Thursday 10/26/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/26/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Zach attempt to rekindle their romance. SHe has doubts but tells him she wants to try to get back what they had. Sean comes to visit Colby. But Sydney appears and he seems friendly to her also. Colby clearly does not want to share. David Hayward has some secret plan. He sits alone in his home in the dark, staring at pictures on the computer of Adam, JR, Jamie, Dixie, Tad and Zach. Jr surprises Josh by telling him he wants to hire him at Chandler Enterprises. Babe does not admit it and plays the loyal wife to JR but she is totally distracted when she runs into Josh. Jonathan tells Amanda he likes her but is not in love with her. SHe is obviously insolve with him and hurt.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty refuses to allow Lucy to help him watch Craig at the Halloween gala. Dusty also turns down a date with Lucy to the Halloween gala so she accepts an invitation from a doctor who works with her at the hospital. Dusty and Emily are both scared of Craig so they continue to work together to find out Craig's hidden agenda. Emily overhears a phone conversation in which Craig is asking for help to make someone disapear. Vienna offers to help Jack make Carly jealous. Casey is upset with Adam because he didn't go to Crash to hear Gwen sing. Lily continues to defend Jade to Casey, Maddie,Gwen , and Will when Gwen thinks Jade is following them. Lily tells Jade she can't go to the Halloween gala. A desperate Carly agrees to help Simon steal the crown jeweels.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his mother she doesn’t have to promote his cause with Brooke, she’s made up her mind and he’ll find out tonight. Stephanie is confident this means good news. Jackie calls Brooke and is informed of the same. She is ecstatic for Nicky as she assumes he will be Brooke’s choice. Donna also finds out from Brooke that she’s made her decision and she’ll be having a talk with the children. Brooke does tell them things will be better now, but stops short of giving them any details. This irks Donna who thinks this decision affects her as well. Brooke is sorry that Donna put herself in that position and says she doesn’t want her to be hurt. Both men arrive within minutes of each other and wonder what the other is doing there? Ridge goes so far to want to un-invite Nick. Brooke makes them behave while they try to find a common ground. She can’t be a ping pong ball going back and forth between the two of them. She can’t be with both, but hopefully this will work out for all of them.

Jackie drops in unannounced to Stephanie’s to gloat about Nicky returning home to Brooke. Stephanie takes offense to this and declares Jackie delusional. Donna has brought the kids over to see Stephanie, but sees a nasty brawl a’brewing and whisks them out and puts them in the car. She has to return to get Jackie to move her car and is looking in through the glass door when she spots Jackie arguing with Stephanie at the top of the stairs. Stephanie told Jackie to leave and headed up to the bedroom but Jackie followed and continued provoking her. Her hands were all over her, in her face, spouting her rhetoric. Stephanie defends by warning her and then pushing her off of her and Jackie literally flies over the railing and splats on the marble below. Both Donna and Stephanie are aghast.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami tells EJ about taking her advice when talking with Roman. Kate greets them and gloats about attending a wedding before leaving. Sami confirms that it is Carrie and Austin’s wedding when she tries to call Roman and insists on heading there. Marlena and John graciously step aside and let Carrie and Austin have their wedding ceremony first. Roman and Kate serve as witnesses for Carrie and Austin’s wedding. Sami arrives and Carrie and Austin both order Sami to leave. Carrie and Austin are declared to be husband and wife. Marlena and John’s wedding has to be postponed when they learn about Steve and Kayla. Sami returns to Chez Rouge to drown her sorrows and blames EJ for his advice. EJ charms Sami and gets her to leave with him. Stephanie blames herself for sending both Steve and Kayla into a trap. The biohazard team deduces which toxin is affecting Steve and Kayla and administers the antidote. Billie arrives to show her support for Steve but Stephanie tells her to get lost. Bo overhears Billie telling an unconscious Steve that he and Kayla belong together and asks her to keep an eye out for anything suspicious while living in Patrick’s home. John brings Bo Patrick’s phone records showing the numerous calls Patrick made to EJ.

