Thursday 11/16/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/16/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Emma has been taken away, Ryan and Annie are determined to take action in order to prove that she may have a medical condition that makes DNA look like Emma is not her child when, in fact, she is. They have Jeff Martin run some tests. He seems very supportive. OUtside the examination room in the hospital, while waiting for Annie, Ryan runs into Jack. He tells Jack that after what Jack has done to his(Jack's) daughter and to Ryan's brother, he's going to help them get Emma back with Annie. At first Jack argues, but agrees to pull strings with the courts. ERin informs Jonathan what happened and he is determined to risk his life and freedom to rescue Emma. Amanda overhears and tells Jonathan she knows what he's up to. And she's not going to let him ruin his life. KEndall is ready to run Babe out of Fusion, out of town and out of everybody's life. But when she hears Babe blame herself for everything and Bianca talks some sense into them both, kendall tells Babe she is not going anywhere. Bianca is in awe and tells her sister she loves her for having such a good heart. IT looks like everybody is ready to go after David Hayward. Tad, Jamie and Ryan all want to make him pay for falsifying the DNA test to hurt Dixie and Annie and for all the terrible things he's done.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Adam makes one of Gwen's dreams come true when he arranges for some of her favorite musicians to play on her demo CD Jack is upset that Carly forgave Simon for sleeping with Katie. Jack advises Simon not to lie or cheat on Carly or she will leave him for good. Carly thinks Simon is nuts for giving her a diamond necklace which has a huge diamon that they stole from Vienna. Henry locks Mike inside Mike and Katie's house so that they will have a chance to save their marriage. Will becomes annoyed at the tome Adam is spending with Gwen while Jade senses Wil's insecurity and makes things worse by telling him Gwen won't be home because she is probably going to spend all day working with Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hector swings a mean bat, and there is blood splatters all over his face. Phoebe argues with both Hector and Harry as they call the ambulance and the police. She objects to this and does not feel he was there to rape here. All bloody, Shane comes to long enough to hear them talking and he leaves the scene. Lt. Baker shows up and is filled in with the details. Phoebe does not want to press charges, but insists they must find Shane before tomorrow for her mother’s case. Ally discusses the Thanksgiving play with her dad. Stephanie offers to substitute for Taylor and help her pick out an Indian princess outfit. Thorne questions how much longer they can keep telling Ally that Taylor is in London. Taylor thinks more and more of Ally and her love. Thorne discusses his future with Taylor with his mother. She encourages it. Taylor was there for him and she’s a good person. Don’t be afraid. The three of them can face it together. She will support whatever decision he makes. Thorne is still undecided if he can ever really forgive Taylor.

Baker and police break the door down at Shane’s place. Phoebe and Harry are closer than they think as Shane is hiding up above the dumpster. He makes an anonymous phone call telling Baker that Shane is holed up at his convenience store, come get him. Harry and Lt. Baker and the police leave Phoebe alone saying they will be right back. A very disheveled Shane suddenly appears and cries to Phoebe that he must look a sight, that same dirty, homeless man she first met, when all he wanted to do was help her. He thought he could change his life around and he would have a chance. All he wanted was her. She wants to take him to the hospital, but he tells her he is leaving town and he bolts. He knows she doesn’t want him the way he wants her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami informs Belle about Marlena being missing and Belle is forced to leave Claire with Victor until Shawn can come pick her up. Victor uses the time to let Claire visit more with the bandaged houseguest whom he now refers to as Philip. Willow agrees to move in with Shawn but cuts off their romantic connection. John gets the serum to the Salem airport and Bo rushes it to the hospital. He gets there as Kayla flat lines. Steve refuses to let Kayla die and gives her the kiss of life. John and the police learn that the plane was sabotaged and the suspect left behind the black glove calling card. Marlena fears for her life when she wakes in the cabin but relaxes when she realizes that the cabin’s owner is Smokey Robinson. Smokey helps wrap Marlena’s injured ankle and uses his PDA to send word to Abe of Marlena’s safety. John rushes to Marlena’s side. Smokey serenades them as John holds Marlena in his arms and they dance.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Despite a visit from Helena, a drunken display by Tracy and several mental stumbles by Laura, Luke and Laura have a special day. Robin is upset when she realizes Laura's memory is already starting to fade. Maxie crashes the wedding. Jax and Carly refuse to let Sonny get to them. Sam sees a whole new side of Jason. Ric and Alcazar learn where Sam, Jason and Spinelli are hiding. Jason, Sam and Spinelli walk into Ric and Alcazar's trap as they leave the safe house.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz and Olivia talk about Ava's finding out about Jeffry. Jeffery talks to Marina about Ava also. Tammy drops something off for Remy. Lizzie and Reva have a talk outside Cross Creek about each other's health. Alan comes to Cross Creek and runs into Jonathan. As Alan leaves he calls Cross Creek a dump. And who looses. Tammy kids Remy about the bag she brought him. Coop and Ava talk about Jeffry. Buzz talks to Olivia about Ava and Jeffry then leaves her place. Olivia soon leaves too. After promising Buzz she is going to take a nap. Jeffry, Marina and Mallet talk about the case that Olivia brought against Jeffry. Jeffry and Olivia run into each other at the police station and talk. Jonathan tries to put a stroller together Tammy visits Cross Creek not knowing Jonathan was there. Reva and Lizzie talk as they take a walk. Alan goes to Cedars to talk to Dr. Sedwick about Lizzie and the baby. Tammy stays at Cross Creek long enough to talk to Jonathan, then leaves. Tammy meets Remy for dinner. When Lizzie gets back from her walk she sees the stroller and is thrilled. Then Lizzie finds out Tammy and Alan were there. At the police station Olivia as a daydream about Jeffry and Ava getting along together. Alan and Reva have a discussion about Lizzie, the baby, and Jonathan. Alan swears he is going to get Reva away from Lizzie and the baby. Remy and Tammy talk about Tammy going to Cross Creek and seeing Jonathan there. Tammy tells Remy that she wants his help in getting Jonathan out of her system.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie has been digging all night. It is morning now and she still digs. "What do you think you are doing?" She turns to find Vincent standing behind her. He will not let her do this. She feels she has to do it until she finds out if her man is really dead or not. Vincent points out that if John is alive then she is digging up his friend and he just can't allow that. "You can wait until the surgery is over to find out what you want to know! Kevin and Kelly come to visit the family at Asa's house and they tell that Kevin will be leaving for London that day. The company isn't doing well in London, so Kevin figures that he should get out there sooner. Asa understand him having to go but won't allow anyone to leave that day. Natalie isn't concerned about what she will find when she opens the coffin. She took Forensics and knows what is in there, and what to do with it. Vincent still tries to talk her out of this but she insists. She waves her shovel at him, threatening to hurt him if he doesn’t back off. He offers his neck for her to lop off but also reminds her that John wouldn’t approve. She isn't so sure of that. She can't wait! Vincent thinks that she is acting crazy. "You think this is crazy? Just give me one more day of living like this and then you will see how crazy I can be." The family fights and fights but at the end it is accepted that Kevin has to make a move to save the branch of the family business in London. Spencer is uncomfortable. His case depends on evidence that is 25 years old which is good but then there is the gun and David's testimony. When alone with David in the courtroom before court starts, David tells how he is leaving town but only after he has put the final nail in Spencer's coffin. He intends to finish this off for John who should be there. Spencer seems afraid of what might happen in court. The really damning thing for him is David's testimony. "Look, you owe me. Just tell them that you don't remember what happened that night." David will not perjure himself for his brother anymore. Spencer offers David enough money to enjoy a rich life five lifetimes more than he could ever imagine. David walks out. Natalie needs to do this but she starts calming down. "I promise you Natalie, by the end of the day, we will know if John is alive or not!" He suggests they go to Bo and get him to help them figure this out. She picks up her shovel and they walk off together. Michael and Marcie go to Rex and ask him to find out about Tommy's parents for his medical records. Rex accepts the case. Asa raises a glass. "To Kevin, Kelly and Little Zane! Godspeed! To the family. God Bless!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox played on Kay's guilt and sympathy to keep her from dumping him, still pretending he is dying. Once she left to find Miguel, he got on the phone with Charity and confirmed plans for her to come back to Harmony ASAP on the Crane jet. Miguel told Pilar he and Kay are getting together, and that Fox is dying. She seemed concerned about Fox's condition, but still urged her son to take his fiancee for himself. Luis and Paloma talked about his feelings for Fancy, and Paloma tried to get him to say whether he'd rather have Fancy or Sheridan. He realized she was hiding something, but let it go when she said she just doesn't want anyone hurt. Sheridan and Fancy talked about whether Sheridan is really over Luis, and while Sheridan assured her niece she is, she still reacted with jealousy when he showed up with flowers and loving words for Fancy.

