Monday 11/20/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Alone in the parking garage, David informs Dixie that that Tad is the father of Krystal's baby. SHe has cheated on Adam. Dixie is shocked, doubts it but considers the possibility that it's true. Tad comes and finds them. He and David get into a brawl. David leaves. ALone with Dixie, Tad demands to know what David told her. She hesitates to tell him. Adam is ready to throw Babe out of his home, away from JR and take her son from her. But Krystal manages to talk him out of it. Alone with Babe, Krystal tells her daughter that she is ready to admit to Adam that her baby is Tad's. But Babe tells her mother she can't do that. WHen JR is in the hospital, helpless, Erica goes to his room and confronts him. Jeff pushes her out of the room. She demands to know why Jeff would want to be the doctor of the man who hurt her children and their (hers' and JEff's) son. Bianca knows that her mother and Jack are having problems. Lily also discusses that with her father.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will is worried about being left behind as Gwen’s dreams are materializing quicker then they ever imagined. Gwen reassures him they are in this together for the long run. Jade rushes Luke out of the Lakeview when she sees the mysterious blond woman Holden was with. Holden lies to Lily about who was on the phone. Lily asks Holden why there is lipstick on his collar? Holden doesn’t have a valid answer, so Jade saves him and claims it is her lipstick from when she borrowed the shirt thinking it was Luke’s. Holden refuses to be forthcoming when Jade confronts him; he doesn’t want her to say anything to Lily though. Paul tries to make up with Meg again, sure now that Craig is going to jail they will be fine. He admits to still not being over what Craig did to Rosanna. Lucy recants her deposition and the judge unhappy that she wasted the courts time, dismisses the case. Dusty is furious thinking she has now put Johnny’s life at risk, but Lucy thinks she saved his life from Craig. Paul learns Lucy let Craig walk and is furious as well. Craig shows up to see Meg again. Will and Gwen receive an unwanted guest – Iris. Holden almost bumps into Lily with Lisa when he is going to meet with this woman. Lily snarls when she sees this pretty woman walk by going to meet up with Holden. Holden asks the woman to leave with him so his wife doesn’t see them. Dusty arrives home and take out a gun from the safe and makes sure it is loaded.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne visits Taylor as he’s heard the quick verdict is in. She’s still stunned that he came to bat for her and said those nice things in court. Court is in session and due to a brilliant counsel in Storm, Taylor is found not guilty and Storm even manages to get her obstruction of justice and such pending charges dropped and she will only serve probation and community service.

Nick brings Jackie home to Massimo’s old home which she used to share. She still has terrible headaches, but thinks she can make it back to work soon. Nick is firm with her when she voices her opinion that she doesn’t need a nurse or anyone to hover over her 24/7. Donna is there as she has been helping him set things up for his mother. But, she is shocked to hear that he’s taking over Forrester Creations. The celebration begins at Taylor’s. Ridge thanks Thorne again as none of this would be possible without him. Thorne basically asks permission to further his future with Taylor. Ridge vows he won’t put a monkey wrench in the way of his happiness or love life. Taylor publicly thanks her brilliant lawyer and for everyone’s support. Catherine brings Ally over and she and Taylor have a heartfelt homecoming. Afterwards and alone, Thorne takes Taylor’s bags up to her bedroom and proceeds to tell her they have some unfinished business. He proposed to her up at Big Bear before all of this started. He declares his love for her and that he still wants to get married when the time is right if she wants to. She wants to and they dissolve in kisses while sitting on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami repaints Will’s room in preparation for him to move back in. Will asks how much longer it will take Sami to get Lucas to move back in with them. Victor gives Lucas the assignment of picking up Dr. Hubert Weinstein at the airport under a cloud of secrecy and Lucas agrees to the job once Victor grants his request for some time off to take Sami and Will on vacation. Shawn delivers Patrick’s note to EJ warning that Bo knows about Eve. Sami tries to get rid of EJ but EJ confronts her about serving as a distraction while someone searched his apartment. Sami denies having any part in the search and tells EJ that she’s trying to reunite with Lucas now. EJ tries to forcefully get some answers from Sami but Lucas bursts in to stop him. EJ agrees to leave on his own and Sami tells Lucas about having to kiss EJ to distract him. Lucas commends Sami for helping out and douses EJ with paint. Lucas and Sami kiss. EJ finds one of the small cameras being used in the surveillance of his apartment while he is cleaning up the paint. Abe is against the entire idea of accessing EJ’s safety deposit box without a warrant and dismisses Tek from the case. Bo tries to convince John to leave the case but John can tell that Marlena already spoke to him. Abe tells Bo and John to both leave the case but John secretly asks for Bo’s help in his personal efforts to solve the case. Roman asks Abe to consider letting Tek, John, and Bo work on the case. Abe decides to listen to John’s plan to pose as executor of EJ’s estate. Bo is sure Frankie will be glad to help draw up the phony documents needed. Abe reluctantly agrees to allow the idea to be put into action. Tek drowns his sorrows at Chez Rouge and approaches Lexie.

