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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Show was pre-empted today.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Tom makes it official as he rips up Craig’s retainer check. Even in jail, Craig remains optimistic in front of Emily. Dusty and Lucy start to give into their feelings, but they are interrupted by Emily doing Craig’s bidding by giving them a heads up that he is being released on bail. Emily is guilt ridden when Dusty thanks her for her support, but Craig keeps her on his side by dangling the thought of payback against Paul. Mike finds Katie crying; Katie almost confesses but Lucinda interrupts wanting an update on Oakdale Confidential. Simon doesn’t know what to say to Carly who is there to admit to her feelings for him. A guilt ridden Simon is afraid to hurt Carly further then he has, unbeknownst to Carly, and he feels he needs to push her away. Carly is starting to feel rejected as she sees Simon pulling away. Lucy tries to have an honest conversation with Barbara about Dusty, but Barbara thinks Craig will use Dusty against her in court and strongly suggests she stay away from him – for Johnny’s sake. Craig shows a vile with a white substance in it to Emily; Emily is upset he is involving her in something that bad. She isn’t sure Paul’s payback is worth allowing him to drug his daughter so she can’t testify against him. Katie decides to let Mike take her to bed instead of finishing her confession. Carly gives up when she realizes Simon is pulling away and Simon lets her leave. Lucy tells Dusty they should stay away from one another. Craig and Margo have an unpleasant run-in prompting her to promise to keep him away from Johnny so he can’t do to him what he has done to Lucy. Craig remains defiant and promises that Emily will do as he wants, as he holds up the vile.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick holds firm and tells the Forrester’s that his mother is lying in a hospital bed not knowing what tomorrow will bring and selling him Forrester Creations is a small price to pay for what Stephanie did. It might not seem so bad if she looks at him as the man that can keep her out of prison. Ridge tells Nick they have all listened to his ridiculous pitch, and the answer is no. Nick answers that this is NOT blackmail, it’s a fair deal. He suggests Stephanie sit behind that desk and draw up a sale’s contract. Otherwise the entire stake in her family’s company is right there in his hands. Brooke finally speaks up and reminds him that she owns controlling interest in the company. He corrects that – she has the 50% Stephanie gave her, but the 2% from Taylor was bought in Marone Industry’s name. As long as they are married, it’s hers, but if that situation changes, he will keep it. Ridge assures Stephanie that every Forrester resource will be used to keep her from going to jail.

Dr. Hillman tells Jackie he can prescribe her more pain killers. Bridget visits and Jackie tells her that Stephanie pushed her and even gloats that Nick is going to make sure she pays for it. Her headache gets worse and Bridget calls for more pain killers. She advises Jackie to let go of these other factors and just concentrate on recuperating. Bridget has bittersweet memories and wishes she and Nick could start over again. Stephanie visits Jackie in hopes that she will be more fair and reign in Nick. But, it is all too obvious that Jackie won’t accept any apology when she calls Stephanie a bully and informs her she will never, ever forgive her for this. She steadfastly says she was pushed and she is going to make sure Stephanie is held accountable for it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

