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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While JR is in critical condition and nobody knows his fate, there is massive controversy.  Adam is calling lawyers to protect his and JR's custodial rights to little A.  And knowing that Krystal backs her daughter, he is planning ahead for a battle for his and Krystal's unborn baby.  Kendall and Bianca are very protective of Josh.  Babe is angry at Josh and blames him for what happened to JR.  But Bianca informs her that Josh saved JR's life.  Erica and Jack are having problems.  She is spending time with Jeff.  Jack is spending time with Brooke.  Jack tells Brooke he wants to get back with Erica.  And Brooke reveals that she is disappointed and would like to be more than friends with Jack.  Jeff is equally disappointed that Erica intends to make her marriage work with Jack.  . 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Paul is trying to find Meg, who in her sickened state, is being attended to by Craig.  Lucy explains to the ADA how Craig had her kidnapped; they have enough to try to revoke Craig’s bail and go to trial.  Dusty thanks her for her support; he sees she is showing him that by wearing their necklace.  He can’t stop thinking about her, and he can’t wait until the trial is over.  Emily interrupts with more supposed news on Craig’s goings-on.  She tells him about the vile of drugs, implying that they are probably going to be used on Lucy.  Dusty plans on stopping Craig and heads off to look for him.  Mike reads Katie’s confession; she admits to sleeping with Simon.  She pleads with him to understand how much of a mistake it was, how horrified she is and how it will never happen again.  Mike is furious but heartbroken and walks out on her, with Katie hot on his heels.  Simon and Carly continue to get closer.  He drives her out to the Farm to say good night to her kids.  Jack strongly suggests Simon not get Carly into anymore trouble.  Simon promises from now on there will be no more shortcuts.  After Meg gets sick in Craig’s car, he has her take off her shirt.  As he nurses her back to help, thanks to his drug’s effects, Paul walks in and sees this.  Craig subtly goads him as he leaves.  Meg and Paul argue about what is going on with her and Craig.  Paul admits he knows about the kiss – thanks to Craig.  He can’t understand why she lied to him – again.  Emily is pleased to hear about the tension between Meg and Paul, but she is upset about lying to Dusty and doesn’t understand why they implied the drug was for Lucy when it was really for Meg? Craig thinks she will understand in time.  Dusty is out driving around looking for Craig when his brakes fail, causing him to swerve off the road.  Mike goes looking for Simon, as Katie follows him pleading for another chance.  Simon, Carly, Mike and Katie come face to face. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe tells Shane that he can’t make anyone love him.  He explains away the shrine of pictures on the wall.  Ally tells Thorne she misses seeing Taylor; when is she going to be home? He reflects to Darla’s photo that accident or not, it was Taylor that took her from them and she’s never coming back.  Thorne bursts in on Taylor so Storm leaves.  He is concerned about her trial tomorrow; how is she holding up? He confesses Darla wouldn’t want this – Taylor behind bars, a trial and he gives Taylor a letter and drawing from Ally.  She’s so touched that she cries.  He can’t tell Ally the truth, but he’s hoping once this is all over that Taylor can spend time with Ally again like she used to.  He doesn’t understand it all, but in his heart he knows Taylor would never intentionally hurt his wife, and that the jury will see that too. 

Hector manages to get Shane's address and gives it to Harry.  Phoebe wants to leave and Shane acts slighted.  He wants her to trust him.  As he starts to kiss her, Harry bangs on the door demanding Shane open it.  Eventually he breaks the lock and demands that Phoebe leave with him.  She is playing with fire, but she states that she can handle the situation.  Shane asks is that all she is to him – just a means to an end, use his testimony then toss him aside? Phoebe gets Harry to leave, but he tells Shane that if he lays one hand on her that he will come after him with the hedge trimmers.  Phoebe puts Shane off until tomorrow, after the testimony they will celebrate. 

