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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The custody battle for Emma is underway. Jack represents Tad and Dixie. Livia represents Annie. Ryan accompanies Annie. Erin and Jonathan stay home with Emma. Jack asks Annie if she's so certain that Emma is hers', why, then, does she refuse to take a DNA test? Livia tells the judge that no law requires her to do that and the state recognizes her as Emma's legal parent. Annie and Ryan convince the judge that it's in Emma's best interest to stay with Annie and not be given to "strangers" even if Tad and Dixie can prove that they are her parents. He rules in their favor. But when he's alone, he calls to inquire about the DNA results. David goes to confront Babe, JR and Josh in an attempt to get his daughter to dump JR and choose Josh. He tells JR that he has proof that she cheated on him with Josh. But JR tells David he does not care. Babe affirms to her father that she chooses JR. And Josh does not argue. David is very disappointed. Babe still has Josh on the brain, however. Kendall is very worried that it looks like Spike has gotten a fever. Zach helps her.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy

All the Oakdale residents, not including Jade and Adam, put on their Halloween costumes and head out to Craig’s gala. Luke invites Jade to attend, but Lily tells her she shouldn’t go, so Jade decides to go to a bar instead. There she sees Adam who invites her to a party, which just happens to be Craig’s gala. Simon and Carly decide to go through with the jewel heist even though Jack is working security. Katie talks to Vienna and mentions that Carly and Simon are together. Vienna then leads Carly out to the hallway and asks what she is doing with Simon. Emily informs Dusty that Craig was talking to a man and told him that he will be making someone disappear at the gala. Dusty is convinced that he’s planning to steal Johnny. At the gala, a magician makes Craig disappear. Everyone is amazed, but not Dusty and Paul who watch the trick suspiciously.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Halloween party begins and all the Oakdale residents are dressed in beautiful costumes. Craig continues to slowly pull Paul and Meg apart when he triggers another argument between them when he tells Paul that he chose Meg's costume. Paul thinks Craig wants a romantic relationship with Meg but she thinks Paul is being ridiculous. Katie tells Vienna that Simon is in love with Carly which prompts Vienna to confront Carly about Simon. Carly worries that Simon will get caught trying to steal the jewels because Jack is working security for the party. Dusty keeps a close eye on Craig who hires a magician to make him (Craig) disappear.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Ridge both ask Brooke which one is she going to choose to spend the rest of her life with? Before she can answer, Stephanie calls with the disturbing information that Jackie has had an accident and is in the hospital. Stephanie urges a stunned Donna, who saw the accident, to get the kids back home and away from all of this. Phoebe visits her mother in jail on her 18th birthday. Taylor wants her and her sister and brother to carry on as normal with their lives. Thorne stops by and has some of his own questions he wants to ask Taylor about the so-called accident. He doesn’t want people to call his wife a nitwit. He admits deep down he too was very furious with her for doing what she did and not just bringing Phoebe home that night. Eric, Thomas, Shane, Harry, Hector, Dante and Felicia gather for a scaled down birthday party.

Bridget gives all of them Jackie’s prognosis. Nick sits and talks to his unconscious mother, vowing she will be alright. Stephanie gives her version of the night’s events without implicating herself in Jackie’s fall except that it was a terrible accident. Nick warns that his mother better be okay or Stephanie will live to regret it. She tells Brooke that Jackie will be okay and Brooke doesn’t have to put her life on hold because of this. She and Ridge can be together now. Ridge literally pulls Brooke into a linen room and begs her to tell him that she is ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Will overhears Kate badmouthing Sami to Lucas and stands up for Sami. Will now regrets having moved out of Sami’s apartment and Lucas agrees to Will’s idea of making peace with Sami. Kate reveals that she’s been eavesdropping when she voices her disapproval. Will and Lucas ignore Kate and head over to talk to Sami. Kate tries to call EJ to warn him but EJ ignores her call because he is busy making love to Sami. Lucas apologizes to Sami for treating her so harshly earlier and he and Will make their plea to be a family without romantic attachment. EJ tries to get Sami to cut Lucas out of her life but Will stands up for Lucas and demands that EJ leave. EJ forces Sami to choose between her family and him. Shawn Sr. advises Bo on being a team player and he finally agrees with John about telling their news to Abe. Abe is furious that Bo has been working on this case while suspended but agrees to hear them out when John stands up for Bo. Abe fills them in on his latest efforts to trace the glove calling card’s owner and allows Bo to keep working with John on the case. Bo recalls how EJ’s prints were found on the original notes being left for Sami.

