot give up on his wife. Josh is very adamont tht Babe has to get rid of JR.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Elwood gives Casey the answers from the test he missed; Maddie overhears that he didn’t pass the test. Casey explains he pulled an all- nighter and supposedly slept through his alarm. Maddie is not convinced and shares this with Adam after Casey leaves for a moment. Lucinda interrupts Carly and Simon with news about their roles in Oakdale Confidential. Both are furious to hear tidbits from her; they head out to find out what is in the book. Katie is still having second thoughts about airing out her dirty laundry in front of the town. Fans of her writing interrupt her pity party. Emma suggests to Meg that she bite the bullet and reach out to Paul over this last fight rather then waiting for him to always make the first move; they are getting married in a week afterall. Meg calls Paul and asks him to come over to talk, but Paul is preoccupied switching back the blanks for real bullets before Dusty returns to his car. Lucy is frantic to get Craig to stop his custody battle; Craig won’t give in and tricks Lucy into going to where he is supposed to meet Dusty. Emily suggests she go there if it will make her feel better. Simon and Carly angrily confront Katie about her book, which causes Katie to no longer feel badly about the book. Casey is mad that Maddie and Adam are suggesting he is up to no good. Craig and Dusty meet at the appointed time and place, unknown to Craig, Dusty is carrying a weapon with real bullets; Craig goads Dusty however thinking he is packing blanks. Dusty aims to shoot, as Lucy shows up. Mike shows up at Katie’s book signing. Carly and Simon think they are in the clear for the most part until Simon reads further and then they realize they are in trouble. Paul comes to see Meg and they reconcile and happily agree to marry next week. Meg wonders if Craig will be a problem? Paul knowingly answers he is sure Craig no longer will be a problem for them. Dusty shoots Craig, as he falls to the ground shot in the chest. His face shows his shock by the fact he is actually shot with a real bullet. Lucy rushes to Craig’s side.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Piled in bed with R.J. surrounded by Ridge and Brooke, Hope finishes her storybook. Ridges comments that sometimes happy endings happen in real life too. Nick remembers what Brooke told him about not wanting him to be around the kids. Donna asks if he wants to be alone to lick his wounds, but he asks her to stay. She knows it won’t be the same as having Brooke or Jackie by his side, but she offers her help to make Forrester succeed. He suddenly realizes that she’s right. He can’t sit around wallowing in his self-pity. He has to treat this company like his own. Stephanie rails at Eric for caving in, turning tails to Nick and running. She says as long as she draws breath, she will never forgive him for giving the company away. He’s had it also. She should be thanking him with gratitude instead of castigating him. He doesn’t want to be shut out anymore. He wants to see love and understanding in her eyes and he doesn’t. He doesn’t think she even knows how or even cares. He takes blame too for just standing back and letting her control him. He doesn’t feel like he’s a bad man; he’s been a good father, friend, even husband though he has failed in her eyes time after time. She vows she does love him, but admits she doesn’t know why she can’t show it.

Brooke tells Ridge that he is the first man she ever loved, wanted to spend her life with and have children with….and she never stopped loving him…..and this time it’s going to be the two of them forever. They proclaim their love for each other before making love. Stephanie and Eric agree that he deserves better. All he got was her anger over the years, anger that he got quite comfortable with. She doesn’t want him to play Dr. Phil again when he asks if she knows why she is the way she is. She confesses she knows the marriage lacks intimacy because of her. She doesn’t know why, but she doesn’t want to lose him over it. She laments that he is a kind, decent, wonderful man who she has abused and she is very, very sorry. And she thanks him for selling the company. Later she picks up the phone and makes an appointment with Taylor as she needs a really good psychiatrist.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Max travel to Chicago to meet the newspaper photographer, Art Fisher, and after promising a reward and inspecting a larger photo they learn that Philip did re-enlist under the name Andrew Spivey. Marlena advises Belle to let Claire be with Shawn. Belle calls Shawn to come spend time with Claire and talk but before Shawn can get there, Belle receives word about Philip from Max and Mimi and rushes out. Belle refuses to let Victor in on their search. Willow calls Shawn on really wanting to be with Belle. Bo stops by to complain that Shawn didn’t join them for Thanksgiving but ends up arguing about Willow and EJ. Marlena advises Shawn on his chances with Belle. Shawn takes Belle’s absence as proof that he has no chance to reunite with her. Victor flies in plastic surgeon Dr. Weinstein to see Philip. Victor explains that Philip did re-enlist but after being firebombed, his face became unrecognizable. Victor pays off Dr. Weinstein to move Philip closer to the top of the face transplant donor list. Art Fisher calls Victor to warn him that Max and Mimi know the truth about Philip.

