Wednesday 10/25/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/25/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Krystal goes to David's after she's had a dream about him causing doom and becoming a monster. He asks her why she does not urge Babe to get rid of JR and choose Josh isntead. She tells him she has a different opinion about their daughter's choice. He is right then in the process of some plan to find out if her baby is Adam's or Tad's. Babe and JR tell Colby that they are tired of her behaviors. And they make plans for their future. Erica tells Josh she wishes he would come back and work at New Beginnigs as her party planner. He tells her he does not care about her nor Jeff. Jeff tells Josh he better not disrespect his mother. Jack goes to visit Erica in her hotel room and asks her if their marriage is in trouble. She tells him no. But Jack observes that she is staying in a room right across the hallway from Jeff. Sean asks Bianca if she has any tips on girls. She telsl him that in order for anybody to know anybody they should spend time together, get to know the other person and preferably do it sober.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The costumes arrive for the Royal themed benefit. Meg learns there is a special one for her; Craig turns out to be the one to have provided this costume for her. Meg isn’t going to accept it, but Craig pleads his case and Meg gives in. Margo counsels Katie on her conflicting feelings for Simon; Katie is determined to not let this ruin her marriage and goes looking for Mike to make things right. Tom talks to Adam about Craig’s job offer; he becomes convinced it might be the right thing to do – as long as Margo is on board. Simon is forced to admit to Carly his thoughts about how they can recoup all of the money they owe Spiro, but it involves his old friend Vienna and the crowned jewels; Carly puts the kibosh on it, but Simon doesn’t seem to want to let go of this. Later, Carly puts the finishing touches on their model, which is scheduled to open the next day; Simon finds an excuse to leave, but then doubles back unsure what to do. Suddenly he picks up Carly’s finishing touch art piece and shatters it on the ground. Paul finds Meg happily holding up the dress Craig bought for her. She explains it is for the benefit, but neglects informing him it was a gift from Craig. After he can’t convince her not to go, Paul decides he is now going to protect her from Craig. Tom takes Craig’s job offer, with a few conditions. Margo is leery of this, but supports Tom. Katie finds Mike and promises to put all her heart into their marriage from now on. They talk about what costumes to wear to the benefit. Carly sets a romantic setting for her and Simon, but he pulls back stunning her. He makes an excuse that they need to go back to their model for one last detail. Once there, a shocked Carly finds their model trashed and everything ruined; who did this to them, she emotionally wonders? Simon is speechless…and would appear guilty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Nick she thinks he heard her and tonight has meant a lot to her, but she doesn’t want him to come home with her now. She’s not trying to hurt him, but she is not ready yet. Felicia doesn’t takes the news well that Bridget is having Dante’s baby. She tells Bridget at least she is still keeping it all in the family, but now it’s HER family. Bridget tries to convince her things don’t have to change. Dante has his say that she can count on him for anything, but Felicia is the woman for him.

Stephanie and Jackie continue to bicker over Brooke’s choice of either Nick or Ridge. Stephanie tells her she wouldn’t make the mistake of testing her. Jackie tells Nick she knows he will do whatever it takes, just do it quickly. He sees the slap mark on her face and races off to confront Stephanie. He swaggers into her house and boldly states that never, she is never to touch his mother ever again. She reminds him that he’s losing Brooke because of what HE did, not what she did. He warns her not to cross the line again or he vows she will lose everything dear to her. Brooke finds Ridge back at her house and he assures her that Donna knows where she stands with him. He says they are stronger and smarter and they can be happy now. She tells him she will have her answer tomorrow at 6 P.M. She calls Nick and asks him to come tomorrow at 6 also. She can do this, the first day of the rest of her life.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John is finally able to propose to Marlena without interruption. Carrie brings the hospital administrator, Jim Finch, to confront Lexie and Lexie freely admits to everything. Jim fires Lexie on the spot. Austin offers to give Carrie back High Style as incentive to move to Switzerland with him. Carrie insists that she and Austin get married before moving anywhere so Austin makes a proper proposal on bended knee. Carrie and Austin rush off to find a Justice of the Peace to marry them right away. Carrie and Austin’s desire to be married is put off because John and Marlena have made their own appointment at the Justice of the Peace. Lexie brings Abe to Chez Rouge to tell him about blackmailing Carrie. Abe questions why Lexie is telling him the truth now and Lexie admits that it’s because she was fired tonight. Abe understands.

