Thursday 11/9/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/9/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR dives out the window of Josh's room after Erica and Bianca confronts him and prevent him from leaving. He's badly injured. Bianca blames herself. But Erica tells her daughter that she mustn't involve herself in JR's problems. Adam blames Bianca, Josh and Babe for what happened to his son. Josh helps the doctors save JR's life. But he's critical and there's no guarantee he will live. Ryan and Annie research greek mythology while they talk about the DNA test. Annie admits that it's entirely possible that Emma is Tad and Dixie's child.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig and Emily put the finishing touches on their plan to break up Paul and Meg. Paul and Meg continue to fight because Paul doesn't want Meg anywhere near Craig. Casey and Will continue to argue with Adam because they think he is being too rough on Gwen. Gwen knows that Adam can be rough on her but she wants him to help her make a wonderful demo CD. Carly and Simon celebrate that they sold every apartment in Simon's building. Simon and Carly agree to become friends with benefits and give their relationship a chance. Katie writes her feelings down on her computer and discovers that she loves both Mike and Simon. Simon and Katie meet in Simon's room to try once and for all to resolve their feelings for each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie spills her venom on Stephanie that she is just a bully! Stephanie gets Jackie to admit she is doing this for Eric although Jackie says she is doing it for herself as well. She truly believes Stephanie pushed her over the railing, what a sick woman she is. Stephanie considers this blackmail. Feebly, Jackie stands and tells Stephanie her days of bullying are over, it’s the company for her freedom. Stephanie assures her it was an accident, she will not go to jail and her family will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER turn over the company to her.

Ridge and Eric sit on pins and needles waiting to hear. Eric fears it’s a big mistake for Ridge’s mother to go over and talk to Jackie. Ridge laments on all the jockeying for control around the office and he questions why his dad is still with his mom. Eric confesses there is love there, but he stays with her because it is too hard not to. Now everything depends on her eating crow with Jackie, and she will. Brooke asks Nick if he has thought what he is doing to her? She wants him to please come up with a good settlement that will be fair. He will do anything for her, but not this. This is a compromise and he snarls that what that woman did to his mother will not pass for him. She states that he can take the company away from the Forrester's, but he will have to do it without her. He states he will protect the ones he loves at any cost; it’s all he has.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie fumes when she sees Sami having so much fun with Lucas and Will while she feels so bad about her actions. Will and Lucas convince Sami to apologize to Lexie but instead of accepting the apology, Lexie pours a bottle of champagne over Sami’s head. Belle and Shawn both end up at Victor’s office to return their respective checks and Victor uses the chance to ask them both for permission to be in Claire’s life. Belle insists on being the decision maker and agrees to Victor’s request. Shawn gives Belle his first child support payment in cash and Belle agrees to let Shawn take a more active role in Claire’s life. The bartender at Dune makes a bet with Nick with Chelsea’s freedom and Nick’s watch on the line. Nick succeeds in completing the bartender’s olive and snifter challenge and gets to keep his watch. Abby makes Chelsea apologize and thank Nick for coming to her rescue. Nick is enthralled by Chelsea’s criminal past.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam suffers a minor flesh wound but Ric has her sedated at the hospital as he sets his trap for Jason. Sonny warns Jason not to play into Ric's hands when Jason insists on going to the hospital after being led to believe that Sam is in critical condition.

