Monday 10/30/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/30/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR tells Babe that he trusts her, does not believe anybody who says she slept with Josh, and he intends to commit to her. Adam tells Colby he does not want her talking to David Hayward and spreading "rumors" that Babe cheated on JR. WHen Adam is alone with Krystal, however, he tells her he knows Colby is not lying about this. Krystal admits that her daughter slept with Josh. But she assures Adam that it was only once and Babe is committed only to JR. He tells her he hopes that is true and admits to his wife that both he and his son have this terrible wall built around them and cannot accept having the woman they love betray them. David tells Josh he has to stop being a coward and admit that he loves Babe and that he knows she loves him. At first Josh argues and tells David he's going to stay out of Babe's business and accept her choice to get back with JR. But David tells Josh he must know that JR is only temporarily on good behavior. It won't last forever. It's just a matter of time until something sets him off. And this time, it might cost Babe her life, the way it almost did the last time. He enlightens Josh to the fact that he is not a coward. He is unafraid to risk having his daughter hate his guts in order to save her life. ANd if Josh loves her, he will do the same. After Annie and Ryan return home after their successful court ruling that Annie can keep her daughter, they cannot find Emma. They assume that Tad and Dixie took her. They deny it and seem like they are telling the truth. We later see that it is David who has taken her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie can’t seem to stop nosing into Simon’s business. Carly helps with the ruse when she pretends with Vienna that Simon never got over her. Simon charms Vienna into going upstairs with him. Carly is unhappy and jealous that Simon is going to go to extreme measures with V in order to steal the diamond necklace. Craig disappears during a magic act, which sends people scurrying to find what he is up to. Dusty worries for Johnny’s safety. After initially not being able to find him, he does though. Barbara accuses Lucy of being in on Craig’s game, but Dusty trusts her. Adam asks Jade to go to the benefit with him. Jade learns he is Will’s brother. Jade glosses over the fact Will and Casey aren’t her biggest fans. Adam is persistent and convinces her to attend since it is a costume party and noone will recognize her. Casey, Will and Maddie convince Gwen to sing for Adam. Carly keeps Vienna’s boyfriend the Prince busy when they go for a drive. When Jack finds this out, he rushes out. Craig tricks Meg into coming to a room at the Lakeview under the pretense of helping a sick guest. He wants to spend time with her and puts down Paul. When she goes to leave, he plants a kiss on her. Meg finally pulls away and slaps him, leaving in a huff. Craig receives papers he has been waiting for, as he mutters that it is all falling into place. Lucinda offers Katie another lucrative deal to write an addendum to Oakdale Confidential. Mike pushes her to take it. Maddie bumps into Jade and forces her to remove her mask in front of Will, Casey, Gwen and Adam. Paul finds an upset Meg. Barbara unleashes her anger on Lucy before Chaz carries her off. Dusty jumps on who he thinks is Craig. Vienna passes out and Simon tries to take off her necklace, but she awakens and passionately starts to kiss him again. Lucy opens the door holding Johnny and finds Craig standing there.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke are interrupted while he’s trying to make out in the Linen Room and keeps asking Brooke to tell him this is what she wants for the rest of her life. Dr. Hillman introduces himself as Jackie’s doctor and explains her condition which he terms as very serious. He can’t give Nick any guarantees. Stephanie points out that Nick is concerned now, of course, but when she recovers Ridge and Brooke will be able to get on with their lives. Stephanie fills Eric in on the details and he is very concerned for Jackie. He sits with her and wills her to come back to them. Brooke is there for Nick and he’s glad. Shane begs Phoebe to stay and talk to him. He confesses he wants her to know how he feels about her. He makes her slightly uncomfortable when he reminds her that today she is a woman. He also promises her that he will bring her mother home. How can she repay him? – he plants a kiss on her but she pulls away.