Celeste only agrees to help the police once they guarantee her family’s protection. Celeste decodes the tarot cards and as she explains, Roman and Abe are able to liken the story’s events to the gloved hand’s crimes. Celeste lets it slip that she’s helping them despite being threatened. Bo joins them and Celeste reads the rest of the cards as they pertain to recent events within the Brady family. Celeste warns that the death card has yet to arrive from Italy and is a sign that the future holds a death of someone they all care about. Celeste admits that EJ is a Dimera but refuses to sign her name to a formal statement. Roman, Bo, and Abe decide to have John join the case because of his Dimera ties.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy reaches out to Luke and tells him he needs to act like an adult. Sonny and Carly deal with the fallout from what's going on with Alexis. Lorenzo continues to mourn Diego. Sonny and Carly visit Jason. Lulu is angry to learn Luke was a bigamist. She calms down after hearing the explanation. Skye tells Lorenzo Jason is alive, but asks him to forgo vengeance. Lucky gets his job back and his first assignment is to find Jason. Sam tries to help Kristina cope with her trauma, but the little girl begins screaming.

GL Recap Written by Beth 

Lizzie has labor pains again. Reva gets her ready for Cedars. Billy and Rick have a talk about Thanksgiving and family and why they both are at a hangout. Marina and Coop are at the police station where Marina is still working on a case. Coop has brought her something to eat. Josh is talking to Marah about Reva and why she didn't spend Thanksgiving with them. Cassie and Tammy also talk about Thanksgiving and that Cassie will make it a good one if it kills her. Marah is angry that Reva and Josh are not together and that Cassie and Tammy tries to explain it to her. Reva rushes Lizzie out to go to the hospital. Remy joins Cassie and Tammy, Josh for Thanksgiving. Josh reads Marah the riot act about her attitude toward Cassie. Marah tells Josh what she thinks. Reva and Alan argue about Jonathan and Lizzie. Jonathan and Lizzie get stuck in his truck in the snow. Jonathan goes to try to push the truck out leaving Lizzie his cellphone and telling her to call 911 if not back in 10 minutes. Billy arrives at Josh and Cassie's. Marina and Coop talk about her getting a boyfriend and that Marina isn't surprised that Frank or Buzz haven't gone to the old country to get her a boyfriend. Tammy and Remy travel for a meal. Reva and Alan finally leave for the hosp. Remy and Tammy come to Jonathan and Lizzie's rescue. Alan and Reva get to the hosp before Jonathan and Lizzie making Alan very angry. RJ is not happy that Tammy isnt there for Thanksgiving Marah even wants to go. Marah and Cassie have a little talk. Billy arrives at Josh and Cassie's and takes Marah with him to Reva's not knowing that Reva is busy with Jonathan and Lizzie.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Rex goes to Todd and says that he did find the child but…the investigation took him someplace he didn't want to go and …he needs Todd to understand some things so that he deals with this just right. Todd gets impatient and shouts at Rex to spit it out. Rex tries, but when Todd hears Rex starting to regurgitate the story of the secretary and how he couldn't get any information from her, Todd finally loses his patience and shouts at Rex that he doesn't want to hear anymore and that he is fired. Rex wants to know why it is that Todd wants to have this child. Todd isn't sure why, only that the boy is his and he wants him. Rex sees that Todd is as selfish as ever, and only wants the baby to fulfill some need to add to his collection of children that he already has. He realizes that the child is better off with the parents that he lives with now. Todd snaps back with the statement that Rex really does know where his child is, and who his parents are. Rex denies that he knows where the child is. Then Blair and Marcie arrive and that freaks Rex out. Blair asks if Todd has found his child when he sees Rex there. Todd says that he fired Rex who hasn't found his child yet. He decides to hire someone else or even find his child himself. Rex simply walks out. When he gets in the hall, he is quietly thankful that Todd fired him and got him out of this situation. Inside the penthouse, Marcie tells Todd that Rex is a really great detective and that she can understand why he wants to have his child found. Dorian visits Adriana who doesn't want her there, but lets her in when she refuses to stop banging on the door. Dorian sees the fabric and realizes that Adriana is moving ahead with her boxers idea. She'll call the company, REX. She plans to use the 30 million in her trust fund to help finance the idea. Dorian leaves and gets on her cellphone to move the 30 million into her daughter's account before Adriana realizes that it hasn’t been there all along. Natalie is having a dream about John where he is asking her if she still has 'it'. She doesn't know what he means and when she turns her head for a second, John disappears. Paige is near Natalie outside of 'her son's' room and she hears Natalie blurt out that John is alive when she wakes up. The doctor is still not pleased that Natalie still thinks that John is in the bed instead of Hugh. He begs her to be considerate of Paige's feelings and not say anything to anyone about this before they know more. Natalie calls Michael who comes to see her right away. She tells him that John is alive. She tells him that Hugh was the one who died and that John is in that bed. Michael cries.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Miguel still wanted to tell Fox she is dumping him, but he kept them at bay most of the time. Finally, Kay managed to get him to listen, but as she started to explain, Charity walked in. Shocked as Kay was to see her cousin, Miguel was nothing but pleased as he told her he's always loved her and never thought he'd see her again....unless it's all Fox's dream. Luis chased Fancy around the party as she tried to duck him to keep from being hurt again, but once he found her, he told her he loves her. She did comment about how much Endora looks like her when she was young while she hid out in Tabby's kitchen, tho.

