Tuesday 11/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack goes to see Erica and notices Jeff in her room. He tells her he gives up on them. It's obvious that she's made a choice. She, however, tells Jeff that she will not give up on her marriage. He goes and finds Sean drinking and tells his nephew there will be discipline in his house. Tad goes drinking and is very upset. Jamie and Julia are concerned about him. But he tells them he is ok. He just can't let David Hayward live after what he did. David finds JR helpless in his hospital room and confronts him. He telsl him he better stay away from David's daugther. Josh finds Babe at the Chandler house. SHe tells him she still plans to make her marriage work with JR. Adam asks her if she is really committed to his son. She tells him she is. he informs her that he won't fight Krystal and will let Babe stay in his house. He still has no clue that Krystal is pregnant by Tad. Dixie goes to talk to Krystal privately. Adam asks her what her problem is and why he or Krystal should care about Tad. But dixie reveals to Krystal that she knows that Tad may very well be the father of Krystal's baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie moans and groans as she continues her therapy. Her head is killing her and she wants her pills. Nick tells her the Forrester's are meeting that afternoon and by the end of the day he will either own Forrester Creations or Stephanie will be preparing to go to jail. The family, including Rick and Kristen, gathers. Thorne gives them good news first -he has asked Taylor to marry him. Everyone, including Ridge, join in the congratulations and well wishes. Eric asks everyone to sit down and take a look at the document on the table. Nick has asked to buy them out. And he wants Forrester's to be free and clear of any Forrester's. Stephanie's temper will be on trial and Eric is afraid they will lose, so this is a fate accompli. Brooke makes a last ditch effort to beg Nick not to do this, but he is adamant. He wants her to join in if she wishes, but she is just as adamant that she can't. She can't punish the entire family for something Stephanie did.

Stephanie invades Jackie's privacy and once again tries to get her to rein in Nick. To no avail, Jackie stands firm, Stephanie will be held accountable. Stephanie quips that blackmail won't work. They aren't going to sell the company to anyone, anytime. Everyone has their say but Ridge is the staunchest, they will NOT sell. Nick, Brooke and Storm walk in and Nick surmises this is going to be a short meeting, either they sell now or he goes to the D.A. Do they want to take that gamble? Again, Brooke makes one last tug on Nick to please not do this. It seems to fall on deaf ears.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Lucas are close to lovemaking but Sami stops the lovemaking so they can talk about their feelings. They agree to take things slow and try and form a real relationship. Hope visits Shawn to tell him about letting Bo move back in but she accidentally runs into Willow. Hope and Shawn argue about being with the parents of their babies. Lexie slaps Tek when he tries to kiss her and Abe punches Tek before officially firing him when the bartender calls the police on Tek. Hope asks Lexie to be Kayla’s private nurse with the Brady family’s blessing. John and Bo don disguises and convince the bank manager to let them view the contents of EJ’s safety deposit box. Inside they find several envelopes postmarked from Italy each containing a single tarot card. They take photos of the cards and Abe calls Celeste to help them translate. EJ brings the surveillance equipment to confront Abe and discovers a file on his safety deposit box within Abe’s papers. EJ rushes to the bank and finds his box taken out and rifled through despite having all its contents still there.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Luke, Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas join together to give Laura an early Christmas before she slips back into catatonia. Laura gives Lulu her unconditional love and support after confesses the truth about her abortion. Laura begins to suffer more memory lapses. Luke apologizes after lashing out at Tracy.