Hector thanks Harry for taking him to Taylor’s hearing earlier. He is suspicious of Shane. Stephanie stands over Jackie’s body and laments why did this have to happen? Why do they always have to be fighting? Jackie goes into convulsions and Nick blames Stephanie and swears that she will pay for it. Ridge points out to Brooke that he knows this is hard on Nick and will be hard for her to walk away from him right now, but he knows she loves him and now he needs to hear her confirm it. He tells his mother that he’s afraid Nick will use this to lure Brooke back, but he’s not going to lose her now over this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn stops by to help with Claire but Belle prevents him from coming in. Shawn threatens to sue for full custody. John advises Belle to let Shawn be in Claire’s life on the grounds that he gets a job. Willow offers to let Shawn move in with her.

Abe has to convince Lexie to enter the Brady Pub and face the family. Once she does, Abe helps break the ice by offering Lexie’s medical knowledge to help find a new drug to try for Steve and Kayla. Roman, Caroline, and Frankie take the drug name to Steve and Kayla’s doctor and agree to sign consent forms because the drug has potentially fatal side effects. EJ decides to wash his hands of Sami when she chooses Lucas and Will over him. Sami agrees to Lucas’ desire to be friends again. Bo, after filling Roman in and refusing his offer to talk to Sami himself, comes over to question Sami about the threatening notes she’d been receiving. Sami refuses to relay what was in them or believe that EJ could be the one behind the notes. EJ heads over to Kate’s suite to declare himself off the case of breaking up Sami and Lucas. Kate and EJ are about to make love when Lucas and Will return so EJ hides in the bedroom.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Laura struggles to catch up with life, specifically her kids, after reviving.Finding out that Lucky is a cop sends her into gales of laughter. Sam tells Jason that she needs to find herself. Alexis is resigned to Sonny and Carly taking care of the girls, even if she's not happy. Ric continues to scheme with Lorenzo on how to bring down Jason, Sam, and Sonny. He also does not want to allow Sam to start back to work again. Instead of being angry that Carly is moving in with Sonny, Jax steps in to help after Sonny leaves Carly to deal with all four kids alone. Luke faces the fact that he never moved on from Laura, but he has Tracy to deal with, and that he can't go back.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bo tells the others that Spencer has offered to help save Kelly's baby. Dorian balks at that idea. Bo will go and talk to the man and see if this is just a way to escape, or use this to get an immunity deal. Dorian feels that Kelly should be told about this and she goes into the hospital room to do just that. Natalie meets up with Cristian and she is furious. "It's Vincent!" Vincent arrives at the hospital and Evangeline tells how Hugh is trying to tell her something. He was saying, "It's me," but she doesn't understand why he would be telling her that. Vincent and she go to the man and they can't hear him saying anything that they can understand. Evangeline starts leaving so she won't have to be in the same room with Vincent longer than she has to. He tells her that she doesn't have to leave on his account. He didn't mean to hurt Layla and that is the same thing that he told Natalie. Evangeline is disbelieving when Vincent says that he will make things right for Cristian and she storms off. When alone with Hugh, Vincent sits and tells the man that he really screwed up and now all the beautiful ladies are running off from him. "Layla dumped me, Evangeline hates me and now Natalie… she is probably running all over town telling that I set Cristian up. She kissed me you know." Vincent sees when Hugh's hand moves to the side of the bed and clenches. Vincent goes on to say that he didn't take advantage or anything, but there was definitely chemistry between them. "Hey I didn't kiss her…she kissed me." He leaves and tells his friend not to worry as he doesn't plan on moving up on Natalie. Natalie tells Cristian that Vincent confessed that he was the one who set the man up. Cristian wants her to come with him to the station but Natalie will not go. She says that she will do this the next day maybe. Cristian is suspicious of her protecting the guy over him. "Is something going on with you two?" She can't believe he is asking her that. "John just died!" Exactly, and that is why Cristian knows that Vincent would be right there to take advantage of someone in that position. She says that Vincent is trying to change and she wants to give him a chance like people did for her when she first came to town. "I hope that there isn't anything between the both of you because tomorrow you and I are going to the station to make a report about Vincent setting me up!" Kevin tells Spencer to take his offer to help Kelly and go to hell. He and Kelly decide on the C-section. The doctor gets the baby. "It is a boy!" the doctor says. Kevin and Kelly are thrilled, but it is too quiet. "Is something wrong with my baby?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Whitney chased JT Cornell around the motel complex, waving the satchel full of money around and yelling that he gets it all if he just takes it, keeps his mouth shut, and leaves town forever. However, Gwen and Rebecca are also chasing him around, offering just as much money and also a hearty helping of Bex to boot. He couldn't make up his mind which he wanted more, but it seemed like Theresa and her money might have won out in the end. Whitney got sidetracked when Rebecca, having seen the naked Chad lingering in one of the rooms and knowing he wasn't waiting for Whit, acted like JT was in that room. Whit burst in, finding Valerie in bed with someone, and assumed it was Chad. However, he showed up later, fully dressed, and quizzed his hunny on why she thought he was having a tryst at the motel.