Frankie picks up on the awkwardness between Max and Stephanie and argues with Max about putting off breaking up with Stephanie. Max visits Stephanie in her room but feels so nervous that he makes an excuse to rush back to the garage. Stephanie asks Frankie to tell her for sure whether Max plans to break up with her and he reluctantly tells her the truth. Max tells Abby that he plans to break up with Stephanie. Dr. Myers tells Caroline, Shawn Sr. and Frankie that the antidote isn’t working and Frankie offers to use his connections at the FDA.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric tries legal, then not so legal ways to get custody of Molly. Skye brings her baby to visit Lorenzo and Diego. Laura wakes and thinks it is four years ago and she has been in a car wreck. Seeing the kids makes her realize it's been longer than that. Sam moves out and tells Jason she wants her life with him back. Sonny decides to bring the girls to live with him until Alexis can handle them, at least, and asks Carly to come stay with them for a maternal figure. She agrees, if Alexis does.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Kevin brings Kelly into the hospital. Michael is there to get her into a room and get the information from Kevin about the pregnancy. She is 24 weeks. This isn't good. If odds for survival are very low and if she does manage to give birth to the child it will be an uphill struggle to keep him alive. Kevin gets upset. If he loses this baby, it will be like losing Duke all over again. Kelly is calm for a while but then experiences pain from cramps. "I need Kevin!" Outside the room, Kevin, Viki and Clint all wait for more news. "Oh I see that you have been very thorough! You have notified everyone! Everyone but me!" Dorian has arrived. Mark goes to see his client. Evangeline will be prosecuting the case for Nora. He thinks he can win the case but wants Spencer to realize that Evangeline is not puppy. Natalie explains that she heard Vincent's footsteps and thought that John was coming. He tells that he has troubles too in his love life. He can't get Layla back. She read all about the commission and Cristian. When she asks Vincent if he did set Cristian up, he admits that he did. Starr is at the dance and her parents being there doesn't seem like such a bad thing after all. Britney tells Todd and Blair that there is going to be a slide show soon. Todd and Blair thank the girls for letting them know. "My dad says 'hi'," Britney says to Todd. He has no idea who her dad is. The show starts and it shows slides of Starr and her dad, and newspaper articles about his conviction and the night of his execution. The lights go on and the show is stopped. A teacher demands to know who is responsible for this but no one fesses up. Cole goes the center of the room and shouts that he has something that he would like to say to everyone. Natalie thinks about what happened with Vincent and thinks that maybe it was a good thing. It made her realize that John was good for her because without him she would be stuck with someone like Vincent. "Now get off our roof!" Cole tells everyone that he knows that this is the work of Britney. The Britney Squad is led out and Cole orders the music to be put on again. He goes to Starr and they start dancing again. Todd smiles. "I really like that kid." Blair says that Starr is pretty great too and must have really great parents. "You want to dance?" She can't believe he asked her that. She moves into his arms and they dance. Paige asks Spencer to tell what he did to Kelly when he did her procedure, as she is in labor and could lose her baby. "Get me out and I will examine her and save that child for her." Paige gets on her cell phone and tells Bo what Spencer has just suggested.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Rebecca agreed to make whoopee with JT Cornell before he tells her Theresa's secret, then runs out to buy supplies to keep them busy. JT is staying in the same motel where Chad meets his lover, and Bex managed to see him in his room, nude, and surmise he's having an affair. After she left the room, JT called Theresa to let her know he was about to spill the beans unless she gets there first with the money, so she and Whitney go get the amount specified and take off to meet him at the motel. Once they find his room, however, they are met by Gwen, who tells them JT already told her and Bex the secret. Fox was very accepting and forgiving of both Kay and Ivy for what they did to Grace, but Sam, Noah, Ethan, and Jessica aren't in the mood to forgive either woman. Miguel is also upset, not understanding how Kay could do such a thing, but Pilar talked him into forgiving her so she will marry him instead of Fox.

Chris managed to burn the incriminating paper he took from Phyllis before he (apparently) killed her, and played the loving family man with Sheridan and James before setting up a meeting with Spike. Once Sheridan was napping and James was playing with Little Ethan, he left to meet his partner in crime. At the same time, Luis and Fancy were on their way to arrest him, having figured out he is the only one who could have done it and that he is also connected to Alistair. Once they arrived at the cottage, Luis sent Fancy to check on James while he told Sheridan why they were there. Outside, Chris and Spike saw them coming and hid, and later Spike chuckled about the fact Chris killed the maid.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil returns to his family and tells them all that they need to go home now. Dru goes with them as Neil needs to stay behind and close up. When he returns to the body alone, Dru suddenly appears and starts going near the body. Neil grabs her, ordering her not to touch the body. The kids then return and go to the back of the club where they find Neil and Drucilla with the corpse. They all go back inside to discuss what to do. Neil says that the police will be there soon and he orders everyone to leave, including and especially Dru. Jack is frustrated. He has been trying to reach Carmen all night and can't find her anywhere. He tells Sharon about Carmen's plot to leave town for a load of money and a job in Asia… Mr. Kim calls Jack and tells that they have to meet to seal a deal that they have going tonight. He will be right over. Dru doesn't leave. Neil calls Michael who tells him not to talk to the cops. Detective Sullivan questions Neil and Drucilla about Carmen being in the back of their club that night. They have no idea why she would be there. They are reluctant to talk as Michael has cautioned them about speaking to the cops before he gets there. "Isn't Ms. Mesta the person who you were going to trial with about some charges Mrs. Winters?" Neil and Drucilla are quiet not realizing the detective already knew about that. Will arrives. Detective Sullivan called him and finds if interesting that Carmen would turn up dead behind the club of the woman she was terrified of. Dru gets her back up and tells that she resents Will's implication. "Not another word Dru!" Michael has arrived and takes over talking for the Winters. When he gets Neil and Drucilla alone he gets on Dru hard for repeatedly doing the wrong thing and opening her big mouth when she shouldn't. "I can't help it," she says. "Yes you can!" he spits. He goes to see the body and Will comes over to him. He asks where the DA is taking this investigation. Will has made this an official investigation. Mr. Kim tells Jack that Newman was bidding against them in the last deal they did. Jack smiles. "Score one for the little guys." Victor admits that he made mistakes while ill and can see how Jack has taken advantage. He wants to get NVP back. "We will have to pretend that my health isn't improving, and we both have to befriend Jack until an opportunity arises." The kids look in the envelope and see that the man that Carmen was involved with before Neil was an executive from Granville Global. They decide for now to keep the envelope and not tell anyone about it. Michael tells that Will is already drumming up a list of suspects.

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