no show today

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu's professor encourages her, telling her she could be a great writer. She admits she fears becoming insane, like her mother. Ric plans on nabbing Sam and Jason at the gravesite of her baby. Alexis worries about how to stop Ric. Sam has nightmares about her child's death. Jason is less than appreciative of Carly's efforts to help them and unrecptive to the notion of leaving town. Both Sonny and Mac figure out where Jason and Sam probably are. Sonny seems convinced that Carly will not go through with her wedding because Jason can't be there. When Sam sneaks off to the baby's grave, the cops move in to arrest her, after someone calls Jason's cell so that he hears as she is shot, trying to escape.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"What are you doing there?" Nash ignores her question and simply tells Jessica not to marry Antonio. She gets angry. She knows what this is about and she hates this because she never led him on. He tells her that she is a new person and she has a new heart and she is ignoring that. He just wants her to listen to it. Antonio is nervous. "Is she hear yet?" Clint and Kevin have come in and they know that time is running out but instead of saying 'no', they simply say that Jessica is on her way. Rex worries about Natalie and where she could be. He is relieved to see that she is holding up well. Everyone is getting concerned about Jessica not showing up and no one has seen them. Claudia and Blair are at the bar getting sauced and they share their problems with men. "Hey you want to go crash a wedding?" a drunken Blair suggests. Claudia loves that idea. They head out. The bridesmaids are talking about Jessica not showing up yet and Adriana thinks that this might have something to do with Nash not being around either. "They let him get to her?" The drunkards have arrived and they stare at the bridesmaids who stare right back. Claudia heads to Antonio upset that he managed to let Nash and Jessica get together. Antonio isn't worried about that. In fact he is more worried about her having given up her sobriety after being on the wagon for so long. Blair is at the back of the church and she spills everything out of her purse onto the floor. Everyone stares at her as she picks up her change, etc… in a very unladylike manner. "If you embarrass me or my niece today Blair, I will throw you out of here myself." Todd is standing over her and he isn't pleased. She takes a seat at the back of the church all alone. Nash does his best to make Jessica see that she shouldn't marry Antonio that day. She doesn't want to be a cop's wife and he knows it. She says that he doesn't know everything that he thinks that he does about she, about Antonio… She tells him to go to hell. Vincent shows up to the wedding and asks Evangeline to come and talk to him for a minute. She leaves Cris and Vincent starts the conversation about how they couldn't understand why Hugh would get agitated at different times when they were visiting. He doesn't get to finish what he is saying as the wedding is about to start. The Flower Girl and bridesmaids do the walk and then it is time for the bride to come up, but when the door opens, Nash is there. The crowd grumbles. He rushes to his place at the front. The music starts again, and this time when the door opens, Clint is there with Jessica. "Are you okay with this honey?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared discovered Theresa in the midst of gathering more money to give to JT Cornell so she can get Ethan back, and she explained it all to him, leaving off the specifics. He tried to get her to forget Ethan and stay with him, but gave up when he found out she can't do that. He helped her get the money together, then wished her well as she left to meet JT. Gwen talked Rebecca into giving up her settlement money from her divorce from Julian, telling her she will end up marrying a rich old man, anyway, and headed off to meet JT, also. Ethan slept, and once Gwen was gone, Bex decided she will take care of Ethan as Gwen told her to do, although her idea of "taking care" of him differs greatly from what Gwen meant. Fox and Julian eavesdrop on Miguel telling Kay to dump Fox and marry him, and Julian advises his son to kill Miguel. Fox won't do that, but when he hears Kay telling Miguel she chooses him, he seems to be considering it.

Luis continued to hear Fancy calling to him, and became obsessed with finding her before she dies. Chris wonders if she really is still alive, and when he got the chance, he sneaked out and went back to the mine shaft to find her. However, Luis had her cell phone traced, and it led him, Sheridan, and Paloma to the mine shaft, too. Chris tried to hide but eventually Luis found him, and while Sheridan tried to defend him against Luis' charge that he knows where Fancy is and has known it all along, she is beginning to wonder. Fancy, meanwhile, fell yet again when the platform she had landed on slipped loose, but her new landing place is beginning to fail, too.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki read a message from Carmen's brother that speaks of her untimely death and how he and the family wishes that she had taken the job in Asia with The House of Kim. Maybe she would have been alive today. Victor and Nikki are surprised. They knew nothing of a job offer from The House of Kim. Victor decides that he will find out more. He calls Mr. Kim and invites him to breakfast that morning. Mr. Kim is only too glad to accept the invite. Jack overhears the call and is not happy to see that Mr. Kim isn't being cautious about spending time with Victor. "The man has a way of getting information out of you without you knowing that he is doing it." Kay is looking for her book. It is a very expensive one and she was reading it the night before. Esther, Kay and Jill look all over for the item but it can't be found anywhere. Kay suddenly thinks that Billy has something to do with this and she runs to the boy's room to search it. Jill is furious. When Kay returns she doesn't have the book but she does have something just as interesting. "It is a pawn ticket for my $20,000 book. You better take care of this Jill cause if you don't, I will!" Billy arrives home and sees the pawn ticket on the table. Kay appears and he knows that he has been busted. He tries to explain but she will not hear it. She tells him that if he wants her trust back and wants to remain under her roof, he will have to work at it. Mr. Kim has his meeting with Victor at breakfast and they discuss the companies and Jack's involvement in them. When Victor gets too curious about the offer made to Carmen Mesta, Mr. Kim gets uncomfortable and hurries off. Nikki meanwhile, talks with Sharon who drops the information about Jack telling her that he had a business deal for NVP to deal with in Belize. Billy comes home and sees the pawn ticket in the living room. He tries to explain but Katherine will not hear it. Jack comes to see Billy after hearing of the shenanigans he has been up to. "You stole from your grandmother? That is the lowest of the low." Jack decides to make a boy a deal. "You go to Hong Kong and take a job with Mr. Kim, I will pay your debts off." Billy takes the deal. Jill arrives home and learns the boy is leaving. "I will make you proud mom." They have a tearful goodbye. Victor and Nikki meet at the Club, and Nikki tells about Belize. They know of the corporation that Jack had set up to try to buy Jabot back and they figured that the corporation was established in Belize. Victor is upset that Sharon is being used. "Nikki, we have to find out just how involved Jack is with all that has been going on."

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