Theresa is depressed about having lost Ethan once again, thanks to Julian. She discussed it with Whitney, who said she needs to try to get Jared back. She told her friend she's also worried about her love life after Rebecca told her about seeing Chad naked in a room at the seedy motel. Jared advised Chad he needs to leave Valerie alone or he'll lose Whitney, but Chad said he can't stop seeing his lover. He then told Jared to try to get Theresa back instead of leaving town, and later told Whitney what was up. She also talked to Jared about giving Theresa another chance.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will gets his warrants. He has two officers with him when he arrives at the Winters' place of business. "Neil and Drucilla Winters… You are under arrest. You are being arrested for perjury, conspiracy…There is no murder charge …yet." Neil calls Michael who comes over right away. He feels like Will is harassing his clients. He could have called Michael and have the man walk his clients in there, instead of arresting them at work. Neil and Drucilla are separated. Neil hasn't answered any question. Michael goes to see Dru where she is being held. Will tells Neil that he knows that the man lied to save his wife and that Dru really did this. Neil says nothing. Dru is upset that this is going to hold up the plans to get Devon his operation. Michael tells that he will get them bail and get them out. Will comes in and Dru unleashes her fury at the very sight of him. It takes all that Michael can do to calm her. "You are not the only suspect Dru. You should know that we have videotape of your son pounding on Carmen's door at the time of the murder." She hates that Devon has been accused and starts shouting that Devon couldn't have done this. Michael tells her to be quiet again! When they are alone, Michael schools her in how to behave when they go into the courtroom. "No matter what they say about Devon, you are to keep your mouth shut!" She nods her head and they go out. Nick and Phyllis show up at the hospital. "Get me a room or I am going to have this baby on the floor!" They examine her and she had a false labor. She still has contractions but they can be easily stopped. She is cautioned to go home but she goes to work. Jack is furious. "where have you been?" She tells that she had false labor and went to the hospital. She turned her phone off and so Jack wasn't able to reach her. "We have serious trouble with this zoning variance." Victor knows of the trouble with the variance and lunches with Senator Bodi to discuss it. The man will not overstep his boundaries to make this thing go through for Victor. The press will be all over him and he doesn't want to be known as the one who destroyed a rare butterfly site. Victor reminds Bodi of the benefits that he has received from him. "Senator Bodi, you can certainly find a way to get me my variance…" Victor then walks out. JT and Brad worry over why Colleen would endanger her family. She hated Adrian before. Brad has no idea what this is about but tells JT to find out. "He could be working for people looking for the Grugeon Collection." Michael gets the Winters out on bail and tells the parents that he found out that Devon is the prime suspect!

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