Abe and Tek exchange words when Tek doesn’t appreciate Abe’s cold demeanor toward him while they are examining the exam room crime scene. Bo asks Abe to let him back on the force but Abe doesn’t want Bo back while he’s set on Patrick being guilty. Lexie comes to the hospital to clean out her things and Tek approaches her. Lexie’s anger at Tek violating the restraining order lessens as they talk about Steve and Kayla. Lexie tells Tek about being fired and blames him for it. Tek tells Abe to be with Lexie as she faces this humiliation and he follows Tek’s advice.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd bumps into Cole in a restaurant. "Watch where you are going jerk!" Cole just stares and walks off. Todd spies Evangeline and almost falls off his chair when she tells him that she has been so busy that she hasn’t had time to get her wedding dress. Antonio tells his brother that he has some information for him on his getting set up at the fight. Clint has questions about why Nash feels that it is good for him to be in the wedding party, and he explains how it is a good thing for everyone. Antonio is trying on Jessica's veil when the bride and the other 2 bridesmaids arrive. She is embarrassed and swears that she isn't falling apart. "Look I even took off my engagement ring. Can't marry a dead guy right?" While the others talk, Natalie dreams. She dreams of the wedding day that she might have had with John, except when she would look at him in her dream…she can't put a face to him. She has forgotten his face. "No!" She tells the other girls in the room that before now, she could always remember John's face but her memories of him are already starting to fade. She can't stand being there with the others and so she gets her purse and walks off from the house. Evangeline tells Todd that he has to be prepared to accept that if Spencer is convicted for Thomas's death, then he probably won't be for the Cochrane case. Todd starts leaving the restaurant. Cole comes to him, "Mr. Manning, I--" Todd keeps walking. "Whatever you are selling kid, I don't want it." Starr gets dressed for the costume dance. Blair helps her out and sees that the dance needs chaperones. "Well, well, well…" Starr gets in her cat outfit and is out the door. She gets to the elevator as Cole is getting off. He is ready to meet her parents but she doesn't want that and drags him to the stairs to leave. The second that they are gone, the elevator opens again and Todd exits heading to his apartment. Blair is on the phone making plans. She says 'hi' to him when he gets off the phone hut he doesn't want her talking and spoiling his evening. "Todd, that was the school just now. We will be chaperones for the dance.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Rebecca pressed Whitney and Pilar for information on Theresa's secret, but both women realized they were being played and let the not-so-tricky snoops have it with both barrels. Rebecca realized the only way they'd get the goods was for her to seduce JT Cornell, so she set about doing that. It seemed to be working well. When her best friend and her mother told Theresa what had happened, they all realized the two women won't give up in their quest for the secret, but Theresa isn't worried, thinking she has JT well in hand. Ethan played catch with Little Ethan, none the wiser as to the brewing storm raging all around him.

Kay 'fessed up to Miguel, Fox, and Sam about what Ivy did to get rid of Grace, and how she either paid or blackmailed David into pretending to be her first husband. Ivy tried yet again to make it seem Kay was lying, but Sam realized his daughter was telling the truth, and tossed Ivy out, crying. He and Miguel were both angry with Kay for what she'd done, but Fox let her know he truly loves her, and understands why she said nothing about what she'd found out years ago until now. As Luis and Fancy try to figure out how a piece of paper linked directly to Alistair and the Omega Project ended up in Phyllis the maid's hand before she died, Chris tried to hide the rest of it from Sheridan. It fell from his pocket, tho, and James found it, then turned it into a crayon picture of the three of them with a horse. When Chris realized what he'd drawn his picture on, he came up with a reason to get them out of the house and then burned it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will is disturbed. Carmen hasn't shown up for an appointment that they have. He leaves her a voicemail… Jack and Mr. Kim are in the office expecting to talk to Carmen about their deal but she is a no-show. Victoria calls Carmen but has to leave her a voicemail about meeting to talk about their deal. All Brad really wants to find out is whether she knows that he is really George Kaplan and not Brad Carleton. Victoria tells her mother about the shakedown Carmen tried to pull the night before. She hands her mother the piece of paper with the amount of money that Carmen wants to leave the country and the company. Nikki knows that they have to get Victor involved in a matter of this significance. Nikki, Brad and Victoria all agree that they should pay Carmen off and get her out of there. Victor agrees too but wants the woman low-balled and not given this amount, at least not right off the bat. Jack enters after seeing Brad and Victoria high-tail it out of there. Nikki doesn't want to tell him what is happening but Victor feels that he can know. He tells how Carmen has been twisting their arm to get out for a large sum of money. "I tell you what Victor… Why don't I use my contacts with NVP to get Carmen some high position related to our companies, and away from here?" Victor finds that to be a very good suggestion. Will shows up at the office looking for Carmen. Brad and Victoria tell that she could be anywhere. It is a very big building. He goes to the lunchroom, but Jack and Sharon haven't seen her anywhere. He heads to the nightclub and is met with coldness. Neil will not sell the man a ticket to the concert, sell him a drink, or a coffee. Dru calls Michael and he is over there in a flash, ordering Will out of there, as his being there is inappropriate. Will leaves and goes back to the office where he tries Carmen again. No dice. The concert is a huge success! Aaron Neville sings his heart out for the crowd. When Kevin goes to get drinks for himself and his date, Billy gets Jana to dance with him. Kevin lets them be for a couple of minutes, and then he comes to the floor and gets his date for a dance. Nick and Phyllis got all involved with each other and missed the concert. They call Neil to find out how things went. Neil can't hear them and goes outside. When he turns his head, she sees something that makes his blood run cold. "I can't talk right now." He hangs up. It is Carmen. She lays near a wall, in the darkness, on her back. Neil gets closer to her and sees that she lays very, very still. Billy shows up for the concert and brashly sits beside Jana who is with her date Kevin.

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