Luis went to Sheridan's cottage to arrest Chris for Phyllis' murder and met with opposition and ugly words from Sheridan. It seems all traces of love for him are gone, as she now says he's just like Alistair. Chris met with Spike, who admitted he killed the maid. Chris told him to stay away since he's only making things worse, but Spike knows something Chris doesn't. Fancy learned from James about the man who argued and fought with his dad, and shot him in the knee. She also found out that man was there the night Pilar was shot as well as when Phyllis was killed, and then pointed at Spike outside the window and said he's the man. Miguel still refused to forgive Kay for what she did to her family, but Fox loves her and wants to comfort her. She can't stop wanting Miguel to forgive her, tho.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Mr. Kim comes to see Jack. "Well our problem seems to have gone away." Jack finds that a little harsh to say. "You might not be saying it Jack, but you are definitely thinking it." Michael comes to see the Winters who have already read the paper and know that the death is being called a homicide now. He tells Neil and Drucilla that they are at the top of the suspect list. Dru is warned again about talking to people. Will talks to Detective Sullivan who tells that Carmen seems to have died between 5 and 6pm the evening before. She wishes Will luck with his case. "With Dru's big mouth, I won't need luck!" Victor and Nikki are stunned when they talk to Sharon and realize that she had no idea that Carmen had died the night before. She immediately goes to her friend to be supportive. Neil and Drucilla talk with their lawyer for a while and then when the couple is alone, they get a visit from Detective Sullivan and Will Bardwell. "Drucilla will not be prosecuted for violating the protective order against Carmen Mesta, but then again I am sure that is of no surprise to you…" JT sees the Winter clan and comes over to invite them to the loft for a Halloween celebration. "Colleen is at a fundraiser with her professor and will join us later." Brad and Victoria are questioned by the police and Will. Brad neglects to tell the police that he was at Carmen's place the day she was killed. Victoria is stunned by that. Later he explains that if he had told the cops he was at Carmen's the night before, he would then have to explain why, and then he would have to lie anyway to cover his real identity. The cops and Will go to talk to Sharon but when they find her sympathetic, they bring up how Sharon had been recently scorned herself, and suggest that the reason she supports her friend is because of how they were similarly treated in their marriages. The cops go to Jack now. He admits that he used to date Carmen at the beginning but that was a long time ago, he insists. "We picked up some voicemails from you…something about wiring money to an account for her." Jack says that was just business. "That may be true but you sounded so…desperate." At the fundraiser, Colleen and Professor Korbel work. She talks to JT, but Professor Korbel is right there to hurry her back to work. She tells about the murder. "I know. I was there," the Korbel says. Dru tells her husband that she would do anything for him. "If you know more about this murder than you are letting on, I will do anything to help you with it Neil." He looks at her strangely. "Well, well, well. I was just about to say the same thing to you."

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