Tuesday 10/31/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/31/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh reveals to Bianca that he has some sort of "plan" that involves taking JR up on his offer to have Josh work for him at Chandler Enterprises. He tells her he will not give up on Babe. He tells her he is ready to let JR know that he slept with Babe so their marriage will end. Emma is still missing. Nobody has a clue where she is. Annie, Ryan, Jonathan and Erin all accuse Tad and Dixie of taking her since they lost the custody battle. But Dixie and Tad accuse them of taking her. Little does anybody know that David has her. Dixie, however, figures it out. She goes to David's and lets him put her and Emma on a plane out of the country. They are at the airport ready to depart. Babe finds out that Adam knows that she slept with Josh and knows that Krystal told him. Krystal tells her daughter she could not lie to Adam. But Babe must never reveal her secret to JR. Josh, however, is ready to tell all.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick paces the corridor with Brooke standing helpless nearby as they await Jackie's surgery. He tells her that she can leave as he feels alone already not knowing if she is there as his friend or his wife. Brooke confides to Donna that Nick is scared and furious and blames Stephanie since she was there. Brooke sees some doubt on Donna's face when Brooke says Stephanie called it an accident. Taylor lies on her jail cot having premonitions of Phoebe being in trouble. She manages to get the female guard to slip her a cell phone so she can check on her daughter. Phoebe is having to ward off Shane from making more moves on her when Harry interrupts and tells them the lawyer wants to see them both. He confides he hates cops and lawyers, but he will do whatever it takes to help her mother......and Phoebe too. Storm goes over a series of events to Phoebe, Harry, Shane and Hector. Shane is livid when Storm tells him he ran a routine background check on him. But, he passed the test and all know what they must do. Basically it comes down to Shane for the defense and he feels like "the very important man of the hour now." Harry is not buying this creep and offers his shoulder to Phoebe who tells him she's putting up with Shane until the trial.

Uneasily, Nick sits in the chapel asking God to do what he will with him, but let Jackie live. Brooke comes for him as the doctor wants to see him. Dr. Hillman examines Jackie and she opens her eyes. After a few simple instructional tests, Nick is euphoric that his mother is okay, not paralyzed and has come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle stops by Willow’s apartment to speak to Shawn but Willow pretends that Shawn isn’t there. Willow’s claim is blown when Shawn steps out of the shower. Belle lectures Shawn on being responsible in order to be a father to Claire and Shawn agrees to her terms. Willow accuses Shawn of doing this all for Belle rather than just Claire. Belle returns after Shawn leaves to advise Willow to stay away from Shawn or Shawn will lose Claire. Bonnie helps Mimi pack up the loft. Bonnie uses the time to try to convince Mimi to get back with Shawn. Mimi asks Caroline how she was able to have such a lasting marriage. Caroline gets Mimi to try telling the entire truth for a week.

Bo calls Billie with an update on Steve and Kayla and to ask Billie to come by to support Steve. Billie doesn’t want to come down because it would bother the family. Chelsea encourages Billie to go down to the hospital but only to be there for Bo and Billie yells at her to stop trying to reunite them. Chelsea claims that she’s trying to reunite her parents so Bo will like her again and she follows Billie’s advice to go to the hospital alone to support Bo. Chelsea is forced to step aside when Shawn seeks Bo’s advice. Shawn turns down Bo’s offer to stay with him and a loan for child support and it makes Bo question whether Shawn is trying to impress Belle more than simply caring for Claire. Shawn takes Bo’s offer to talk to Max about getting his job back. Chelsea eavesdrops on their conversation and is jealous of the closeness they share. Hope stops by the hospital to support Bo and the family and admits that she’s Patrick’s alibi for when Steve and Kayla were gassed. Bo believes that Patrick planned to use Hope as an alibi but agrees to stay quiet about Patrick so Hope will stay. Hope learns from Bo that Billie stayed away because of her and visits Billie to tell her that she should come to the hospital after all. The new antidote arrives and Billie heads to the hospital with Hope.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly, who was dressed as a witch informed Jax he will be taking Michael and Kristina trick-or-treating, so Jax insisted on doing it on foot. Meanwhile, Emily smuggled treats to Alexis, who suggested Emily spend Halloween at Windemere just as Nikolas walked in, also bearing candy. Later, Jax and Carly brought the kids to see Alexis and take pictures.