Kate brings Victor a local newspaper from San Diego because she’s convinced Philip is pictured with a group of marines. Victor is quick to insist that the marine in the picture can’t be Philip. Kate doesn’t believe that Victor would give up on a lead so easily and accuses him of knowing more about Philip than he’s telling. Victor denies it. Belle brings Claire by to see Victor. Kate waits for Belle to leave and then shows her the marines’ photo. Belle recognizes Philip in the picture and Kate shares her suspicions about Victor. Victor brings Claire to see Philip. Willow hears Belle heading down the hall on her way to Shawn’s apartment and hides in the closet. Belle has brought professional pictures of Claire to have Shawn help pick out which ones to order. Shawn gives Belle a substantial child support payment and she questions how he gets paid so much. Shawn and Willow argue once Belle leaves. Willow decides that she can’t live like this and packs her things but Shawn stops her from leaving. Shawn promises to make Belle stop dropping by unexpectedly and Willow agrees to stay.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Laura's children are forced to face that she will be going back to sleep forever again soon. She tells them to go on with their lives, then they begin to relive memories. Laura realizes she probably won't be there for Christmas. Jax tries his best to help Carly cope with the loss of Jason. When she pulls herself together, she goes to the police station to help Sam, who has been charged with Diego's death. Alexis and Sonny try to handle Christina's state of shock; she witnessed Sam killing Diego in self defense. Jason tells Liz she has to take the bullet out of him. Sonny agrees with this diagnosis, though Liz does not think she can do it. Ric tells Sam her worst crime is how what she did traumatized her sister. Sonny lets Carly know Jason is alive. Liz performs surgery successfully.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"You set this up Marty! You were just biding your time!" Blair makes a move to whack the woman but Detective Bauer is there to see that doesn't happen. Todd is suspicious of Cole's involvement with his daughter. He thinks that Cole knew who Starr was before he started trying to date her. He becomes confused saying that he has no idea what Todd is taking talking about. "Who are you people? How are you connected?" The detective tells that there has been a tox screen done on Cole and the results are ready. He leaves and Marty starts explaining how she enrolled Cole in school the year before and at that time Starr wasn't there. She had no idea that Starr was there now. Blair doesn't believe her. She feels that the woman is the same liar that she was when she accused Todd of rape all those years ago. Marty says that her husband died and she felt disconnected and wanted to come home. Blair isn't buying and even tries to take a swing at the woman at one point. Dorian overhears Kelly talking to Clint about moving to London and that is how she is notified. She takes it badly at first but then Clint makes her realize that she has to let Kelly go if that will make her happy. Dorian does her best to accept what's going to happen. Evangeline preps David for his turn on the stand. He says that he is fine and has been ready for this his whole life. Bo thinks that Natalie is losing her mind when she says that John is alive but when Vincent comes and helps to explain things, Bo sees that there might be something to what the kids are saying. He can't tell Paige anything yet. She just got her son back and can't lose him again. The test shows that Cole has been on steroids. The owners of the house aren't pressing charges if Cole does restitution. The only thing to clear up is what exactly was done to Starr at the party. Cole apologizes to Starr and he and his mother leave. He explains about the pressure at school to win games and how it prompted him to take the steroids. "Now tell me how you know those people." Marty tells that when she was in college, she met Todd and something terrible happened, that was very bad. She doesn't have to spell it out. Cole gets it easily enough. Starr asks her mother why she hates Marty. Blair doesn't want to get into that. "Dad did you rape her?" Todd admits that he did. "Why are you always in such denial mom?" Rex and Adriana are on different sides of the fence. He wants to keep Tommy's secret, and Adriana thinks that Rex needs to tell all he knows to his clients. They turn and Michael and Marcie are behind them with Tommy asking about their case.