Steve surprises Billie with lunch but Billie has plans to talk with Chelsea about stopping her attempts to reunite Bo and Billie. Steve offers to help with Chelsea. Chelsea verbally lashes out at Steve when she arrives home and finds him there with Billie. Billie walks in as Chelsea tells Steve about Billie’s past in porn. Her plan doesn’t work because Steve stands up for Billie. The gloved hand watches Kayla comforting Stephanie. Kayla gets paged but she ignores Stephanie’s warning and leaves to answer the page. Kayla enters the empty exam room she was paged to and gets locked in. A mysterious voice calls Kayla’s name through the vent. Stephanie calls Steve to the hospital to check on Kayla. Chelsea tries to use the situation as proof that Steve is no good for Billie. The gloved hand leaves the glove on the floor as his calling card. Stephanie has another panic attack while Steve finally kicks in the door to Kayla’s exam room. Steve and Kayla lean in close to inspect the vent and are gassed.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke and Robert bring Skye and the baby home to the Quartermaines. Lulu's guilt and angst resurface upon seeing the newborn, but Luke reassures her. Carly taunts Liz about the fact that her child is Lucky's. Jason thanks Alexis for getting him off on the charges, then she confronts Sam about the night with Ric. Luke visits Laura and talks about his wishes and the kids' messes. He decides to go with the treatment. Maxie continues to push for Lucky to be involved with their child. Laura's treatment begins.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie is at work and she finds herself staring at John's office door as she goes by and she thinks for a minute that she sees John's name still on the door. Antonio exits and sees her. He tells her that she really needs to take some time off before returning to work but she feels that John would want her to get back to work right away. "No he wouldn't," Antonio says. Dorian lays into Viki telling that she saw the woman with Clint and with Adriana. Clint comes up and stops Dorian's shouting. Dorian tells that Adriana has made it her sole purpose to make her life miserable. Viki suggests that Dorian apologize this time and make things right or she may lose her daughter forever. Dorian knows what Viki is really after. "You just want to steal Adriana and Clint away from me!" Rex takes the make, model and license plate of the car that Todd's child was last seen in and gives that information to Bo to have him get a list of owners. Meanwhile, Natalie is letting Antonio have it for telling her to go home and take time off. She wants to handle her own grief her own way. She hates it when Antonio tells her to see a shrink. Rex enters the office now and confirms what Antonio said about her not being ready to be back at work. Viki tries to reason with Dorian but then decides that she doesn't want to try and help. She storms out. Clint tries to leave too but Dorian stops him and convinces him to go somewhere with her and talk. Michael tells Paige that she has paid for her part in his father's death and that it was a long time ago, and so he will try to let his anger go. He offers his help if she or Hugh ever need anything. Marcie is talking with Hugh when he suddenly moans and starts moving around in the bed. Marcie thinks that she heard him call her name and she rushes to get Michael to tell him the news. Michael doesn't see the man moving around now. When they talk about poor Hugh and how he had to deal with finding out that his father is a murderer, Michael can relate to the pain. His brother will never get to see his father's killer behind bars. Marcie knows that somehow, John will know. The mummy-like body groans. Natalie arrives home and her mother agrees that was too soon to return to work. Viki tells Natalie that she needs to heal and the way to start is to remove the engagement ring. Viki too has been wearing Ben's ring. They now remove their rings together. Hugh is in the hospital room with Michael and Marcie. He moves around and Michael and Marcie clearly hear him say, 'Michael'. It looks like Hugh has more to say and so Michael and Marcie wait patiently for Hugh to spit it out!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The fight between Fox and Miguel ended with Fox falling on his mother, who’d just walked in from the kitchen. Pilar left when it was all over, but the others all stayed to figure out what was going on. Fox told them Pilar had been urging Miguel to go after Kay, and urging Kay to dump Fox and marry her son, and Miguel got upset when he told her to stop. They almost fought again, but Sam and Kay stopped them. When Sam and Ivy left the room, Miguel began telling Kay her mother is really miserable with David, which caused Kay to realize she’d caused more pain than she’d ever intended to. She began telling Fox and Miguel how she’d learned Ivy had hired David to pose as Grace’s first husband so she’d leave her alone. Sam walked in and wanted to know what she was talking about. Luis and Fancy, along with other policemen, investigated Phyllis’ murder at Sheridan’s cottage. Luis felt Chris was a good suspect, but Sheridan said there’s no way he could kill anyone. Luis still wanted to question him.
