Wednesday 11/1/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/1/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh is ready to blow JR out of the water and admit that he slept with Babe. She denies that she wants Josh. But Josh privately tells JR that his marriage is all a lie. He informs JR for the first time that David Hayward was telling the truth. He(Josh) slept with Babe. David enables Dixie to board a plane with Emma, start a new life with her, and go where nobody will ever find them again. But Dixie talks to Emma alone and realizes she cannot take her away from the only mommy she ever knew. After David departs, Dixie takes Emma back to Annie who is furious at her. Jonathan and Erin are right alongside Annie, ready to call the police on Dixie. But Dixie apologizes, cries and tells Annie that she will never take her daughter again. But Dixie tells Annie she must know that she needs to find out if that is her daughter or not and needs to take the DNA test. Sean reveals that he is not really interested in Colby. He seems interested in Amanda. She does not seem to return his interest, however. He hugs her and Jonathan walks in on them.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Simon make love, but are interrupted by a knock at the door causing Carly to panic thinking it is Jack coming for her; it is Vienna and Carly is forced to hide in the bathroom, wrapped only in sheets. Casey beats up a student dressed in a costume yielding a knife. Maddie becomes angry at his actions because she doesn’t want him to keep treating her like a victim. Casey admits he is hurting over what happened to her and how he couldn’t protect her. Maddie and Casey grow closer when they open up about this. Gwen and Will talk about her singing future, but Gwen is worried about Jade’s association with Adam. Will is sure once Adam finds out what she did, it will be over. Luke covers for Jade when she leaves with Adam, and then he stops Lucinda from calling Lily to tell her Jade was at the party. Dusty and Lucy head upstairs to put Johnny down, but Barbara voices her anger and concern with Lucy being involved with Johnny and Dusty; Dusty threatens to keep Johnny away from her if she doesn’t stop this hate campaign against Lucy, especially after what she did that night for Johnny. Margo and Tom disagree about him staying employed by Craig, as she continues to worry. Jade tells Adam the story of why Casey and Will hate her. Adam learns she is Rose’s daughter. Adam wants to see Jade again. Lucy offers her help with Johnny in any way, including keeping Craig away from him. Dusty and Lucy come close to sharing a kiss. Meg is fed up with Paul ignoring her for Emily, Craig and Dusty and walks out on him. Paul asks Meg to marry him again in front of everyone; Meg forgives him and agrees. Craig uses this to stoke Emily’s thirst for revenge. His getting Emily angry over Paul will work to his advantage with his plan for Dusty. Emily wonders what she will have to do for him? Vienna tells Simon she has left the prince to be with him. She then sees Carly’s shoe by the bed, as Simon is sure she sees the real necklace. In order of keeping her from seeing it though, he brings Carly out of the bathroom. Vienna is furious especially when Simon admits he may love Carly. After she leaves, Carly is frustrated that he did that. She thinks they need some time because what they should be focusing right now on paying Spiro back so he doesn’t kill him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick sits by Jackie and tells her she had brain surgery to relieve a little pressure. The doctor tells him it is impossible to predict her recovery this soon, but don’t give up hope. He curses Stephanie. Donna tells Brooke that she can’t call it an accident as she saw Stephanie PUSH Jackie over the banister – hard. Nick takes exception to Stephanie’s version and wonders who will tell his mother’s? Nick almost attacks bitch Stephanie and Donna too tells herself that Stephanie is a liar and she is going to make sure everyone knows. Imagine, the almighty Stephanie in jail charged with murder. Eric remembers some romantic times with Jackie as he sits at her bedside. He speaks with her when she awakens and tells her that he heard they did some miraculous surgery on her and he will promise her those good times again. And that Stephanie felt badly about this as well; she would never purposely hurt her. Nick begrudges to Brooke that Stephanie is responsible….and he wishes someone else had seen what happened. Donna calls Stephanie a bully and tells her someday someone might just stand up to her……and it just might be Donna.

Stephanie advises Brooke that Donna will probably be nothing but trouble for her and Ridge so why doesn’t she send her away? Donna vows to a sleeping Jackie that the rules WILL apply to Stephanie just like everyone else. She even tells Nick that she wants to help. Brooke wants her to wait until this all plays out, but Donna insists she will tell Nick now and Stephanie will pay!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie tells Max that he plans to go back to DC. Frankie complains to Abby that Max is being too nice to Mimi after what she did to Shawn but teases her about liking him when Abby defends Max. Mimi takes Max up on his offer to work at the garage as a co-bookkeeper with Abby. Willow convinces Shawn to visit the garage to apologize to Max. Shawn misses talking to Max but ends up running into Mimi where he learns of her new job. Abby defends Mimi against Shawn’s accusation that she tricked Max into giving her the job. After talking with Bo, Max agrees to give Shawn his job back on the condition that he can get along with Mimi now that he’s hired her too. Max changes his mind about hiring Shawn when he hears how he reacted to Mimi. Mimi asks Max to give Shawn his job back after all. Shawn takes Willow’s suggestion of asking EJ for a job since he’s sure Max won’t hire him now. EJ calls Patrick to meet face to face so he can warn Patrick that the police are onto them. EJ makes plans to communicate with Patrick only by courier from now on. EJ tells Patrick to use Chelsea to keep tabs on Bo. Patrick plays up how Chelsea spending time with Bo could help her cause of reuniting her parents but Chelsea guesses his true agenda and insists on helping Patrick’s cause in her own way.