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis tried again to get Sheridan to say whether she's happy with Chris or not, but she kept skirting the issue. When Chris and James showed up, they went with Luis to talk to Fancy about what she remembers about the night she ended up in the mine shaft pit, which is mostly nothing. Chris had told James to play "Tell Uncle Luis Lies" earlier, and when asked if he knew the man his dad was talking to and Aunt Fancy chased, he said no. Sheridan, after arguing with Eve about how she really feels about Luis, went ballistic when she went in the room and found Luis questioning James, even tho Chris had given him permission. Luis beleives she now hates him, although Eve and Fancy know better.

Miguel kept pressuring Kay to tell Fox the truth, although she doesn't want to hurt him while he's dying. However, she gladly began making love to him on Tabitha's couch. Fox was pleased Charity is back in Harmony, thanks to the Crane P.I.'s, and can't wait until she surprised Miguel and Kay at the bridal shower. However, when he leaves her to get ready and goes downstairs, he finds Miguel making love to his fiancee on the sofa, and isn't very happy about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Drucilla are confused. "How did Devon's skin get under Carmen's fingers?" Devon is ready for his operation now and he is being wheeled out. Neil and Drucilla run to see him just one last time before he goes under the knife. Phyllis tries to work as she deals with her Braxton Hicks contractions. Jack worries about her but then gets suddenly angry when he sees that she is still second-guessing his decision about which of Sharon's pictures. He walks off angry. "I will fix it." He finds Sharon in another office staring at her copy of the pictures. "They look so trashy." Jack agrees. Phyllis will not back down and let Jack make what choices he thinks are right. Phyllis walks in the room with the pictures in her hands. She ignores Jack when he tells her again to let him take care of the pictures. Sharon shakes her head over the way that Phyllis will not give in. "Don't worry. She will be leaving soon to go and have her baby." Sharon drops her set of ridiculous pictures in the wastebasket as she smiles. Devon is put under and sent to have his operation. Neil and Drucilla do some brainstorming and can see clearly that they are being set up. "We have to figure out who did the murder!" Michael joins them at the hospital and they think of others who could have killed Carmen. When they get to Jack's name, Michael seriously thinks that over. He heads to the coffeehouse and talks to Kevin about things. Kevin tells how Gloria is upset over Christmas coming and Thanksgiving. It is making her think. She doesn't like the way that she is being treated at work but Kevin knows that isn't about Jack anymore. "Don't be too sure," Michael confides. Kevin's eyes grow wide. Michael tells him about his suspicions where Jack is concerned. Kevin offers to have a peek in the man's computer again but Michael can't allow it. Too risky. Jack was smart before and knew that they would catch him with Raaz Cosmetics… Soon the brothers come up with a suitable plan that is sure to teach Jack a lesson and get them what they want in the process. Jack offers Phyllis an extended leave when he hears about her contractions, but she won't go. She is around when an envelope is delivered and sees that Jack was going to put the pictures through. She sees his offer of extended leave was nothing but a trick. Mr. Kim sees Phyllis's pictures and calls Jack, insisting that things be done Phyllis's way. Phyllis boasts to Sharon that she finally got to see Jack taken down a notch. Ji Min and Jack smile at their little trick. They staged their disagreement, knowing that Phyllis would believe it and tell everyone how they were at odds.

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