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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack surprises Erica by having all of her clothes and belongings sent to her hotel room, indicating that he has given up on them.  She's very angry.  Zach tells her that if she loves her daughter, she will honor Kendall's wishes to have her and Jack together.  She tells him she won't sit at the same table as Jack after what he did.  Jack runs into Brooke and invites her to join him and his family at the Valley Inn and tells her he's very certain that Erica won't be there.  Ryan and Annie await the DNA results to prove with Emma is Annie's biological child.  When Jeff gets the results, he tells them that there is no evidence that Emma is Annie's daughter.  Kendall is stressing over her son and what could go wrong for Thanksgiving.  David comes and informs her that she might want to know that Emma is Ryan's daughter.  JR is very upset and tells Babe he will never forgive her.  She is very upset that he's shut her out.  Josh is still determined not to give up on having her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen and Will bump into Iris downtown as she tries to insinuate herself into their lives. Will takes Iris aside and strongly suggests she leave town or at least steer clear of Gwen from now on because seeing her is making Gwen miserable. Iris manipulates Will into giving her some money. At the Snyder’s Thanksgiving dinner, Meg announces she plans to marry Paul ASAP. Barbara worries about Dusty’s revenge plan against Craig. Lucy begs Craig to reconsider full custody of Johnny because Dusty has a gun and will kill him, but he won’t back down. Emily tells Paul and Barbara that Dusty is armed with a gun and plans to go after Craig. Paul follows Emily on a hunch and sees her meet with Craig. Holden is almost caught in a lie by Meg in front of Lily, but Jade covers for him again. Dusty tells Craig to meet him in the Lakeview garage. Craig tells Emily to break into Dusty’s car and change the bullets out with blanks. Emily reluctantly does as she is told, as Paul follows her. Meg asks Holden if she and Paul can get married at his house next week; Holden agrees. Lily confronts Jade about what is going on between her and Holden; Jade promises nothing is going on, but Lily looks skeptical. Emily throws something into the trash. Barbara tries to convince Dusty not to exact his revenge against Craig by killing him; Dusty won’t back down and says goodbye to his son. Lucy tells Luke it is too late for her and her father. Emily tells Craig the job is done, but unknown to them, Paul has removed the blanks from the gun taken the real bullets Emily threw in the trash and placed them back in the gun.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Jackie that she feels no guilt for anything she has done for her family.  When things get heated, Donna walks in and tells Stephanie to stop harassing Jackie again.  Despite Brooke’s protestations and the family’s reluctance, Eric signs the papers for Nick.  But, he vows without them, he will never be able to run the company.  Felicia slaps Nick and says he is not the man she thought he was, not even close.  Ridge tells him he will regret this.  He has made war on the wrong people.  Eric tells him he did this for one reason – for his wife, whom he loves.  And vows Nick will end up with nothing when he runs this company into the ground.  Brooke looks at him with contempt.  She ends up signing papers and hands them to Nick.  If he wants Forrester’s so badly, just buy her shares too and have it all. 

Shane shocks Bridget by ending up at the hospital needing some medical help.  She’s scared but attends to his needs.  He begs her to tell Phoebe that he’s glad her mom got acquitted, and he would never hurt her.  She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him.  Brooke tells Nick she no longer is involved; she is selling out with the Forrester’s.  They bicker and he claims everything would have been different if she could just let go of that family.  She cries that she doesn’t want her children around such hostility, so please stay away.  Eric and Ridge welcome her gesture.  Stephanie is appalled that Eric and the kids sold the company to protect her.  She is outraged, calls him stupid and crazy; this takes the cake! Less than happy or satisfied, Nick tells Donna he owns the whole company now, but it doesn’t feel like he thought it would.  Brooke reveals to Ridge that today she realized she is a Forrester and she belongs; they can start over. 

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle brings Max the newspaper picture to see if he thinks the soldier in the picture could be Philip. Max doesn’t think the picture looks like Philip but suggests she show the photo to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn and Belle argue about Philip leaving town. Mimi asks Max to help her find Philip. Victor talks with Philip about keeping his presence a secret for now. Mimi, Abby, Chelsea, and Nick help Maggie decorate Chez Rouge for Thanksgiving. Nick gets invited to the Brady family Thanksgiving celebration. Chelsea complains that she didn’t get an invitation but Nick bluntly tells her to get over this idea of getting her parents back together. Nick feels bad about hurting Chelsea’s feelings and invites her to the Brady dinner as his guest. Chelsea reluctantly accepts and Nick asks Abby to give him a makeover. Chelsea lies to Billie about being invited to the Brady Thanksgiving by Bo. Hope admits to Billie that Steve is only pretending to remember Kayla. Billie is angry with Steve for misleading Kayla. Billie accuses Hope of pushing her to be with Steve so she’ll be away from Bo but later apologizes. Frankie tells Caroline and Shawn Sr. that he’s accepted a job back in DC and will be leaving within the week.