The fortune teller told Theresa she will find the man she's supposed to be with on the wharf, and he'll have the other half of the coin she gives her. Later she stopped Jared and told him the same thing, giving him the other piece of the coin, and when Theresa and Jared met on the wharf, they fell into a kiss as they realized each was the person the gypsy had told them about. Paloma tried to catch Noah's eye, with mixed results, and Whitney, after trying to talk Jared into staying in Harmony, had her own chat with the fortune teller, who told her what she thinks about Chad is correct. Endora spent the day dousing Mummy Dearest with water each time she realized Charity is back and fainted at the thought.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon comes to see Nikki and isn't pleased to find that Phyllis is there as well. Nikki leaves the room and Sharon wants to sit but chooses a chair far from Phyllis who is on the couch. When Nikki returns Sharon brings up the subject of the 'pictures' and how she feels that her reputation is at stake by having to pose for risqué pictures. Phyllis tells Nikki that they should think about getting a new spokes model since Sharon has such issues with doing her job. Sharon tells Phyllis that she keeps forgetting that she was hired by Jack and no one else. Victoria comes to her mother's house where she finds Sharon and Phyllis talking to her mother. She tells how Brad has some trouble since he showed up on a surveillance tape outside of Carmen's place. Phyllis feels that Brad has nothing to worry about since everyone knows how Dru is. She made herself very vocal over how much she hated Carmen. Nikki has to agree about that, and so does Victoria. Sharon's mouth drops. Phyllis feels that if Dru is not coming forward and letting her kid take the rap for this, she is really to be despised. Sharon says that the fact that Dru hasn't come forward is her proof that Dru didn't do it. She loves those kids more than anything and wouldn't let them hurt like this if she could prevent it. Paul avoids Michael's calls all day. He doesn't know what to do. He has two clients and will be hurting one or the other whether he tells the truth or not. He tells JT that he has to back out of working for Michael, but he knows that the second that he does that, Michael will be like a bloodhound with the scent. Michael arrive at the coffeehouse and is angry when he finds Paul who he has been calling all day. Paul says that he had his phone turned off and didn't realize that Michael wanted to talk to him. They go on the patio and Paul tells that he is on retainer for Newman and so that prevents him from investigating Brad. That, he says, is his sole reason for not digging further into Brad's dealings with Carmen. Michael sees he has no choice and he heads over to Newman. Brad isn't surprised to see the man and answers his questions calmly and coolly. Brad says that he wishes that he had found Carmen Mesta that night. He feels that if he had, she wouldn't be dead right now. Michael bumps into Victoria walking in the hall, and she too calmly answers Michael's questions, ending with the statement that 'Brad wishes that he had found Carmen that night, as he feels that she would still be alive today.' Michael sees Phyllis later and discusses with her why Brad and Victoria would have cooked their stories if they had nothing to hide.

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