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie tells Lauren that her earlier payment was a loan from a family member but she’ll soon be coming into more money after getting in bed with a Kiriakis. Mimi pins the blame for the missing money on Bonnie and Patrick confronts Bonnie to demand his money back. Bonnie denies having taken the money but Patrick stops her from trying to get the police involved in a robbery investigation. Patrick gets another message delivery from EJ via Shawn but ignores Mimi’s questions about Shawn’s involvement. The note tells Patrick to find out how John and Bo know about their actions. Nick consults a professor who now does research in hypoallergenic drugs to treat bio-toxins and the professor agrees to use Kayla’s blood work to manufacture an antidote her body won’t reject. The serum can’t get to Salem until a Canadian snowstorm passes and John and Marlena offer up their private jet to pick up the serum. Marlena admits after the fact that she suggested using the jet to force John away from the investigation. Hope asks Steve to tell her the truth about his memory and he vaguely admits to not being totally clear on his memory. Steve admits to an unconscious Kayla that he really doesn’t remember anything. Bo insists that Sami ride with him to see Kayla. Roman isn’t happy to see Sami at the hospital but Bo explains what Sami did to help the case. Patrick comes to the hospital claiming to be concerned about Hope but gives in to Hope’s request for him to leave. Bo tells Patrick that they’ve discovered the number link between him and Eve.

Kate hides behind the bedroom door when she hears EJ return home. Bo calls Sami and asks her to distract EJ. Sami distracts EJ by kissing him but stops short of sleeping with him. John helps Kate escape EJ’s apartment via the fire escape. Kate shows John and Bo a ring of EJ’s with the mark of Dimera. John shows the ring to Marlena and Marlena doesn’t want John involved in another fight with the Dimeras. John refuses to walk away from the investigation. Bo fills Sami in on the basics of why he asked her to distract EJ and Sami admits to Bo that she lied to EJ about wanting to reunite. EJ tries to see Sami but Will yells at him for trying to come in between Sami and Lucas. EJ tells Will about Sami coming over asking to reunite and vows that if he chooses to reunite with Sami, neither Will nor Lucas will stop him. EJ meets with Kate and tells her about suspecting Bo and John of having someone search his apartment. Kate plays dumb and EJ asks Kate to keep an eye on John and alert EJ if John should plot anything else against him.

Mimi comes home with work from the garage and Bonnie greets her as she comes through the door. Bonnie is sporting a new dress and Mimi comments that she thought her mother had no money. Bonnie says that, even though she doesn’t have thousands of dollars to fix Mimi’s car, she can afford a lousy factory outlet sale. She asks what Mimi thinks about the dress, and Mimi is hearing Caroline’s words of advice about not lying for at least one week, in her head. She tells Bonnie that the dress is actually awful, and elaborates, which makes Bonnie a little angry. Mimi tells her that she asked for the truth and she’s given it to her. Mimi doesn’t understand where her money is going and Bonnie tells her that business at Alice’s isn’t doing so well, and what little money she has left is going toward an investment towards the future. Mimi tells her that the two of them work their butts off and have nothing while Patrick does nothing and is loaded. She tosses her hands up in the air and walks away. Bonnie stops her and wants to know when Patrick came into money.

Shawn has spread his daily earnings across the bed and Willow is excited; she can’t believe that he made all this money in one hour. He promises that there is more where that came from. He tells her that she was right about E.J. Wells. She wonders what he had to do for him and Shawn tells her the only thing he had to do was deliver some stuff between him and a guy named Patrick Lockhart. She congratulates him as they lay on the bed together. He tells her that he can now prove to everyone that he is worthy of being Claire’s father. The first thing he is going to do is find a place big enough for a nursery and it will be in a nice part of town. The look on her face changes and she asks him if there is going to be room in the apartment for her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin tells Luke that Laura's period of grace will expire and she will once more be in a catatonic state.  The kids and Laura know nothing of this and continue with plans for the wedding.  Lucky confesses all that has gone wrong in his life.  Liz keeps Ric from finding the apartment where Jason and Sam are hiding.  Lady Jane arrives to help Carly and Jax with their wedding.  Professor Marquez, Patrick's friend and Lulu's "favorite" teacher, tells Patrick to get out of town before he gets too hooked into the whole love thing.  Carly and Jax agree to combine their wedding with Luke and Laura's.  Lady Jane confronts Sonny about his situation with Carly.  Jason finds a link between the professor and Alcazar. 

