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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR is still unconscious and nobody is certain he will live. Adam blames Babe and Josh. WHen Krystal defends her daughter, he privately makes some calls to make certain that Babe and Josh do not get to raise his grandson and reveals he has his doubts about his own marriage and custody of his and Krystal's daughter. Dixie also blames Babe. Erica and Kendall tell Bianca she cannot blame herself for what JR did to himself. But Bianca reveals to Kendall that she can feel JR's pain in regard to being cheated upon. SHe admits that when Maggie cheated on her, she ran back home to mommy instead of fighting for the person she loves. So she cannot judge JR for his behavior in regard to Babe. Jeff reveals to Erica that he does not believe that she has a future with Jack and that he wants her.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

Katie finally admits to Margo that she and Simon slept together and she still has feelings for him.  Carly is warned from Mike that Simon is trouble.  Carly doesn’t listen to the warning and continues to flirt with Simon.  After falling asleep and almost having Adam walk out, Gwen records a great track. Gwen then promises to work harder.  Craig lets the secret that he and Meg kissed at the Gala slip to Paul.  As he keeps him busy, Emily is drugging Meg in the Lakeview.  Lucinda demands the new Oakdale Confidential pages, but Katie isn’t home and Mike doesn’t have them. Lucinda suggests he just look on her computer, but Mike refuses.  He thinks about it and starts to read all about what Simon and Katie did.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm agrees with Stephanie that his main focus should be Taylor's case and not Nick and his mother. Taylor laments she feels so removed from everyone and is worried about Phoebe. Stephanie remarks that all the family will be there for her court appearance tomorrow. Taylor just wants Shane on the stand first, get him off and out of her daughter's life. Shane sets up his special night with Phoebe and Hector and Harry both trade barbs with him. Shane interrupts before Harry can do more than plant one quick kiss on Phoebe.

Phoebe thought they were just going to order in something special, and laments when he takes the wrong turn to the restaurant. He tells her Chez Shane is more quiet and intimate. She wants to go as that wasn't part of the deal. He convinces her he went to a lot of trouble so she stays. He puts the moves on her, offering wine which she declines, but she asks for champagne. He offers to go around the corner to get some and she calls Harry. In the process of trying to find an address so Harry can come get her, she discovers a shrine of pictures of herself and is frightened. Shane returns and takes the phone out of her hands and wants to know what is going on and why is she saying those things to Harry? She tells him how appreciative she is, but only as friends. He admits he loves her. Tonight if she will give him a chance, she will love him too.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve feels bad about lying to Kayla. Kayla starts to have trouble breathing and the doctor warns Steve and Stephanie to prepare for the worst. Billie dines with Kate to lament about losing Steve. Kate urges Billie to dump Steve and move on. Billie comes to the hospital to do just that and refuses his gift of the necklace by telling him that she knows about his memory returning. Billie tells Hope about walking away from Steve but Hope tells her that Steve admitted to having feelings for Billie. Lucas commends Sami for trying to do the right thing with Lexie. EJ comes over to complain that Sami isn’t returning his calls and denies it at first when Sami calls him on sleeping with Kate. Sami shows EJ Kate’s bra and Lucas threatens EJ should he ever come near Kate again. Sami admits to Lucas that she never slept with EJ.

Dr. Bader suggests that Hope have an amniocentesis but Hope is shocked when Patrick is vehemently against the idea. Hope decides she wants the amniocentesis so Patrick secretly offers Dr. Bader more money to handle the test personally so as to avoid anyone else realizing that Bo is really the baby’s father. Bo, Roman, and John are given the items Patrick left in his old locker and Bo matches Patrick’s ID number to the number Eve scribbled on her bank statement. Bo calls Hope to tell her what he’s discovered but decides not to because she was with Patrick. Bo and John watch Kate visit EJ at his apartment from the surveillance van. EJ asks to know everything John said to Kate about his suspicions. EJ agrees to John’s request to meet for drinks at the Penthouse Grill. While EJ is gone, John leaves Bo to keep an eye on Kate as she snoops in EJ’s apartment. EJ makes a quick exit when John starts asking about his involvement with the Brady family. Bo and John try to call Kate to warn her that EJ is coming back but she doesn’t answer.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

