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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh tells Bianca that he's certain that after JR finds out that he (Josh) slept with Babe, it will end their marriage. Bianca tells him, however, that he should not count on that. She admits that Maggie cheated on her, yet she forgives her. And so it's possible that JR will forgive Babe, she tells Josh. It looks like JR is forcing himself to be ok with what he's heard from Josh. Babe demands to know what is up with JR. And he admits that Josh told him he slept with Babe. Babe has been looking at a house for her and JR to move into. But it looks like Kendall might buy the house out from under Babe. The reason might be because of Babe's decision to dump Kendall's brother for JR. Zach talks to Myrtle about how he sees that Kendall has doubts about him and about their marriage. Dixie and Tad urge Annie to get the DNA test done so they can at least know if Emma is really Kate. At first she refuses, but she later reconsiders. Jonathan expresses his concern when he sees Amanda with Sean. But she tells him that she accepts that he's not in love with her. SO he should stay out of her business.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen sees her dreams of a music career put on hold when she refuses to accept Jade as part of the deal for Adam to produce her demo CD. Jade is surprised when Adam comes to visit her after she tells him the truth of what she has done to hurt his family. Jack sees Simon and Carly kissing and asks Carly if she wants to have a relationship with Simon. Craig is granted visitation rights to Johnny and a heartbroken Dusty is forced to give Johnny to Craig for a few hours. Katie is bothered when Vienna tells her that Simon made love to Carly. Mike and Katie wonder if they are expecting a baby. Dusty thinks Lucy is the only way to keep Craig away from Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna continues with her assessment that Stephanie did indeed push Jackie over the banister, it was NO accident. She and Brooke are interrupted by Nick who thinks if Brooke can confide this in Donna, she can at least tell him where he stands in the marriage. Ridge gloats to Stephanie that the Nick/Brooke marriage is dead, dead, dead. She will never love anyone like she does him, and she said she was going to be true to herself, so that means she is definitely coming back to him. Nick won’t let Brooke off the hook and insists she tell him her feelings. She doesn’t feel like she can love anyone right now. She needs to be strong to be able to love anyone. In closing she tearfully tells him she never had so much fun, felt so secure, and how he’d touched R.J. and Hope’s lives. Just look around, it may be over, but it will never end. With bittersweet memories floating around in his head, Nick shoves a few clothes in his briefcase and prepares to leave. They have one last goodbye and he turns and comes back, slowly takes his ring off to hand to her, but slips it into his jacket pocket.

Donna shows up at Forrester and trades barbs with Stephanie who calls her nothing more than a high-school dropout. Donna laments to Ridge what might have been, but she never had a chance. He confesses in another lifetime he would have loved it. She finds Stephanie has packed up her belongings and is asking her to get out of there as far away as possible – her services are no longer needed. To herself, Donna vows that Stephanie will live to regret this decision. Ridge visits Brooke and she opines how much she hated hurting Nick. Assuming she is coming back to him, he can’t quite understand she needs alone time, but gives it to her. Donna calls Brooke and tells her that Stephanie fired her and she’s going to make damn sure she pays for this. She calls Nick and leaves a message that this is about his mother and Stephanie – it was NO accident.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena and John join Kate at the Brady Pub and John asks to rent a satellite truck from Mythic Communications on behalf of the police. Kate wants to know more about the case before renting but John refuses to talk about it even to Marlena. Kate agrees to rent John the truck anyway but insists on exclusive rights to the story rather than cash payment. Once Kate leaves, Marlena questions John about doing something so dangerous that he won’t let her join him. John starts to fill her in but Marlena changes her mind about knowing. Kate brings Stephanie’s medical and car repair bills to EJ and he agrees to pay half only if Kate makes inquires of the police on his behalf. Kate is hesitant but eventually agrees. Kate and EJ celebrate the arrangement by making love. John uses the satellite truck to spy on Kate and EJ making love via hidden camera in EJ’s apartment.

