Tuesday 11/7/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR goes to Josh's room, waits for him and discovers some booze. He drinks it and Bianca finds him. SHe tells him he's made a mess of his life and it is he who made a fool of Babe and not the other way around. He tells her that he believes that she put her brother up to sleeping with Babe in order to get revenge upon him for what he did to her and to Kendall. Erica comes in and confronts JR. He wants to go out the door but Erica and Bianca prevent him from leaving so he jumps out the window. Babe goes to find Josh and tells him they are through. She only loves JR. He asks her if that is true, then why is she looking for him instead of being with JR? LIly is in the hospital after freaking and cutting herself from hearing Amanda tell her that Jonathan loves only her(Lily). Jonathan and Amanda are outside in the waiting room. She is angry at him and tells him that Lily encouraged her(Amanda) to date Jonathan. But she reminded Lily that he only loves her(Lily) and it caused Lily to get herself put in the ER.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucy has Craig arrested for kidnapping her and Craig is heartbroken that Dusty turned his daughter against him but is determined to use his time in jail to his advantage. Tom quits his job as Craig's lawyer because he won't allow Craig to drive a wedge between he and Margo. Dusty is very grateful to Lucy for standing up to Craig to protect Johnny. Later Lucy and Dusty begin to make love in his hotel suite. Katie and Simon give in to their feelings for each other and make love. later a guilt ridden Katie can't stop crying and Mike comes home and wonders why Katie is so upset. Gwen doesn't enjoy working with Adam but is determined to make their business relationship work even if she has to give up school. Carly tells Simon she wants to have a relationship with him but wonders what he was doing all night and why he didn't return any of her calls.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie is up and being helped around with her walking by Dr. Hillman and Nick. She’s heartbroken when she finds Brooke has ended the marriage and needs time for herself and the children. Ridge opines that he wants to forget last night and he feels like they have come full circle, and Brooke is back where she belongs. Stephanie even adds that it looks like Forrester Creations is working its magic again. Brooke warns them there might be criminal charges against her. Nick is not going to let go. Harry visits Taylor in jail and tells her that Shane is bad news and he is afraid Phoebe can’t handle him. He’s interested in her physically and she’s in over her head. He’s glad Ridge has moved back in, but he can’t be there 24/7. He doesn’t think she is in real danger, but he will keep his eye on McGrath.

Shane seeks out Phoebe and she is uneasy when he mentions he feels like he’s getting the brush off….and with her mother’s trial having been moved up. He feigns a back ailment so she has to rub it. Then he puts smooth moves on her until she says stop. She tells him if he can’t behave himself, then perhaps he needs to leave. He vows that if she will give him half a chance, she could fall in love with him. There’ll be no pressure, but she has to go to dinner with him tomorrow night. She tells herself she needs his testimony, so until after her mother’s trial……Nick introduces Storm to his mother and she is interested in what ‘decisions’ they are discussing. Nick says he wants to hit Stephanie where it hurts the most. She conveys that would be Forrester Creations. She wants him to use that to get Brooke away from them. Stephanie speaks with her lawyer and is disgusted at Eric for still wanting to give up and pay Jackie off. Her lawyer suggests Stephanie can even charge Nick for his actions last night. He walks in at that moment and tells them just try! No amount of money is going to fix this. Stephanie tells him he is delusional if he expects her to give him Forrester Creations, but he says it’s that or jail. What’s it going to be?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Billie each decide not to make love but instead sit and talk. Chelsea spots them lying on the bed and takes their picture of them still half dressed with her camera phone. Nick Fallon returns to Salem as a geeky young adult and is staying at Maggie’s house while in town. Maggie invites Nick to join Abby and Chelsea at Club Dune despite Abby’s disgust. Nick makes a fool of himself on the dance floor by splitting his pants but comes to Chelsea’s rescue when she refuses to pay for spilt drinks after being refused service by the bartender because he noticed her fake ID.

