Wednesday 11/15/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/15/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR is still critical. After seeing Babe has caused him to go into shock, the doctors determine that in the interest of his recovery, he cannot have any visitors except his parents. Dixie finds out that Davie knowingly falsified the DNA test to prove that Emma was Kate, just to hurt her(Dixie). SHe is outraged. But she pulls herself together for JR. Kendall tells her co-workers that she wants to enable Josh to get over Babe and will stop at nothing. But Bianca tells Josh that maybe he needs to swallow his pride and overlook Babe's bad decisions. A social workers gets a rulling from a judge to take Emma to a foster home. SHe tells Annie and Ryan that even though Emma is not Tad and Dixie's, DNA proves that she is not Annie's either. So they have to take her away to a temporary foster home

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly tells Jack that she picked the wrong guy! Jack realizes something went wrong with her and Simon; he realizes he can’t listen to her vent about Simon because he is still in love with her. Carly seems moved by his words. Simon and Katie talk about what went on between them; they both wish each other well as they go off in search of Mike and Carly to win them back. Emily learns that Dusty was hurt in an accident, realizes Craig was involved and used her in his scheme; she races to confront Craig. As all suspicious eyes fall on Craig, Meg unwittingly provides Craig with an alibi for when Dusty’s car was tampered with. Paul and Meg fight over this and Emily and Craig are happy about it. However, Emily advises Craig to find someone else to help him from now on because she doesn’t want Dusty hurt and he will end up getting caught since he must have paid someone off to help him. Meg and Paul overhear part of this conversation and confront them. Emily covers and becomes Paul’s ally when it appears she sells Craig out for him. Meg stomps off but does order Craig to stay away from her from now on. Simon goes to the Farm to talk to Carly, who is commiserating with Jack. Katie confronts Mike who isn’t interested in what she has to say; he won’t be a consolation prize. He takes off his wedding band, as Katie sobs when he walks out of her. Simon and Carly end up talking and not too long after making up. Meg and Paul argue again over Craig; Meg doesn’t want to lie about Craig; she feels that would make them no better then Craig and if that is what he wants then she is not sure she would be able to live with herself or him. Emily tries to walk away from Craig but the lure of getting Paul back keeps her from walking away completely. Lucy admits to a sleeping Dusty that she loves him and won’t let her father hurt him again. Carly agrees to give Simon another chance in exchange for monogamy on his part, to which Simon readily agrees. They kiss as Jack comes home and witnesses this through the window.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The family feels pretty good that Storm made good with Shane’s testimony and they can’t wait until he continues and finishes tomorrow. Meantime, Ridge doesn’t want any of them to answer the phone or the door, stay away from Shane. Storm keeps him busy, but Shane wants to get through as he has special plans. Thorne and Taylor are nervous about Shane as well. Taylor tells Thorne that he has given her a whole new prospective on life and he was her life raft through this. She appreciates what he has done in her behalf. Ridge stops by also for a little moral support. Hector and Harry are not happy when Shane does call and Phoebe says she HAS to take the phone call. She tells them she knows what she is doing. She agrees to meet Shane down at the pool. She’ll put Shane off and convince him to wait one more day for their celebration.

Harry questions Phoebe about her true feelings for Shane. He declares that he’s going to hide nearby and be on-guard for anything Shane might try to pull. Shane brings flowers and greets Phoebe with a kiss and remarks that their night is finally here. She finds excuses for not drinking champagne or to let him touch her further, and he begins to feel he is being used. He pushes for more than kisses and Harry jumps out from the bushes and decks him. Shane rants at Phoebe about her being like everyone else and just using him. He and Harry argue more about what a dirtbag he is holding his testimony over her for sex. They fist fight and Harry goes down. Hector comes out with a baseball bat, and blindly swats the air toward Shane……blood appears on Hector’s face.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve plays the harmonica and it reminds Kayla of when she first heard him playing. Talking of the memory helps Steve flashback to the moment. Talk of Stephanie helps Steve remember Stephanie’s birth. The doctor informs Steve that he’s been cleared for release. Steve refuses to leave Kayla but the doctor warns that by staying Steve could die from being re-infected. Steve asks Bo to ask Billie to come see him. Marlena suggests that she jump out of the plane so that the plane won’t be too heavy to fly. John is against the idea. Marlena lies to him about staying with him in the plane but then jumps out before he can stop her. John lands the plane safely and calls in Marlena’s cell phone GPS coordinates. John orders a new charter plane and searchlight so he can fly back to Salem with the antidote. Marlena injures her ankle in the fall and loses her phone. Marlena sees a hooded stranger holding an axe and faints.

