Monday 11/6/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/6/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Adam and Krystal are happily planning their new baby and have named her Charlotte. Colby has a terrible attitude toward them and toward Babe and JR. Babe admits to JR that she slept with Josh. He is devastated. After he finds out, everybody knows that something terrible could happen. Josh is meanwhile attempting to get over Babe and considering hooking up with Erin. Jr goes looking for Josh and starts drinking again. He has a vision of babe and Josh in bed together and laughing behind his back. But he clears his head and knows that he's only imagining it. Babe goes looking for JR but does not find him. She finds Josh instead, on the roof and she slaps him for spilling the beans to JR.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Tom and Margo continue to be at odds about Tom’s new position with Craig. Lucy threatens to press kidnapping charges if Craig doesn’t back down from wanting custody of Johnny; Craig won’t be deterred and Lucy is surprised. Katie is holding a boxful of memories of her life with Simon when he shows up on her doorstep. He demands they find closure to whatever they shared, but Katie demands he get out. Jack overhears Carly’s message to Simon about her feelings for him. Jack admits he wants her back and after the initial shock Carly seems to want to fall into Jack’s arms again, but at the last minute she stops herself. Adam wonders about the hold Gwen has on his brothers? Casey admits to what happened between he and Gwen. Adam agrees to try to work with Gwen, but if they don’t click it won’t work anyhow. Katie claims nothing about their life together was real, but Simon is angry claiming he could never fake that. Carly explains that she wanted Jack back for so long and at any point he could have come back, but he didn’t. She is different now and she has realized it is too hard being married to him. Things are easier with Simon. Jack is crushed, but Carly feels she can’t go backwards. When she shuts the door behind him, they both look devastated though. Craig thinks he has persuaded Lucy to back down, but Lucy shows back up with Dusty and Margo – who is there to arrest him. Katie demands Simon get out of her life and leave her alone and Simon hollers back he wants the same thing, but in the next instance, they are in each other’s arms kissing passionately.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick continues to hold Stephanie tightly by the scruff of her jacket dangling her head over the banister. But, he pulls her back and admits he’s not like her. She manages to run to her bedroom with him close behind. He kicks in the locked door, breaking it from the hinges. He looks at Stephanie and finds himself staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. She says she will use it and denies pushing Jackie; it WAS an accident. Ridge, Eric and Brooke all agree they need to get to the house as Stephanie is alone with Nick. They arrive and run up the stairs just in time as Stephanie puts a bullet through the wall over Nick’s head. She warns him to get out or they will take him out in a body bag. Eric takes the gun from Stephanie and they all convince a reluctant Nick to leave and go be with his mother. Donna stays behind at Brooke’s house and calls Storm. He comes over and confirms that Stephanie could be charged with aggravated assault even if Jackie was at Stephanie’s house uninvited. But he feels she just wants the Royal Family to finally have the Queen’s head on a platter. Brooke and Nick argue over ‘the facts’ and the fact that she already knew. He’s livid and vows to use that information to bring Stephanie down once and for all. Storm advises Nick that he could press charges against Stephanie and perhaps send her to prison. Meanwhile, Stephanie has to defend her actions again to Eric and Ridge. Then she calls Donna and reads her the riot act for starting all of this; Nick and Brooke hear all on the speaker phone. Donna is very excited about bringing Stephanie down, quibbling with Brooke over the difference in justice and revenge. Nick too seems very interested in the idea of making Stephanie pay.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi shows Bonnie Patrick’s lock box full of cash but Bonnie refuses to confront Patrick. Bonnie can’t resist the temptation of Patrick’s lock box that Mimi left open and pockets the money. Lauren extorts Bonnie into financially supporting her fully for the remainder of her pregnancy and Bonnie is forced to hand over some of Patrick’s money. Hope lets it slip to Billie that Steve got her a necklace. Bo and Hope’s bonding over memories is interrupted when Patrick joins them. Patrick is anxious to go away with Hope and Hope asks that Bo not know of their trip. Patrick discovers that his cash is gone. Hope brings Steve the list of memories. Billie eavesdrops as Steve uses the list to pretend to have gotten his memory back to help Kayla fight. Kayla wakes after Steve serenades her with ‘The Rose.’ Billie cries on Bo’s shoulder about losing Steve to Kayla. Bonded by talk of lost loves, Bo and Billie start to make love.