Patrick furiously searches the house for his missing money and gets upset with Hope when she doesn’t seem as bothered by it as he does. Bonnie comes home with an armful of shopping bags so Patrick accuses her of stealing his money. Bonnie denies it and places the suspicion on Mimi. Kayla has trouble breathing at first but the medical staff is able to stabilize her. Steve continues to lie to Kayla about having regained his memory so she’ll continue to fight. Hope gets the first call about Kayla waking up but she finds Billie in Bo’s bedroom when she rushes over to tell him the news. Bo and Billie try to explain that nothing was going on between them but Hope doesn’t care to hear it. Bo, Hope, and Caroline rush to the hospital to see Kayla while Maggie talks with Billie about concentrating on Billie’s own moral character and God’s plan for her rather than chasing after married men like Bo and Steve.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Sam hide out in a room at the Metro Court. Sam admits to Jason that holding Lila Rae brought back memories of the baby she lost. Tracy reluctantly agrees to stay quiet about her and Luke's marriage so that he can marry Laura. Tracy leaves Luke with something to think about.

Robin becomes angry when Patrick declares his love for her, and later shares her fears with her roommates. Patrick has a romantic surprise for Robin, who admits that she loves him too. Jax accepts Carly's loyalty to Jason but warns her not to lie to him.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Election Day Morning, Buzz and Coop talk. Ava visits Alan-Michael.  Olivia remembers seeing Ava on her cellphone with someone and vows that she can't let Ava find her father.  Blake and Jeffry run into each other getting coffee.  Marina and Mallet talk to Ashley about what she knows.  Jeffery throws Dinah out.  Blake and Frank talk about the election and her doubts and Ross.  And then have a friendly hug.  Mallet makes security arrangements for Blake.  Alan-Michael tells Ava what he found out about San Cristabal and her adoption. Nothing she doesn't already know,  and nothing about her father.  Ava talks to Coop about Olivia and Buzz.  She apologies for any problems.  Alan-Michael tells more to Ava about what he found from what an investigator said from an old friend of Olivia's told him.  Mallet and Marina meet an employee of Blake's named Natalie, that make both feel foolish about.  Jeffery gets a visit from an old friend from San Cristabal. Jeffery threatens him that their mission is over.  Marina tells Dinah that Mallet is inside the dinner as they meet outside.  Dinah then sees Mallet talking to Natalie and has the wrong idea and leaves.  Olivia has another flashback memory of Jeffery.  Olivia then runs into an familiar face, Jeffery's old friend Ditkins.  Jeffery rehearses his speech.  Coop and Alan-Michael fight over Ava.  Blake tells Jeffery that she started the race with him, she is going to stay in it.  Olivia and Ditkas meet. Olivia remembers who the boy was, its Jeffery.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Dorian reads the announcement of the Vega wedding in the paper and when she reads about Clint walking Jessica down the aisle, she rips out the article and rips it to shreds. She heads to the hospital and finds Kevin and Kelly there where the baby's room is. Kevin takes this time to head out to the wedding. Dorian will stay with Kelly, and the baby. Dorian notices a closeness between the two that wasn't there before. Kelly tells how Kevin has been amazing. A lot of mistakes were made in the past but Kelly made a lot of those mistakes too, and wants that all in the past now. Jessica is a body of nerves. Adriana tries to help her get ready. Jessica wonders where Natalie is and how she is doing that morning. Nash is at his house cleaning up after the bachelor party the night before. He thinks about Tess and smashes a glass at the wall. "I have to stop this wedding!" Natalie wakes and tells John that she will make him proud and that she will be representing the both of them at the wedding that day. She takes her ring off and puts it on the table. She goes to Nash's place where he is cleaning up and tells him that if he does anything to screw up the wedding she will light a match to the vineyard and Nash. "Actually if you don't show up, that will be fine too." When she turns to leave, she trips and falls into the arms of none other than Vincent Jones. She demands to know what he is doing there. Nash promptly gives the man the money that he borrowed with interest, telling that their business dealings are over. Vincent isn't pleased and wants to know where the money to pay him off came from. Nash will not tell him that. Natalie gets in Vincent's face about this. She didn't realize how enterprising he was. He is annoyed by her being a smart-mouth and he tells her that he is beginning to think that his mistake was listening to her in the first place. He goes to Hugh and tells him how he confessed to setting Cris up and was dealt with. He says that he lost business because of his confession of his crime and that is all because of Natalie. He let her get to him one day. He knows that Natalie hurts now but that one-day she will be over John. "No," Hugh whimpers. "Something just isn't right!" Natalie and Adriana look back and forth at each other nervously trying to understand what the problem is. Jessica rips out a piece in the bodice, creating more cleavage, and she gets rid of the veil. "There! That's better!" Natalie tells her that she looks exactly like Tess now. Natalie and Adriana head off ahead to the church. Nash enters the change room when Jessica is alone and they just stare at each other.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa found Ethan and, after spending time explaining that JT Cornell was in the storeroom with Gwen and would tell him the truth, he finally followed her to find out if she was right. However, Rebecca wasn't in the storeroom when Theresa locked Gwen and JT in it, and she saw Theresa trying to get Ethan to come back with her, so she opened the door, sent JT outside, then whacked Gwen over the head several times until she fell, unconscious, to the floor. She then left, locked the door, and took JT out the back way and told him to leave and never come back. On second thought, however, he realized he could benefit much more by staying and hitting Theresa up for more money, so he did. Meanwhile, Theresa brought Ethan to the storeroom, where he found the unconscious Gwen and decided to believe her when she said Theresa did it.