Chelsea confronts Billie about her assumption that Billie slept with Bo. Billie insists that she and Bo didn’t sleep together but Chelsea doesn’t believe her. Patrick approaches Billie and Chelsea and asks them about the missing money. Chelsea denies having taken the money and changes the subject by encouraging Patrick to fight for Hope. Hope and Bo help Stephanie prepare to leave the hospital and come stay with Hope but Stephanie is reluctant to leave. Stephanie is surprised that Bo isn’t going to stay with them at the house and wants to stay with him instead. Hope asks Bo to move back in with her under the guise of doing what’s right for Stephanie and Bo agrees. Patrick returns to the hospital claiming to be concerned about Hope’s physical well-being and Hope tells him that Bo is moving back in with her. Patrick is against the idea and refuses to leave until Hope tells him the real reason for Hope getting closer to Bo while ignoring him. Hope tells Patrick about Bo’s latest lead against him and tells Patrick that she can’t see him anymore. Billie warns Bo about Chelsea’s confrontation and Bo encourages Billie to go see Steve. Chelsea returns to alert Bo and Billie that Marlena jumped out of the plane.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Laura's joy over her upcoming wedding is tempered by worry about her memory gaps. Nik orders Helena transferred to an Arkansas mental institution, to her utter dismay and despite her objections that Colleen is the truly insane one. Carly struggles to get to the airport in time, with all the kids and Sonny in tow. Despite this, Jax still plans to marry Carly, just not today. Lorenzo realizes that Jason must have gotten hold of Spinelli. Sam convinces Spinelli to give them proof that Ric and Lorenzo set them up. Sonny advises the fugitives to turn themselves in and sets up things so they will be safe as they do so. However, Lorenzo plans for them and Sonny to be dead. Lucky comes out of rehab and begins facing his life. Helena manages to escape and makes plans to attend the wedding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah runs into a fortune teller at a carnival.  Later at home Dinah argues with Vanessa about Clarrisa, Blake's daughter.  Clarrisa is staying with Vanessa while Blake is in the hospital.  Vanessa tells Dinah that a hearing is set for Clarrisa's case.  And also Clarrisa is down.  Dinah goes to talk to an unconsious Blake.  Mallet talks with Vanessa.  Vanessa bought the TV Station.  Mallet later catches up with Dinah.  TV Crews follow them.  Dinah threatens to leave town if Mallet doesn't tell her he loves her.  Mallet stops her.  Later at the Carnival Dinah and Clarrisa talk.  Dinah tells Clarrisa about being raised in a Carnival.  While a smiling Mallet watches.  Dinah has had it with the camera crew, so she tells them what she think they want to hear.  Mallet wants Dinah to promise not to leave him.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Cole tears the room apart as Starr watching terrified. "What is wrong with you?" Turns out that he can't deal with the fact that she doesn't want to go to bed with him. "You stuck up little…" She breaks away from him and runs to the door. He suddenly snaps out of it and runs after her. "Please Starr, give me another chance." She looks up into his eyes terrified. Chris is at the bar and hears Todd admit that he knew that Cris was going down. "I made a bet against him." Evangeline is mortified at Todd doing this when he knows what Chris means to her. "I guess that we know what kind of person we are dealing with." Todd says that Chris never did anything for him so what does it matter? It mattes to Evangeline. He didn’t care about what would make her happy. "What if I did that to Blair?" Todd tells Evangeline that she was the one who said that to be a friend was to be honest. She says they are not friends and never were. Natalie is trying to wrap her head around the idea that John could be alive. What Vincent says makes sense but she has to see for herself. She and Vincent go to the hospital but the body isn't there. Bo and Paige come in, telling that Hugh has gone for surgery. Natalie panics but then relaxes when she learns that the surgery is for skin graphing. Natalie is about to tell her uncle and Paige what Vincent has told her but he cuts her off. Paige thanks her for coming and showing her support. "Actually, that isn't the only reason why I am here." Cole is out of his mind. Gabe manages to get him to settle down and go to the other end of the room. Starr's shirt if ripped but she assures Langston that it was all an accident. Britney sees the party getting out of control and has an idea on how she can kill two birds with one stone. She calls the police and tells them that there is a football player at the party named 'Cole', who is out of control. "What? My name? I'm Starr Manning." The cops arrive and ask for Cole and Starr. Starr and Langston take off trying to find a way out of there but they are trapped. They hide under some furniture. Starr's phone rings. "It's my dad!" She talks to him in a whisper, telling him that she has to be quiet cause she is staying at a friend's place and the parents are sleeping. "Yeah, I have fun at the party"… Natalie starts telling Paige what Vincent said, but then realizes that she can't do that to Paige. She asks her uncle to leave the hospital with her for a while but Bo wants to stay with Natalie. She runs off now, not sure what to do. She tells Vincent that she has to do something on her own. She goes to John's grave and determinedly starts digging him up!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Luis were rescued from the pit today after a brief hitch that sent them falling once again. Once back up top, Sheridan couldn't restrain herself from letting Luis know how glad she is that he's ok, but when Paloma tried to get her to tell Luis how she feels, she wouldn't do it. He went to the hospital with Fancy as Sheridan chose to keep James instead of getting Luis back. Fancy was amazed that she had contacted him telepathically, but was a little perturbed that he'd shared the same ability with Sheridan. Fox watched as Miguel badgered Kay about why it took her so long to get back to him, and became elated when he was informed Charity has been found. A quick call let her know she's needed back in Harmony ASAP. Kay became more concerned that if she chooses Miguel, he'll leave her if Charity ever does come back, and seems to be having second thoughts about dumping Fox for him.