EJ turns down Shawn’s request for a mechanic job and offers Shawn the job of being his courier to Patrick. Shawn decides that the offer is too good to pass up. Bo doesn’t like hearing about Shawn’s new job and tries to convince him to turn it down. Shawn questions whether Bo is so against it because he knows EJ is doing something illegal. Shawn refuses to trust Bo’s hunch. The doctors have to perform CPR to save Kayla when she flat lines. They are forced to look for a different antidote for Kayla because she suffered a nearly fatal allergic reaction to this drug. Hope asks Bo to talk to Steve about giving Kayla a reason to hang on but Bo points out that Hope has better luck when talking to Steve. Steve asks Hope to pick out a gift for Billie to give on his behalf and Hope agrees. Kayla’s lungs start to have trouble and Steve urges her to hang on. Stephanie insists on staying by Steve and Kayla’s room and blames Steve for Kayla’s condition. Stephanie urges Steve to talk to Kayla and give her a reason to live. Billie laments to Marlena about falling for Steve and Marlena assures her that she has every right to go after whatever makes her happy.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason saves Sam from falling off the building. Sam and Jason make a bold move and manage to get away from the police as they make their way to a temporary safe house. Jason assures Sam that he wants a relationship with her, not Elizabeth. Sam and Jason share a kiss but fear they will soon be discovered. Alexis wants to reclaim her job as District Attorney. Ric confronts Elizabeth with the photos of her and Jason.

Luke is alarmed to find Laura missing from Shadybrook. Laura reunites with a shocked Lesley and later encounters Bobbie and Tracy at the hospital. Nikolas prevents Tracy from telling Laura about her marriage to Luke. Luke frantically searches for Laura and is desperate to prevent her remembering the trauma that led to her breakdown. Tracy is furious with Luke for keeping her in the dark about Laura.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Billy prays for help in dealing with what is happening to his friend. Jonathan visits his mother and has words with Alan. Mel and Rick try to talk with one another. Rick tries to organize a family dinner but is unable to. Rick is offered a new job in a town an hour away. His new boss is an admirer. Beth makes her intentions with Rick clear. Alan lets Rick know that payback will be coming. Jonathan vows to be a good father to his daughter. Cassie tries to prepare Josh for the worst. Josh doesn’t want to face the facts about Reva’s illness. Josh finds a letter from Reva.

Billy prays for Reva. Alan visits Reva. Rick and Mel talk about Reva's condition. And remember Rick's own health crisis where Richard's heart saved him. Just before getting out of bed, Josh calls a Dr. Switzer, who says nothing can bed done for Reva.  Josh angrily hangs up. At the hospital Reva dreams of the car Billy gave her.  In that dream Josh is beside her.  Josh gets ready to go to Cross Creek to get Reva's things.  Reva goes into cardiac arrest.  Mel saves her for now and then talks to Jonathan about what just happened. Reva wakes to see Jonathan sitting beside her.  At Cross Creek memories start flooding back for Josh as he sees the pictures on the fireplace mantle.  He sees a letter and asks Cassie to read it to him. Alan and Rick talk about Beth. Alan  threatens Rick. Mel and Beth talk about Rick. Billy still seen praying for Reva. And asks for strength to handle this. Still visiting Reva, Jonathan makes a promise to make good for his daughter. Cassie still reads the letter to Josh. Josh makes a promise Cassie knows he can't keep. She tells Josh that Reva is not going to get better, she is dying. Josh gets angry at the situation. Cassie reminds Josh about what happened with Richard.  They hug and cry together. Billy visits Reva holding their wedding picture. And starts talking about the good old days.  Reva wakes to see Billy.  He starts singing to her. Rick calls Mel about a "Family Dinner".  Alan wants to see Reva and Jonathan says no. They argue about that and the baby.  Jonathan tells Alan of Reva's wish that Alan stay away from him and his daughter.  He tells Alan that he and Lizzie are solid.  Mel and Rick meet up to talk about today and she leaves angry.  Beth then talks to Rick and tells him she is his new boss.  Josh brings Reva's things to the hospital and sees Billy there and gets angry.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