To create diversion so that Jason can get in the hospital without the cops noticing, she pulls a "gun", a water pistol, on Sonny, and threatens to kill him. The two men play along, but then take her to task for being reckless. Laura begs Luke for the truth about Rick Webber. She is able to face it without crumbling. The kids decide to trust Luke about her care and what truth she is ready to have. Helena learns bout the upcoming wedding. Liz and Epiphany help Jason get Sam out of the hospital and Jason escape, not realizing Ric bugged Liz. Sonny confronts Lorenzo at Skye's.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"Get Natalie!" John shouts that while someone is in his room. Vincent goes to Natalie at the church and they talk about Hugh. She gets angry that Vincent goes on about his friend getting better when her boyfriend is dead. "What does he have to do with me anyway?" Vincent tells that if what he is thinking is true, then a lot of people will be affected. He didn't come to see her. He came to be in the church. He has fond peaceful memories of being in church from his childhood. Natalie doesn't know if she believes in miracles. "John wouldn't believe in anything that he could see with his own two eyes." This gives Vincent an idea and he rushes out. Jessica thanks Nash for letting things go smoothly. He says that he is surprised. She keeps talking about how Tess is alive inside her, but he knows that Tess wouldn't run away and hide from things. Jessica goes running to Antonio to tell him how much she loves him and all that, but she doesn't get to finish cause Cristian makes a toast to the bride and the groom. After he is finished Nash wants to make a toast. The color drains from Jessica's face. All that Nash says is that he wishes happiness, and thanks for the inclusion in the wedding. Clint knew that he was a good man and always tells people that. Todd returns to the wedding alone and spends time with Cristian and Evangeline. "You wanna dance?" And off he goes with Evangeline holding his arm, leaving Cris to stew. When the bouquet is thrown Evangeline catches it. When the garter is thrown, Todd catches it. Natalie has a miracle when John appears to her in the church and wants to marry her. She is magically transformed into and bride and he waits for her to walk the aisle to him so they can marry…but her mother calls and interrupts the whole fantasy. Jessica goes outside and Nash is there alone. He seems to get it now that he has seen her marry, that his fantasy won't happen. "Does Antonio know you are out here?" She answers flippantly. "I'm still here aren't I?" Inside, Antonio is nearby the door and hears everything. He seems disturbed by what he hears. "I heard that you were starting a lingerie line!" Adriana just looks at her mother and walks off. David is pleased with Dorian. She got to dance with Clint and has made progress. "One step at a time." Vincent returns to the hospital to visit the man who he know now isn't his friend. "I know that you are not Hugh. I have to find out who you are. If you have to get something out, I am it! Tell me!" The man's eyes open, and his mouth starts to move. "I…I am John!" Vincent's face freezes as he takes the news in.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Just when Theresa thought she was going to get to Ethan and give him the proof he wanted about Gwen lying to him, JT Cornell's car refused to start. Never fear, Theresa knew how to take care of it, and they were soon on their way, but Gwen managed to beat them to the B&B, and she tried to get Ethan to understand that truth comes in many forms. He didn't get it. When Theresa got there, Rebecca was waiting, and a cat fight took place as she tried to stop her daughter's rival from getting the truth to Ethan. Theresa overcame all obstacles, however, and Gwen seems to be on her way out. Fox kept up the pretense that he is dying, hoping that would cause Kay to re-think her decision to dump him and marry Miguel, which it seemed to do. Miguel, however, could care less whether Fox is dying or not, he wants to make sure his rival knows he won as soon as possible.

Luis tried his hand at superhero status, with mixed results. After Fancy fell further into the shaft, he jumped in after her, managed to catch up to her and get ahold of her, then toss the rope he still had in his hand and wrap it around a post, stopping their fall. It soon let loose, however, and the two fell even further, finally landing and knocking themselves out cold. Sam, Sheridan and Paloma worried that they might have died upon impact, but Luis finally woke up and responded to them. Fancy, however, remains comatose, causing Luis to profess his love and admiration for her. Chris became more upset at Sheridan's reaction to Luis' near-death experience, but he went with Sam to find a way to save them anyway.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Drucilla are in the parking lot getting into their car. "Have you spoken to Devon?" Dru confirms that she has left a note. They get into their car, with Neil taking one cautionary look around before driving off. After they are gone, a man in a suit comes from behind a corner and watches them drive off. Will gets the lab report and smiles. "We have a match!" Colleen finds Adrian and Victoria with their heads together again over files and information. Colleen is invited again to work with them on the charity work but Colleen says that she really shouldn't. When Adrian suggests that he just get another student to help out, Colleen is quick to take the job. Jana tells Victoria at the counter that she overheard them talking about the benefit and she too would like to work on it. Victoria forgot that Jana is interested in art… Will works alone in the office. A woman is brought into the office. She works at Newman and has information. "I heard Carmen and Michael Baldwin arguing." She tells how Carmen called Michael 'scum', and he said something about burying her. Will adds Michael's name to his list of suspects. Brad gets his report on Adrian Korbel and finds that the man was born in Tel Aviv, had four years of college, never been married, or had any kids. Has no criminal record. Brad finds the man almost too good to be true. He still finds Professor Korbel a person of interest since he is so interested in Brad's family and the Newman collection. At the coffeehouse, Jana overhears the talk about the benefit and offers to help. "I have experience doing that. At one auction, we auctioned off sky diving lessons. I'm a certified instructor you know." Professor Korbel plans to be the one to catalogue the Newman collection and so he will need access to that. Jana interjects. "I have experience in that as well. I would like to help with the cataloguing of the Newman collection. Neil and Drucilla arrive at the apartment. Devon comes in behind them confused after having received Dru's note. "We have to get out of here Devon! We have to go now!" Will gets a file related to the Romalotti case. Will likes the idea that Devon killed Carmen and someone helped him move the body. Victoria tries to get info on Jana, but there is little or nothing to find out. She calls Paul and asks him to dig deeper. He goes to the coffeehouse and orders a beverage. He asks what accent Jana has but she just say, "a little of this and a little of that. We moved around a lot!" Paul asks for some ice. When Jana isn't looking he takes the glass after putting on gloves. He then takes the glass out of there in a paper bag.

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