GL Recap Written by Beth 

I missed 10 minutes of this.  Reva and Josh talk.  He says he loves her.  Had he knew what he knows now he wouldn't have left and given up on them.  But Cassie makes him happy.  Cassie meets Billy at Company and talks until Tammy butts in.  Lizzie and Jonathan are at his bar, Outskirts and she is having a rough time with a list Tammy gave her about the bar.  Tammy visits Outskirts.  Jeffery and Olivia argue about the night they had sex.  When Olivia leaves Company she literally runs into Ava and gets hit by a ball.  Reva and Josh thanks God she is alive.  Josh tells Reva he can't go backwards.  Cassie sees Josh and Reva together and gets angry.  Remy and Tammy go to Outskirt Bar.  Jonathan gets a call from Reva and he and Lizzie take off.  Leaving Tammy and Remy at Outskirts alone.  A-M and Ava talk about her "father".  Coop sees them and tells Ava they have to go.  Olivia runs into A-M and talks about finding Ava's "father".  Olivia tells A-M to tell his PI to find another guy that was at the same party and tell Ava that is her father.  That in no way is she going to help them find her "real father.  "Jeffery has a flashback of a recent argument he had with Olivia where she told him she got pregnant that night 20 years ago by him.  Jeffery then gets angry and rips a poster off a post.  To get Ava out of her life she tells A-M a name of a guy that was there 20 years ago.  Ava runs into Jeffery literally.  She tells him she voted for him.  Josh and Cassie argue about Reva.  Cassie packs.  Jonathan and Lizzie visit Reva at Cross Creek.  Reva tells them she is in remission.  They all hug.  Reva has an idea she knows Alan isn't going to like.  Cassie tells Josh to help Reva if that is what he wants.  Josh wants Cassie.  Reva tells Jonathan that she wants Jonathan and Lizzie to come and live with her.  That it would help her out.  As well as help Lizzie when the baby is born.  Jonathan tells Reva he saw Billy in a funky mood.  Reva thought Billy was drinking again.  Jonathan tells her no.  Reva asks Jonathan to watch over Billy for her.  Jeffery runs into a woman who wants a date.  He says no.  When Jeffery leaves Company he calls someone. 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Antonio is just inside the door to where Jessica and Nash are talking.  They discuss her telling Antonio the truth about her.  He knows that she had doubts about the wedding and asks her to admit it.  Antonio waits to hear her response from his hidden position.  Vincent understands now.  The bandaged man has managed to blurt out his name.  "I am John!" Vincent wheels away stunned as if burned by an iron.  He understands no.  All the times that John was squirming around, uncomfortable by things that were said that he didn't like.  Like when he talked about kissing Natalie.  Paige tells that her son will be going for surgery the next day.  They will be starting the skin grafts on him.  She thanks Vincent for being such a good friend to her son.  "What were you talking about in here before I came in?" Jessica is still talking to Nash and telling him that she loves Antonio.  Nash says that she had doubts about her wedding and she knows it.  "Jessica!" Antonio comes out to the two and Jessica asks Nash to leave her with her husband for a minute.  "Are you sorry you married me Jessica?" Kelly thinks that Zane calling Kevin 'grandpa', and Kelly 'mom' is going to be a little weird.  She suggests that Zane call Kevin 'dad'.  She assumes that one day they will get married again and it surprises him that she has been thinking about them that way.  David makes a pitch at getting Adriana to forgive her mother for her wrongdoings.  "She forgave me and I have done terrible things.  She is a good person Adriana.  One day you wont' have her anymore.  She is your mother.  " Adriana is moved but only for a minute.  Rex agrees with Vickers on some levels but mostly he would like to see Adriana stop over-obsessing about getting back at her mother.  Adriana gets angry with him wishing that everyone would stop obsessing over telling her to stop obsessing over her mother.  Antonio noticed that both Jessica and Nash were late before the wedding and he wonders what that was all about.  "He has issues about me and I have them about him and that is all Antonio! He quickly makes up with her and they kiss.  At school Cole manages to make the team with the football game.  The coach gives him another talking to about holding it together so they can get the trophy at the end of the season.  Cole goes to his locker… When Gabe comes to get him, he is very short-tempered.  Natalie watches as Antonio and Jessica say goodbye to everyone and leaves.  She goes to the yard.  Vincent comes out there.  She can't believe he is crashing the party so late.  "Natalie.  I need to talk to you about something.  "

