Friday 11/3/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica has a party and people attend. She does not count on Jack to take her and invites Jeff to be her "plan B". Jack comes for her however. Bianca, Kendall, Josh and Zach come. Josh and Zach get into a brawl when Josh accuses Zach of murdering Greg Madden. Kendall defends her husband to her brother, telling him that Greg did terrible things and tells him he has a  lot of nerve to be judging her husband when he is in love with trash like Babe. JR concludes to Babe that he believes her and trusts her when she denies sleeping with Josh. Lily and Sean find Amanda. Lily notices that Sean likes Amanda and asks Amanda if she likes him. Amanda indirectly reveals that she only likes Jonathan but realizes he is not available. Lily tells Amanda that Jonathan is free and wonders why he and Amanda are not together. Annie and Ryan wonder what the nature of their relationship should be. Josh declares that he will give up on Babe and consider Erin. But she knows he's not over Babe. Babe admits to JR, at the end of their conversation, that she slept with Josh

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

Adam tells Jade that he’s leaving town; this saddens Jade who thinks she may be losing her only ally.  Casey then talks Adam into meeting with Gwen and Will one more time.  After a rather heated discussion Adam agrees to produce Gwen and Gwen agrees to be professional and let Adam call the shots when it comes to her music.  Carly tells Jack that there is nothing going on between her and Simon.  Simon takes offence and calls her on it.  Carly stands her ground but eventually calls Simon and tells him that she does care for him.  Just as she says this, Jack walks up to her door.   Katie and Mike get the news that they are not having a baby.  While looking through a box of old things, Katie has flashbacks to her old life with Simon. She goes to throw it out and sees Simon standing outside. Craig and Johnny make an appearance at Memorial, which angers Paul.  Paul orders Meg to not talk to him.  Meg gets upset and tells him he cant control her.  Lucy tells Craig to back off or she will have him arrested for kidnapping her a while back. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick sits with his mother and Dr. Hillman explains to him that her recovery still could mean a whole host of problems and she might never be the woman she once was. Donna is concerned that since Brooke’s marriage to Nick is over, she will go back to Ridge. Brooke assures her she needs time alone to heal first, but there are plenty of eligible men in L.A. for her. Donna keeps lamenting that Stephanie pushed Jackie and should pay for her crimes. Stephanie is happy for Ridge, but thinks it is Nick who broke the marriage vows and Ridge should not be punished and be made to wait. Ridge is content for now that Brooke will be coming back to the office and they will be working together. Eric visits Jackie in the hospital and Stephanie thinks he is accusing her for the accident and tries to defend herself.


Donna gives a stunned Nick all the details that it was NO accident, Stephanie pushed his mother over the railing.  He runs out with fire in his eyes. Ridge must go back to the office, leaving Stephanie alone in the house. Brooke tries to call Nick on his cell, he won’t answer. Donna doesn’t understand why Brooke would even half way try to defend Stephanie after all the things she has done to her in the past. Eric joins the fray and is upset when he hears it was Stephanie’s fault. Brooke wants him to go back to his house, but he calls first and tells Stephanie to lock the doors…..better yet just get in the car and go, Nick is heading over. She maintains that she can handle him. After much angry pounding on the door and Stephanie telling Nick to leave and go home, Nick goes around and crashes through a glass door. Glaring at Stephanie he tells her he knows what she did. She firmly but politely tells him to leave otherwise she will call he police. That does not deter him; he moves even closer until finally she goes up those stairs again and he follows, grabbing her by the scruff of her jacket and has her head like a dangling participle over the railing until her face turns red. He is like a madman wanting her to admit her guilty all the while with her hollering no, she will admit nothing.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle talks with Marlena about how she needs to take her own advice and find her own job and place to live. Victor gives Lucas the task of delivering an envelope to Belle that Philip sent through Victor for her but instructs Lucas to claim Philip sent it through him rather than Victor. The envelope contains signed divorce papers and a large settlement check. Belle deduces that the check is really from Victor because of the high amount and is determined not to let Victor interfere. Mimi threatens to quit if Max won’t give Shawn his job back. Shawn delivers his first note to Patrick. In the note, EJ explains that Shawn is their new courier. Patrick accuses Shawn of working with Bo. Shawn insists that he’s truly working with EJ. Mimi, at the house to move in, witnesses Patrick paying Shawn an extra $500 and questions Shawn when he leaves but Shawn claims it was simply payment for a job. Mimi questions Patrick about the money but he claims it’s profit he gained from stocks. Max offers Shawn his job back but Shawn turns him down in favor of EJ’s better salary. Max notices the amount of cash Shawn had in his pocket and shares his worries with Mimi that something isn’t right. Victor tries to talk to Shawn when they run into each other at the hospital but Shawn refuses to talk to him.