In the kitchen, while Ivy tried to get the blood stain from Fox falling on her out of her wedding dress, Eve came in. They talked about Ivy’s upcoming marriage and how she’d gotten Sam back, along with Eve’s part in it by saying John’s DNA proved he is Grace’s son, and she decided she should tell Sam about it. Ivy went ballistic, even picking up a knife and saying she’d do anything, even kill, to keep Sam. Theresa met with JT, but he wanted cash, not a check, so she told him to go to his hotel and wait until she can get the cash for him. Ethan, who followed her to find out why she’d cancelled the hearing, kept asking her why she cancelled, and why she named him to run Crane until Little Ethan is grown should she die while he’s still a child. Theresa won’t tell him anything. Gwen and Rebecca decide to split up and go after Pilar and Whitney, figuring they will know what Theresa’s secret is. Gwen sweet talks Whitney, telling her she knows the secret and they need to figure out how to handle it, which seemed to be working. Rebecca told Pilar she wants to repent her sins but doesn’t know how, so she came to get help from the most religious woman she knows. She says she has no idea how to confess her sins and asks Pilar to tell her a secret of hers. Pilar seems to be willing to do it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

The process server goes to the Winters' home first where he serves Devon and Lily. While Lily is on the phone talking to Daniel about being served subpoenas, he too is given papers at work. Sharon reads her papers, not quite understanding why she is being called in, as she didn’t see anything go on between the two women. Brad and Victoria are in the office and not pleased that Carmen has dragged them into her private hell. Brad knows that the publicity from this is going to be hard to deal with. He also hates the fact that the second that he hits the stand as 'Brad Carleton', he will be lying and perjuring himself. Brad ad Victoria also find it interesting that the person they hired to take care of the company's appearance to the public is causing a public affairs issue all on her own. Jack and Sharon are talking about the case when the process server serves Jack next. "You know Sharon, I really think that it would be best for all of us if Miss Carmen Mesta were to just …disappear!" Michael and Dru get into it. He wants her to start acting calmer and not have her emotional outbursts where the children or anyone else in the public can see or hear her. "How many times you gotta tell me that?" He feels that he has to keep repeating himself with her as she never listened to this advice before. He and Neil go into the hall and Michael tells Neil that he may have to get the man on the stand and dig around about Neil's relationship with Carmen. He will not do it. The more that he makes a connection with Carmen, the more it will hurt his family. Michael sees that this could generate sympathy for Dru and get her off. Carmen tells Will that she has been thinking of suing Newman…Michael goes to Carmen at work and delivers the dirt. He knows what happened at her last job. She seems to have a habit of getting involved with married men, the executive type. She says that she never had an affair with Neil but Michael doesn't care what she says. "It seems that you left that job with a tidy little award before you hit Genoa City… Carmen goes to Victoria. She tells the woman that she can make all this bad press go away. "I can't testify if I'm out of the country." She names her price and Victoria agrees to it. Jack is thrilled that Carmen is on her to Hong Kong. He has wired her money to her. In Carmen's haste to get away from Devon, she knocks over his cart and drops her things. She leaves behind the envelope with the damning evidence that Michael gave her. Devon inspects it. He to her suite, shouting for her. BRAD is inside. He hears Devon but doesn't move from his spot behind Carmen's door.

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