Tuesday 10/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David is ready to give up on all of the people who do not listen to him, respect him nor realize that he is not a terrible person. When he's alone in his home in the dark, Babe comes to visit him. He asks her if she is serious about staying with JR and not considering Josh. She tells her father that she is going to commit to JR. He tells his daughter that if she can't realize the mistake she is making, then there's no reason he should have anything to do with her again. Jamie finds out from Julia that David's DNA test that confirms that Emma is Kate, may be false. Tad and Aidan go to confront Annie and Ryan with the DNA results. Annie tells them they are not going to take her daughter from her. Tad tells her he understands her feelings. But she must realize what this has done to Dixie. Dixie goes to see Kendall to find out what it's like to find her real mother after being put up for adoption. Kendall tells Dixie that because of her own difficulties in regard to finding ERica as an adult, Dixie might not want to force motherhood on Emma and make her Kate when she's only known Annie as her mom. But she also affirms to Dixie that she does not judge her for allowing Greg Madden to take her child from her. She almost did the same thing and might have actually gone through with it and lose Spike if Zach had not intervened. JR goes to see Zach and asks him if he can help his mother even if it involves kidnapping. Zach tells JR that he is committed primarily to Kendall and may not be Dixie's hero forever. Sean goes to talk to Colby and to Adam, telling them that he does not intend to use COlby for sex and wants to respect her and get to know her. At first Adam does not believe him but seems to successfully get his point across to Sean that nobody will disrespect his daughter. Hearing that, Krystal is very proud of her husband for realizing his daughter is growing up.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie agrees with Ridge that all Taylor needed was permission from Thorne to fight. She’s glad that Ridge is going to move back into the house. She also thinks it’s over for Nick, and Ridge and Brooke will have smooth sailing. Nick joins Brooke at a fancy restaurant. She didn’t trust herself that she’d be able to say the things she needed to say to him alone. Bridget assures Eric that she will be able to handle Felicia when she tells her about the baby being Dante’s. Jackie takes delight in telling Ridge that if it weren’t for him moving out on his wife in the first place and pursuing Brooke, none of this might have happened. He too takes pride in telling her that he doesn’t think her little Nicky is going to hear good news tonight with Brooke.

Nick and Brooke end up politely arguing and she twists the knife by reminding him that he slept with her daughter and where his loyalty must lie. She also points out that he’s rough with her at times. And he raises his voice when he doesn’t have to and has the infuriating habit of running off to his boat and distancing himself emotionally. And if they are going to even try and save their marriage, she needs one thing from him – respect. Silence falls over the entire room as Bridget tells Felicia and Dante that the baby is his. Stephanie takes exception to Jackie telling Ridge how to conduct his life. And how would Nicky know right from wrong when he was raised by trash like Jackie? They trade barbs until it gets out of hand and Stephanie slaps her when Jackie dares suggest that Stephanie can fantasize about Ridge making love to her. Brooke leaves Nick speechless as she leaves and nothing seems to have been settled. She just said what she had to say. He follows her and says despite the fact that he was quite contented before they married, he doesn’t want to go back to that life. He wants to come back home with her tonight.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max tells Shawn that he plans to delay breaking things off with Stephanie until she is out of the hospital. Mimi comes by the garage to talk to Max about her car but runs into Shawn and Max has to play referee. Willow arrives at the garage and confronts Mimi about ratting out Willow’s past to Hope and Shawn sides with Willow. Max stands up for Mimi. John’s second proposal attempt is interrupted by Roman’s arrival. Marlena has called Roman over to tell him what Sami did but is angry when Roman admits that he’s known all along. Roman and Marlena decide to present a united front with Sami. EJ wakes Sami and informs her that after Sami drank too much champagne, he brought her home and then slept in his own bed. EJ tells Sami that she should tell everyone to get over what she’s done and to be herself. EJ is open about his attraction to Sami and his love for both her bad and good sides. EJ ignores Patrick’s call but the lovemaking with Sami is interrupted by Roman’s arrival. Roman sticks to Marlena’s desire of tough love but Sami now decides that she doesn’t care what people think of her.

John meets Patrick at Chez Rouge for drinks and to subtly question him. Patrick insists that Bo planted the evidence in his home. John uses the façade of helping Patrick get along with Bo to question him about working with the Dimeras. Patrick catches on and confronts John about the interrogation. John calls Marlena to secretly swipe Patrick’s cell phone and then surprises her in the ladies’ room to download Patrick’s phone records. Marlena returns the phone to Patrick claiming to have just found it. Patrick meets with EJ to warn him about John but EJ claims to have John’s future all mapped out.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric and Alexis have an ugly fight when he tries to defend himself for having slept with Sam. Ric accuses Alexis of destroying their marriage and threatens to take Molly away from her. Emily finds an unlikely ally in Helena, who warns Emily that Colleen is a danger to Nikolas.

