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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While everybody is wondering if JR will live or die, there is stil chaos. Colby blames herself and admits to Krystal that she had to open her mouth to tell JR about Babe and Josh. She admits that she wants to run Babe and Krystal out of her father and brother's lives because she wants them to love only her. Josh confronts Jamie and tells him he needs to wake up and realize that his brother is trash. But Jamie does not trust JR. He's angry at Babe for betraying his brohter. Adam acts nice to Babe. But he privately tells her if she loves his son, she will "temporarily" go away. And he reveals that he wants her to give up custody of little Adam. Amanda knows what is going on and tells Adam that she won't let him hurt Babe. Tad, Dixie, Ryan and Annie await the results of the DNA test. It finally arrives and reveals that Tad and Dixie are not her biological parents. They part company in a civilized manner. But everybody is ready to go after David Hayward, assuming that he falsified the results.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm, Phoebe and the others are worried about Shane not showing up for court. But, he finally does and she lets him know she’ll feel better after he testifies. Court is in session and the jury is brought in. The prosecutor paints it pretty black. Taylor Hayes lied to everyone including her family and the police. Is this the actions of an innocent person? Assistant D.A. Tartaro presents Taylor’s signed confession admitting drinking, driving and killing her sister-in-law. Storm delivers his defense and his star witness – Shane. A dejected Bridget catches Dante at home and tells him she has some news for him. She cries that she lost their baby. She feels like a failure, and although he is awfully disappointed, he tells her it’s not her fault. She will have other children.

Tartaro pokes huge holes in all of Shane’s testimony of what he saw on that dark, foggy, unlighted night while hidden in the bushes, perhaps too far away to see really good. And she crucifies him when it’s established that he has been living with Taylor and her family the last few months and would probably say anything in her favor as a loyal employee. Storm starts to make some good inroads in his defense, but the Judge calls time out as he has an emergency so court will resume tomorrow morning. The family rallies around an angry Taylor. She wanted this over with today. Shane pressures Phoebe to not let this deter her. He will get her mom off tomorrow; tonight is their night.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle leaves Claire with Victor for a scheduled visit but while alone with Claire, Victor introduces her to someone wheelchair bound with bandages covering their head. Shawn changes his mind about letting Willow move in with him. Belle heads over to Shawn’s new apartment to make sure it’s appropriate for Claire and is all for letting Claire spend time there until Willow returns to retrieve her bag. The two women argue and Belle threatens to keep Shawn from Claire should she ever learn that Claire has been around Willow. The snowstorm gets too intense for John and Marlena to use their private jet so John borrows a small plane from a friend so that they won’t need clearance to take off. They end up caught in the storm and the plane starts to lose altitude. Hope turns down Patrick’s attempt to keep her from spending time with Bo and dines with Bo at the Pub. Bo tells Hope about the matching numbers connecting Eve and Patrick. Patrick sends a note through Shawn back to EJ asking if they should take John out while he’s heading to Ottawa. Benji comes by to see proof of Steve being alive and seeing Benji prompts Steve to remember their first Christmas together.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Tracy urges Luke to tell Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu that Laura's recovery could be temporary. Tracy admits she doesn't know if she can stand back and watch Luke pledge his heart to someone else, even Laura. Luke encourages Lulu to confide in Laura. Lucky sees through Maxie's attempt to manipulate him and makes it clear that Elizabeth and her baby will always be his top priority.