Willow asks to be included in Shawn’s plans for making a home for Claire and takes offense when Shawn balks at the suggestion. Willow explains that she simply wants to be roommates and Shawn agrees to find a place for all of them. Mimi and Willow exchange insults while working the same shift at Chez Rouge and Willow gloats about moving in with Shawn. Mimi refuses to believe the news and fires back at Willow by gloating about how Shawn will always love Belle first and foremost. Shawn offers to start paying Bo back for the boat but Bo wants Shawn to put the money toward Claire. Shawn gloats about getting paid well enough to do both and it arouses Bo’s suspicions. Bo makes a deal with Shawn to share anything suspicious either one notices about EJ. Bo gives Shawn an envelope from Victor. In the envelope, Shawn discovers a check from Victor for $10,000. Shawn refuses to keep the money.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After agreeing to marry Laura again, Luke calls a family meeting to get their stories all in a row. Amid the wrangling, Tracy reminds Luke that he can't marry Laura, they are married. Laura begins to remember a little. Robin opposes Patrick when he plans on operating on an AIDS patient. He slips and admits her loves her.Carly finds herself in the middle of a testostrone war between Jax and Sonny and utterly disgusted by them both.

GL Recap Written by Beth 

(I missed 15 Minutes of the Opening due to a special report.)
Ava confronts Olivia again about her father.  After Ava leaves Olivia remembers being pregnant and telling the unborn child she was going to give it up.  Mallet gets a new assignment.  Dinah and Harley talk about ONeill.  Looks like Reva comes back from the brink of Death (So much for my recaps on Friday. Sorry folks.).  Josh makes plans for all of Reva's friends and family to be at the hospital for a vigil.  Cassie hears Josh tell an unconscious Reva to come back to him.  Looks like Mallet's assignment is Dinah.  Coop and Ava argue about her history.  Jonathan and Lizzie dine together and talk about Reva.  Lizzie tells Jonathan she loves him.  Josh tells Reva to hang on and comeback. That people are out in the hall waiting for her.  Mel tells the crowd of well wishers to calm down and stay quiet.  Tammy visits Reva and leaves a picture of Jonathan and Lizzie's unborn child with her. Tammy goes to the water to think.  While everyone is waiting on Reva, Hawk goes in to visit her.  Cassie comes from home with a favorite blanket of Reva's and puts it on the bed.  Election Day nears.  Buzz warns Coop to stay away from Ava.  Ava gets a call from a person arranging a meeting for the next day at 9 A.M.  Jonathan tells Lizzie not to play with him, he is going to be there for her and the kid.  Remy later looks in on Reva then goes out.  Remy later finds Tammy at the lake.  Reva wakes up to find Josh holding her hand.  Cassie looks in on them. Hears Josh tell Reva to come back to him.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Antonio tries to call Nash but doesn't get an answer. Clint and Cris offer to head out there to see what is up with the man who is reported to be upset over something. When they get to Nash's place, he has a fire going, and there is beer everywhere. Antonio soon figures it out. They made a bachelor party for him, even though he said he didn't want one. They all get a beer and sit by the fire to enjoy some male bonding. There are a few moments of awkward silence and the Cris speaks. "Are we bonding yet?" Jessica, Viki and Natalie sit and have a few drinks. Roxy heard there was a party for the ladies and she shows up but it disappointed to hear there are going to be no strippers. They decide to have some Cosmos, but Jessica has an inkling for something with Vodka in it. "Vodka?" Viki comments. "Isn't that something that Tess would drink?" David goes to see Hugh and Paige takes that time to go and get something to eat. When alone with Hugh David starts talking to the man, apologizing for making him sign the document that he had with him. He tells that the document isn't any good anyway. He tells Hugh that he is lucky that he lived as John was in the same accident and died. Hugh has a bad reaction to the news and manages to say, "No! No!" David finds this very strange and just stares at the man. Adriana and Blair also attend the party with gifts and its drinks all around. Roxy's gift is so scandalous that Jessica is afraid to take it out of the box. At the bachelor party, Antonio wonders if they can get pizzas out there at that time of night. "Well then my timing is good then." Todd is in the doorway with goodies in paper bags. Rex apologizes knowing that the reason that Todd is there is because he let on where the party was. David takes Hugh's rambling to mean that the man doesn't feel like himself and nothing more. He understands and promises to bring some cannolis the next time that he returns. When alone in the room again, Hugh makes a statement. "I'm not Hugh!" Kevin and Kelly talk and decide that the only way to have a family is to move out of Llanview. Jessica is worried about how the wedding is going to affect Natalie but Natalie says that she will be fine.

