Friday 11/17/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/17/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Adam tells Babe that she has to leave his house and give custody of little A to him until JR is out of the hospital. Krystal tells him that she won't let him do that to her daughter. And if he goes through with it, she will leave and keep their unborn Charlotte away from him. JR awakens but is still sick. Jamie finds Julia and she tells him that she knows they have no future together. He's too young to settle down and it won't work. But he tells her that is not true. And they go at it on the beach. David finds Dixie in the parking lot and he reveals to her that he has a sinister plan.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

Jade plants the seed in Will’s mind that there might be more going on with Gwen and Adam then just the music. Adam congratulates Gwen on the song and the two grow closer as friends. After Gwen leaves, Adam stays behind and listens to the song Gwen recorded. Jade watches from around the corner. After being locked in the house by Henry, Mike breaks it off with Katie. Simon gives Carly a necklace made of one of Vienna’s diamonds. Carly denies it at first but accepts. Katie sees Simon and Carly together and begins work on her next pages of Oakdale Confidential. The theme is revenge. Lucy overhears Craig and is convinced he tried to kill Dusty. She vows to get him thrown in jail, but once Craig says he can’t guarantee Dusty’s safety, Lucy becomes worried. The trial begins and Lucy debates testifying.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe staunchly defends Shane to all that he did not hurt her. He cares about her and would never do that. She tells her mother they must find him and he testify or she will stay in jail. Taylor begins to worry that Phoebe is developing feelings for this guy. Taylor is adamant that Phoebe not take the stand, but she will if need be. Storm is afraid their case has gone belly-up, but he's not quitting. Ridge befriends Hector after what he did for Phoebe last night.

Storm tries to buy more time from the judge, but is told there will be no continuance. The Forrester family are troupers for Taylor. Dante tells Felicia that Bridget lost the baby and she is sympathetic whether he believes her or not. Skillfully Storm leads Taylor through her testimony and reads from the dictionary the definition of 'accident'. She won't take the easy way out and still proclaims that she did it, it was her fault. Tartaro commends her for her forthright testimony. As Storm is about to conclude his defense, Thorne stands up and asks to be called. He gives a rousing plea of how he feels and what his darling Darla would want - for them to forgive Taylor for this accident and this miscarriage of justice and set her free.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena dreams that she finds John dead and insists that John promise to stay out of the Dimera investigation. John tells Marlena about their plane being tampered with and the finding of the black glove calling card and insists that he canít walk away. Bo arrives for his first day living back at the house with Hope. Hope allows Bo to move back in to the master bedroom. Stephanie is convinced that Steve and Kayla will soon be back together and Bo confides in Hope that Steve still has feelings for Billie and that Steve is faking getting his memory back. Marlena asks Bo to convince John to take himself off the case. Bo is hesitant to do so but Marlena uses her help in saving Kayla to persuade him. Abe assigns the boring job of sifting through EJís phone records to Tek and Tek refuses to do it. Roman steps in to stop the argument and forces Tek to do the work. John asks Abe and Roman to deputize him so he can properly join the case against EJ and Patrick. Abe refuses the request. Tek finds the location of EJís safety deposit box in his financial records.

Kayla is feeling much better today and is anxious to spend time close to Steve. Kayla offers Steve the chance to come clean about his feelings. Before he has a chance to explain, Stephanie comes by for a visit. Steve canít let Stephanie down so he agrees to come home as a family. Steve admits to Hope that he barely remembers his life with Kayla and canít seem to forget about Billie. Steve asks Hope to tell Billie the truth about his memory.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Laura realizes that her miracle is going to be short-lived and confronts Luke. He admits the truth. Ric disrupts the reception, after Luke and Laura leave, to try and arrest Sonny and informs everyone that there was an explosion and gunfire in an alley where Jason was seen. Alexis leaves the hospital to go to Christina's birthday party. The little girl slips out of the party and sees the shooting. Sam does her best to comfort her. Laura begins to lose time. Jason is reportedly shot and his body to have gone in the water. The kids are told that Laura's recovery won't last. Diego is killed in the shoot-out; his father vows revenge. Sonny warns Ric that all bets are off. Jason comes to Liz for help. She tells him he can't die; her baby is his, too.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Buzz plays bunny with Emma when Coop arrives for a chat. Ava and Olivia talk at a bar. Ava tells Olivia that Jeffry is a scum bag. Jeffry runs into Doris and they talk about his "arrest". Reva visits Billy and finds a glass and thinks he is back drinking. Reva sees the person who the glass belongs to. Cassie and Josh make Thanksgiving plans. Jeffry reads the headlines. Doris tells Jeffry to clean out his desk. Jeffry calls his aide to schedule a press conference. Both Ava and Olivia catch Jeffry's press conference on TV. Billy finds another woman who likes football. Josh is helping Cassie with Thanksgiving Day plans when Reva stops by. Cassie offers an invite to Reva for Thanksgiving. Reva says no. Reva also tries to give back a broach that Cassie gave her at the hospital. Jeffry tells the press that the incident at the Beacon was a misunderstanding. Jeffry also says he did things as a teenager and that he was forced into law enforcement rather than jail. Olivia finally comes clean with Ava about her pregnancy. Reva lays down and looks back on her life. Someone is spying on Cassie while she is watching TV from outside a restaurant. Buzz and Olivia have dinner. While Coop and Ava spend the night together. Jeffry visits Ava. Billy and Cassie meet up near where she was watching TV. Cassie invites Billy to Thanksgiving. She tells him Reva won't be there. Reva and Josh meet up at a restaurant. It seem it is a setup. They think it's Wanda. Marah shows up in front of her parents at this restaurant.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