Bo is surprised that Hope would convince Billie to come to the hospital. Steve wakes up and Bo uses the intercom to tell him what happened. Steve uses his new chance at life by telling Billie how much she means to him. The doctor pulls the family out into the hall to warn that Kayla’s condition is worsening. Caroline and Shawn Sr. give the doctor consent to raise Kayla’s dosage. Kate visits Stephanie and Chelsea overhears Kate trying to get Stephanie to sign papers releasing her from her contract with Mythic Communications. Kate defends her request against Chelsea’s claim that it’s only to prevent negative publicity and Stephanie agrees to sign the papers. Once alone, Kate lectures Chelsea on speaking out against her in front of Stephanie. Kate tries to get Chelsea to accept that Bo and Billie will never again be a couple and Chelsea claims no one will love her if her parents don’t love each other.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason warns Liz that Ric is beginning to fixate on her again. Sonny tells Alexis that Ric had Sam arrested. Ric taunts Sam with pictures of Jason and Liz. Elizabeth's friends throw her a surprise party. Lucky gives her three hundred thousand dollars he borrowed from Nik to buy her a house with. Carly wonders if her relationship with Sonny will handicap her relationship with Jax and if they should break up. Alexis and Lucky's former partner realize that Sam was framed, but have no way to prove it. Sonny offers to give up his rights to Kristina and ask Alexis to let Ric have Molly in return if Ric will drop all charges against Sam, who has broken out of jail. In her flight, she slips and begins to fall from the roof until Jason catches her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley gets electrocuted by Halloween lights. Gus brings her to Cedars, where Rick gets a shock reviving her. Then the lights of Cedars go out and don't come back on until she and Gus leaves. Then the show turns into a comic strip thanks to Marvel Comics an GL getting together. Now when Harley touches things they either explode or turn on and off.  Harley's eyes also change and Frank is the first to notice. Harley becomes a crime fighter fighting off two escaped convicts.  She handcuffs them and leaves them for Gus to pick up. Harley turns into the super hero calling herself, "The Guiding Light".  She helps two people caught in an elevator. Marina and Mallet are seen at the station cleaning up some paperwork and talking about "the Guiding Light" heroine. Harley shows up at SPD ad tells Marina and Frank she is the Guiding Light super hero and then takes off. She is later seen with Gus talking about getting pregnant. Now all the Cooper Men are seen reading a comic book. Later Gus meets up with Harley at the Light House.  He tries to take off her mask. Harley tells Gus she likes this Super Hero Status.   She feels she can help the town better. Harley and Gus go back to Cedars for Rick's help.  Rick gives her a glass of water that ends her Super Hero.  If she vibrates her powers are gone.  Rick thinks she went through "Some Magnetic thing." He doesn't elaborate any further. Harley still wants to dress up as "The Guiding Light". Harley unveils "The Blogger as Lizzy's friend, Ashley.  Ashley says she is working for "The Blogger", but doesn't know who it is. Harley and Gus Make a finger promise to love each other as they are.  Harley is then seen diving into the river to end her powers permanently.


OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Cristian and Natalie arrive at Antonio's office and Cristian tells that they know who set him up and that Natalie is there to confirm what happened. The door flies open and Vincent enters shouting that he will confess. He will do whatever his has to do in cooperation with the police on this. Chris is surprised and asks why Vincent is doing this. "Why do you think?" He peers at Natalie beside him. Kelly is awake and she gets to go and see her baby. "He is so small…" Claudia finds Nash having his morning coffee and tells him that the big announcement of Antonio and Jessica's wedding has hit the paper. She suggests they take off until that whole thing blows over. Nash won't go. She tells him that he is crazier than Jessica and Tess put together. She wonders if he has thought that Jessica might not want him at her wedding. "Why don't you ask me that?" The DNA results are in and Asa refuses to go to the hospital to get the results. He can 't. He orders that Spencer be brought to him at the house to hear the results. Bo arrives at the jail and tells Spencer that he is getting out of there. Spencer gets up smiling. Vincent is furious when he learns he is going to be charged with Attempted Murder, but confesses just the same. He hasn't been arrested before and is told the procedure as well as the fact that Evangeline will be alerted since she is the ADA. Chris calls off the investigation and Rex gives Layla the news that Vincent has confessed. She runs to the station in time to see Vincent cuffed and led out to a cell. She worries when she realizes that her sister will be prosecuting the case and that the charge is Attempted Murder. David comes to see Spencer. Spencer finds that for someone who hates him, David sure spends a lot of time there. David has been thinking and he realizes that Spencer has been hating Asa all these years and he took his anger out on everyone else. "I get it. I was really a part of the family while you were just an illegitimate twig! Unwanted!" Bo arrives and tells Spencer that the results of the DNA tests will be revealed at his house and that Spencer is to be transported over there. Kevin and Kelly hear the alarm go off on the baby's monitor. Zane is in trouble but Dr. Goldman manages to stabilize him. "He is disconnected. You need to prepare yourself." Kevin orders that the child be given to him. He takes the infant and talks to him of his strong mother and father who would have loved him. "I will be here for you." Beep! Beep! A nurse tells that means that baby's heart is beating stronger and that is the first time that has happened since the child has come into the world!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa was startled to find Jared standing behind her, then sad when he got upset that she won't confide her secret to him and left. However, he came back quickly, bringing flowers and an apology. Meanwhile, Rebecca and JT Cornell were gettin' busy in a back room at the Blue Note. Rebecca left him, nude and alone, to go get some champagne and Gwen, but he finally dressed and left, heading straight toward where Theresa, Gwen, and Ethan are all having a good time. Noah and Sam converse about Ivy's deceit and Grace's mistaken belief that David is her first husband because of it, when Ivy herself showed up. She tried to get Sam to see her side of things, but he won't be that easily swayed by her any longer. After leaving several messages for Grace, she finally called him back as he was trying to get Ivy to give it up.

Tabitha and Endora arrived home after a night of trick-or-treating, and spend some time having a real witch's Halloween celebration. When Kay and Fox arrived with Maria, he took the girls to bed while Kay told Tabby what had happened. Tabby thought the fact Miguel will have nothing to do with Kay meant that should make things easier for the girl, but Kay still wants him to be her friend. He arrived then, giving Kay more harsh looks, sending her upstairs to bed. He and Tabby talked about it, and he admitted that even knowing Kay is so selfish, he still wants her. Fancy is still being held hostage by Spike, but she doesn't know who he is. He is trying to figure out what to do with her, while Luis is frantically trying to find her. Sheridan continued to berate him for thinking Chris worked for her father and was connected to the murder, but they are both worried about what might happen to her niece.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Kay gets a call from her accountant. Billy's spending is out of control! Jill doesn't think that it is a big deal, but Kay does when she learns that Billy has been doing online gambling. Michael and Lauren bring their baby home and are surprised to find Gloria there. They thought that she would be at work, but she took the day off to be with her new grandson. Neil and Dru read the paper and see that they have released the time of death for Carmen. Dru hopes that their lie holds up and keeps them safe. Will and Detective Sullivan look at the evidence and that is the first time that Will get his hands on the envelope that Devon got his hands on. He reads it but decides that in some way it will prove that the Winters are involved in this killing. He prioritizes the testing to start with Dru's clothing. The kids go to Neil and Drucilla and tell them about the envelope. Dru is thrilled as that clearly opens the way of thinking now for the cops. "The ex-boyfriend could have done it, the wife could have done it." Daniel is silent. He knows that even though the evidence is there, if the cops want to read it a different way and make you guilty they can. Michael heads to the DA's office and he shows the motion that he has filed to get a judge to quash the evidence that Will thinks he will find from the warrants. Will is positive that he can get probable cause and shows Michael the videotape. Michael watches and sees when Devon gets on the elevator with Carmen. He finds nothing suspicious about that. The next piece of film that Will shows has Michael nervous though. It shows Devon showing up at Carmen's door with the envelope in his hand. He bangs on the door to alert her. Michael loses his attempt with the judge to get the evidence quashed. Will has probable cause now. He feels that he will find Dru's prints on the envelope and will be able to prove that Dru lured Carmen out somewhere to kill her. Michael calls Neil with the bad news. "I couldn't get the evidence quashed." Dru then overhears Neil on the terrace making a call. "Get the jet ready to go at a moment's notice." She cries. She sees now that Neil thinks that she is guilty. Detective Sullivan returns to Will's office after Michael leaves. "I found something that you need to see." She thought that she saw something funny on the video and she so she blew it up to have a better look… This is what I found. Will takes a look at the picture that Sullivan has printed out. It shows Devon knocking on Carmen's door with the envelope in hand, but behind him, at the top of the stairs peering down at Devon is a face that Will recognizes. "Brad Carleton!"

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