Cruz showed Ric an encoded flash drive found in evidence. Ric took possession of all the evidence for "safe keeping," but stole the flash drive from the box in the interview room. (Hope the surveillance system was turned off!) Sam, who insisted on leaving (for her date with Jason), fled just as Cruz appeared and told Ric the flash drive had disappeared. Ric ordered Cruz to search Sam's place while he got a warrant. Sam showed up at Jason's romantic love nest. They shared memories and he talked about his feelings and ate ginger chicken (of course).

Dillon and Georgie arrived at a college Halloween party, where Maxie, dressed as sexy "Nurse Feelgood," was getting sloppy drunk and slutty. She spilled a drink on a Reaper, then Diego reminded her that beer is bad for her baby. The Reaper gave Lulu a hard time about not having a costume before she started slamming shots. Meanwhile, Georgie asked Maxie if she's trying to lose her baby, but Maxie brushed her off. Later, Maxie told Diego she didn't want to be alone on her birthday.

Happy Halloween

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah and Harley talk about Halloween with Harley's boys when Harley mentions Reva's condition. Dinah is shocked. Josh is at the hospital with Cassie when her cellphone rings, it's Tammy. Cassie tells Tammy About her Aunt Reva. Tammy is shocked. Billy catches Cassie in a solemn moment and tells her Reva wants to see her. Tammy calls Jonathan, unaware he already knows about Reva. That she has been looking for him. Reva tells Josh and Cassie that she thought them not knowing about the cancer was best for them. Reva tells them that she wants them together. They all hold hands. Dinah tries to get in touch Billy, Jr and Vanessa. No luck. After visiting Reva, Billy and Josh talk. Bill tells Josh Reva never stopped loving him. Billy also says he thought Reva wold Tell Josh of her condition long before this crisis. Jonathan arrives at the hospital, Tammy meets up with him and tells him she knows about Reva. Jonathan goes to the chapel to pray. Cassie tells Josh she has heard from Marah through an email and that she will get in contact with her and Shane. Dinah and Mallet are caught in a compromising position. Harley and Gus consider themselves lucky considering what is going on around them. Fr. Ray is called in to see Reva. Josh wants him gone. Fr. Ray leaves saying if needed you know where to find him. Jonathan tells Tammy that he and Lizzy found out about Reva at the same time by accident. Mallet and Dinah go to have a drink at her place, thy walk in on Jeffery there. Mallet then leaves as Dinah calls out for him. Harley gets a cal from the hospital, she is not pregnant. Tammy lights a candle at the hospital chapel for Reva. Jonathan tells her he's made a big mistake and is now being blamed for all that is happened. Tammy tells him that this could bring him and his mother closer. Fr. Ray comes back to pray with Reva. Billy leaves Josh and Cassie alone in the waiting room. Cassie tells Josh that Reva never wanted him to leave her. Frank and Harley's Boys end Halloween night at Company. Billy walks in on Fr. Ray and Reva praying and joins them. Josh is in the waiting room lookimg into space.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