Hope shows the necklace she picked out to Steve. Stephanie pleads with Steve to influence Kayla to get better. Hope agrees to work with Bo at Steve’s request to compile a list of Steve and Kayla’s memories so he can talk with Kayla about their life together. Bo and Hope are reminded of their own memories as they work. Kate hides in the bedroom when Sami comes to EJ’s apartment to question him about being suspected by the cops. John calls Bo to see the video feed of Kate and EJ and he arrives in time to see Sami talking with EJ. Sami spots Kate’s bra tucked in the couch cushions but doesn’t recognize whom it belongs to until she swipes it as EJ is throwing her out and has a chance to notice the monogram. John insists on telling Kate about their suspicions of EJ. Sami brings the bra to gloat to Lucas. John ambushes Kate as she walks by the truck. Kate is furious to hear that John was watching her and EJ making love. Kate offers to use her closeness with EJ to help the investigation but John refuses to put Kate in such danger. Once leaving the truck, Kate calls EJ to warn him about John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Billy fight in Reva's room. Olivia and Buzz talk about Reva. Reva pulls the wires off of her. Lillian puts back the wires as Reva tells Josh that Billy was helping her. And that she signed a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. She wants this over with. Josh figures it out. Buzz, Olivia and Ava visit the Hospital and brings food. Josh remember Cross Creek and their wedding there, the night at the Light House. Reva says goodbye to Josh. And refuses to drink when offered. Dr. Sedwick runs a sonogram on Lizzy. She and Lizzy and Jonathan see the baby for the first time. Reva tells Josh to love Cassie now. Josh tell Reva whatever good he's done was because of her. Cassie visits Reva. Reva tells Cassie to be good to Josh. Lillian comes back to check on Reva and says the end is near. Lillian calls Josh, Billy and Cassie back into the room. She says Goodbye. Just as Reva is about to go to unconsciousness we see Lizzy and Jonathan see their baby kick on the sonogram. A Doctor checks on Reva and says they can wait till morning to pull the plug. See how the night goes. Josh tells Reva it's ok to go. Buzz lights a candle near a picture of Reva. It suddenly goes out.