Jane doesn't believe Jax and Carly should get married as she feels Sonny will always come between them. Jax wants Carly to elope with him. Sam and Jason use Pete to lead them to Spinelli, the computer whiz Alcazar hired to frame Sam. Jason and Sam kidnap Spinelli. Alcazar presses Ric to see to it that Sam and Jason end up dead. Diego overhears Alcazar telling Ric that he has to have Spinelli killed.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"I have to tell you something important." Natalie wants to hear nothing from Vincent. On top of having to deal with the wedding she can't believe that Vincent is making the night even harder for her. She tries to walk by the man but he will not let her go. "Okay what is so important?" There is a pause and then, "John Mcbain." Evangeline left her purse at the reception and so Cris has returned alone to get it. Todd is at the bar and sneaks up behind her. They sit together and talk about their dreams and hopes in life. She thinks that he secretly likes that Blair is underfoot again since he could kick her out anytime that he wanted. He says that he doesn't want Blair. Natalie has a breakdown before Vincent can't get out what it is that he wants to say. As soon as Natalie hears the word 'John', she starts wailing and gnashing her teeth about how it hurts to think about him and no one understands that. He sees that she is in a fragile way and doesn't say more. "Just take me out of here." He puts his arm around her and starts walking her out. Cris comes out of nowhere and grabs Vincent, slamming him up against the wall. "If you touch her again I will kill you!" Natalie pulls herself together and talks Cris out of hurting Vincent telling that he didn't do anything to her. Vincent apologizes and leaves. Natalie says that nothing bad happened and that Vincent wanted to just talk to her. Cris leaves her alone and when he reenters the reception area, Vincent is there waiting. Cris doesn’t want to talk to him and keeps walking when Vincent tries to talk to him. Vincent is finally able to get his attention when he blurts out that Todd knew that he was going to take the fall, before he took the fall. Antonio and Jessica arrive at their honeymoon location and get ready for bed. He carries her to the bed and the lovemaking begins. Cole freaks out when his 'friend' Gabe starts pushing him to bed Starr. Cole beats him up and then goes to Starr. "Maybe Starr will rape you since it runs in the family!" Gabe shouts. Cole returns and pummels him hard before going to Starr and walking her off to have private time. They go to a bedroom where they talk about how brave the other is. She finds him brave for being a football player but he finds her braver for facing people at school. Still he finds it is harder "To do this." He takes her in his arms and kisses her. She likes that but when he goes for a touchdown, it freaks her out and she backs off from him. He gets angry very quickly not understanding why she isn't interested in him. "You have been leading me on for weeks and now this?" He destroys the room as Starr watches cowering on the bed.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tried once again to get Ethan to believe Gwen and Rebecca really did send his paternity information to the tabloid, and he gave her one more chance. However, JT Cornell maintained his story that Phyllis the maid sent it to him, and even trying to choke the truth out of him didn't work. Ethan finally told her to give it up, he beleives his wife, and wants to hear nothing more about it. Gwen smirked at her defeated rival because she'd won and because she'd learned from JT that Julian is the reason he lied. Fox and Kay made love after Miguel decided against bursting into their room and beating the tar out of him, but she ran out to him as soon as she thought Fox was asleep. Fox wasn't sleeping, however, and silently vowed that Miguel would not take his true love from him.

Miguel and Noah talked, and while Noah tried to get Miguel to back off and let Kay marry the man she loves, after Miguel explained she really loves him and wants to break it off with Fox, he wished them well. Sheridan continued to watch Luis and Fancy kissing and fondling each other at the bottom of the pit, and told Paloma it's breaking her heart. She admitted she really loves Luis and wants to be with him, but when Paloma told her to let Luis know that, she balked, fearing she'd lose James. She said she married Chris just so she could stay close to James, but never stopped loving Luis. She said she can tell Luis is falling in love with Fancy now because of how he looks at her. Fancy is just happy to be in Luis' arms, and said she can die a happy woman now, while Luis continued to talk to her, trying to keep her awake until they are rescued.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen and Victoria have gotten their lines cross. Victoria arrives at the loft to meet Colleen, and at the same time Colleen is at the house to meet with Victoria. Brad offers to take his daughter to breakfast but what she really wants is for him to tell her why he is having her Art History teacher investigated. Victoria can tell that something is wrong with JT and Colleen. He tells Victoria that they had a disagreement about his investigating Professor Korbel and not telling her about it. Victoria asks how she found out and is not happy to see that she is the one who caused the rift. The newspaper tell the story of how Neil and Drucilla, as well as their son Devon have been held as material witnesses. Devon is upset over not being able to go to his appointment out of state. Michael and Lauren are exhausted. The baby cried all night and they now have to find a way to function through the day. Will smiles. He has the smoking gun! He has DNA evidence that gives him what he needs. Detective Sullivan wants to go and do her job but Will tells her to wait first. "Let's have a press conference." Will is working at his desk when Detective Sullivan enters and says that there is new evidence that he needs to look at. He looks at the report and his face changes. "This changes everything." Paul and Michael show up for the press conference and are surprised to hear that it has been canceled. They ask Detective Sullivan why but she only says that Will had some other pressing business. Neil and Drucilla get a visit from Will who shows Neil a picture. His image was captured while he was driving his car around the time of Carmen's death. It was 5:41pm when the picture was taken and that puts him in line as being a possible suspect. He could even have had Carmen in the trunk. Dru says that they lied because they were scared. Will isn't impressed and warns them to tell him in future if there is more that he should know. Michael gets a call and tells Paul that the good DA just made a visit to his clients. Michael and Paul meet with Neil and Drucilla at Michael's place and they hash it out. Michael and Paul are not pleased to learn that they have been lied to when they hear about the fake alibis. "You lied to your attorney, to Paul, to the DA and the Grand Jury and they will not be happy with you. If you don’t tell me everything right now, you can go out and get another attorney!" Neil and Drucilla explain everything now as they should have but still think that Michael can save them. "You are not understanding me. Because you lied already, Will has every right to have the both of you arrested right now!

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