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

JT Cornell finally made it to Ethan's room, but what he had to say was a shock to all.  He claimed Phyllis the maid sent him the info on Ethan's paternity.  Theresa tried to knock some sense into him, while Gwen rejoiced at having been spared the truth coming out once again.  Ethan simply took what JT said as truth and wanted to end it there, except for finding out what Theresa's secret is that she learned in Rome.  Sheridan and Paloma sent emergency supplies down the pit to Luis and Fancy, who were trying to stay warm the old fashioned way - body heat.  A camera was with the supplies, and the two women got to watch as Luis and Fancy bonded and began kissing.  Sheridan was hurting, which was readily visible to Paloma. 

Miguel wanted Kay to tell Fox she is dumping him and marrying Miguel, but she is worried because Fox is "dying" and won't say anything now.  Fox realized he had to come up with another plan to keep Miguel away from his woman, and called in help to find Charity.  Kay told Miguel, as Fox listened, that she would stay with Fox until he went to sleep, then go to Miguel's room for the rest of the night, but Miguel worried she'd make love to Fox and refused to leave them alone.  Fox planned to make love to her anyway, and Miguel began hearing her making noise as he sat by the door, listening. 

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil is getting in the car where Neil and Drucilla are waiting.  Will and Detective Sullivan arrive and ask where he is going.  "To my car.  " They think that he is playing them for a fool.  They know that flights have been booked for the three and so he has taken action.  He shows them a Notice that forces them to go before a judge to see what boundaries should be put on their ability to travel.  Neil and Drucilla tell that they were only going to see a specialist for their son.  If they miss this appointment, they might not be able to get another one.  Will tells them that they have a choice here and they need to make it carefully.  Neil calls Michael who comes over right away to fight for his clients and their right to go to their appointment.  They decide that the right thing to do here is let a judge decide what should happen.  The Winters have documentation that shows that they were in fact on their way to see about the implants and Devon is even on a list to have the operation done very soon.  Will is suspicious of Neil and Drucilla not having told the court about this before.  They had no idea that they would need to.  Nick and Phyllis show up first for the shoot.  No one else is there yet.  Nick snaps playful pictures while Phyllis hikes up her skirt and makes love to the camera.  Jack and Sharon arrive and Phyllis is not happy that the outfit that she has on wasn't the one that Phyllis chose.  Turns out that Sharon and Jack decided that Sharon should wear something else.  Phyllis isn't happy with that, nor is she happy with the way that Sharon is posing.  She looks like she is going to the opera when she should be having fun and loosening up a bit.  "You want me to loosen up? Here watch this!" Sharon hikes up her skirt, imitating Phyllis, sticks her butt out and smiles for the camera.  When the pictures or done, Jack and Phyllis immediately start fighting over them.  He likes different ones from the ones that she likes.  Jack pulls rank on her and reminds her that he has more shares and therefore is her boss.  Sharon thinks that Phyllis is trying to bring her modeling career down and tells Nikki that.  Nikki looks at what Phyllis wanted for the ads and likes what she sees.  The judge looks at all the evidence and returns to the Winters at the Hearing.  " The medical procedure that Devon needs can be done by specialists in Genoa City and so you and your family are not allowed to go out of state, from now on, and $50,000 bail will be paid for each of you.  " Devon is upset and slams the lip down on the laptop that he has been reading from.  Will gets a delivery and after reading the contents, turns his stare to the Winters down the hall. 

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