It's an end of an Era.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Antonio is getting ready for his wedding the next day. He isn't' having a bachelor party and finds himself over at Nash's place working on a project. He lets Nash know that he is aware of the deal that the man has with Vincent for a loan. He offers to pay off the loan so that Nash will owe Antonio instead. He is doing it for Bree's benefit. Nash accepts the deal. Cris isn't comfortable with the man who was in love with Jessica's alter attending the wedding. Antonio isn't worried at all. Dorian isn't happy that Kevin and Kelly seem to be leaning to naming the baby Buchanan. Kevin and Kelly want that as it would make Duke happy and that is his father's name. David goes to see Spencer. David is mystified over why their mother would lie about her son belonging to Asa. Spencer still talks of the woman as if she were a saint, but David sees that Spencer was just used to bring out their mother's revenge. Evangeline freaks out on Todd and Blair for their radical articles. They think she is overreacting. She tells that if there are too many attacks on Spencer the trial will be moved somewhere else where the citizens may not be as interested in seeing justice done as the people of Llanview would be. Todd compliments Evangeline assuring her that all she has to do is bat those brown eyes to win this case. Blair is strangely quiet. Blair comes to Evangeline later and starts about Todd flirting with her. "Oh Blair, you know that he only does that to get a rise out of you." Blair feels that Todd does it because he is slowly getting through to Evangeline and she knows it. Rex gives Todd the bad news. The lawyer that may have had information on Todd's baby is dead. They would probably try to go to court to get the man's records searched, but the man died in a tornado and it damaged the building that he was in, as well as the business records that were stored there. David finds Spencer's priorities screwed up. He is in jail, with nothing to look forward to, and he will never get out of jail. "If you get out of prison Spencer it will be because you were executed!" Spencer can see that his brother obviously doesn't know him very well if he believes that there is no way for the man to get out of there.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney, in a turn around, lectured Theresa on how she's changed, completely ending her quest to win Ethan's heart. After arguing and saying she's afraid of what might happen if she goes after him and he turns her down again, she finally gave in and decided to find JT Cornell and have him tell Ethan the whole truth. Gwen and Rebecca spent the day trying to get JT out of the Blue Note without Theresa or anyone else seeing him, but once Theresa decided to find him, she did just that, in record time. Will Ethan finally learn the truth, and if so, what will he decide to do? Chris found Spike after talking to him on the phone and hearing him react to a bat that buzzed him. He told the sleazeball to let Fancy go, but Spike wanted to "have some fun" and then kill her so she couldn't ID him.

While they argued, Fancy slipped away and got loose from the ropes he'd tied her up with, but when she heard them looking for her, she fell through the floor and landed in a heap after a very long fall. Luis continued looking for her, with no luck. Kay worried about her mother's reaction when she finds out what she did to help Ivy break up her family, fearing she will hate her and never forgive her. Fox told her that Grace will be angry, but will get over it and forgive her later because she is her daughter and she loves her. However, once Grace got through ripping into Ivy and telling Sam she was coming right home so they can start their life over again, she called Kay and confirmed her worst fears, telling her she is no longer her daughter and that she hates her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Billy tells Ashley how something is wrong with Billy, and how he has hit up both his himself and his mother for a substantial amount of money. Katherine and Jill argue over Billy. Jill thinks that a couple of hundred bucks and not paying a couple of bills isn't reason to panic. Kay finds Jill naïve and so they argue. Dru comes in to the office and Sharon is glad to hear that she got her job back. Dru tells that things are really bad. "My entire family has been subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Jury this afternoon. Dru rants and raves about what is going on. She tells that this has all been a terrible mistake. She explains how she wrote a note to her son and Carmen later wrote on the back of the same paper. It leads people to think that she lured Carmen to her death. Sharon notices that Will and the detective are behind Dru and they hear some of her ranting. Will and Detective Sullivan go to Jack's office and ask him about the wire transfer. He says that Carmen was made a job offer and she did some work for Jabot and so she got a bonus. Will finds that funny as the wire transfer came from Jack. "You aren't supposed to have anything to do with Jabot." Jack quickly stumbles back over his sentence to change it accordingly to say that the bonus was from The House of Kim and not Jabot. Jill tells Will that she had no idea there was a job offer on the table for Carmen. Jack tells Ji min what happened with the cops and how he made a mistake saying the money that was transferred from him was from Jabot. "Don't worry Jack, I will fix everything." Ashley is very upset with Jack and Ji Min after she is questioned by Will. She doesn't appreciate being a part of their collusion. It is Ji Min's turn to face the DA. "No, there was no bonus given to Ms. Mesta from The House of Kim. We hadn't even worked out the details of the new job yet." He denies having knowledge of the money that Jack wired to Carmen. "You don't have to worry, Ashley. I handled everything with the DA and the good detective." Dru tells Sharon about Carmen and how she got paid off from her last job for messing with a married man. Sharon runs to Jack and gives him the news. Jack understands now. He sees why the DA is so concerned about the wire transfer. He thinks that Carmen was getting some sort of pay off, making Jack seem suspicous. Jack gives Ji Min the update of events regarding the wire transfer. "You don't have to worry Jack! I have dealt with everything. The police will not be suspicious of us. Our secret is safe." Gloria reads about Will's wife and makes some personal adjustments to liken herself to Miranda.

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