Bo tells Shawn that EJ is being suspected for the gloved hand crimes and instructs Shawn to quit his job. Shawn won’t listen until Bo can bring him hard proof of EJ’s guilt. EJ plans a live TV broadcast to clear his name. During the broadcast, EJ’s lawyer announces a lawsuit against the police department and Abe, John, Roman, and Bo specifically. EJ confronts Kate about being the one to ransack his apartment and claims that the supposed Dimera ring is merely a fraternity ring. EJ and his lawyer offer to drop the lawsuit if the police drop the investigation and admit on camera that EJ is innocent and the police reluctantly agree. Celeste is hesitant to give Abe a strong answer about the tarot cards and Abe suspects that she is covering for someone. EJ confirms with Celeste that she didn’t tell Abe anything.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Laura realizes it's time to say her good-byes and check herself back into the hospital, so she does.  She also tells Lulu that she is innocent of killing her step-father.  Emily gives away the Q's turkey after they are very unthankful. 

GL Recap Written by Siri

Alan gets ready for Thanksgiving.  Alan looks through an album.  Alex shows up.  Alan tells her he thought she left town.  Alan dreams of Beth giving him a son and sharing Thanksgiving with him.  And a Family Thanksgiving.  Alan asks his driver to go get Lizzie.  Alan's driver comes back without her so Alan leaves to go get Lizzie.  Lizzie complains of back problems while waiting for Reva to set her table.  Alan orders his staff to dine with him.  Alan says Grace.  Then the staff leaves to spend Thanksgiving with their families.  Alan then pulls the tablecloth off the table with all the food going with it.  Alan takes a walk.  Alan winds up at Reva's just looking the window when Reva catches him and accuses him of kidnapping Lizzie.  Reva asks Alan in.  Later they go outside to talk about Lizzie.  At home Alan thinks he's alone when Lizzie walks then Jonathan and Reva.  They spend Thanksgiving at Spaulding Manor.  Alan promises Lizzie he will behave himself.  They have a discussion over a name for the baby and if it is going to boarding school.  Before things get in to a fight Reva suggests it is time they head over to Cassie's.  Lizzie starts to go into labor. 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Starr goes to the stand.  She starts answering Evangeline's questions but then something is wrong.  Her head falls forward as if too heavy.  She soon looks totally lethargic.  She gets up from her seat and walks before the judge where she faints.  Michael rushes forward and gets her conscious again.  Spencer tries to get to her but the guards hold him back.  Michael wants to call Todd but Blair will not let him.  Roxy finds Nash in the restaurant with Brennan sharing a snack at their table.  He acts like things are great, but Roxy tells him that she has been watching him and she knows that he has the hots for Jessica.  Cole comes to see Starr and eventually she lets him in.  He apologizes again for what he did.  He knows that the steroids had a lot to do with it but he knows that can't be used as an excuse.  Cole is at the school with Marty and he tells her that in spite of what he did to her all those years ago that will not make him go easy on Cole.  He will kill the boy if he comes near Starr again.  The principal returns to see if things are okay between the two, and again Todd asks her to kick that kid out of school.  She can't do it without totally reviewing all that has gone on.  Todd knows that will take 6 months.  He can see that his daughter isn't safe in that school and decides he's pulling her out.  Todd goes home and sees Cole in his house with his daughter.  He shouts at the kid and takes giant steps over to Cole.  He grabs him and tosses him into a chair, telling him that if he ever comes near Starr again, he will be killed.  Cole jumps to his feet and they are nose to nose while Starr shouts at her father to stop! Todd throws the kid out and turns to his daughter telling her that this isn't negotiable.  She will not be seeing that kid again.  When he tells her that he has pulled her from the school, she gets hysterical and runs to her room.  Antonio and Jessica are in Puerto Rico and they go to a restaurant where they kiss and gaze at each other.  Jessica sees a man coming into their area over Antonio's shoulder and when she sees the man's face, for a split second she thinks that she is looking at Nash.  Nash has the baby all to himself and he takes her out to a restaurant for snacks from a plate.  Roxy crashes that party and makes herself at home with a bottle of 2004 wine.  It was a very good year! Nash teaches her how to savor wine and while she is swirling it, he is reminded of the time when he taught Tess the very same thing.  Blair thinks that her tumor is acting up like it did so long ago and doesn't want Todd to know about it.  Michael isn't sure that is what is wrong with her but he offers to examine her when she has the time. 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox worked hard to keep Kay from telling him she's dumping him for Miguel, but it was Jessica that really saved his bacon.  She stormed into Tabitha's yard, drunk as a skunk, and berated her sister, blaming her for all the bad things that she's done because Kay let Ivy run their mother off.  She threw in a couple of hearty slaps, too.  Fox used the reprieve to run and find Charity so she could make her presence known to Miguel and Kay.  Paloma, who rescued Kay from Jessica with Noah's help, then went on to try to get Noah to pay attention to her.  They had a good chat, with her throwing herself at him with every word, but he seemed happy they are just good friends.  Tabitha was running herself ragged, trying to get Kay's bridal shower up and running, and having Endora remember it's Thanksgiving only made things worse. 

Theresa became caught up with the fake fortune teller in Tabby's yard, and was shocked to hear she'll never be with Ethan, and that's the best thing that could happen to her.  The fake also pushed Jared at her, saying he's the man of her dreams and he'll make her happy forever.  Hmmmmmm.  .  .  .  .  .  Ethan and Jared had a run in, with Ethan saying he's happy Jared is leaving town, and Jared telling him he needs to let Theresa go so she can be happy and concentrate on his wife if that's what he really wants.  Ethan was outraged, but probably realized Jared was telling the truth.  Gwen just kept trying to believe all will be well, but knew in her heart it won't be. 

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

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