Luke and Robert are dismayed when Skye begins to soften towards Alcazar. Skye and Alcazar head back to Port Charles with baby Lila Rae. Sonny watches as Elizabeth reads the results of the paternity test and assumes Lucky is the father. Elizabeth visits Lucky and agrees to let him be part of the baby's life. Maxie tries to manipulate Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Nigel, Kevin and Clint conspire to hide the newspapers, television…anything that might alert him to the news that Spencer claims to be his son. Asa catches them all whispering and tells them to get out of that room with their secrets. "where is my paper?" Renée appears and gives it to him, angry that he had cheated on her all those years ago. She was one of Renée's girls and Asa promised that he wouldn't ever touch her girls. He clearly had a thing for Emma though. Asa denies it but Renée demands that he have a DNA test to prove that he isn't that bastard's father. Asa gives the sample but tells everyone they are going to feel foolish when they discover that Spencer is about as much a Buchanan as Nigel is. Bo goes to Spencer to get his sample and surprisingly enough Spencer does the swab and hands it over. Rex meets with Mick again and hands him a Styrofoam cup. The kid sees wads of cash inside and tells more about the car that Spencer was in with the baby. Todd shows up for work and finds Blair in his chair. "I want to work here." He doesn't want that. He tries to call security to get her tossed out but she has unplugged the phone. She is very persistent and so he gives in. "Put a picture of Evangeline on the front page for tomorrow." He tells that he is going to be interviewing Evangeline now that she will be prosecuting the Truman case. "What? She has no experience and she's not that good. She didn't win your case." Todd smiles knowing that this is all about jealousy. Blair insists that she should be the one to interview Evangeline and not Todd. She is going to be his ace reporter. Starr asks Cole to the dance but he can't accept. He is going with Britney who asked him first. Britney overhears her talking to Cole and later taunts her about him not wanting to go with her to the dance anyway. Cole returns while the girls are arguing and he tells Britney that he just heard that she was banned from the dance for embarrassing the teacher in front of a guest speaker. That means that he is a free agent and Starr takes the chance to snag him for herself. It's a date! Britney secretly watches them… Adriana goes to Viki and fishes for information about the night before. She gets suspicious of Adriana's questions. "It was you wasn't it?" Viki asks. Adriana admits that she locked her mother in the closet and pushed Clint and Viki together to cause trouble. Viki advises Adriana not to do things like that. Adriana thanks her and they hug just as Dorian is walking in. "I wish I had a mother like you." After Adriana leaves, Dorian show her claws to Viki, calling her an interfering, condescending bitch!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox visited Julian as Rebecca was leaving, and was told there are times when a bad girl is just what a man needs. Fox said Kay is all he needs, and that he’d taken Julian’s advice and nixed an offer for Miguel to do more modeling, leaving him as a fisherman. Meanwhile, Miguel sat on the dock, pouting about not having modeling to fall back on anymore. Pilar continued to try to get Kay to drop Fox and marry Miguel, saying he’s much better for her, and she’ll only be hurt if she marries a Crane. Kay asked her to stop being so negative, but Pilar wouldn’t give up. Later, when Fox came in and told her he has their tickets for the honeymoon but wouldn’t say where they’re going, Pilar used it as another strike against him, saying Miguel would have consulted her on it. Fox overheard and told Pilar not to butt in to their business, which set Miguel off. He told Fox not to talk to his mother that way and they ended up in a fist fight in Sam’s living room.
Luis and the others investigated Phyllis’ murder, finding out she’d had a piece of paper in her hand and no defensive wounds, meaning she knew her attacker. He believes it could be Chris, but Sheridan objects. Sam was upset because he could do nothing to stop Jessica from turning tricks for Spike, but Ivy told him if they get married right away, it might cheer everyone up, so he agreed. He got a gift from Grace, a beautiful picture frame, but Ivy kept trying to make it seem cheap and worthless, which angered Kay. Ethan wanted to know why Theresa cancelled the custody hearing and went looking for her, but she met with JT Cornell and promised him cash if he’d keep his mouth shut and leave New England, never to come back.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack is surprised when Carmen interrupts his conversation with Sharon to talk about upcoming dates for Sharon to do appearances. Sharon glares at her and walks out of the room. Jack turns to Carmen asking if she has thought more about Mr. Kim's offer to her to take the job in Asia. "I have thought about that and the answer is 'no'!" She promises that she will not tell anyone about his involvement in Jabot, and she asks if this means that she can't ask him questions about Jabot anymore. "Why would you be asking Jack about Jabot?" Victor and Nikki have entered the room and wait for an answer to their question. Carmen connects her question with work and that seems to satisfy the curiosity of the Newmans. Jack makes a hasty retreat leaving Carmen with the Newmans. Victor and Nikki tell Carmen that they have heard the disturbing things that have been going on with she and Dru and they hope that things lighten up. They have known the Winters for many years and wouldn't want to see anything more happen to them. "With all due respect, I don't have to discuss my case with you." She walks out. Victor can see now that a lot of people are going to get hurt… Carmen finds Neil in the hall and asks to talk to him. He reluctantly listens as she asks him if he really thinks his wife is innocent. He says that doesn't matter. What matters is that this could have been handled at home and outside of the court system. He finds no point in talking to her and walks out. Sharon comes in next to give Carmen the schedule of dates she asked for. When she doesn't immediately leave, Carmen asks if there is more that she wants to say. Sharon tells her that she is torturing Dru. "She has lost her job and gotten arrested twice now. You went after her husband and you can't understand why this happened? If you asked me, you crossed the line first!" Carmen gets on the elevator. Jack stops the doors closing and jumps on the car with her. He hands her a piece of paper. It is the amount of her signing bonus if she decides to take that job in Asia. "Why are you so afraid of me? Or are you afraid that Sharon will find out that you hopped out of my bed directly into hers?" Jack says that he isn't afraid of her. He suggests to her that after what happened with Dru she should want to get out of Dodge. "You don't really know what Dru is capable of…in fact you have no idea what I am capable of…" Michael gets the call that he has been waiting for. Paul calls to tell him that he has dirt on Carmen. When Michael hears what it is, he grins from ear to ear. "This is really going to help my case Paul! Thanks a lot!

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