Carly is unsettled after her kiss with Sonny and warns Jason not to rekindle his old feelings for Elizabeth. Sonny is confident that he and Carly will get back together. Sam is determined to expose Ric's wrongdoing. Alcazar vows not to make the same mistakes with Lila Rae as he did with Diego.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Opens with Dinah and Mallet being in bed after a meal. Dr Sedwick wants a sample from Gus, who is a little skittish about giving it. Marah and Jonathan get to know each other again. Alan and Lizzie talk about Jonathan. Lizzie looks at a picture in the newspaper, its a picture of Jonathan and Tammy. Opening Lizzie tells Alan what kind of guy Jonathan is. Marah thanks Jonathan for taking care of their Mom when she needed it. Marah then invites Jonathan to Thanksgiving Dinner with the family. Harley talks more with Dr Sedwick and looks into setting up an appointment, then calls Gus. Gus and Harley meet with Dr Sedwick.. Looks like Gus is the reason they cannot conceive. Alan and A-M talk. Looks like Alan needs his help. Jonathan comes home to Lizzie walking down the stairs with a suitcase. Supposedly it was his. He yells up to her he is not moving out. Alan and A-M talk about Olivia's daughter with Philip. Alan wants custody. A-M agrees to help to a point. Beth and A-M then meet. They talk. Mallet, Dinah, Gus and Harley have a drink together. Dinah announces that she and Mallet are back together. Mallet just takes a drink and says nothing. Rick shows up where A-M and Beth are. Beth is stunned. Mallet spills a drink. Dinah reads a note to herself. Beth, Rick and Mel have a meeting. The meeting is a little hot under the collar for Rick. Mel and Beth are having words. Mel and Rick have a fight and she leaves. Mallet and Harley secretly kiss, Gus and Dinah secretly kiss. Alan and Alex are having a talk about Thanksgiving and Family. Alan wants Alex to take a trip. Gus is trying to find a place to get a "sample" for Dr. Sedwick. Beth and Rick continue to talk about Mel after Mel leaves. Mel makes a phone call. Alex is on to Alan about Liz and tells Alan to leave her alone. He tells Alex she is wrong and that Lizzie is coming home for Thanksgiving.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd is not happy. He sees that he has greatly hurt his family by the actions from the past and he feels that he should move away from them to save them. Blair disagrees with his way of thinking. She knows that the kids will suffer without their father and she promises to set out to prove that. "John!" Natalie has arrived at the hospital again but the bandaged man isn't in his room again. Viki walks up to Natalie. She got a call from Bo that Natalie might go there. Natalie starts explaining that she didn't believe that John was alive at first but now she does. Viki listens to her plead her case and decides that she believes her daughter. She does want Natalie to remember though that there are other people that will be hurt if this is true. Natalie realizes that and is sad to think that Paige may be hurt in all this. "Get a load of that Evangeline eh?" David chats Spencer up, trying to make him nervous about the trial. "I never lose," Spencer spits. "Yeah? Well Blair is off at home with Todd enjoying eternal bliss. What was that you were saying about never losing?" David gets on the stand and gives his testimony. He tells the story of how Thomas came to his injury in the alley, and he positively ID's the guns that his father had given both he and Spencer. Todd feels terrible and wants to move out. Blair tries her best to convince Todd that he is looking at things all wrong. Finally, she gives up and opens the front door. "Fine! Get out! I have two kids to raise and I have to get to it!" Todd starts walking to the door. "Dad!" Starr has come down and he stops walking. Blair forgets that she has to give her testimony today and she leaves. Todd and Starr will stay home and talk about things. Mr. Casey gets his turn to ask David questions. He brings up David selling a baby, his being incarcerated 4 times, his pretending that he was related to Dorian's family and offering to work for the defense if Spencer would sign over his Power of Attorney. David did all those things but Evangeline is still happy with the outcome. "Casey missed a whole closet full of your offenses." Marcie guesses that Rex has found out the info that she and Michael want but Rex says nothing. Adriana isn't pleased that he is keeping the secret. Todd tells Starr that they have to have a talk but right now he has something to do. Todd goes to the high school and tells the principal to expel Cole. She can't do that without information. "You do it or you will find your face on the front page of my paper tomorrow." The woman is stunned. "Over my dead body." Marty is standing behind him. "You come after my son, and I come after you!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Ethan discussed their love lives while taking a steam bath, and each told the other how they feel about the women in their lives. Luis loves Sheridan but she now hates him, so he's realized he loves Fancy, too. Ethan loves Theresa, but also loves his wife, so he will never leave her to be with Theresa. Fancy went looking for Luis and found him just in time to hear the first half of his confession, where he said he loved Sheridan and thought there'd never be another woman for him, but ran off crying and missed the part where he said he loves her. Theresa and Whitney discussed their love lives, with Theresa sure she'll never have Ethan and she's run Jared away, too. Whitney said she is calling off her wedding to Chad because she believes he's cheating.

Fox wanted to kill Miguel as he watched him making love to Kay on Tabitha's couch, but Julian stopped him, reminding him he still has his secret weapon - Charity - and spending life in prison isn't worth it. Tabitha saw Charity but thought she was seeing things, since the girl hasn't been seen for years and would have no reason to be in her house. While Miguel pushed Kay to tell Fox the truth, Fox and Charity anxiously awaited the moment when she could show herself to her cousin and her true love, Miguel. She finally went to the back yard to wait for them, while Fox went to get Kay and Miguel to show them the decorations. Miguel went out, but Kay wanted to tell Fox she's dumping him. Julian and Tabitha argued again about him being part of Endora's life.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Lauren bring their baby home and Lauren tells how she has made a sweet potatoe pie for Michael as a treat for the Thanksgiving holiday. They enter their apartment and there is a buzzer going off. "What is that?" Gloria comes running from the kitchen screaming for help. She was cooking and the buzzer went off and she didn't know how to turn it off. Michael rushes to help his mother. The baby cries and Lauren makes a displeased face. Gloria apologizes for her faux pas. She can't even cook. She walks off sad. Lauren knows that John not being around has been upsetting for Gloria and she and Michael try to figure out a way that they can help. Michael calls Will and tells him that Gloria has been having a hard time. "Would you like to come over for a bit?" Katherine and Jill are at the club getting ready to order, but Jill asks if they could wait a bit. She has invited some people and Will is one of them. Jack and Sharon stop for a quick drink at the Winters's place. Dru wants them to stay for dinner but Sharon knows that Dru has her hands full and needs family time. She and Jack head to the Athletic Club and sit with Katherine and Jill at their table. "You know what I think?" Jack starts. "I think that Dru may have killed Carmen and Devon is just covering for her." Sharon can't believe that he has said that and she gets up, suddenly losing her appetite and walks out. Jack knows that this time he really put his foot in his mouth. He leaves and heads home. He throws his jacket on the couch and pours himself a drink. The house is empty and when he turns around, he jumps. "I wish that you wouldn't do that!" It is John. He has come for one of his infamous visits. "What would you prefer me to do? Ring the doorbell?" John tells Jack that he has done all the manipulating that he can and yet here he sits alone in a big house. I feel sorry for you Jack." Jack spends some time sitting alone and looking at family pictures. Then he gets his cellphone out. Sharon's phone starts ringing. She is standing outside Jack's house when it starts. The door opens before she can answer her phone and they both apologize at the same time. She has takeout for them to have a private Thanksgiving and they celebrate. Jill thinks that Will is going to be joining she Katherine and Esther at the Athletic Club for dinner. Will, in the meantime has shown up at Michael's as requested and he has a short drink. When he is about to go, Gloria insists that he stay for dinner and he soon accepts the invite. Esther and Kay eye each other nervously over Will not showing up, but Jill manages to get over it and smiles.

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