"John would want it that way!" Lemon Drop Shots are brought to the table for Jessica but she doesn't drink them and has champagne instead. After the party is over, everyone leaves. Jessica is at the table alone. She grabs a Lemon Drop Shot and tosses it back when no one is listening. "See Tess? I told you. This is going to be my wedding!" At the bachelor party, all toast to 'love'. Everyone's happy but Nash over this…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Gwen fought over JT Cornell, with Theresa wanting him to tell all to Ethan, and Gwen wanting him to only tell her Theresa's secret. Rebecca tried to help her daughter, but when she was kicked out of the storeroom they were fighting in, she decided to cause problems for Whitney instead. She happily told her of seeing a naked Chad in the seedy motel, waiting for someone who wasn't Whit. Grace ripped into Kay, telling her she hates her and wishes she'd never had her, then asked why on earth she helped rip her family apart. Kay told her, in no uncertain terms, that Grace was the reason for it all, and them explained fully why she was so angry with her. Grace realized she'd hurt her daughter and finally forgave her, then started urging her to drop Fox and marry Miguel. Miguel spoke with his mother about his problem, and she urged him to give Kay another chance.

Luis continued to worry about where Fancy is, hoping she's not hurt but feeling like she probably is. Sheridan slipped a sleeping pill in his tea so he'd calm down and rest a while, but while he slept, Fancy called to him, begging for help. Paloma and Sheridan, and later Chris, listened to his side of the conversation and wondered what was going on. Chris was upset at Spike for not helping Fancy get out of the pit she fell into, but the scumbag figures she's dead and went blithely home, telling Chris to do the same. He did after trying to get Fancy to wake up, and was shocked to find Luis seemingly talking to her in his sleep.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru gets ready to go to the Grand Jury. She can see the worry in his eyes. She fears that Devon is going to get thrown under the bus but Neil says they shouldn't' assume that they know everything that Bardwell knows for the hearing. Daniel meets with his mother in the lunchroom. He begs her to go easy on Dru when testifying. Phyllis feels that Dru could be capable of murder. "Anyone could if placed in the right circumstances." Dru wants to just tell the truth at the hearing but Neil reminds he that they could lose all their credibility if they do that and at that point she will have no alibi. When the couple goes to the elevator to exit the building, they see Brad and Victoria there and are shocked to discover they are all going to the same place. Dru immediately thinks that Brad and Victoria believes that she did the murder but Brad assures her that they are just going to answer questions and if there isn't anything to hide, everything should turn out okay. Michael is worried. He will have to do damage control and try his best to keep Dru off the stand. She is too much of a powder keg, ready to go off at any moment. Phyllis is very clear when talking to her son. She understands that Dru is Daniel's mother-in-law and that the woman is Lily's mother but the truth is that when Will asks her what she thinks about Dru, Phyllis will tell that she feels that Drucilla is violent and capable of murder. Colleen talks with Lily at the coffeehouse and after she hears all that has gone on, she has to consider if Devon really killed the woman or not. Neil and Drucilla arrive to meet their kids to head to the Grand Jury. The kids are told to just worry about getting through this day and maybe there won't even be any evidence to go to a trial. When they get there, Brad and Victoria are quickly questioned and then Phyllis goes in. Lauren is with the baby at home but she gets quickly upset and cries. She ends up running out of the apartment shouting to Gloria that she is going out. Michael is surprised but then glad to see his wife there to support him. At the coffeehouse, JT and Professor Korbel talk about music and it is clear that the man is knowledgeable about other things besides Art. JT says that he was just being nice but Colleen is uncomfortable with it. Michael explains to the Winters that they may be asked to give a swab of DNA when in with the Grand Jury and if asked they are to cooperate. Devon isn't paying attention and so when he is asked to give the swab, he has no idea what is going on and freaks out. Michael sends him back in for the swab and then Dru gives her testimony which goes great!

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