Theresa was upset that JT Cornell backed out of their agreement, leaving Ethan with Gwen and Theresa alone. She ran into him on the dock and tried again to beat the reason for his betrayal out of him, but Julian put an end to that by telling her he's the one who made JT change his mind. After some back and forth, he told her he'd give the money back to JT and let him tell Ethan the truth in return for a favor from her, which she agreed to. Once he told her he wants full custody of Little Ethan, however, she changed her mind and went on her way. She almost let him know he's not Little Ethan's father, but caught herself in time. She believes she will still be able to convince Ethan Gwen is a liar without JT's help, and that Julian won't be successful in his custody suit.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

JT and Colleen enjoy their quiet make up time together and are just about to start kissing when someone pounds on the door. "Hi TJ!" Professor Korbel stands in the doorway. "It's JT!" JT says displeased at seeing the man. Soon he is in the loft, talking with Colleen and looking over lecture material for the next day at school. JT gets out of their way and gets their attention by dropping something over by the kitchen counter. Adrian soon gets the message that he isn't welcomed right at that moment and hustles out of there. "That was rude." JT defends his behavior, and says that he wasn't rude and that things were going great before Professor Korbel arrived. He hates that she accuses him of not really wanting Adrian to come in that night. He feels she is calling him a liar again just like when he didn't tell her about the investigation on the man. "Besides, you dad is right to check the guy out. He is only looking out for you. Enjoy your takeout. You can have it!" JT storms out of the apartment. He goes to the club to shoot some hoops, but his angered is renewed when he looks at his phone and doesn't see what he wants to see. At home, Colleen eats her takeout alone and then looks at her phone… JT still shoots basket, but the next time that he drops the ball, when he stands, he finds Colleen standing before him. She tells him what she needs in the relationship but he can't give that to her. She sees she has some thinking to do. They go home and she hates the silence. They are not arguing but they are still fighting. All he can tell her is that he isn't sorry that he did the research on Professor Korbel, but he is sorry that he didn't tell her about it. They make love and eat Thai food on the couch. Gloria wants a new image, she reads about Miranda, Will's wife and tries to take some pointers. Jana offers to help and Gloria is transformed from gaudy, to Gucchi in time for her next support meeting at the Athletic Club where the gallant Will will be. Meanwhile at the club, Will and Jill have bumped into each other and they have dinner. The chemistry is just right. He invites her to stay for the support meeting that night but she has some work to do. He offers to see her home but she says that she has booked a room upstairs and will be staying there for the night due to the tension that she and her mother have between them. "After your meeting, why don't you pop up for a drink?" Will decides quickly that it won't hurt to miss maybe just one meeting and off they go together up the stairs. Gloria arrives and is told by another member of the group that Will was there but has left with some woman!

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