Kay and Miguel talked out their differences and professed their love for each other, but when he pushed her on dumping Fox and marrying him, she balked, saying she has to make sure which man she really wants first. The curtains in the upstairs bedroom kept moving, making it seem someone was watching them as they talked, but we couldn't see who it was. Luis kept talking to Fancy while he slept, causing Chris to wonder what was going on, since he believed Fancy to be dead. When he awoke, however, Luis was certain she is alive, and she's somewhere dark and cold. Sheridan was upset to think he and her niece could have the same psychic connection she and he always had. Fancy drifted in and out of consciousness as the platform she is stranded on keeps slipping, getting ready to send her falling even further into the pit she's in.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

A waitress spots Professor Korbel coming in at the door. She tells Colleen that the cutest guy ever is entering the Athletic Club. Colleen looks over and sees Professor Korbel there. She thinks about their kiss. Professor Korbel enters and sits at the bar alone. He hasn't seen Colleen yet. Colleen keeps watching and sees that he is there to meet Victoria, her stepmother. She turns her back on them quickly. Gloria is cooking dinner that night and there are going to be dinner guests. Michael thinks that it is too soon for that after having the baby arrive home but Lauren thinks that it is a good thing. Nick and Phyllis arrive and bring flowers. Michael and Phyllis snip at each other over their differences regarding their feelings for Drucilla. Soon Kevin and Jana arrive for the dinner as well. Gloria makes dinner for the entire group. She goes exotic and drums up Middle Eastern appetizers. Nick has a bite as do the others and soon they are all choking. Phyllis senses that there is a tad too much garlic in the recipe than should be. Turns out that Gloria has misread the recipe and put in way too much garlic. Gloria takes the plates of appetizers away promising that dinner will be a much better experience. Colleen takes Adrian and Victoria's order and asks where her father is. She learns the man is at work. She asks her professor why he didn't tell her that he was having dinner with her stepmother. He said that he made the appointment with Victoria after they had spoken earlier. Colleen sticks around while they talk and Adrian sternly turns to her, asking if there is anything else that he can help her with, giving her a hint that she is staring. Victoria ends her meeting soon and leaves. Professor Korbel asks Colleen if she is up to working now that her shift is over. She doesn't think that it is a good idea but soon changes and meets Professor Korbel at a table in the club. They start talking about work but it is clear that Professor Korbel's mind is on other things. He suddenly gets up from the table and says that now isn't a good time to work and he walks out on Colleen. As Lauren and Gloria clean up, they struggle over a plate and Gloria loses her balance knocking some things over. Lauren gets upset with her when the baby starts crying. Gloria offers to go and take care of the child but Lauren tells her 'no'. "You will probably break him too!" Michael finds Will and Jill having dinner at the Athletic Club and he marches over there to tell the man that he is sanctimonious. "You sit here with her having a peaceful dinner while the Winters are at home worrying about how their lives are going to change.

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