"Take this baby to NICU STAT!" Kelly looks around worried about her newborn son and what might be wrong with him. Michael can only tell that they are doing all the necessary tests right now. Natalie shows up to see Hugh and finds Vincent there. She is surprised but then remembers that he and Hugh were friends. He wants to know what she is doing there. She tells that she has a hard time knowing that Hugh survived the accident while John didn't. She is starting to accept that. "And I have you to thank for that," Natalie says turning to Vincent. In the bed, the bandaged man's fist clenches and unclenches quietly. Michael tells that there is a 25% chance of the baby living. After Kelly is put into a room, she will get to see her baby. Kelly is stabilized and now she and Kevin can concentrate on their son. "We have to give him a name. He has to know that he is somebody." Natalie talks about how she only kissed Vincent because she was looking for John, but she realizes that the man is in her heart and she doesn't have to kiss anyone, especially Vincent to prove that. "Well you may be sorry you kissed me, but I'm not!" Vincent says. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! A nurse comes running in to stabilize her patient and Vincent and Natalie's visit is shortened. Vincent tells that it is funny but earlier, Hugh got upset with him over something else that he said and the very same thing happened. Natalie doesn't care about that. She tells that she told Cristian the truth about the setup. Vincent isn't worried about that. "You were married to Vincent, who is going to believe anything that you say?" Kelly was thinking about names and she couldn't find any that she liked until she got to the Z's. "Zane…it means god's grace." Since that is the reason that Kelly had the baby, she sand and Kevin decide that is the name they will give the child. Rex has a lead. He has three cars that possibly were the ones that had Todd's baby in it so long ago. He is sure that he will get a lead from one of them. Adriana has no direction in her life. Rex reminds her that she told him that she was interested in fashion design at one point. Bo learns the DNA results will be ready the next day. Natalie goes back into Hugh's room to say goodbye to him. She tells that now that she sees what kind of pain the man is in, she knows that she can deal with her problems and face that John is truly gone. She goes to the door but turns suddenly and asks the mummy-like figure if he said something. When she gets no response, she continues out. After she is gone, the eyes of the man in the bed both fly open at the same time. They are sky blue…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Gwen battled over JT Cornell yet again - or maybe that's "still" -, but after pushing him down the laundry chute and following him down, Theresa managed to get him to take the money and run, and also keep his mouth shut about her secret. However, his baser side took over, causing him to agree to meet Rebecca for one last drink and romp in the hay before he goes, so the secret may come out after all. Ethan sat at the Blue Note, telling Noah how upset he is about his mother lying to him yet again, especially since it tore his dad's family apart. He said he's glad Gwen would never lie to him, and repeated it later to her when she showed up to join him. Theresa was just relieved her troubles were all over, or at least she thought they were. Whitney was happy Chad wasn't cheating on her, and his guilty looks whenever she mentioned it didn't register on her at all.

Fancy decided to chase down the real killer, which is Spike, and didn't stop to call Luis or the police for backup. She regretted it later when he snuck up behind her and conked her over the head with a stick. Luis and Sheridan continued to argue over whether Chris is the killer and whether he worked for Alistair, with her getting really upset and Luis continually trying to defend his beliefs. Chris joined them, learned why they were arguing, and tried to act innocent. Eve learned about Ivy's outting and wanted to know if anyone knows about her part in the plot. It so happens Julian was nearby and heard their conversation, and wasted no time letting his ex-love know what a hypocrit she is, since she berated him for his schemes while she'd been doing the same, and the target was her "best friend".

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil is relieved when Dru tells that she didn't kill Carmen. He was having a moment of doubt for a minute. Nick and Phyllis arrive at the hospital to see Lauren, but are not allowed to go and see the baby when they ask. "He is having tests," Lauren says. Phyllis knows that is only an excuse. She knows that Lauren is still freaked out as Phyllis's face was the last one that Sheila had when she supposedly died. Phyllis takes her friend's hand and puts it to her stomach. "You feel that Lauren? You feel my baby kicking? Sheila can't fake that!" Paul has some concerns. The report that he dug up for Michael hasn't been brought up or discovered yet. Michael hasn't been questioned about it either. It is a sure thing that this is going to come up as the security cameras have Michael on film talking with Carmen and waving an envelope. Michael gets a call that the crime scene is clear. He arranged for Neil and Drucilla to meet he and Paul there to go over the scene and events that led up to the finding. He tells that he has had word that Carmen was dead two days ago and not just the day before. Paul goes over the building to see if he can drum up some clues. Michael takes this chance to ask Neil where he was two days before when the death occurred. "I was with Dru all night." Nick and especially Lauren make a strange face when Phyllis says that Dru wouldn't be in the trouble she is in if it weren't for her big mouth. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Phyllis says that it is true, and that Dru was bound to get in trouble with that big mouth. Lauren turns from her. Phyllis sees what is going on. She shouts at Lauren to look at her. "Sheila is dead! I am not her and you don't have to worry." She hugs the woman now. Devon wants to give the envelope about Carmen to the police. Daniel can understand how the details of the envelope could help Drucilla… Lily feels that they should give it to her parents if anyone. Devon throws the envelope on the table and forgets about it. In the middle of the night, cops wake Neil and Drucilla to execute a search warrant. "We need the clothes you were wearing two days ago." At the kids place, Detective Sullivan arrives to execute a search warrant on the place. "What are you looking for?" Detective Sullivan says that she needs to find an envelope with Carmen Mesta's name and address on it. "Here it is." She finds the envelope under a book that lays on a coffee table right before them. At home, Neil and Drucilla realize that they lied to their lawyer and now they have to stick to the lie. If they are caught lying, they are both going down.

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