Luke and Laura decide to get remarried on November 16. Laura overhears Luke assuring Lulu that she didn't inherit Laura's mental problems because they were caused by a severe trauma. Laura finds herself drawn to the attic and begins to remember Rick's death.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva is in her hospital room watching election results.  Billy, Josh and Cassie meet up at the hospital when they hear a crash in Reva's room. They go and investigate to find Reva trying to get out of bed.  Olivia starts to report an assault, then changes her mind.  Jeffery makes a speech.  Dinah visits an unconscious Blake.  Reva wants out of the hospital.  Rick has Reva's test results. She is in remission. Blood count is down. He tells her she can go home, but in no way is she cured. Not for at least 6 yrs.  Rick asks Billy to sign the sign-out forms in front of Josh.  Whatever Dinah says makes Blake's monitor signs rise.  Marina gets a call about Blake.  Olivia dreams again about the rape. Then starts to make an announcement, but is stopped. Mallet walks Jeffery out of the situation.  Marina walks in on Dinah yelling at an unconscious Blake.  Billy tells Josh that Reva will stay at the Cabin at Cross Creek.  Reva and Cassie talk about Cassie and Josh sleeping together. Reva tells Cassie she still loves Josh and will always love her.  Josh butts in but Cassie pushes him out of Reva's room.  Buzz asks Olivia to dinner.  Olivia bites Buzzes head off.  Marina finds what she needs to get the Blogger from a video tape.  Marina shows Mallet the tape.  Dinah is seen on the tape.  Dinah doesn't look happy on this tape.  Reva wants to go to Cross Creek.  As Reva leaves Cedars she thanks her family for their support.  Billy and Reva leave together. Josh and Cassie leave together.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"I can't do it!" Jessica has managed to get up the aisle but that's about all. Her parents stand when it is asked who is giving her away. Blair looks green. Todd notices when she goes running out with her purse up against her mouth. He follows her. At the school, Starr is outside the boys' locker room. Cole is glad to see that she will be there for the game. He goes to get ready for the game. Britney tells the squad that she has an appointment to meet with Cole in the locker room. Starr overhears and tells Langston, who pays off the mascot to help them out. In the locker room, Langston offers herself to Cole but he wants none of it. She pushes herself on him and that is when the costumed mascot enters the locker room. The person quickly backs out of there when she sees them kissing. The mascot hears when Cole shouts at Langston not to do that again. She gets angry with him for speaking to her that way and storms off. Jessica tells Antonio that she can't get married right now. She goes to Nash while Antonio waits. She tells him that some of the things that he said where true but that she really knows her heart and it is with Antonio. Nash accepts that. Jessica goes to Antonio now. "Let's get married. You have all my heart now." The wedding goes on. Nash is plucking a rose as the two say their vows and by the time that they are finished, he has a puddle of petals at his feet. Todd finds Blair in the other room. They reminisce about their wedding and how it was gold. They even had gold balloons falls to the ground at one point. They kiss now, and while they are kissing it is like there are gold balloons falling all around them now. They look around but see nothing like that happening. It is Michael and Marcie's 6-month anniversary. He gets her a ruby necklace, with 6 rubies for each month that they have been married. She gets him a remote-control key finder. The wedding goes off without a hitch now. Nash is disturbed and watches while plucking petals. Starr tells Langston everything that happened in the locker room. Langston is thrilled but has bad news for Starr. The guy who usually wears the mascot suit took the $30 and then split and someone has to cheer the team on. Langston runs off smiling. Starr overhears the cow Britney lying to her friends about what happened in the locker room. When Britney walks by, Starr trips her with her foot. Britney gets up and sees that the person under the mask is none other than Starr Manning! Everyone laughs at Britney falling on her butt. Cole tells her what happened in the locker room with Britney and she is thrilled to death that he was honest.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Fox watched Kay and Miguel making plans for her to dump him and marry Miguel, his heart was breaking, but he also got angry. He remembered Julian telling him to kill Miguel and get him out of the way, but he came up with a better idea. When Kay and Miguel came to his room to break the news to him, he pretended to be talking to a doctor, getting news that he only has a few months to live. Kay can't go through with their plan knowing this, but Miguel doesn't care. Luis, Sheridan, and Paloma finally found Fancy today, then had to figure out how to rescue her from the ever-slipping platform she is stuck on. They found it strange that Chris knew where the mine shaft was, and that he came with a rope to pull her out with, but he continued to deny he knew she was there. As Luis began pulling her up with the rope tied around her waist, the platform fell out from under her and she fell even further.

Rebecca couldn't decide whether to "take care" of Ethan for Gwen or not, and when she fantasized about donning a blonde wig and pretending to be her daughter, she decided it would never work. That didn't stop her from wanting to go through with it anyway once Ethan began calling Gwen, who was meeting with JT Cornell. She and Theresa arrived at his hotel room at the same time, then argued about who had the most money for JT. They were angry at him for playing them, and beat him with their money-loaded bags, but finally let him count both out to decide who had the most money and therefore had bought either his silence or the proof to give to Ethan about who revealed his paternity to the tabloid. Gwen thought she had won, but because Rebecca took a hundred dollar bill before Gwen left, she lost. Now Theresa can let Ethan know the truth, and give him the proof he needs to believe her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael wonders about Drucilla and the confrontation she had with Carmen in the lunchroom. She is on tape and so that is something tangible that the jury will look on to help them make a decision about her. Neil replays that video in his mind but still maintains that his wife is innocent. Michael and Paul are not so sure… Neil doesn't care about the evidence. He knows that no one in his family did this. He points out to Michael he was alone the day of the murder at the time of death, so the light could easily be shined on him instead of Drucilla. Michael remembers the meeting with Carmen where he put his cards on the table and showed her the report. It went well at the time, but what if she waited for him in the parking lot later and lost her mind over it. Michael would be fed up with her ranting in his ear and push her just a little too hard so that she would hit her head on the concrete and instantly die. Michael has questions about that Brad Carleton. "He has always weirded me out a little bit," Michael says. He turns to Paul knowing that the man did a background check on Brad once. Paul will not talk about that information with Neil ad Michael. That wouldn't be right. "Just tell me something. Do you think that he could kill a person?" Paul gets quiet and thinks about the time that he actually witnessed Brad squeeze a man to death. It was much like one getting out the last of the toothpaste, but instead of using fingers, he used his thighs. "I think that given the right circumstances anyone could kill," is all that Paul will say. Brad and Victoria remember when they realized that Carmen could have heard about Brad's secrets. At first Victoria thinks that her husband is just being paranoid when he over-obsesses about the DA and what he might dig up. He isn't just worried for himself, but for her too. "If I become a suspect, then you become a suspect too." She hadn't thought about it that way. She had her portfolio stolen. What if Victoria discovered that Carmen stole it and she took it back. She might have confronted the young woman, and Carmen would have said something like, "I was going to sell it to the highest bidder, Mrs. Kaplan!" That could have sent Victoria into a vicious rage and she could have killed the woman with her own tire iron… Jana too could have been involved; Brad and Victoria realize when she serves them. She could have been the one who had stolen the portfolio maybe. Then Carmen could have realized that and threatened to tell Victoria about it. Jana would have to act quickly but she could have…

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