The tests show that Spencer isn't Asa's son. Spencer will not believe the test. Todd and Blair are at the school to talk to the principal about what happened Halloween night. They get into a big argument with Britney's parents and Principal Wexler sees they are not good role models for their children. The girls say they will try to get along better, and Britney is given 2 months detention. "You are so dead!" the girl spits when they are out of earshot of the adults. In the class, Britney reads her essay. "It must be hard to know someone who is a rapist." Todd and Blair have come to the door and hear Britney talking about Starr's father and pretending it is an assignment. Todd wants to go in there but Blair holds him back. "We have to let her fight her own battles." The coach pressures Cole as he works out on the weight machines. "We have to win this game." His friend comes over and offers to get him some 'stuff' to get high performance out of him. "What stuff was that guy offering to get for you?" Cole looks up and Starr is there. She withdraws her question knowing that wasn't any of her business. He sees she is sad and she tells how she just had a rough time in English class. Spencer freaks out and can't believe that his mother lied to him about Asa. Spencer grabs Viki who is standing nearby and threatens to choke the life out of her, or snap her neck. David ends up being the one who saves the day when he points out that Viki is one of the good guys and she isn't a Buchanan. Bo gets the crazy bastard under control and he is returned to his cell. "So how does it feel being a not-a-Buchanan-Truman after plotting and scheming and pretending all these years?" Bo slams the cell door shut. David found out in the hula-ba-loo that his mother was a hooker and is fascinated by that fact. Asa confirms that and said that the woman was crazy. David can't understand though why she would lie about getting pregnant by Asa. Asa says that the woman might have been going through withdrawals at the time of her death. "You know…the DT's. She was crazy on her death bed." Asa said he had a brief affair with the woman and never saw her again. Evangeline plays the case hard, with no chance for a deal. She warns that if Vincent doesn't just go to jail now, he will only get a longer sentence after a trial. Ted shows up and takes the wrap for Vincent. Evangeline knows that he is only doing that as he would rather have Vincent as a friend than an enemy. Vincent ends up with a suspended sentence, and community service and he also has to give the commission a statement to clear Cris's name.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Rebecca cornered JT Cornell in a storeroom in the back of the Blue Note and tried to get him to tell them Theresa's secret, but he said he'd been paid to keep quiet and he's going to do that. Gwen offered him money as soon as she can sell her grandmother's jewelry to tell them anyway, and he agreed, once the money is in his hand. Meanwhile, in the club itself, Ethan tried to get Theresa to spill the beans, but she wouldn't consider it until he swore he'd divorce Gwen in a hearbeat if she can produce real evidence showing she and Rebecca were the ones who outted his paternity to the tabloid. Theresa is torn. Sam told Grace what Ivy had done, and after she got confirmation from David that it's all true, she told Ivy just what she thinks of her, and said she'll kill her once she gets back home.

Luis pressed on in his search for Fancy, who is in Spike's clutches and in danger of being raped by the pervert. However, her police training came in handy, helping her to kick him off and leaving him unconscious on the floor of the cave they are in. Now all she needs is to get someone to hear and come rescue her, since she's still tied up and blindfolded. Sheridan again assured Chris she knows he's not involved with either Alistair or the murder and attacks on the Crane Estate, but he knows better. He also found out James is the one who alerted Fancy to the fact Spike kept coming to talk to his daddy and must be the killer. Jared warned Chad he'd better leave his lover alone and stop lying to and cheating on Whitney, but Chad isn't willing or able to do that.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael admits that he was the one who requested the report on Carmen and that when he revealed to Carmen that he had it, she wasn't pleased. Will wants to know how Devon got the envelope but Michael will not tell that, and warns Will not to go and try to question the kid himself. He needs to have his parents or his lawyer with him. Will thinks that the way that Michael talks indicates that he is the boy's lawyer as well. Michael wants to protect everyone in that family. He is only interested in justice being served. Will warns that if he gets in the way of this investigation with his justice being served crap, he will be thrown off this case. Gloria comes to the coffeehouse. She hears Kevin on the phone. "Jana and I are looking for a place to live." Gloria thought that he would be getting a place with her now that the baby is home. "Mom! I don't want to turn into Norman Bates!" Michael goes to the Winters and asks Devon about the envelope. He explains that he was with Carmen on the elevator and when she rushed off she dropped it. He is told that he is on surveillance tape banging on her door and that was the same time of the murder. Daniel and Lily also have no alibi for the time of the murder. Michael tells of the note with, 'Meet me at the apartment' on one side, and 'No way in hell', on the other. Devon tells that Dru wrote, 'Meet me at the apartment' to him before this all happened, and that Carmen was the one who 'No way in hell'. He was asking her to talk to him about Dru's case. Will has to cancel his date with Jill that night. He has to get a handle on a case that he is working on. Jill offers then to show up with pizza that they can eat right at his desk. He likes that idea, and so it is a date! Jill tells Gloria that production on her idea has stopped. Mr. Kim is the boss now and has decided against it. Gloria feels that he can't do that but Jill reminds her that things have changed and this isn't a family business anymore. Gloria goes moping to an empty office. She finds a picture of John and gets mad. She calls Will and goes off about John and how he has left her to suffer like this. Will comes right over and tells that he has been angry too with his wife for dying. "You understand me!" They hug. Jill enters and sees all. Brad is asked why he was on the surveillance tape. He says he had a proposal for Carmen to look at. Later, Devon, Daniel, Lily, Neil, Dru, Victoria and Brad all get served documents to appear before the Grand Jury in court. Later he tells Victoria that there is a danger here that he could be taken in for the murder of his family and charged for the murders of the two men threatening him.

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