The trial starts and Evangeline tells the story of how Spencer killed Thomas McBain. Rex needs Adriana to help with the meeting that he has with the lawyer's secretary. He has to get the records on Todd's kid to find him and so he will need Adriana to pretend that she is pregnant. Starr arrives home and Blair is suspicious since she is wearing strange clothes. "My clothes got dirty, so I had to put these on." Blair is thrilled to hear that Todd caught the garter, but her smile fades when she hears that Evangeline caught the bouquet. She looks in Starr's bag and finds the shirt the girl was wearing the night before. It is ripped. Starr is angry that her mother was looking through her things. She said that she ripped the shirt herself. "That is the style now." Detective Bauer arrives and tells there was an incident the night before. She is looking for Starr Manning. Starr is taken to the station where she tells that Cole was fine at first but then got violent. She says that he didn’t hurt her and that her shirt got ripped by accident. Detective Bauer says there may be charges where Cole is concerned. She suspects drugs. The judge calls a recess. Evangeline is uneasy. Nora feels that Evangeline has made a wonderful start, and so does Chris. Evangeline can't help feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong. During the recess, David goes to his brother and asks him just how much money he was offering for silence. Spencer writes a cheque and hands it to David. Rex and Adriana pretend she is pregnant to get the secretary for Mr. Nivens to tell where his records are. They pretend they had a deal with Nivens to sell their baby. It is only when Rex offers the woman 20% of their payment for giving up their kid that Herman tells that she has the password and can access the files on any computer in the world. She thinks that she recognizes Adriana and finally it comes to her that the girl is a model. "Really? When did you stop modeling? Did you get the 6 month Phy-Oxy test?" Adriana says that she did and that is when Ms. Herman jabs Adriana in the stomach knowing now that it is fake. She tries to leave, but Rex threatens to tell the cops about her selling babies on the black market. She gives her password up to Rex to keep from getting found out. Rex hits the computer and sees that a huge amount of money was given to Mr. Nivens, and that the name of the parents are Joanne and Frederick Scott! Scott is the same name that the parents of Michael and Marcie's baby had. "Oh no! Michael and Marcie have Todd's kid!" Bo tells Nat that someone tried to dig up John's grave. "It was me! John's alive!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sparks flew between Sheridan and Fancy today as Auntie became more and more upset while watching the man she loves moving on with her niece. She continues to deny it, but everyone can see it, even Eve, who tried to warn Fancy not to get too attached to Luis. Fox planned a bridal shower for Kay, still making them believe he's dying so she won't dump him for Miguel. He also brought Charity to town to cause even more friction between the hopeful lovers, which Julian thought was a very good and Crane-like idea. Miguel is getting more and more frustrated because Kay won't tell Fox she's changed her mind, but she can't hurt Fox while he's dying.

Theresa spoke with Jared as they tried to figure out what to do about Julian's custody suit. She tried to get him to stay in Harmony and continue working at Crane Industries, since she says she needs his help. She also wants to remain close to him, possibly continuing their relationship, but he realizes she will never stop loving Ethan. Julian met with Ethan and let him know he wants full custody now, not partial, something Ethan disagrees with very much. Julian asked Ethan if he thought anything could be used to get Theresa to change her mind, meaning winning Ethan in exchange for her son, which caused Ethan to realize something else was going on. He went to ask Theresa about it and, in her frustrated state of mind, she finally let it slip that Julian isn't Little Ethan's father, Ethan is.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Drucilla have Devon with Dr. Laughton at the hospital. They are getting the operation for Devon in a few minutes and the doctor is about to take the boy off to get him prepped. "Devon Hamilton here?" Two police officers have arrived and will be taking Devon off as he is to be arrested for the murder of Carmen Mesta. Jill thinks about the night before with the DA and she smiles. She gets on the phone and sends him the best bottle of scotch that she can get. Will calls Gloria and asks her out to lunch. Jana wishes her good luck with that and off Gloria goes to meet Will at the Athletic Club. He seems strange when she mentions him not being at the meeting. He doesn't want to talk about it but Gloria discovers that Will was intimate with someone the night before and he now feels guilty about it. Gloria says that the woman might have picked up on his awkward feelings and so she suggests that he send her some flowers. He loves that idea. Lauren can't quiet her baby who squawks and squawks at the coffeehouse. She is about to leave when Jana asks if she can hold the baby for a while. The child immediately goes quiet in Jana's arms. Lauren looks at the both of them puzzled. Lauren soon relaxes and enjoys her coffee while out on the patio while Jana sits with Fenmore. Gloria is at the office and not in a good mood. She is with Kevin when the flowers arrive for Jill. She and Kevin peek into Jill's office and watch as the flowers are delivered and Jill blushes like a schoolgirl. Victor talks with Jack after a meeting and he tells that Jack has the qualities of a great leader and furthermore that the man should run for public office. "Think about how proud your father would be! Having your name in print everywhere. Jack gets a call. Another government piece of paper that they need for NVP is being held up and Jack is not happy. "See Jack! That is why we need more people like you to get things done!" Michael tells the judge at Devon's hearing that he should be allowed to have his operation and that will allow him to have more participation in his own defense. The judge will allow the operation but right afterward, Devon is to check in when released. Also, the Winters will have to pony up an additional $100,000 as bail for him to be out of the system for now. The Winters are fine with the details the judge has ordered and now they can get Devon to the hospital to get his operation. Will tells Michael that he would like to wrap this thing up soon. He tells Michael to talk to his client and arrange for him to plead guilty. Turns out that Carmen had skin under his nails and the DNA matches Devon's.

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